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Evan Lysacek Whines About Johnny Weir Calling Him Gay!!

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If you don't like people questioning your sexuality, bb, then stop the ice-skating and get rid of the gayface!

Evan Lysascek, who is currently in a war of words with fellow Olympic ice-skater Johnny Weir, is finally shedding light on why his panties are all in a knot to begin with!

He says:

"Since the Olympics, I've dealt with Johnny's questioning my integrity and sexuality, and I've never spoken out on my own behalf no matter how hurtful those things may have been. I should have known better. Best wishes and congratulations to Johnny as he opens the new season of Ice Theatre of New York. I wish him well in all of his future endeavors."

Oh, boo-hoo!

We bet they were secret lovers and Johnny got resentful that Evan was still closeted!!

At least, that's what would happen if they were on 90210!!


[Image via WENN.]

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102 comments to “Evan Lysacek Whines About Johnny Weir Calling Him Gay!!”

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  1. 1

    are you kidding?? what, ridiculing evan because he's NOT gay? f this perez, and just because he's an ice skater doesn't mean he's gay. are all male dancers gay? you're a bitch perez!

  2. 2

    You asshole!!! You say gays should not be discriminated against, yet you say Evan should give up skating!!! What a double standard.

  3. 3

    Why should he change himself to look more straight?? If someone told you to change who you were in order to look straight, you'd go on a self-absorbed rampage.

    As a gay man, I'm embarrassed for you.

  4. 4

    Johnny Weir proves time and time again to be a total douche and Evan shows himself to be a stand up guy almost all the time when making statements. I don't care if they are both gay, both straight, one gay, one straight. (Yes, I know Johnny is gay)… Johnny is a total asshat and Evan seems to be a solid good guy. You are ripping on the wrong guy here Perez.

  5. 5

    STFU Johnny Weird!!! It is not your business to out someone if it's true!

  6. 6

    Hopefully Evan is just hurt about his integrity being questioned and not his sexuality. Who cares if he is or isn't gay!

  7. 7

    Team Evan!!!! man Mario, you sure now how to suck up!

  8. 8

    Wow people take things so serious. I would LOVE if there was truth to this… im sure theres not. and no joke about the GAYFACE :) hahaha

  9. 9

    As a straight hairdresser I feel I have a right to chime in here. Nothing is more tiring than a gay guy telling you your gay just because you chose a profession that is over run by homosexuals. If you're good at what you do and have a passion for it, no matter your sexuality, it shouldn't matter. Yet some gays feel they know you better than you know yourself. Not every gay is as big a queen as Johnny Weird and not every straight guy is as burly as Grizzly Adams. It's amazing how Gays are screaming for equality but won't let a straight guy in a predominantly gay profession just be himself, in fact they can be quite obnoxious and rude. Lay off the guy. If he is in fact gay and chooses to make it know one day then fine, but don't assume he is just because he's an ice skater.

  10. 10

    You don't want people to hate gay people, yet you go and hate straight people. Go fuck yourself Perez. Evan is amazing and Johnny Wierdo is just pissy cuz Evan beat him and got the gold. The both of you can go and fuck yourself.

  11. 11

    Evan Lysascek looks very classy here. Johnny looks like a clown, literally a clown.

  12. 12

    1. I know what gayface looks like, and Lysacek doesn't have any to get rid of. He might dance a bit effeminately, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean one is gay.
    2. Male ice skaters aren't disproportionately gay, so, "stop the ice-skating . . . if you don't like people questioning your sexuality" is an ignorant statement.
    3. Ignorant statements are no surprise from you.
    4. Neither is hypocrisy. Apparently gays and illegal immigrants are the only ones who deserve any compassion or need to be treated fairly.
    5. Grow the fuck up.

  13. 13

    Johnny is a cat. Evan has the right to deal with his sexuality in a manner suited to him. It's no one else's business.

  14. 14

    Its kinda like people getting mad at your for being Gay…You know sometimes, perez, you are just in the wrong

  15. 15

    Evan is a great guy, not a little diva bitch like Weir.

  16. 16

    Re: That Cat – Great comment!

  17. 17

    Evan seems like a really good guy actually. Hard worker, respectful. Not much not to like.

  18. 18

    Hypocritical Perez strikes again proving he isn't beautiful inside or out.

  19. 19

    it's called taking the high road Perez… something you know NOTHING about

  20. 20

    why would Evan go anywhere near Johnny Weir? He's such a gross little queer - ick. You can do much better Evan!

