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Déjà Vu!

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358 comments to “Déjà Vu!”

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  1. 201

    She might be doing it on purpose she might not be…
    Not only did she copy Lady Gaga, but she also copied Madonna's Express Yourself and Human Nature videos.

  2. 202

    PLEASE I WAS ON THE GAGA TRAIN LIKE EVERYONE, THEN I WOKE UP NO ONE IS MORE "INSPIRED" THEN HER… SHES BITTEN OFF GRACE JONES,MADONNA,AND MOST OF ALL Róisín Murphy a TRUE artist…there is a lot of calculating going on in her career, everything is planned so we can fall right in ! GAGA IS NOT GOD ! sad face. WAKE UP !

  3. 203

    i'd say there are alot of madonna influences in there as well…

  4. Aries says – reply to this


    it's true!!!

  5. 205

    Eh, it's really not a big deal. Half the dance moves in the original Gaga video are ripped straight from MJ's Thriller anyway. All art is imitation.

  6. løri says – reply to this


    she's slamming gaga…hello.

  7. 207

    you are so right no point in denying that gaga is a man and christina is amazing. she was wearing big hair and latex looking outfits before gaga even bacame anything..google it duhh..perez needs to hop off gaga d*ck and stop always hating on people..first rihanna now christina. gaga is trying to be like madonna anyways so how original is that really???

  8. 208

    wow. way to go christina aguilera. way. to. go. even though you are christina aguilera and have been around longer, you are no lady gaga. i don't get chills, cry, or smile when i listen to you. i don't NEED you to survive. sorry. i liked you a lot better in the 90s.

  9. 209

    Re: brianuga25
    i totally agree with you. people just need something to criticize. ALL of these things have been done in various other music videos, so why is everyone hating?

  10. 210

    are you saying gaga doesnt do the michael jackson/madonna thing? PLEASE!!!!

  11. Genn says – reply to this


    this is really reaching.
    it's hard for anything to be original these days. at this point, anyone could say any pop artist is copying another pop artist. i've never see anything that i haven't seen before in some other form.

  12. 212


  13. 213

    Re: sexyjocey – i think your xtina's biggest fan cuz you all up on her jock like a footballers strap.. im just saying… x-tina has always been open with her awesome raunchy-ness and this has already been done and done by xtina thank you very much!!!! viva la x-tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 214

    It seems like it was pretty intentional Perez.

  15. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Christina did a lot of that stuff way before Gaga came on the scene. Quit being such a biased prick.

  16. 216


  17. 217

    They both look like trannys.

  18. 218

    Whatever the case may really be, there's no denying- Xtina's trying REALLY REALLY hard. Awww, poor thing.

  19. 219

    lol…the debate for this copycat will be decided when her new album tanks!!!!

  20. 220

    soooo gaga inspired

  21. 221

    Listen Perez, you're full of shit. Stop comparing Christina to GaGa - and get out of GaGa's ass, please. There's no denying that you're the biggest dumbass in the world.

  22. 222

    The media is gonna tear her to shreds and she's gonna regurgitate the same empty statement about double standards and how women have the right to be sexy. But when it comes down to it, it's just a marketing ploy, she's selling her body like everybody else.

    This video is all shock and no substance. Why is she in church with a bondage mask? Why is she taking a photo of her burning closet? Why is she recreating a scene from Madonna's Express yourself video? Why is she wearing the sunglasses Gaga wore in Bad Romance?

    Bad Romance was a work of art with a message about sex traffiking and the way young girls are pimped out by record companies. This video is just Aguilera trying to shock in as many ways as she can to distract people from the fact that this song is atrocious.

    Straight up nonsense.

  23. 223

    if xtina is making fun of her for being fake then thats stupid bcuz Lady GAGA has to be a character!! She would of never made it being as ugly as she is.. it was the same as Missy Elliot. They need theses crazy get ups to make it. Duh it's obvious. Lady Gaga CAN sing but she wouldn't of made with her looks, she's ugly.

  24. 224

    has it ever occured to you ignorant children that christina knows exactly what shes doing? like dont yu get it? she slappin all these bitches in the face sayin i can do this "FUTURISTIC" shittt way better the game needs her please gaga does not compare to her vocals and her beauty…if gaga came out in public lookin like she used to in nyu itll be quite scary…monster? duhhhh of course there similarities in not myself tonight…jus like theres plenty similarities in all of gagas videoss of allll of madonnas shit !!! christinas allways been a gorgeous blonde..always been crazii…and all about attention and thats what yu people are bringing to the table so keep it up !! GOOO TEAM CHRISTINAA !! XOXO

  25. 225

    My thoughts… your trying to hard Perez to stay with the cool gossip in crowd lol. The video is really quite clever if you actually watch it - It's hardly a copy of just one artist. Especially Gaga! If anything, Gaga is copying the same artists Christina is (INCLUDING Christina) and at the same time, in Christina's video she's "Not myself tonight" - Hello! Catch a hint and a clue while your at it. Plus, Christina's been pulling off theis type of era for a whole album and then some, so it's hardly Christina doing something new - she's done it before and she does it very well!

