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48 comments to “Jim Carrey Has Meltdown On Twitter”

  1. 1

    Bipolar. He's in a manic phase.

  2. 2

    I LOVE Jim Carrey. Reading these tweets only makes me love him more. He's just pissed at the people in this world that would rather bitch about everything then try to make a difference in the world. I don't think he's gone crazy, it's just who he is, just accept it

  3. 3

    Egos can be terrible things sometimes.

  4. 4

    insane in the membrane!

  5. 5

    no he's not. he's just more intelligent than most people. let go of your repressed, judgemental, Catholic upbringing, Mario!

  6. 6

    I remember you going off the deep end with the Will I am incident…

  7. 7

    I KNOW RIGHT??!!! He is as nutty as a shithouse rat! I unfollowed him yesterday - he is trying to take all of us to crazytown with him!

  8. 8

    what are u talking Perez! You mean to tell me u never got "blue balls"?

  9. 9

    I don't think he's crazy at all. Nothing he just said was incoherent in any way. Preach on brother!

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Sounds like he has been thinking and hitting the bong again. Best medicine in the world. : )

  12. 12

    Remember when Perez got punched?

  13. 13

    go back to Canada, Jimmy boy

  14. 14

    What is that saying…It's better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt? Yeah, that's it.

  15. 15

    Looks like someone needs to schedule an appointment for a med tytration, STAT

  16. 16

    Nah, He's alright. He's always been different. I think people forgot that. I mean, come on…. haven't you seen any of his work?

  17. 17

    Love him but WTF

    check out my music at www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic promise not another shit myspace band!!

  18. 18

    Makes perfect sense to me. Haters hate because they're unoriginal and can't create. Misery loves company and if the miserable have no company they will pull you down until they do.

  19. 19

    Big day for the Crazies - Carrey's bat shit crazy, Lohan's herion happy and Bullock's trying to get her Nazi back.

  20. 20

    Is he making fun of my one-eyed cat? Hmm. That's not nice. BOING indeed.

  21. 21

    If ya don't get it Perez, you are a cyclops. Hmmm, and thats probably a compliment for you

  22. 22

    I think he's speaking to you and other like you Perez.

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Jim would be far happier culturally living back home. They get this.

  24. 24

    He may want to see Mr. Physiciatrist.

  25. 25

    Please don't mock him. Looks like the manic phase of bipolar disorder. The grandiosity is very strong and he is feeling "super human". Hope that there is plenty of support around him for the crash. He needs to be in hospital.

  26. 26

    desperately needs attention because the woman he drove away with his selfish refusal to take his psych meds couldn't take it one more day. jenny mcarthy is a saint to have put up with his BS. he's a grown man, he needs to take care of himself and not wallow in his mental illness this way. it's pathetic frankly.

  27. Opie says – reply to this


    Jim and Jenny didn't really break up. They're getting married soon and wanted to throw everyone off their scent. You'll see.

  28. 28

    I don't think he's crazy–

    and I'm pretty sure he's talking to you [Perez]?

  29. 29




  30. 30

    I LOVE JIM EEEE sounds like he just read somehing pissy about himself …. chin up gorgeous! us fans will always love you say YES MAN

  31. 31

    Um, I was wondering who did the dumping between him and Jenny. This answers that for me …

  32. 32

    He is a Brilliant, Free thinking, Open minded, individual who is sick of living in a world full of "SHEEPLE"! Remember WHY he is famous to begin with….it's called ORIGINALITY!!!

  33. 33

    Re: tigrrrlilly
    Wow every comment you make is so hateful. What's even scarier I think I know who you are. So jaded and frankly it's pathetic.

  34. 34

    Jim Carrey is NOT crazy… he's brilliant.
    Truly spiritually and creatively brilliant.
    Those two things… most do not understand because most are followers and have no need for the depth and truth of the undercurrents of life, that amist all this surface clatter… destracts us from the gentle hum of the creative spirit.
    Jim Carrey is a master …
    Most people are just caddy sheep.

    be in touch with your inner yoda… or big blue ball…

    I think it is cool. I think Jim Carrey is cool.
    Leave him alone.

  35. 35

    A meltdown???? I don't think so…It is more like "You asked for it you got it #BOING!"

  36. 36

    Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I'm so fucking deep and creative. He's old and gross. Could be alzhimers.

  37. 37

    He is just sick of all you assholes & your opinions, both of which stink!

  38. 38

    Makes sense to me…

  39. 39

    I LOVE this man. This man is greatness!!!

  40. 40

  41. 41

    Re: tigrrrlilly – I agree, Tigrrrlilly. He's a grown man, and he ruined his relationship by refusing to continue to control what he KNOWS is a problem. He's said in the past that medication HELPED him. Stopping it was obviously a mistake. His ex-wife said he'd freak out if she dared to ask him to take out the GARBAGE, insulting her for interrupting his 'creative genius'. Then he divorced her. I think he just needs to be ALONE. FOR ALWAYS.

  42. 42

    do YOU define where the "deep end" starts, or do those who say you've long passed it, Mr. P?

  43. 43

    Jim Carrey's awesome! Sure, he has a bit of an ego, thinks he's a whole box of chocolate chip muffins and a little more, and acts like a diva, but he's allowed to be pissed at the world, and I think people need to leave him alone. He's depressed, and he recently split with his partner of a few years.

  44. 44

    LOL This guy is nuts and all this time I thought he was acting in the films he has made when all along he was just being his normal stupid ass! I can see now why Jenny got the hell out! He would make a good member to Tom Cruise's church that's for sure. Maybe he is a member I don't know but I do think he would fit in.

  45. maksi says – reply to this


    well,it's not easy get with a crowd of followers ,who knows what he get through replies :-/

  46. 46

    Well. Sounds like someone didn't get their next film project greenlit.

  47. 47

    why is it people feel the need to point the finger at 'bipolar'!?
    everytime someone has a little episode or gets stressed out, that makes them bipolar?!

  48. 48

    Maybe Jim Carey is the sane one, and we're all crazy.