  21. 21

    When it comes to gayness, you have become what a Nazi, represents: thugishness, brutality, submission by the masses to your will. Like Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Robinson Obama.
    "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”– Michelle Obama
    pssst….Michelle, We're now engaged. We're now informed. We're all little Rush, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck disciples. We're pissed off.
    All the perks you have received because you're black, going to Harvard, and all you became was a bitter race baiter to tear down this wonderful country . You're a pathetic POS. You're worse than that foreigner of a husband you picked…Frank Marshall's bitch.
    Looking forward to cutting The Dictator down to size in November.
    If I sound a little bitter, it doesn't even come close to how I feel about you two bastards in our beloved White House.

  22. 22

    I thought you were all about "equality"… all this post shows is YOUR narrow mind and ignorance

  23. 23

    Evan is obviously sooooo gay and really trying soooooooooooo hard to not look gay or act gay or whatever he thinks gay is. It is fine Evan…be gay and be proud!

  24. 24

    10 points for Evan. 0 points for Perez.

  25. 25

    I don't understand people's fascination with someone else's sexuality. Worry about your own life and leave that kind of personal information that he has no right in probing alone. Same to you perez…so annoying when you try to out people. Kind of an asshole thing to do if you ask me.

  26. 26

    Re: omgbradley – Agreed!

    And furthermore…
    How is he a cry baby Perez? Because he's fed up with people assuming he's gay and he wants this douche bag to stop asking him?
    And why in the hell should he stop ice skating? It's something that makes him happy, and something that he has practiced for for a very long time. Get on the right track and stop defending the people who are in the WRONG.

  27. 27

    Johnny Weir looks like Pee Wee Herman!
    So he needs to put a cork in it! Or something else…

  28. 28

    Perez, you are the biggest hypocrit on the planet. First off, this has not been a war of words, this is the first time Evan has said anything, and for you to be questioning his sexuality bc of what he does and how he looks just truly proves how narrowminded and stupid you really are. Just bc he is a skater doesn't mean anything, I know a guy from college who was an ice dancer and he pulled more female tail than any football player I knew. Perez, you want equality for all and yet you rip someone who you know nothing about. I hope you choke on your own vomit and leave this earth soon, we will all be better off without you.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    Johnny Weir is such a douche. BTW, why the Boo-hoo under what Evan said. He was very gracious and wasn't whyning about anything at all. He needs to beat the crap outta that little queen.

  31. 31

    As much as I love Johnny Weir, I think he's got issues that make him a little too snarky. I do like him but I wish he'd know when to shut up.

  32. 32

    In the words of Perez himself, LOLz at these comments…LOLz

  33. 33

    let Evan alone, whatever his choices are!
    Johnny Weir is an attention ho and wears fur :P

  34. 34

    for fucks sake Perez, this Gay Agenda you have is BEYOND RIDICULOUS now. same bullshit all the time!

  35. 35

    God- so what if he's not gay, Perez.
    He sounds like Johnny-gay-as-glitter is harassing him.
    He seems to be fighting back.

  36. 36

    Mario you better fire your ghost writer because the writing sucks and is full of contradictions. Oh wait…you don't own this site anymore. You only promote your less than Z status on here once in a while. Whoever is writing is not giving you any credence in your supposed fight for gay rights. You are the ultimate hypocrite and your time is up. Look at the number of hits this site is getting. Tick Tock your time is up.

  37. 37

    He isn't gay?!?! What the hell, I thought he was.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    Could someone explain to me what is 'gayface'? Seriously, I have been gay forever and I do not understand this concept.

  40. 40

    Johnny Wier is a douche. And so are you Perez, shame.

  41. 41

    perez, YOU ARE A RACIST BIGOT. Evan does not like being called gay. Now, if he is not gay, in a sport that is predominately gay, he is being discriminated against and he has a right to sue. He is being made uncomfortable, being told to retire, that he is not wanted because he is STRAIGHT? I think he should sue weir, YOU and every other gay that is discriminating against him. BIGOTS

  42. 42

    Perez, we don't make fun of your gay folks, so don't make fun of our straight folks!

  43. 43

    You are a hypocrite Perez. You stereotype just like straights do. Johnny Weir is a bigger fame whore than even you, and everything he does and says is geared to get attention. Any kind of attention. You take advantage of that and get your panties in a knot about Evan just wanting to set the record straight.

  44. 44

    I don't get why this stupid Homo is bugging his nose about Evan's Sexuality … From the first moment I saw him on Tv…I mean , look at his skin! IS Flawless I knew he was Gay, So what? He is a great Ice Skater … and everybody who has a brain ..probably knows it by now…

  45. 45

    So Yeah

  46. 46

    If he is, let HIM make this decision. Come on, it had to be tough on you when you made that decision, you know how personal that is, if so, then great, but let him choose.

