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Shakira Fighting Arizona Immigration Law

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After the passing of the outrageous immigration law in Arizona, Shakira has gone to help the cause to revoke the mandates.

The Columbian singer will meet with the mayor of Phoenix Phil Gordon on Thursday along with other critics and families who might be affected by these new policies.

Not only has this measure been called unconstitutional but it's said to lead to ethnic profiling.

Go get 'em, Shak!

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263 comments to “Shakira Fighting Arizona Immigration Law”

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  1. 201

    Re: MJJ – I'm sorry but if the US had China south of it instead of Mexico and Arizona had a huge illegal immigration issue with Chinese as a result, sky rocketing crime rate due to drug related crime and trafficking due to illegal Chinese immagrants then guess what…people would keep saying the law is because of the Chinese! C'mon! Seriously people, the fact of the matter the country of Mexico boarders our own so NATURALLY that area will have a large amount of illegals from *drumroll* MEXICO!!! No one can help that. So naturally the majority of people effected by this law it Mexicans. This is no rocket science nor a RACIAL issue. it's an immigration issue. I'm sorry Mexico boarders the US I guess LoL.

  2. 202

    Okay, she just make it to my shit list…. and to think that I just about went gay for her!

  3. 203

    Re: haha31 – sorry but one of the resposibilities of the US Government is too protect our boarders. that to me, as an American citizen, is a HUGE priority. Especially when a extreme amount of trafficking (sp LoL), murder, and drug related crimes are taking place along a specific boarder. I could care less WHAT country it was or the color of the people in it, just stop the crime.

  4. 204

    Re: wtfbbqsauce – Uhm, newsflash, you need a SS# to collect a welfare check. BTW, there are more Caucasians on welfare than any other ethnic group. So please, try not to conceal your racist views behind politics. A majority of the US tax dollars were spent to finance wars that a majority of the American people did not support.

  5. 205

    Re: obamababymommadrama – I'm fairly certain if a big corporation is already breaking the law by knowingly employing legals, they don't have a problem breaking the guidelines set by the IRS.

    if they DID tax these illegals, not only would they be charged with knowingly employing an illegal alien, they would also have to pay them at least minimum wage. as Big Corporation pays these workers half of minimum wage, these wages are off the books. to the IRS and the government, Big Corp is functioning without these employees.

  6. 206

    Re: Eilee – Yeah, so did Bush when he vetoed the Immigration Bill twice. Oh, but let's just throw Obama to the dogs.

  7. 207

    Re: chegui – Well Said!

  8. 208

    I just relized I spelled BORDERS wrong about "ump-teen" times LoL. and for all of you out there, ump-teen is the numer after some-theen :P

  9. 209

    Re: pgal – Only illegal immigrants drive drunk? Wow, your ignorance is beginning to show. Try explaining your racist views to MADD (Mothers against drunk driving) and they will tell you that a majority of the manslaughter charges are caused by reckless teenagers and undergraduate sororities and drunken Frat boys who think they're above the law. Gosh, you're dumb!

  10. 210

    Re: SamshiZz
    I'm not part of the government nor am I racist but yet I still care what happens in this country as every American should.
    You say that unless you are in the government you shouldn't care if people are here illegally, but you are wrong, we should care. We are the ones who have to pay taxes that pay for their hospital bills when they don't pay them, or pay for their food stamps or welfare (because the government doesn't check to see if they are legal).
    Are you saying that the rancher that got killed (or his family) on his own land from someone coming into this country illegally shouldn't care about this law? I think they should.
    This law is about EVERY illegal that is in AZ, not just Mexicans, this means black, brown and white. Just because someone supports this law doesn't make them racist.

  11. 211


  12. 212

    She isnt even a United States citizen! She needs to mind her own business, and let our own countires citizens handle our own problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sick of celebrities meddling in politics!

  13. 213

    Re: Gary78 – agree with you 100%!!

  14. rickM says – reply to this


    Re: Eilee – bitch your stupid she pays taxes form her cd sales and concets she has in the us so she has the right to protest talk
    you should shut the fuck up and go suck a dick get laid

  15. 215

    For the record, not everyone from Arizona is crazy! I am strongly against SB1070 and I am embarrassed that this is happening.

