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Avatar Blu-Ray Buyers Are Seeing Red

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It may be the greatest movie of all time, but people are getting super pissed at it!

20th Century Fox has been inundated with complaints since Tuesday, when Avatar was released on Blu-Ray disc. Customers are complaining that the discs won't play properly on their TVs and by the end of the first of being on the shelves, the internet was swarming with pissed off Na'vi!

Fox attempted to fix the problem by directing customers to download new firmware to repair the glitch, which stemmed from the new players' DRM software, which protects against copyright infringement. But still, people are having no luck in playing their beloved Avatar.

Meanwhile, you can still download the flick on many of your favorite illegal, torrent sites.

So there's that.

We think you should go out and buy everyone a new copy, James Cameron. Lord knows you have the funds to do so!

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37 comments to “Avatar Blu-Ray Buyers Are Seeing Red”

  1. 1

    they need an avatar for the disc

  2. 2

    WOW I'm glade you approve of illegal downloading.

  3. 3

    could someone please interpret this for me?
    "Customers are complaining that the discs won't play properly on their TVs and by the end of the first of being on the shelves, the internet was swarming with pissed off Na'vi!"

    I never saw that dumbass movie

  4. 4

    that sucks considering the illegal downloads are "adveritsed" on those torrents in hi-def, an i "hear" the quality on them is phenomenal on a 1080i

  5. 5

    luckily anydvd will remove the protection for most of the avatar blurays out there, Fox encourage people to pirate by doing things like this.


  6. 6

    Umm… no problems here. Bought our Sony blu-ray player around xmas time. There was a warning saying that I may need an update, but about a minute after that, it loaded.

    But both my brother and I are a little pissed that it has no extras.

  7. 7

    why don't you proof read your writings so people can understand what you are trying to say? ya fucking fat idiot.

  8. 8

    Good. I hate these Avatar fans with a passion. Such mindless sheep.

  9. 9

    Re: sockie – k i was thinking the same thing.

  10. 10

    i have no interest in ever watching this movie but my friend had the same problem. they got their sony blu-ray about a year and half ago so you just need to update the software on your blu-ray. you can do it online, im not sure on cost but all you do is download the software, burn it on a disc and load it onto the blu-ray player. the movie is playing perfectly fine now.

    most of the new blu-rays coming out have this issue, but there is a warning & instructions that pop up if your blu-ray is not up to date.

  11. 11

    HAHA! This actually ruin me movie night. For 20 minutes. I was able to download the update that my blu ray needed to play it.

  12. 12

    the regular dvd is no better. it glitches from chapter to chapter.

  13. 13

    We had no problems with the blu ray. Didn't even need to update.

  14. sreyn says – reply to this


    I wont buy it because of the way they are playing games. they release this version now as a bare bones version not even letting people rent it for 28 days then planning to release a special addition in November hoping you buy it again and then next year releasing a 3d version.

  15. 15

    my ps3 has blu ray soo i dont need to update shit its perfect ha losers

  16. 16

    People are complaining that the 2nd paragraph of this story MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ???? btw my blu-ray played fine. get a fucking proof reader.

  17. 17

    OMG don't buy the DVD OR Blu-ray yet people….it has NO special features and NO 3-D.
    They are re releasing it to cinemas in August with 20 mins added footage and then again on DVD with the added footage, extras and 3-D…don't waste your money this time around…WAIT till the ultimate one gets released…James Cameron DOES NOT need more money!

  18. 18

    Yea the update thing is pretty annoying. I have a sony blu ray and it plays fine on that and I didn't need to update it either, a little weird but nice. What sucks though is that only insignia, lg and samsung blu ray players need the update. I got mine at best buy and that's what they tell you.

  19. 19

    I dont know when I bought my copy there was a sticker that said I would need to update my blue ray player before it would play. So atleast best buy warned its customer prior to buying the disk

  20. 20

    "It may be the greatest movie of all time"? Definitely NOT

  21. 21

    Re: Yellow Peeps – Ditto.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    you guys are lame who cares its Avatar if you really cared about it you probably saw it enough times in theater to pay for the dvd over and over and over so why complain. Just wait till the other version comes out and stop acting like cry babies. I understood what perez was saying just fine so i dont know what all of you are smoking but it can't be that good.

  24. 24

    you are actually promoting illegal download with your flippant comment perez. you should be careful, James Cameron is not to be fucked with. especially since you are so high profile and you have so many readers

    that said, i'm guilty too. i got a 1080 HD bootleg DVD 3 weeks ago. :)

  25. 25

    Once again the greedy dumb arses try some new non tested anti piracy tool and in turn force MILLIONS of honest folks to learn how to download it for free just so they can watch it since the one they PAID for won't play.

    Gee I wonder what there gonna dfo for the next summer blockbuster?

    Hollywood you folks are geniuses

  26. 26

    Yeah, and the kicker is that you CANNOT return a DVD for a refund, no matter what– you have to keep exchanging it over and over again til you get a working copy. I had this problem with New Moon, and the store refused to give me my money back even though I had the receipt and it was within hours of buying it. I had to exchange it 3x's before I got a working copy.
    I'm sure all these people are being told the same thing and it really sucks, esp since Blu-ray is more expensive!

  27. 27

    how is avatar the best movie ever? it sucked! it was boring and pretentious and what a pathetic storyline!

  28. 28

    What does "and by the end of the first of being on the shelves" mean?
    Please consider hiring a literate person who knows basic writing.

  29. 29

    Glad for that 28-day release delay right now. Whew.
    And yes, there have been a lot of Samsung and LG Blu-Ray players that need firmware updates.

  30. 30

    Mine would not play after spending 40 dollars on it . i want my money back

  31. 31

    blu-ray is just a bunch of hype from what it seems to me - most people don't have the visual senses necessary to truly observe any improvement on hi definition video anyways.

    they just wanted to try and get people to buy ONE MORE PIECE of expensive home theater equipment, and buy an *upgraded* (otherwise practically identical) version of every dvd they put out.

    sooooo - once again, worldwide corporate money machines put one over on Mr and Mrs 'must keep up with the joneses'

    this is purely IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion) heheheh. but as Perez sez "Dayum!!!" - sheeple indeed. i prefer the fringe.

    …and we still own not only a VHS player but a 12" laserdisc machine. eat me, Blu-Ray ;p

  32. 32

    That's why there is an art revolution against corporate art (music, film, media, etc.)

  33. 33

    I had no problem whatsoever!

  34. 34

    Hahahaha … serves these idiots right. They are being screwed by the studios with this piece of crap movie anyway because they know these people are so stupid they'll buy anything with AVATAR written on it. First they release this DVD and let people buy it, even though they've already said they'll release another next year in 3D. Plus, they've already said they'll release the movie again in the fall with a big '6 minutes' of new footage (what a joke) that isn't even original, it's only being made now just to stick in for the rerelease solely for the purpose of making more money (Cameron's own statement). Then, naturally, they will release that version on DVD, and probably a later 3D of it. These stupid suckers will just keep buying more and more copies of this crap while the studio laughs all the way to the bank.

  35. 35

    Re: Unbelievable! – Unbelievable!

  36. 36

    Re: sockie – The na'vi are the blue people you see in the ads…and see the movie. its really good.

  37. 37

    lolol so basically, technology is developing too quickly!