    I'm not dissing Gaga here at all, although keep in mind that I'm a die hard Christina fan till the end - but neither are at any kind of fault here. Both have their own groove and just a small side note, Christina's vocals will ALWAYS dominate Gaga's… (Just had to toss that in there ;) )

  26. 226


    This is from MADONNA's videos - "Human Nature" and "Express Yourself"
    plus George Michael's "Freedom" music video —– Youtube them!

  27. 227

    I’m only gonna say this once.

    If you’ve forgotten that when Miss Christina started her career GaGa was 13 yrs old, if you’ve forgotten that all female artists on the scene today, Christina especially, love Madonna but you don’t know the difference between ‘homaging’ and ‘ripping off’, if you’ve forgotten how much Madonna herself ‘homaged’ and appropiated other artists, movies, cultures, etc, if you’ve forgotten that whenever we dismiss a hardworking woman whose kept her head clear and never fucked up in our media saturated culture that we’re doing a major disservice to all women, and if you forgotten it is actually possible to like more than one pop artist at the same time - or if you’ve decided to just go with the preset opinion that one blonde must be copying another blonde than I have one thing to say to you:

    Fuck you.

  28. 228

    Ha! I love it

  29. 229

    This just demonstrates the difference between a true artist and someone that just has a good voice.

  30. 230

    Her voice is still way better than lady gaga's…

  31. 231

    christina has been around longer than gaga…if anything gaga ripped her off from the very beginning

  32. Mykie says – reply to this


    Maybe it was on purpose… but everyone "copies" or is inspired by something. There is a fine line between copy and inspiration. Either way, I find them both to be flattery. Or Maybe they jusrt like the same things. Gaga isn't completely original either. Many of her looks come from other people or designers (bubble outfit.. not her idea). Same with Madonna > hello.. Marilyn Monroe look alike in the 90's. And how many people did the Circus them in the last 2 years?.. Britney, Pink, X-Tina. So what if they like the same things, there is always going to be similarities. However, go take a look at Lady GaGa Bad Romance, then watch Not Myself Tonight (NMT), Then watch Madonna Express Yourself, then watch NMT again , then watch Madonna Human Nature, then NMT one last time….

    Maybe it's a message… The song IS called "NOT MYSELF TONIGHT"

  33. 233

    Re: brizzie – your one sad pathetic loser who took thier time to sign up to be on perez and then comment BS garbage like what you wrote
    who the hell cares what someone weighs. Hes influencial and you are…noone ..haha exactly

  34. 234

    Music is the same as art. If you are going to make it, you need to know what else is currently out there, and make sure youre not doing the same thing as someone else, because if you are, you look like an asshole. I dont know whats going on in Xtinas mind. Shes been through some questionably phases. Who remembes the black hair, weight gain, and leather? She never struck me as stable, more desperately clinging for something to grab attention. While theres no question, the lady has great vocal talent, it seems she doesnt really know who she is and how to portray that. And if she "did it on purpose" I for one would really like to hear the explanation as to why that is necessary and what it means.

  35. 235

    ALSO, about half way through Christina has these eyelash extensions on and her hair pulled back and looks a lot like Beyonce in the telephone video

  36. 236

    From Genie in a bottle to this, its clear she really is a copy cat,
    Christina has some sick pipes on her! she can sing like noones business. She needs to stay unique and let Lady Gaga do her own thing!… NOT COOL!

  37. 237

    I love how people remark how christina never whose outfits before… I can remember during the Xtina phase…. YEA, SHE DID! I like how people remark how she is copying Gaga… I can remember during the 90s…. Madonna did it ALL first. I like how people are sitting here acting like Gaga is a god and the BEST artist ever…. I can remember when you strip all the electronic crap off the song and get rid of her gay fanbase and the heterosexuals that think she has a dick…. Christina can SING as opposed to GAGA who CAN'T. What's wrong Perez, worried that a real VOICE will actually remind people of What music is and how ANYONE can go for shock Value?