  16. 216

    Re: BeautifulDisaster311 – let me guess, your vag hasn't seen any action since the bush admin?

  17. rickM says – reply to this


    Re: Vness12 – once again you say this because you might not now how it feels to be hungry. im sorry if my kids are hungry i will do anything for them.

  18. rickM says – reply to this


    Re: TexasLovesBritney – bitch you really should be fixing your hair and your mug you look raggedy instead of wasting time!!!!

  19. 219

    Illegal aliens sell drugs, kill people, break into homes, rape, destroy schools, hospitals and communities so this half Arab Shitt tera should shut her mouth and go back to the drug capital of the world Columbia. Great Arizona keep up the good work. let them go back to MEXICO SHITTY and clean up their own toilet bowl country.

  20. 220

    Re: rickM – bahahahahaha!!!!

  21. 221

    Mexico needs to make their nation a place where their own citizens actually want (and can) stay and have a life. THAT is the crux of this entire problem. Mexico just doesn't bother and is happy to have their "leftovers" leave, so the country doesn't have to actually bother doing any social/cultural/industrial/economic changes to accommodate ALL of its citizens.

  22. 222

    How about you try living in arizona and dealing with ILLEGAL imigrants who bring drugs into our state, raise the crime levels and expect the TAX PAYING CITIZENS to clean their mess up. Hell yeah arizona, i stand behind you!

  23. 223

    Like I said before, enter Iran, Myanmar, North Korea or a slew of other countries ILLEGALLY and see how well they treat you. Then you'll relize this law is really not that big of a deal..

  24. 224

    Re: chegui – Seriously white people dont work factory jobs? My parents went from the bottom to running the damn factories. Get your facts strait. Come to where I live in Iowa most of the town is made up of illegals. Who think they should speak spanish and not english and talk about racism , They will not go through my teller line because Im white. Ive heard them say that to my other workers, and my coworkers have confessed thats what they said. People glaze over the word ILLEGAL. Not only mexico's law. Check out other european antions laws about illegals. Oh and countries like N Korea and the middle east , Jump their boarders and see what happens. Death or priso. People are being called racists . but we are just people who follow the law. Im tired of being called racist. Oh and when you think of illegal , close your eyes I dare you . Does a candian come to your mind??? If the federal government does not want to help when ranchers and average citizens are being murderd. Im glad the state took action. Oh and maybe the Mexico should fix there country since no one stays in it.

  25. 225

    Is "ColOmbian" not "ColUmbian", she is from ColOmbia, not from ColUmbia!


  26. 226

    Re: crickets – You have no idea! Read before barking. Idiot

  27. 227

    Re: SamshiZz – Guess what pinhead, you should check yourself before you point fingers elsewhere. Mexicans aren't a race, they are a nationality, so put your race card back in your pocket and run on home.

  28. 228

    Unconstitutional? Idiots! See Artivle IV Section 4 please.

  29. 229

    Re: SamshiZz – Are you serious? If we arent the gov't we havent had to put up with anything? You are delusional.

  30. 230

    This is a great law, finally at least one state is doing something about the never ending flow of illegal immigrants that threatened the security and economy of this country every day, well done AZ and I hope other states adopt similar measures, and just for the record this law says you have to stop someone for a different offense before you can verify their immigration status. The leftist press with their agenda have completely misrepresented this law and stupid people that probably have not even read the bill, like Mario and Shakira for exanple open their mouths because it's the "cool" thing to do, pathetic!

  31. 231

    To start off every one here is an immigrant except for the indians… if you forgot… anyway i really don't understand why they are only bitchin' about mexicans everyone here there are all canadians.. europeans.. ect. mexicans take on the dirty jobs to better their lives and move out of such a bad country.. arizona does not understand this they are ignorant and self absorbed and this is starting a huge racial conflict just because a state doesn't want mexicans.. there is going to be a bigger conflict than just having mexicans in their state… blacks whites and mexican americans will start fights and then there will be a start of a new and BIG problem not mexicans immigrants

