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More Madge, XTina??

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Premiere this shiz already!

Here's yet another Madonna's Human Nature video inspired shot of Christina Aguilera in her yet-to-be-released Not Myself Tonight music video!


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122 comments to “More Madge, XTina??”

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  1. 101

    Everyone copies Madonna these days. She's officially Marilyn Monroe status now. At least when Xtina does it, she does it as an obvious homage. When Gaga does it, it's more like she's stealing and claiming originality. Oh well, I'm sure Madonna is flattered no matter what.

  2. 102

    madonna is the orininal - christina looks amazing in the video thou. theres soo much madonna in the video

  3. Genn says – reply to this


    Re: MadonnaLive – Wait, so when Christina does something identical to something Madonna's done, she's paying homage…but when Gaga, who hasn't done anything identical to Madonna, does it…she's copying?
    Lol, ok.

  4. 104

    All of this Christina, Gaga, Madonna talk hurts my head.
    Enough of this "original" talk.
    Even Madonna took inspiration and made it her own. JUST like Gaga and Christina does now.

  5. 105

    That whole video is a MADONNA HOMAGE

  6. 106

    Lets get things straight, before the idea of “Lady Gaga,” Stefani Germanotta was a simply regular nobody… She uses alternative and avant garde fashion in a mainstream setting merely for attention. She is a marketing phenomenon.
    What bothers me the most about Lady Gaga is she continuously uses hand gestures to symbol “666″ like it’s a damn pledge, and unfortunately, exposing that kind of crap to her naive, and ignorant teenage fans, makes me NOT a fan.
    Christina has the looks, the voice, and she’s been versatile over the years of her career… She is back to her “dirty” stage… Do you remember the music video for “Fighter?” It’s nothing that Christina HASN’T done. She just simply combined everything into one look.
    If she was influenced by anyone, it was Madonna, but WHO THE FREAKING WORLD in the pop industry, HAS NOT been inspired by Madonna?
    I say this not as a fan of Christina, nor Gaga. I love alternative culture, and like when people express themselves in an artful manner, whether it is sexually explicit or not, which is what Christina is doing. However, I've been around "before" Lady Gaga as a photographer, and I am personally sick and tired of my work being compared to her when it's been done way before her… I imagine many people in the alternative fashion industry are completely sick of it too… Gaga is not an original concept, stop trying to make it seem like it is.

  7. 107

    cristina ma donna caca la league des horreurs

  8. 108

    she is totally Madonna inspired… not Gaga… and its greaTTT!!!!! this video is hot hot hot… not like gagas.. whicha are creepyyy

  9. 109

    BTW… I found this picture very cliche…. i dont think anyone invented ths situation

  10. 110

    WHAA??? HUMAN NATURE??? The only thing I see that I see similar is the WHITE BACKGROUND. Madonna was in Black Patent Leather, and she also had Male dancers and this is Xtina sitting in a girls lap who is sitting on a chair w/Cow Print. PEREZ HILTON…do you only see what is on the surface and not go in any deeper? You talk alot of shit on your website but when it comes to the actual face to face encounter, you become TWO faced and you had the nerve to call WILL I AM a coward? U have proven it so many times here, and have the proof on here to tell you…

  11. 111

    Okay. There is barely any Lady Gaga references here (minus the one where she pretends to claw at the viewer). The rest is all Madonna-inspired. If you know Madonna's videos, you will know that Christina is referencing Express Yourself, Like A Prayer, Human Nature, and Hollywood. And it has to be completely intentional. It's quite apparent. My questions is is she paying homage or making fun of Madonna? Maybe her message to Madonna is for her to stop not "being herself" and to go back to the woman she used to be.

    Or I'm reading into it. Hahaha.

    Notice how there's no reference to Britney? Guess she realizes her irrelevance in the grand scheme of things.

  12. 112

    ok this bitch needs to get off lady gagas dick! she is really trying too hard! what is she like 50 years old now? wtf? and if your gonna talk shit to perez then get off his site you sad BITCHES!!!

  13. 113

    i liked her when she was "dirty" now she is just old saggy and trashy. sorry honey.

  14. 114

    Re: mrsderekmorgan – screw you bitch. lady gaga is the shit and your a criminal mind watching loser!

  15. 115

    THIS VIDEO IS EPICC! i love it
    shes dirrty again!
    nothing like gaga has done!

    gaga should be fucking honored to be compared to such greatness!

    loveyou xtina

  16. 116

    Love how for once Perez DOESN'T mention Gaga but people STILL bitch about whether it's Gaga or Madonna she copying. And btw, it does read 'inspired' in the post. In any case, all the shots i've seen so far are cheap and nasty. Great way to make a comeback..

  17. 117


  18. 118

    Re: Gary78 – pigriah is only an infected whore , the biggest thief all time , 0 talent , repulsive amimal

  19. 119

    im so happy to know that chrsitina loves madonna

  20. 120

    Gaga fans - Nobody is trying to copy your leader!
    In fact; both your leader & XTina here, are copying Madonna… constantly!

  21. 121

    Madonna copy kitty cat Meooooow

    the whole video is completly Madonnas Express Yourself

  22. 122

    I do agree that she seems to be taking a page from pop artists past, but all this crap about how she shouldn't do those pics bc she is married with a child is stupid. She's not whoring, she's taking a few provocative pics for promotion. Madonna has had kids for what, 15 years? She stills skanks it up once in awhile. Just relax and let the girl make her art however she wants.

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