  38. esp10 says – reply to this


    I'm starting to think its a publicity stunt…… point is… Christina is way more attractive… only gay boys like that ugly azz guy aka lady gaga…

  39. 239

    That bitch is ALWAYS copying someone. First Madonna, then Britney, now Gaga. I am aware that no one's really original these days, not even Lady Gaga, but at least she's hip and new. Christina is an old hag and should go get pregnant again or something.

  40. 240

    Wow so Christina DEF copied GaGa considering her video was out a long time before this Not Myself Tonight SHIT

  41. 241

    Gaga sucks. End of story.

  42. 242

    I see some P!nk video influence for them as well…

  43. 243

    yes aquilera has been here for a while and she doesn't need to copy anyone and yet she is obviously copying and her success is a fraction compared to the grandiose success gaga has had in only a few years. She may have a great voice but thats it, not a drop of creativeness or identity. Hence, reason why she copies other artists

  44. yohan says – reply to this


    Wow Christina Aguilera is so SHAMELESS… not only does she have no talent (how can you call her deep man-voice pleasant?) but she has no decency either.

  45. 245

    Christina is so unorignial anymore

  46. 246

    Um looks like every other Gwen Stefani video to me!

  47. 247


  48. 248

    Christina Aguilera was already doing this stuff when Lady Gaga was still Stefani Germanotta performing at small gigs in Manhattan. If anyone is "borrowing", cloning, or COPYING … it's Stefani Germanotta copying Christina. "Lady Gaga" has been copying other artists since she became 'famous'. Christina Aguilera has real talent and has been around for over 10 years. Stefani has nothing on Christina.

  49. 249

    News flash - not everyone wants to be like Lady Gaga. Christina has been around for many years BEFORE Gaga. I had never even heard of G until they compared her to C. C has always been an artist who takes risks. She helped pave the way for artist like G.

  50. 250

    Yes, Gaga didn't invent fire, red lingerie or guys sitting on beds but seriously how can you Christina lovers deny the similarities? Are you mentally disabled? Christina is an amazing artist in her own right but she needs to try a lot harder than this video is she does not want to be compared to Lady Gaga. And for those of you that say she did it on purpose, that makes no sense! Christina was quoted as saying that she doesn't think she should be compared to "this person" why would she intentionally put herself in that position? Because she's desperate for attention, that's why! She knows her time may have passed and she needs to get with it to survive and what's it right now is GAGA!

  51. 251

    so what if she did it? u know what they say, if you're gonna copy something do it, and do it 100x times beter, which is the case right now with christina.
    She looks way more fit and sexy than gaga, she actually looks sexy and not awkward to watch like gaga, with her its like youre watching a freaking drag queen. Plus if we're pointing fingers lets make a deja vú section with video stills from madonna, george michael, roisin murphy, etc, etc videos and a few gaga videos, you'll see the real deja vú and ”coincidence”.

  52. 252

    oh shit i just noticed i said ”you know what they say” just like gaga in her telephone video, am i copying her? damn she like, invented humanity!!!! *sarcasm off*

  53. 253

    WOW! Christina is sad.com

  54. 254

    One has a grammy.

  55. 255

    except the fact that Christina can sing GaGa into the ground

  56. 256

    This is an absolute fail I♥ lady gaga but Christina run Circles around her any day of the week ! Lady GaGa doesn't have even half the talent Christina does and Lady Gaga Should be honored to even be compared to someone of her Caliber.

    Wow they both wore red lingerie ! Cause no one eles has ever done that before . . . right?

    They both had men on beds . . . Shocking!… See More

    Lady gag had a bunch of dancers Christina multiplied her self . That comparison is a fail they have nothing to do with each other what are you gonna say there both wearing white? another Fail.

    O M Geee There both wearing sunglasses! *falls over*

    They both lit things on fire . . . Again cause no one has ever set anything on fire before.

    OMG they both put there hand up to there face?!?!?!

    Its a shame that someone spent so much energy to hate on someone they don't even like Christina is a True Talent . I'd like to see Lady GaGa have a Grammy award winning Album in Spanish SMH*

    P.S. I really do like Lady GaGa and I'm not hatin on her either.

  57. 257


  58. 258

    Christina Aguilera looks more classy in her videos.I think she is better than Lady Gaga.

  59. LAboy says – reply to this


    this is REDICULOUS, you dont have to be a genius to see this is absolutely unoriginal and a rip off. and if the intention is not to rip of gaga, but to poke fun at her? thats even more STUPID. either way. just be original for once xtina! please! its getting real old.