  32. 232

    Re: Gary78 – you really are ignorant in this situation especially the tone and words you use to express your feelings its racial and unacceptable and because of that there will be fights breaking out and all these problems within mexican AMERICANS african AMERICANS AND european AMERICANS (whites) incase you forgot they migrated to america and were immigrants to the indians (AMERICANS) anyway that will become a bigger issue than just mexicans trying to better their lives and improve it and give their families an opportunity to have a new start and a better future in life…. don't pin point the bad mexicans to the ones who want to try… because there are bad people no matter the race you just need to open your eyes and realize that and not be so ignorant and childish to this situation

  33. 233

    This immigration law is unconstitutional!! Racial profiling should not be allowed especially when the majority of the people in this country are immigrants except for the native americans. Subtle racists laws like this can turn the country into a chaotic place to live and i support Shaki on her quest for human rights!!

  34. 234

    Re: SamshiZz – actually bitch he was posting what is the law in Mexico, why is it that they don't have to take people they don't want but we do? who decided that this country should have no borders and people should be able to come and go as they wish, no other country puts up with that, yet WE are the ones that are called Racists, big f-ing joke

  35. 235

    to you and all you fuckin racist idiots, thanks to the illegal immigrants YOU dont have to do the dirty work, i dont see white people working in the fields, factories or anything like that!
    you should see how hard they look for a job to live here and give their families all the things they never had.
    what do white people do?? stand on the fuckin freeway beggeing for money??? are you fuckin kidding me?!? you have papers go apply somewhre you lazy mofos…
    illegal immigrants dont get shit! they dont get any benefits stupid ignorant people.
    they do pay taxes and they dont get them back like someone said.
    its funny how all this people that dont know shit are here been all fuckin racist when thanks to the illegal immigrants YOU dont do shit.
    so next time think about waht you post your racial comments stupid ass mofos! >>>>I AGREE 100%%


  36. 236

    Hey Shakira why don't you go meet with Robert Krentz's family who was killed by illegal immagrants on his own land Robert Krentz 58, and his dog were found shot to death just before midnight Saturday, several hours after Krentz’s brother called the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department to report Krentz missing. Or Why don't you focus on the crupt country you are from.

  37. 237

    Re: Lost Lass
    you are juss another ignorant racists fxck!!
    this isnt even your state!! if anythinq you're illegal too!!!

  38. 238

    Re: rickM – As would I since I do have a child. However as a responsible adult and parent, i have to bear in mind that I am also putting my child in danger should I be engaging in illegal activity (sneaking into the US illegally for example). In the end it doesn't make it legal. Immigration is not going to say, "ok so you did it for your child so YOU'RE cool". What about the people in AZ who also have children and are exposed to the craziness going on out there. Look this law may not be perfect but it sounds like a product of deperation to me. Hopefully all this contraversy (sp, I can't spell today) will wake up the fed gov to give AZ the resources they need to control the border.

  39. 239

    Re: Krammer – Yep and those cowards shot him in the back. He helped illegalsl , gave them shelter , food and water and medical attention. They stole from him before the murder. Good people huh.

  40. 240

    Re: shorty470374 – and in that same respect you can't get mad when illegals get deported from this country as they entered it illegally. Saying that it's "too hard" to get into the US legally does not mean it's ok to break the law. It's too hard for me to get a much higher paying job right now but that doesn't make it ok for me to go and start pulling robberies left and right. I'm all for people striving for a better life style but the bottom line is you have to do it the RIGHT way…the legal way. Why sneak in, work for peanuts, be dicriminated against only to possibly be found out and sent back!?!? That's insane. for all that, apply for legal entry and do your best to get by until you are able to come to the US.

  41. 241

    You people have to be the most ignorant people ever! These "illegal immigrants" are here working and paying taxes ,k?….they're doing the job no one else will do, and seriously all you people who just have to associate the word illegal with mexican….you need to get your fuckin info straight….ok? …

  42. 242

    Re: omq!!!COLON!!!wtf!

    I was born in the United States which makes me a naturalized citizen. I've lived LEGALLY in AZ for over 20 years. Your eloquent expression of speech shows that you are an uneducated and angry phuck. Now go crawl back under your rock with the worms.

