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Julia Roberts Bumped For Sandra Bullock!

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Apparently Julia Roberts had no idea that her turn as cover girl as PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Person was going to be bumped for Sandra Bullock's baby shocker!

A source reveals:

"The plan was for Julia Roberts to be on the cover as PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Person, however, after Sandra's representatives called the magazine offering this amazing story, they changed it in a second. Everything was so secretive that no one let Julia know about the switch."

But Julia wasn't the only surprised by the news! Some of Sandra's friends didn't even know about baby Louis! An insider says:

"No one had any idea Sandra had adopted a little boy. We are all in total shock, but now it all makes perfect sense. For the past few months, Sandra didn't let anyone into her house.

"Whenever she needed to get made up for red carpet events and awards, she would have her team meet her at a hotel suite she had booked. It seemed a little strange at the time, but now we know why."

It also sounds like Sandra had to rush to get the news out because supposedly Life & Style magazine were about to steal her thunder!

"Life & Style magazine, who are part of the same company that broke the Jesse James scandal wide open, were close to breaking the adoption story, reporting that Sandra was going to adopt. After Sandra and her team read that, they knew they needed to move fast and offered an exclusive to PEOPLE," explains a magazine source.

We're just glad Sandy seems to be moving on with her life in such a happy direction with her son!

Congrats to her!

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63 comments to “Julia Roberts Bumped For Sandra Bullock!”

  1. 1

    Oh well, Julia's made the list plenty of times. I'm sure she can let Sandra take the cover with her beautiful son :)

  2. 2

    everyone needs to leave sandra alone for awhile…….i'm sick of hearing about it…….

  3. 3

    Gross he looks like he's from Bangladesh

  4. 4

    Julia has had more than enuf publicity in her career. Wish People could've chosen someone *new* for Most Beautiful.

  5. 5

    They're just getting lazy. Julia Roberts as most beautiful person? Gee, how 1988 of them.

  6. 6

    I call bullshit on this story. Trying to clean up that image huh? really? a black baby? Now your just pissing me off, you'll ALWAYS be Mrs. James.

  7. 7

    i think its good that she kept the adoption quite for a while - makes her less desperate looking compared to these people who insist on publically adopting afican babies etc

  8. 8

    Ugly and Nazi on cover.

  9. 9

    GOOD!! a baby adoption is much more relevant..
    Julia was too full of herself anyways, no one cares!!!

  10. 10

    since when is Julia Roberts cover-worthy? It's not fucking '95.

  11. 11

    This really suks for Julia-though shes probably too gracious to say so.With good wishes for Sandra-the recent coverage of her is waay too much-enough already. People got it right-Julia is a beautiful woman and by all accounts as beautiful inside as out.But they really screwed up by taking her off the cover-hopefully they will rectify this in a future issue.

  12. 12

    julia, realy? when was the last time she has a movie out?
    suck it Life & style!

  13. 13

    that baby is cute!!!…he looks like a little "James Brown"…he already has his looks…

  14. 14

    I'm sure Julia hates Sandra since she basically took her place as America's sweetheart, and now this….

  15. 15

    is julia roberts even relevant anymore??/ i cn't remember anything big she's done in years…can someone tell me what sh'es been in lately?

  16. 16

    I want to be 100% happy for Sandra, but there is still a little voice in my head saying that this baby is way to convenient. I sure hope this child is not being used as PR damage control. They say they have had this kid for months - not sure if I believe that.

  17. 17

    Do they not mean LEAST beautiful person? You could turn a lorry in that mouth

  18. 18

    Re: queenladypink – Agree. This is just tooooooo contrived and reeks of an image cleanser. I doubt this baby was months in secret, she probably adpoted him just a few weeks ago. Hope she's happy living with another lie.

  19. 19

    Most beautiful people, Julia Roberts, REALLY??? That ship has sailed many tides ago!!!