  47. 47

    This is ice skating. It's a sport where if you are male it is assumed you're gay, so if he was gay coming out would be no big deal.

  48. 48

    Re: thetreat24 – Totally agree with you

  49. 49

    Evan might be embarrassed he had a fling with a flaming homo, not all gay guys act like drag queen divas, but Evan is gay, i mean come on!!

  50. 50

    Johnny Weir looks like Pee Wee Herman. Also, he's a d-bag.

  51. 51

    Just because Johnny was to be flaming all over the skating world doesn't mean that Evan has to. Perez you have such a double standard.

  52. 52

    and this is why gays will never be taken seriously, because of idiotic comments like the ones Perez just made, pig face

  53. 53

    Evan and Johnny sitting in a tree
    First comes love-
    Then comes marriage-
    Then comes baby Johnny-Evan in a baby carriage.

  54. 54

    that ugly johnny weir proves time and time again that he is simply a self hating jealouse queen. he is the type of gay guy who is mad at the world because he is so obviously gay and has no masculine qualities whatsoever. he is the type of gay that gets mad at gay men who are somewhat masculine. he is the type of gay man that cant help but be flamboyant and because of it he really hates himself. he makes it harder for all the normal gay men out there.

  55. 55

    Re: That Cat – me thinks thou dost protest too much.

  56. 56

    Hey Fat ass–not everyone want to be know as GAY–leave it alone

  57. 57

    Re: Teddy and Fidel's Awesome Adventure: You say Mario doesn't own this site anymore? I'd like to know who does?

    Whoever wrote this post is a raging idiot. Mario talks about how wrong it is to profile illegal immigrants, yet this site profiles gay men all the time. Saying someone has GAYFACE is profiling at its worst.

  58. 58

    Boo perezzers. Not all ice skaters have to be gay. I have met Evan and he doesn't have a gay face either. No need to be neg toward him because he isn't a gay figure skater. P.S. Johnny is a bit of a huge neg nancy.

  59. 59

    Re: That Cat – me thinks thou iz right on.

  60. 60

    Johnny Weir is such a douche.
    And Evan better not be gay ’cause he so hot damn cute :P

  61. 61

    I think the majority of people here have said my exact thoughts…

    Perez..you are much more of a disgusting person than you were a few years ago, what happened to you?

  62. 62

    what the hell is wrong with you? as if sport isnt homophobic enough without you getting in there!

  63. 63

    HYPOCRITE! What the hell Perez! I thought you were all for equal rights. EQUAL! So you lump all male figure skaters and ballet dancers into the gay column, so I guess there are no gay football players and hockeys players. WTF!?! Live and let live!!!

  64. 64

    The only exposure I've ha to Johnny Weir is on this site and on one TV show interview. I don't like him much. Lysacek seems more classy.

  65. 65

    evan does seem gay to me, but he's so GD aloof! well, that seals the deal then, yep, gay!

  66. 66

    Re: luvstotango – I agreee! Perez and Johnny Weir are both little Gay Nazis!

  67. 67

    It's just comedy that he calls him "closeted"

  68. 68


    Honestly, Mario.


    Throughout all of my time on here over the last few years reading your pathetic bleatings one thing comes through loud and clear:


    You, Mario/Perez, are a bitter self-hating, homophobic, mean-spirited hypocrite. You should just learn to shut your fuckin' mouth and poison keyboard.


    You're a sad, pathetic little boy thinking up ways to hurt others because you think all the world is out to get you. Your desperation, like those you rail against such as Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, the Gosslins, Octomom, Lindsay Lohan's parents and so many other desperate celeb-wannabes, comes through you and your "staff's" postings.


    What ever respect I may have had for you (and it wasn't much to begin with given your hypocrtical attack on Will-I-Am using a anti-gay slur, etc) before is now completely gone.


    I'm sure I'll contiinue to come on here. Not for the "news" as your site is generally the last to "break" a story. But to continue to see just how low and pathetic you and your site can be. It's like watching Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, the Gosslins, etc for the sheer train wreck entertainment you delusionally provide.


  69. 69


    Honestly, Mario.

    Throughout all of my time on here over the last few years reading your pathetic bleatings one thing comes through loud and clear:

    You, Mario/Perez, are a bitter self-hating, homophobic, mean-spirited hypocrite. You should just learn to shut your fuckin' mouth and poison keyboard.

    You're a sad, pathetic little boy thinking up ways to hurt others because you think all the world is out to get you. Your desperation, like those you rail against such as Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, the Gosslins, Octomom, Lindsay Lohan's parents and so many other desperate celeb-wannabes, comes through you and your "staff's" postings.