  43. 243

    mmm go back to our own land?….all doz3 south3rn stat3s r t3chnically ours..is it jux me or r d3y scar3d w3 will tak3 ov3r n g3t out lands back?

  44. 244

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Apparently you have never walked into a welfare office or drivers license office to see how many are ILLEGAL and gaining benefits at your dime. I don't agree with the lazy asses who milk the system either. I am tired of our gov't just turning a blind eye to it as well. I am sick of the pity people take on these people just milking our system. I live in GA and see this mess everyday and I hope that our state does what AZ is doing.

  45. 245

    I sense many rednecks up in hurr.

  46. 246

    i will speak on behave of all the immigrants,we immigrants, build this nation with our hard labor,most people that are born here, and are not from a foreig country are lazzy, they want to sit on there but and get ritch,they need to do the jobs what whe as immigrants do for this nation, working on fruit farms, vegetables farm, if it wasn,t for us , they would not have the fresh produce in the store and on their table, we as immigrants can put alot of hours and get pay for less what they normal americans get paid, so why is it a big problem for people that have issues with us immigrants.every american goes from time to time to a chinese restaurant, mexican restaurant and any foreig restaurant here in this great nation. but no one complains about that , they learn other foreig people their culture. to learn a bout some else its culture be around them more often.and stop discriminating them , they are humans too just like anyone else,shakira do what you have to do , and get these people what they disurf, for all their hard labor . thank you kindly

  47. rickM says – reply to this


    Re: TexasLovesBritney – exactly thats what you are blablalblabl
    fucking dry pice of shit. fucking accident of life

  48. rickM says – reply to this


    Re: Vness12 – bitch if your going to find excuses you are going to find excuse. my mom and dad came illegal they are legal now yes they worked with fake ssn but they were deducted taxes. with those taxes many kids in america where given a public education and many other services when those 50 bucks being deducted out of their check would ease their tight budget. now thanks to their hard work im a ucla student. about the people in arizona!!!! well life is life its not like they are fucking making that place the next west hollywood or sin city.

  49. 249

    Re: Gary78 – and @MadDog.
    "Arizona is so messed up! Best thing to do is return it to its original owners…Mexicans!"
    - George Lopez

    Once we kick them out, who is gonna pick veggies, fruit, and build our border's fence?

  50. 250

    I'd love for all those asses who are so quick to want to kick out the immigrants,… to just think where they came from… why do we now have a right to pick and choose who can come and who can't… if we take that stance.. then all you italians, chinese, french, russian, germans and etc… should never have been allowed to stay in this country… the only people who had that right were the people who were here to begin with.. the native americans.. so thank god they weren't some selfish, hypocritical, racist bastards because then none of us would be here…

  51. 251

    How would you or Shakira know what's unconstitutional. Have you ever read or studied the Constitution? I sincerely doubt it.

  52. 252

    Shahiras hot-but I cant see a non citizen protesting US policy??? I wonder if she goes to her neighboring country to protest against that dictator Chavezs policies??

  53. 253

    Shut up, Shakira! I'M SO PROUD OF ARIZONA!!! All states should have the balls to do this. Are you here in the U.S. illegally? Get the hell out. We who are here LEGALLY have paid our dues. Also, this bill was revised on FRIDAY and it PREVENTS ETHNIC PROFILING!!! Get the facts straight! Illegals have taken jobs away from LEGAL citizens, not to mention benefiting from the legally OVERTAXED U.S. citizens. Can you imagine trying to squirm into any other country illegally? You'd be jailed or shot!

  54. 254

    Yes Shakira-butt out. She should be concerned about her own country Colombia-the drug-murder-kidnapping & corruption capital of the world.To those who say were all imigrants-yes absolutely.But the Europeans & Asians were all LEGAL!! They were all discriminated against-but they worked hard-learned the language and were assimilated into American society.

  55. 255

    Well most of these post say "Illegal Mexicans" how do people feel about the other populations like people from Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America? I don't see much posted about those illegals…

    I am a legal woman of hispanic heritage well educated and a professional in the healthcare division. Although lately I have received uncalled for insults and name that my morals will not let me post.I shouldn't be affected by this law since I am legal and I don't reside in Arizona but unfortunately because of my native traits I am.