  60. 260

    Re: JoshWa – Exactly. GaGa ripped off Madonna's (Gaultier) cone bra and Grace Jones style and clothes so why can't Aguilera?

  61. 261

    Perez why do you put that no talent Butter Face Lady Gaga on a Throne, she doesn't even hold a candle against the talented Christina Aguilera. First off look back and Christina's past albums and video and you will notice that when she released stripped she did dirty to get the attention just like she did here. Christina doesn't need to copy off that fugly girl shes been here for 10 years and her albums are written by Christina and are just amazing!

  62. 262

    just watched xtina's music video. there are lots of similarities in her video to lady gaga. she is so talented, she doesn't need to copy gaga.

  63. 263

    Oh my god this is fucking ridiculous. Just because you are obsessed with Lady Gaga perez! Who do you think Lady gaga got her ideas from? No one is totally uniquw. OO christina has a topless guy and some sunnies on WHAT A COPYCAT jesus christ get a fucking life, who cares

  64. 264

    oh god bring on the wanna be gaga mess

  65. 265

    This is all MADONNA!

  66. 266

    PATHETIC. She is trying way too hard. This style does not suit her and looks forced. Gaga is much more natural about it and carries it off. Christina looks like a Poseur.

  67. 267

    What? A red outfit, a guy on a bed, people dancing, sunglasses, fire, and hands by an eye…I am pretty sure all of those have been done before Gaga. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  68. 268

    after reading some of these comments, (i have to watch the video again) i have come up with a conclusion…"not myself tonight" first of all, you have to realize, this is all ALL a prepackaged, manufactured formula, its all an illusion to show off the music industries occult like influences. check out vigilant citizens site (it writes about gaga videos…also check out psuedo occult, GOOGLE it)…anyways, i feel the blonde is all a part of the formula. christina has a great voice but its her handlers, same as gaga even madonna. not myself tonight means, NONE OF THEM are themselves! they go into their alters, their alter egos, like beyonce and rihanna…maybe this video copies gaga to bring across a point, to show that NONE of them are themselves

  69. 269

    Yeah, and when she first came out she was that Britney clone trying to appear edgier. This woman has made a career out of being uninspired and derivative to the extreme; she's a dated flake. Quit riding on trends, bitch, and be yourself for once.

  70. 270

    If Ms. Aguilera was half of the artist that she think she is then maybe for her come back she should of came up with her own stuff… Not trying to fit in like she has been.

  71. 271


  72. 272

    gaga owns the copyright to all sunglasses, hand gestures, fire, red, men and white

  73. 273

    no doubt it's intentional = she wants the comparison and controversy so her album will sell

  74. 274

    Re: brizzie – There´s a lot of similarities, maybe u need to check your eyes, if u hate perez we don´t care!! LOL

  75. 275

    a girl in red?
    a sexy guy on a bed?
    aviator sunglasses?
    teased hair?
    a close up with red lipstick?
    OMG YOU'RE SO RIGHT THATS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. GAGA TOTALLY INVENTED IT! and guess what… CHRISTINA LOOKS A MILLION TIMES HOTTER DOING IT. Literally the idea of lady gaga having to do with anything sexual makes me GAG. ughhh im gagging right now!!!

  76. 276

    Wow. Still's that look the same! If you did that with several videos you would come up with the same thing.
    When you watch the video, Christina's is nothing like Gaga's.
    Besides why would Christina copy a new artist anyways?!
    After all, she was Dirrty way before Gaga. Just like Madonna was Dirrty way before Christina and Brittany.

  77. 277

    WTF christina has been in the game way longer then Gaga. How in the hell is she trying to copy gaga. You People are stupid. Christina has always took risk with her crazy ass fashion. And besides CHRISTINA SINGS better and is better looking then GAGA. Gaga is not all that. Get over it. They dont care about U

  78. 278

    You're such a scmuch, dude. This song is called "Not Myself Tonight" for a reason. She' imitating a shit load of other singers from Madonna to Christina Millian and a ton of people in between. Get off Gaga's bedazzeled sack, dude.

  79. 279

    1) before gaga was out, christina has already stripped down in her mvs
    2) countless mv's by other artists have guys sitting on a bed
    3) christina's candy man video has already done a scene with 'many hers'
    4) if christinas copying gaga with the glasses, wouldnt gaga be copying beyonce with the glasses?
    5) big hair? shes done it before
    6) and platinum hair with red lips? this girls been doing it before gaga rose to fame!

    honsetly, im not here to bash gaga, i respect her for what she has done, and i like her music too, but honestly. im kinda sick of reading so many gaga and christina comparisons and not leaving a comment, there IS NO comparison. if you had to compare, you could say every artist is riping off another artist's idea, because ideas come in and out, and RIGHT AFTER Christina's back to basic album, she had already stated she was thinking futuristic for her next album..she already got it in her mind. so seriously, just enjoy each artist separately, individually. T_T so lame.