  20. 20

    considering they picked a very irrelevant AND OLD celebrity as the most beautiful (which i don't think she has EVER deserved) - Sandra Bullock was a much more appropriate and BEAUTIFUL choice for the cover

  21. lizaM says – reply to this


    Oh, what total bullshit. She adopted the baby to fight the Nazi-sympathizer allegations. I'd bet my bottom dollar that baby was NOT adopted BEFORE she won the Oscar and Bombshell McGee popped up…all a big P.R. move to say, "Look, I got me a black baby. I can't be a Nazi enabler." Hollywood and their quick thinking spin-doctors. Sick. Poor kid, adopted as a Hollywood promo. You know what, Sandra, Jewish Hollywood is not gonna buy it.

  22. 22

    I'm SO glad they bumped that homewrecking whore Julia Roberts off of the cover. Most beautiful??? Give me a break. Can't stand her. There isn't a married man in Hollywood she hasn't fucked, she's renowned for dumping the men who love her for other men, (remember dumping Kiefer S and running off with his best friend a week before their wedding?) and then she tries to portray herself as this sweet girl next door. Stupid whore. She's about as "beautiful" as Rielle Hunter and "Bombshell" McGee.
    Sandy B. and that baby are more beautiful than JR could EVER hope to be.

  23. lmlol says – reply to this


    I can't stop laughing! This is the biggest load of public-relations crap hollywood has ever dumped on us! Yeah, right, suddenly a black baby pops up from central casting just as she's being called a German-speaking Nazi. And, hush, whisper, the baby has been kept secret all these Oscar-crazy months..lol so hard…BULLSHIT…go ahead, keep adopting a slew of ethnic babies Sandra, try a Jewish one next time…your gig is up German chic.

  24. 24

    Re: queenladypink – Yep !
    Re: BTW ~ STFU – Yep!
    Re: lizaM – Yep !
    Re: lmlol – Yep!
    This secret baby is a farce. With all the heat on her over the Oscars and then the scandal there is no way this would not have been found out by all the media scum digging through her business.

  25. 25

    What I want to know is, who was doing those home visits???? They approved a household with a very messy custody battle situation (Jesse's ex), and the couple had been married only a year (Jesse/Sandra), and the candidate mother was over 40, no kids: I'm sure they didn't check in the bedrooms for Nazi paraphernalia (and probably it's legal for white supremacists to adopt anyway, why wouldn't it be?) but now look! LOL

  26. 26

    Call me cynical, but adopting a black child during a neo nazi scandal all seems very convenient.

  27. 27

    Ha! Ha! Ha! A black baby for the White Supremacist…too fucking funny….who's gonna buy this ad? Even Benetton would stay away from this. Good crazy spin move from the Sandra camp. It ain't gonna help the smart people. Some dumb ones may fall for it. Your husband fucks Nazi's chick…and owns Nazi paraphernalia who MUST HAVE SEEN HANGING AROUND THE HOUSE FOR SEVEN YEARS. She's not only a WP, now she's a fucking liar who thinks her audience is dumb. Not all of us are dumb, lady. Will not see your stupid flicks anymore, not that I know who you REALLY are…

  28. 28

    Julia has pretty eyes but that's all…ghastly mouth, pointy chin, ugly nose, and that Tang hair, ick!!!! slouchy body too. There are some REALLY pretty women out there. And isn't Roberts a has-been?

  29. buck says – reply to this


    That kid looks like he is auditioning for Arnold in the new 'Fact of Life' movie….."What you talkin' ’bout Willis"

  30. 30

    How convenient. A "secret" black baby pops up just after your husband is found out as a Nazi-loving whore. Brilliant move, Ms. Bullock. As other posts above, i say "Bullshit". Stinks worse that the babies diapers. And, yeah, poor baby. A Hollywood tool.

  31. 31

    WORST PR MOVE EVER! A convenient black baby for mighty whitey Sandy.

  32. 32

    There's something seriously wrong with the whole Bullock scene.