  56. 256

    she is not even an American so STFU! Grrrrr, these stupid fuckin celebrities.

  57. C-ray says – reply to this


    You know how many other illegal immigrants are here in this country from OTHER countries not only mexico or south america…people are ignorant.besides that I completely understand the fact that there are illegal immigrants in that area and other areas but walking down the street being a LEGAL Hispanic and getting questioned by the cops and them wanting proof of your papers is ridiculous..it’s completely racist and not fair at all

  58. 258

    ok people, has anyone actually done their research??
    the law doesnt say that police officers can randomly pull over any "Hispanic couple pushing a stroller in the park" and ask for their identification papers. They can only ask for proof of citizenship if the suspect in question is ALREADY INVOLVED IN SOME CRIME/DISTURBANCE/MISDEMEANOR! For example, if someone is pulled over for a traffic violation or if a police officer is responding to a domestic violence report– then the police officer can ask!! this law isnt some excuse to harass all hispanic people in arizona- its a measure to prevent crime and secure the safety of people in Arizona.
    illegal immigration is a crime. there are thousands of people who wait years in order to obtain their legal citizenship. why should these people get to cut the line, break the law, and then get rewarded for their behavior by being awarded American citizen benefits?
    also, anyone who argues that this law is "unconstitutional"– umm, hello? The Constitution of the United States of America only applies to AMERICAN CITIZENS: not illegal aliens!
    people seriously, do some research before banging on about how this law discriminates and is basically an abomination. besides, it doesnt really matter considering 3/4 of the arizona population supports the law.

  59. 259

    Re: wtfbbqsauce
    Actually, when the police ask someone for proof of citizenship who does not look caucasian, that is called racial profiling which is completely unjust and unconstitutional, not to mention morally wrong. And if asked, these people are not required to tell the police anything. Maybe if you were a little more educated on this new anti-immigration law you would be less of a…"douche bag".

  60. 260

    FUCK YALL…dont forget, Mexicans might not have built this entire country but we did build California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida, hence why many places are named in Spanish. Duh! If Mexicans should be legal it should be in the states that Mexicans built. Fucking white people should be sent wherever the fuck they came from, that's why no other fucking country stands you guys. You respect no one and still take whats not yours and claim it as American. That's why are country is the way it is, and its not gonna get any better. Mi gente, hemos trabajado tan duro para que esta gente nos quite lo que nosotros hemos construido con nuestra sangre, sudor, y dolor. Gente que si enrealidad no aprecia una gente noble de buenos principios. Dejamos que esta gente influe nuestros modos y nos convertimos en gente odiosa como ellos. No caigamos en sus enredos pero ESTEMOS UNIDOS. Si se puede.

  61. 261

    That's only because you completely forgot that your people built the lovely state of AZ. Don't forget your roots. Mexican have more of a right to be in Arizona because when they go here Mexicans where already here.

  62. 262

    Re: Sir-Bangs-Alot – its funny how people tend to criticize Barrack Obama when he has only been president for a year and a half. People act like this country just went to shits when he took office. Wow, if you think that, you are probably broke and have no clue about what is really going on. Regarding immigration, people tend to focus on too many government hand-outs. Most people that complain about immigrants really don't have a pot to piss in and tend to rely on the government as a crutch. People, keep it real, just worry about your own, make sure your money is right, and stop trippin about who gives government hand-outs. You are talking about these immigrants like if we are all better. The way I see it, if you're broke then obviously the way you are thinking ain't working.

    PS. ….and don't get mad that a Mexican got hired before you. It's all about work ethics.

  63. 263

    Re: marythgrt – Actually Spain built up those states, I know when Mexico took over California for like under 50 years they were really mean to the Native Americans. Now the U.S. owns it. I mean it has passed several hands, why do you think Mexico has more a right then let's say Spain. Also I find it disheartening when Hispanics say part of the States belongs to Mexico and lets it take it back for Aztlan. I think, Where is their patriotism to the U.S.? Do you think of this as your country or is Mexico, and if your loyalty is to Mexico then you all need to go back to Mexico and fight to make that country better cuz obviously it isn't if you want to come here. To be honest I think the U.S. should just take Mexico over and make it part of the U.S.

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