  80. 280

    Once agin i see madonna i dont see gaga. i think it just means we are seeing to brand new legends in the making for our generation. wow there like madonna and kylie now.

  81. 281

    Big deal…………… GaGa, Xtina & Britney are all rip offs of MADONNA!!

  82. 282

    perez ur an ass. a total ass. Honestly STOP comparing everything that everyone does to Gaga. Yeah shes good, but she didn't make up every look in the world. Thats what you're making it sound like. Christina has been here for over 11 years. Was gaga known for that long? I don't think so, and she probably won't be known 11 years from now. She did things too quickly, I'm already sick of her. I love christina and this video is all christina. She has always been honest in her work, and she has fought people for the right to have a control over her career. She wouldn't copy. Shes not that kind of artist. Maybe you don't know much about her, asshole, do your homework. Also if Gaga has any similarities to anyone, you never mention them, when Britney did her Circus things, no one compared that to Christina's tour. Everyone is gaining on up Xtina because they think that shes trying too hard. NO SHES NOT. shes doing what she loves, and coming up with original ideas. God, and if all you people can do is criticize, and compare artists, instead of loving each one individually, than you have no life, and no love for the people that make music.

  83. 283


    your pathetic christina…

  84. 284

    omg ! !

  85. 285

    i didnt know christina had been living in an igloo for the past year.. what a crap move!

  86. 286

    I think Christina Aguilera has outdone herself! What a hot, dirty little video, which by the way, is kind of a tribute to many artists, in my opinion. The monacle on the staircase is very Express Yourself, and there is no denying how much she looks like Gwen Stefani, Lady GagMe, and Britney in certain portions. I think her dancing has improved tremendously, and she is in a category of her own with that voice. Nobody in pop or r&b can touch Aguilera vocally. And now this! Once again setting the bar too high for most to meet; good luck, ladies– this woman is special.

  87. 287

    Its called the illuminati perez

  88. 288

    The thing that I cant stand is people that say this:

    "Aguilera has been here for a while, she doesn't need to copy Gaga, she's no newcomer"

    Regardless if she has been around for 100 years your right she doesnt need to though, she still is emulating this larger than life persona (which she never has done) and going completely over the top in her looks aka gaga was here first!!!… SO STFU you Stubborn Clonetina Fans!…I don’t know how you guys convince yourself that there is no resemblance…enough said!

  89. 289

    when you are inspired by art, you imitate it. the world's best form of appreciation is imitation. who wouldn't want to be part of her gagalicious?

  90. 290

    Heh I remember a few years back on the VMA'S her performance was damn near a mirror image of Brittany spears TOXIC…….

    Shes just one of those people who has talent….but thats about it. She doesn't have a style and needs some one to direct her in order to be successful. Unfortunately whoever has been directing her these days is terribly uncreative and has no problem making her look like an unoriginal fool.

  91. 291

    I like Christina, but you are absolutely right Perez. To many similarities, and I don't buy the "coincedence" excuse. Christina needs to come out with something original, because she's going to harm her career. Now that Lady G is well known, she can't get away with it, like she did with her "keeps getting better" song.

  92. Imy says – reply to this


    Go die in a hole Christina.

  93. mgh says – reply to this


    wow big time rip off. come on now if your an artist create something unique

  94. 294

    You can't bite whats already been chewed…I love all 3 of the queens…Christina and Gaga r just payin tribute to Madonna

  95. 295





  96. 296


  97. 297

    This is bullshit, Christina has been around for almost a decade and people are questioning her choices and saying she is gaga?? Gaga is sickeningly awesome (its hard to deny), but Xtina is an original contender. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks Gaga's Alejandro sounds strikingly familiar to La Ilsa Bonita by Madonna???? Give me a break they're both awesome, Christina can't use anyone as a muse but Gaga can perez??

  98. 298

    Who's ass does Prez sucks more? Rihanna or GaGa?

  99. 299

    hahahaha.. so Gaga invented the RED LenJERIE:.. the sexy man in the video… close up to the face…. etc.. haha. you are so OBSSESED with GAaga…. but thnkss for the publicity!!!!

  100. 300

    you are delusional. i can't wait for Gaga to see this and react

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