  33. 33

    I like Sandy, but this looks suspicious. If she's not home enough to know her husband is banging a bunch of hoes how can she possibly take care of an infant? Who the hell would give her a baby?

  34. 34

    I am soooooooooooooooo GLAD they bumped that has-been Julia Roberts for this. I mean, Julia's career in the crapper, I hear she is AWFUL in LOVE-PRAY-EAT (WHY did they use her !?), and she is ugly. Sandra is a much better choice. Poor Danny Moder - she will likely take out her anger at being dumped on him. Karma, Julia baby !

  35. 35

    Who's gonna buy this bullshit? Shame on People mag for giving cred to this made up black baby appearance. It's just like a twist in one of her pre-scripted movies. Fake and lying bitch. Now I really dislike her. I was sitting on the fence before, just watching the Mcgee bombs explode and wondering what poor Sandra was gonna do. Now i know "poor Sandra" is a fake, lying bitch. And, using a baby! i really hope for the baby's sake that he's just a hired model and goes back to his good parents when this ridiculous pretense is done. By the way, agree with the 'cynical" posts above. Ugly, ugly bullshit. Worse than thinking being a nazi-lover, Sandra. Now your a lying nazi-lover using a baby. Shame on you, all round…fake and mean.

  36. 36

    Re: miss chloe – NOTHING !! It was likely paid for, to promote her up-coming movie. ROBERTS IS BOX-OFFICE POISON THESE DAYS !

  37. 37

    Re: carinacarina – lOl ! YES, HER TIME HAS PASSED. MAYBE FOR THE 'OVER 50' CATEGORY ! :)

  38. 38

    I can just picture Julia throwing things around, her house, screaming and swearing: ' I WAS suppossed to be on the cover of PEOPLE ! I am the STAR ! How could they do this ? ! @#%$&^* ! I am gonna F$%C'N FIRE my agent ! ' ….Too funny !

  39. 39

    And, what adoption agency approved this???!!!! And, after approving it actually handed over this poor baby in the middle of a horrible divorce scandal, and to a home with Nazi paraphernalia and a tattooed father-figure? The adoption agency MUST be checked by authorities.

  40. 40

    Re: ES_Revenge – you are a horrible person who the hell pokes fun at an innocent child. Who the eff cares where the child comes from what matters is the fact that the child has found a new home where he can be loved and cared for unlike so many other children in foster homes/adoption agencies. Im sure your just some sour ugly fug who sits at home "hating" on innocent children because noone ever loved your sorry ass. Get a life jackass

  41. 41

    Re: buck – LOL!

  42. 42

    Re: lilymaria
    She file for adoption 4yrs ago and the baby is from New Orleans so unless you think she plan 4yrs in advance just in case her husband would have an affair then you are really reaching. Julia Roberts really? I mean seriously how 1990s of them lol.

  43. 43

    Julia Roberts is no beauty with that big wide mouth of hers.
    That baby is no beauty either but either is Sandra.

  44. 44

    Re: carinacarina – U got that right.

  45. 45

    call me naive, but i'm not going to be cynical about this… I believe that Sandra adopted this baby because she has a good heart. I don't believe she's a nazi sympathizer..she's friends with George Lopez, for fuck's sake!!!

  46. 46

    Re: MJJ – i agree with you. she started this 4 years ago!!! there's no way this was a PR move.

  47. 47

    who cares about julia roberts anyway?

  48. 48

    hey queenladypink—yu sound like a redneck piece of white trash

  49. 49

    When was the last time Julia Roberts was beautiful? When she ran off with her fiancee's best friend or when she stole another woman's husband?

  50. 50


  51. 51

    congratulations sandra! keep yourself busy and don't even think about that pathetic creep!

  52. 52

    Re: rosebud99 – can you say Christina Crawford? "WHY DID YOU ADOPT ME?" "Well, maybe just for a LITTLE publicity."