    What ever respect I may have had for you (and it wasn't much to begin with given your hypocrtical attack on Will-I-Am using a anti-gay slur, etc) before is now completely gone.

    I'm sure I'll contiinue to come on here. Not for the "news" as your site is generally the last to "break" a story. But to continue to see just how low and pathetic you and your site can be. It's like watching Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, the Gosslins, etc for the sheer train wreck entertainment you delusionally provide.


  70. 70

    Team Evan. Weir is the big crybaby. Boohoo, he didn't get on DWTS. Waaa, he didn't get asked for stars on ice. He should keep his mouth shut and just skate.

  71. 71

    Yeah, how dare he NOT be gay! Perez, really? This is a new low.

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Johnny Weirdo is such a flaming phaggot. Gays bring hate to themselves by their bitchy attitudes and personalities.

  74. 74

    Re: MrsRobZombie – Sure he knows how to suck! He has more jizzballs rolling out of his ass than a bareback gay porn star!

  75. 75

    Just look at this picture of Johnny Weirdo. He's a fucking freak.

  76. chiro says – reply to this


    Why do gay men always think that ALL men are gay?! So Perez, are you saying that gay men look a certain way (feminine) and that all male ice skaters are gay? Isn't that stereotyping?!

  77. 77

    Who cares???

  78. 78

    If we're saying Gays have the right to be gay or to get married then why don't we also give them the right to be closeted or not be?! The idea that one must reveal their sexuality and wear it proudly on their sleeve is contrary to the whole principle of having "rights". It's almost like an alcoholic who doesn't want to drink alone and so they try foisting a drink upon someone who doesn't wish to drink at that moment.

    If we respect equality and rights then lets also respect everyone's right to privacy. Public figures don't owe everyone an explanation as to their sexuality. If you want to be "out", great be "out" but respect others rights to choose not to share or be "out".

    White, divorced, hetero woman

  79. 79

    Re: WhoGAF – Thank you! What happened to privacy? Why does everyone feel entitled to know everything about others? Remember the saying "none of your business"? It seems old fashioned these days, doesn't it?

  80. 80

    Gays are the most two-faced hypocrites on the planet. They BITCH and WHINE about not being able to "marry" (why don't they settle for "civil unions" [with the same rights as married straights] and shut the fuck up); they're racist, ageist, and most of all, SHALLOW. Johny Weir, please get a sex change, and STFU. Perez, with your big Fred Flintstone head, your HORRIBLE taste in clothes, and your self-righteous, self-absorbed, damaged outlook on life, please go back to Cuba!

  81. 81

    I agree with the majority of the commenters….I think Perez is self loathing. He appears to be very uncomfortable with his sexuality (and others) even if he makes protests to the contrary. Who died and left Perez gay Nazi??? Sounds pretty self appointed to me!

  82. 82

    Johnny winking and therefore this is supposedly questioning Evans "integrity/sexuality" is ridiculous. such an over reaction from Evan.

    trust me, Johnny Weir has been discriminated waaay more than Evan has ever been. There are well known clips where Evan himself has openly discriminated against Johnny for been too gay to be a "real" athlete.
    the idea that Evan is a victim of Johnny Weir (who never said anything about his sexuality/integrity) is bullshit.
    how the hell people think *straight gold medalist Evan* is the victim of sexuality discrimination is laughable.

  83. 83

    If you don't like people hating you (you know, the whining that evil 'Perez' is different from innocent 'Mario'), stop stereotyping and forcing people to come out of the closet. Oh, and stop bad-mouthing gorgeous women.

  84. 84

    Johnny Weir is one of those guys that really believes ALL men are gay…

    Yeah, right. And all woman slept with their girlfriends in college and had pillow fights every night.

    Grow up Weir. You are acting like a jealous eight year old.

  85. 85

    Why would Evan Lysacek "stop the ice-skating"?
    Why don't YOU stop the ghost-writing?

  86. 86

    People leaving comments should really do their research before stating such stupid things. Johnny and Evan have known each other for over 10 year, there's bound to be history that none of us know from all that time. Johnny's comments were in response to Evan claiming that he was too gay to be a real athlete, despite Johnny beating him several times in the past, and that Star on Ice only take the best, which is why Johnny wasn't asked (though the real reason was because Johnny wasn't "family friendly enough." People in the skating world all seem to want to criticize Johnny for being himself and not being super masculine (which is silly, cause it's ice skating, they were sequins), and Evan is their poster boy for this cause right now. He had a total image revamp a few years ago so he could fit the masculine persona they wanted to promote. So, yeah, I bet Johnny is annoyed at all this and I don't blame him for his comments, though none of them actually questioned Evan's integrity or sexuality. I don't blame Evan either because I feel like he's been cast in a specific role and he has to live up to that. Just leave them both alone already.

