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43 comments to “saMANtha Responds!”

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    Since Dad is a psycho and Mom is in denial, Samantha could be the hero in all this if she could be the one to get Lindsay into rehab. It seems like Samantha has the influence to help Lindsay if she wants to.

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    How dare she! Lindsay is NOT on drugs! This chick is a bitter Betty with no life! Lindsay is a movie stra, singer and an American icon, this dyke is a lame dj! I hope she chokes!

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    HAHA!! those tweets just tickle me…..i find all 3 very amusing……

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    Her face looks like Katie Holmes in this picture

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    Then why was fug-face driving miss crazy around town last night? She is just as bad as the other one.

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    Go Samantha! Looks like she's finally gotten tired of all the insanity and is fighting back!

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    oh sam-man! At clubs everyone knew , you and the coke heads you hung out with all did it in the bathroom!!

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    rrrr cat fight!

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    that's an ugly dude.

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    What makes you think those tweets where for Lindsay? asshole!

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    Oh and another thing SAM DRINKS JACK not Lindsay. That crack joke way to herself for making some random tweets earlier. You stupid fucking tard!

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    How to Disappear Completely!

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    The only reason that anybody even knows Samantha is because of lindsey. Samantha was put on the map for banging a super star. Samantha should thank lindsey for making her a popular dj….

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    So basically there is now written confirmation from somebody who knows Lindsay well that she is still out doing coke at these clubs. Looks like her fathers case agasint the mother just got a hell of a lot more believable and Dina's credibility went in the toilette.

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    Re: Nathiestx – Amen! This f-tart needs to stop posting FAKE stories about Linds…. Love her!!!!

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    Re: HungUpBoyToy – i feel sorry for you - your brain obviously doesn't operate normally……..

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    WOW. She just basically 'outed' that skank Lind's drug use…..Not that we did not already know ! I mean….Just look at her - she screams STRAWBERRY ! Linds, get help - you are looking more pathetic by the minute. We know you read this blog ….And you really are not look'n good these days !

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    this is one fugging ugly lesbian.

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    Re: HungUpBoyToy – your whole schtick is just a big joke, right? is this benjy bronk? only benjy bronk could maintain a retarded schtickcoma for as long as you have.
    say hi to howard for me, benjy! ;)

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    Re: lick me bitch
    THANK U for saying it!!! Sam was a nobody and as soon as Lindsat moves on, whe'll go back to being a nobody!

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    Sam looks a bit cracky herself… glass houses…

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    wow, for a 'proud gay man' you sure are judgemental… saMANtha? really? it's not big, it's not funny, and it's not clever.

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    I actually think I LIKE this lesbot now! That was awesome! I hope she tells all of Lindsay's dirty, disgusting secrets to the press. One more nail to drive into that Firecrotch coffin!

  26. gnuts says – reply to this


    This is all fake reality tv is now reality blogging the dad lindsey dina Sam they are all working together this drama is all fake and scripted the only way they all get attention and money is through tabloids and the exposure that generates so one says hey I will say this outrageous thing and u tweet back and the idiots will eat it up that's why Sam is always hanging with her then fighting and why the dad does his stuff it'd all worked out with lindsey feed it. all to the flock hope the niave ones think its real drama and wah la

  27. gnuts says – reply to this


    They are all pathetic and it makes me wonder why us reg folk admire them fuck. them they are not living real life and have no shame or dignity nor does 80% of. Hollywood for that matter

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    Perez you are a hypocrite. It really bothers me that you call her "saMANtha". So you are implying she is "manly" i assume? So why is it okay for you to act in a feminie fashion, and she not in a masculine one? Hypocrite. It's like your for homonormativity when issues come up such as "gay marriage" but against it when you feel like it. Please be consistant.

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    OK we all know Lohan is a coke head and that she has major problems, I mean anyone with eyes can see.

    But this fugly bull dyke is only famous because of Lohan, if it wasn't for Lohan's bad self esteem and drug problems, she would have never gotten with Lohan and nobody would have let her ugly mug DJ anywhere.

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    Ouch is right. Of course Lindsay is going to deny this like she has been for months. And of course she'll deny it on ET tonight. It's obvious that there's drug use and alcohol use just look at her. Good for Sam for speaking out about it. Maybe Sam can be the one to get Lindsay the help she needs!

    Hung up boy toy, Lindsay is not singer nor is she an actress. No one will hire her cause she's simply a liability.

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    Re: giorgio85 – Sam didn't cause the drugs or self esteem issues in Lindsay, those were already there before they got together.

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    Its funny that she would talk so bad about Lindsay.Why was she with her for 2 years or whatever?? Whos the fame whore? If she hadnt been with Lindsay who would have ever heard of her? Shes like Michelle Mc Gee & Tigers mistresses-celebrities by injection(sort of in her case). Whos she with now?-I seriously cant see anyone-gay or straight-giving her a 2nd look-ugh! Sam-your 15 min of fame is waay over-please go away!

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    i god, i feel stupider and stupider every time i read this useless crap.. lol

    stop with the lame ass tweets, no one cares

  34. 34

    After Lindsay was kicked out, she took a nasty shit in an alley next to the club.

  35. 35

    hahaha oh shyt love it ! Thought maybe samantha would try n help her get into rehab but she seems to have had enough with her! I would lve for Dina to respond to those tweets!

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    Re: Poindexter-X – …And let a dirt-ee old man sit under her while she was doing it for a rock of crack ! !

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    Re: Be-Atch

    LOL!!! Then Dina wiped but butt.

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    Lindsay is the siz she is a fucking LEGEND, once she gets her act together she could fucking rule the world!!! www.myspace.com/ozonnamusic promise not another shit myspace band!! xox

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    Re: HungUpBoyToy – I've been following your ramblings for a while and just had to comment. You keep on going on about how Lindsay is an American Icon.. if that's true I'm sorry but then your country is screwed. I agree that a lot of posts about her would be twisted but this girl's problem isn't only her parents and the media like you claim. She is clearly depressed, desperate for attention and on a downward spiral whether you like it or not. And yes, it's noble of you to be on the defensive - someone has to be - but you are no better then Dina who pretends that everything is ok. And asking those who comment on how many magazine covers they appeared in comparing to Lindsay is a pretty weak comeback…most of the covers I've seen of her lately involve her looking worse for wear, stumbling, crying or generally looking like a hobo. You cannot defend that because SHE goes out for the media to photograph her looking like that and if you say she is a NORMAL person enjoying her life or whatever else it is you come up with, let me tell you I'm her age and been suffering from depression on and off for a few years and all the tell-tale signs are there. I needed help and so does she.

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    Re: HungUpBoyToy – Nice user name Lindsey, no one will ever know…

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    perez, why do u insist on calling samantha saMANtha??? i thought you supported gays? or is it b/c she's a lesbian that DOESN'T dress feminine???? i don't think she looks like a man AT ALL!

    and it's ABOUT time samantha said something to lindsay!!!

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