  53. 53

    The voters at people magazine who decide who is the most "beautiful', just pick their favorite celebrities. Some of their picks are not even attractive. Well, they got it right with that baby. He is gorgeous and adorable! Yea Louis!

  54. 54

    i read all of these comments…and still dont know whats going on. i dont want to believe that someone can adopt a baby just to polish their image..if that is the truth this world sucks. but at least i think she is going to be a 100% better mum than angelina or madonne who adopt babies and you never see them with their "new mums" but only with nannies. i think they look gorgeous on the pic and deserve to be on the cover.

  55. 55

    Re: lmlol – Jews are an invisible minority so it's really hard to "adopt a Jewish baby". Though I suppose anything is possible. But I agree with you 100%. It's such complete trash that it was a "secret adoption". 1) Why keep it a secret? 2) Why realease it NOW? ….Oh, b/c "Life & Style" were close to breaking the adoption story and Frau Bullock was pissed at them and wanted People to have it. If "Life & Style" were so close in breaking it…why didn't they break it when they broke the Jesse James cheating scandal? Such complete and utter BS. Sandra Bullock is DISGUSTING and this little PR act will haunt her in years to come.
    I guess trotting out George Lopez as the token Mexican friend wasn't enough….now she has to have the token black baby. And naming him Louis after Louis Armstrong to show her "appreciation for blues music and a black performer". How absolutely pathetic. I'm pretty sure African Americans can see right through this white supremicist. You know "Sandy" KNEW ALL ABOUT JESSE'S NAZI WAYS since he was into it since his teen years and was so open about it.
    Sandra is ON RECORD bragging about Jesse James' "beautifual white Aryan babies". Just google it. And now she adopts a black baby? Adoption agencies prefer to place black babies with black parents and white babies with white parents…yet she gets a black baby since "she just got a call and they had him for her". Uh-huh. This woman is such a fraud.

  56. 56

    My goodness people. Please stop with the Sandra hate. She has done nothing that you know of to deserve it. Nothing. Seen any pics of her with the loser in his Nazi regalia? Has anyone breathed a word about her knowing anything? Because you know if anyone had the goods on that, they would cash in BIG. The Enquirer loves throwing celebs under the bus - they would pay a huge bounty for that kind of insider info. There is nothing there. She's a great lady. About the kid - is he giving the camera the "Wassup?" look or what? LOL!

    Weird that the real Nazi, JJ, would agree to adopt a black kid. How's he gonna 'splain that to the slampigs? Hmmm. Oh yeah - have them break it off with Sandra for him. Yeah, that's the ticket. Just saying it's interesting timing. 3 months with the kid and he bolts?

  57. 57

    Re: Vanilla Gorilla – hahahaha. i love this

  58. 58

    Really after all Sandra has been through you are going to bash her. Even Holloywood can't pull adoption strings, so no not an amazing PR stunt (which is sick you would even think that one up-you must be pretty jaded).

    Julia is beautiful and has more class than many of you, I am sure she is smiling at Sandra's happiness. Old, pah if 40s is old we are all in trouble. Beauty comes with age and if that's not something you can see now give it another ten years.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    This story is so obvioulsy an attempt on behalf of Sandra's PR people to clean up her image after the whole Jesse/Nazi association. The facts of this whole baby thing are much too convenient. This is PR and spin at its finest. Middle America will believe anything it seems! Such a joke. I really like Sandra Bullock, but, there are just too many things in this whole story that seem too convenient to all be true. Just sayin'.

  61. 61

    yeeey good for sandra! by the way, why is julia robert in a most beautiful people list when, lets face it, she's ugly

  62. 62

    Re: kitty9 – hahaha totally agree with you!! julia is not any pretty woman

  63. 63

    Are you serious? Maybe she was back in 87. Practically everyone in the media and behind the scenes talk about what a real rude bitch she is and how she fucks around whenever she's filming one of her shiteous movies. That issue is just a bs one considering most of it is done by publicists.