  87. 87

    johnny weir is the typical little bitchy queen, still sitting at the end of the bar at the end of the night sucking ice from the cocktail he's been nursing cuz no one will buy him another. sad, pitiful little lonely troll.

  88. 88

    OMG I love Evan!!! on DWTS, he's so adorable, and he's just like humble all the time. He doesn't have to be gay to be that adorable, love him! but I want nicole to win LOL … or Pam A because she is so freaking good, better than i expected because look at Kate :P

  89. 89

    ughh people are stupid for claiing gay out ur motuh it really geting old and its actually funny

  90. 90

    Johnny reminds me of all those catty shit-stirring queens in clubs who do nothing but look down their noses and tut-tut gossip about other people. Bitter grapes bitch needs to STFU and mind his own business.

  91. 91

    how is anyone supposed to take ur gay activism seriously when you constantly bash anyone who ISN'T gay for claiming that they're not!

  92. JLash says – reply to this


    Johnny Weir and Perez Hilton are why Gay Marriage will never be passed in the USA, good job guys, you act like 13 year old girls and which hunt straight guys that you want and then wonder why people hate gay people so much,

    ps I am a straight dude that supports gay marriage, but also isn't afraid to stand up and say that the gay community has a lot of garbage people in their spotlight.

  93. 93

    Here's the thing. Johnny is an artistic genius on ice. I am sorry…he is a better skater. Much more fluid and creative. Beautiful. He didnt medal because of skating politics. If Evan got the medal because he played the macho image game, but he really IS gay, I can see how Johnny would be perturbed.

  94. 94

    Re: thetreat24

    Hold on a minute. Johnny has not questioned Evan's sexuality EVER. When he did the interview for Chelsea Handler everyone (including you) flipped out because of "winkgate" where you assumed Johnny was winking at Chelsea to insinuate that Evan was gay. However, TAPED interviews are almost always edited to create controversy where there is none or to fan the flames of a fight that should be kept private. Wendy Williams did the same thing when she asked Johnny about Evan's comments. According to Johnny's Tweets and manager, Johnny had no idea Evan even said that until Wendy asked him. So Johnny's reaction was pretty much spontaneous. Even Johnny's reality show blows the rivalry out of proportion. (continued)

  95. 95

    Re: thetreat24
    continued from previous comment:

    Perez is doing the EXACT SAME THING. He wants everyone to come to his blog and comment and tell others about this story and create traffic and more views. He doesn't care about telling the real story. Evan is probably just trying to save face but retracting his comments. No matter how much you think Johnny was wrong for saying the things he said, Evan was the one who should be held responsible in this situation. The person conducting the initial interview with him DID NOT have her facts straight. So when asked the question to Evan, he should have said no comment. Instead he proceeded to insult Johnny by saying that Johnny has no skating talent and that the reason he was no invited to skate for SOI was because for his perceived sexual orientation. He then went on to insult Johnny even further by saying that Johnny whined about this fact in every interview since the Olympics. This of course is false information. (continued)

  96. 96

    Re: thetreat24

    Continued from Previous Comment

    According to Johnny, he has never been invited to skate for SOI, even though he has been a 3 time national champion, World's bronze medalist and 2 time Olympian. And when GLADD took up his cause through a petition, he discussed it through the interviews that he was asked to be a part of. Johnny has also congratulated Evan for his gold medal every time he was asked about it and has said that Evan deserved it. SO for Evan to say that Johnny is not the best of the best or is not gracious or whined about the financial aspects of the opportunity, was very disrespectful.

  97. 97

    I like Johnny Weir/ He tells it like it is. I personally think Evan is 100% HOMOSEXUAL. And NOT because he's a figure skater but because if you've ever watched him in interviews, all his mannerisms are flamboyant and he acts really gay most of the time!! and not to mention, johnny's best friend is Tanith Belbin- Evan's supposed EX-GF!! she probably told johnny some dirt she had on Evan while they were "dating". she was def his beard!!

  98. 98

    wish he was gay… why is he all "hurt" over being called gay anyways? you'd think he'd be used to it being an ICE SKATER and all! sounds kind of defensive now that you mention it…

  99. 99

    Johnny's doing a new self-written skate program called 'Heartbroken' reveals exactly how he felt about Evan beating him. Enough said about who must be the bitter, jealous, spiteful one here. Evan certainly isn't communicating anything about being 'heartbroken' through his artistry these days.

  100. 100


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