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Halle Berry And Baby Daddy Split!!

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And we told you first!

Halle Berry and super hot boyfriend of five years, Gabriel Aubry have called it quits.

A source says:

"Gabriel just felt it wasn't working anymore. When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn't phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love. But as time went on, he started feeling it more and more. Also, Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to other [women], and he felt it just wasn't right to stay with Halle in those circumstances. Gabriel is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further."

How could anyone be attracted to any other woman with Halle Berry by your side?? So sad.

They are reportedly working out a financial and custody deal over their two-year-old daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry. The source adds:

"Gabriel's main concern was custody of Nahla, he loves that little girl more than anything, and wanted 50/50 joint physical custody of her, which Halle agreed to. As much as it can be, it's been an amicable split. They both traveled a lot for work anyway, so they were used to spending time apart for long periods, but I think Halle has taken it pretty badly, she truly loved Gabriel and thought she had found the one."

Aw, don't worry, Halle! We know you'll find the right guy!

[Image via WENN.]

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106 comments to “Halle Berry And Baby Daddy Split!!”

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  1. 1

    hey what happened to your cheap ass website. Did Mariah Carey sit on it? Tell your IT guy to put his pants back on and get to work.

  2. 2

    There must be something wrong with Halle, she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and yet, she keeps finding these losers who either beat her, cheat on her, or simply leave her. Halle, you deserve way better!!!

  3. 3

    nice try lardo!!! I saw it at another post/blog! you are always late on copy & paste. I mean , posting stories.

  4. 4

    Being gorgeous is probably a blessing and a curse; but it certainly doesn't mean immunity from heartache and life's difficulties. It just means people like looking at you while you go through them.

  5. 5

    He is a P-I-G

    But she got what she wanted, and the baby will turn out to be drop dead gorgeous

  6. 6

    Actually, I read it somewhere else first.

  7. 7

    I don't get it.. Halle has been one of the most beautiful women in the world for the past decade… WHY CAN'T SHE GET A STABLE RELATIONSHIP?????

  8. 8

    NO perez! t.m.z told us first

  9. 9

    No Barbara, I read this on another site hours ago!!! Epic fail,`you just cut and paste that's all you do!!

  10. 10

    Just because a guy gets a roving eye and wants to explore other options doesn't mean she has anything wrong with her or he does either. He is human and YOUNG. I am a female and don't blame him!!! She deserves a great guy and he a great girl. Halle and Rick Fox would make a hot couple. Rick needs to kick that little girl he's dating to the curb and get with a REAL woman.

  11. 11

    First? I saw this on another website a few hours before you did. LOL. You are getting lame with yoru fame.

  12. 12

    Please! All she ever wanted was a baby. & she got her. Shes probably like Gabriel who? Shes one of the most beautiful people on the planet. She'll find someone else. Who is he without her anyway? Psh.

  13. 13

    Ummm, there is nobody hotter than Halle. What an utter fucking ignoramus.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Halle and Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Anniston are all doomed. They pick 'players' with swagga and they all choose poorly every time.
    Xtina seems to have found a man that will cherish her. Tomorrow it will come out that their marriage, is on the rocks as well, 'cuz I thought Sandra B. did it right with Jesse.
    Plus, there's probably a pain-in-the-ass factor that the girls bring to the table.

  16. 16

    Halle Berry drove over someone….why do people forget about that!

  17. 17

    FIRST? Are you outta your mind? All your stories are always late. This story was on Radar LONG before you even posted it. You need to get on the ball or hire more help. Your site is now the last one I go to for information since it takes u so long to get to the story. Downhill…

  18. 18

    Halle Berry drove over someone…why do people forget about this

  19. 19

    Because even though Halle is hotter than hell she is looney fucking tunes..th,th,th,that's all folks.

  20. 20

    Halle is drop dead gorgeous, smart, has a career of her own… but as spirit girl said… none of those give you immunity from heartbreak, guys who turn out to be asses etc.. sad, but Halle will get thru this hopefully soon

    something about the bad boys… or he prolly just talked up a good game.. maybe he really was into here and just grew apart.. who knows ! his loss

  21. 21

    I really hope this isn't true. If she can't keep a man interested then who can? She is about as beautiful and close to perfection as you can get. I am sad for little Nahla. It's hard being split between two parents, as many children of divorced parents know.

  22. 22

    no, i read this on JJ first… youre too slow, but i was honestly expecting you to post this on monday, so youre getting better.

  23. 23

    This is BS he's a decent guy Plllllllease. Decent guys don't have babies with women and then break up with them so they can go stick there c*ck in the playing field, and to bring up the age difference is a very low blow! What a complete Ass*ole! Stay strong Miss Halle you are a perfect 10 and deserve better anyway.

  24. 24

    Beauty can help you catch a man, but not hold on to one. And she is Exhibit A in the proof of that theory!

  25. 25

    When Halle is "all done up" she looks great but shen she's plain and casual she looks ordinary, rounded hips and she's 9 years older. After all she was with a man who is a MODEL.

  26. 26

    No matter how beautiful, talented, wonderful a woman is, her man will eventually cheat! - Often with a total pig! (just look at the skanks Tiger and Jesse messed with). My guy friends say it's not because the other woman is better, she's just something different. Men get bored.

  27. 27

    Halle Barry is beautiful yes, but she is boring and he finally got sick of it end of story

  28. 28

    Are they ever been married or they were just fornicating all these years?

  29. 29

    Another Hollywood casualty. Very sad indeed.

  30. 30

    SpriritGirl - well said!
    Beauty is not everything… there is so much more to the love formula than just beauty.

  31. 31

    he's available? yum!

  32. 32

    halle is a f'n mental case! guys can only stand her for so long. unfortunately she had a kid.

  33. 33

    Really sorry to hear this. Wish them both the best.

  34. 34

    The common denominator in all of her failed relationships is HER.

  35. 35

    Re: moviebuff – Hips are supposed to be "rounded!" LOL. A woman would have to be really underweight to not have round hips. Is she supposed to be a stick figure of have square hips?

  36. 36

    oh nooo!!! This breaks my heart!!!!! :(

  37. 37

    Just because he's rich and good looking doesn't mean he's mature. If he's not smart enough to get the value of family good riddance.

  38. lmlol says – reply to this


    Mother-fucking bastard…the AGE difference?! She looks younger than he does…fucking bastard.

  39. 39

    Aw, that's sad. They seemed really good for each other

  40. 40

    If that's true you gotta give the guy credit. At least he didn't cheat.

  41. obama says – reply to this


    there is no right guy. She is nuts and drives them all away. Nuts. She's also an addict who has lots of people who cover up for her. Hit and run….twice? Remember? So very pretty though. Hope her looks never fade because that's all she's got.

  42. 42

    Why does everything think Halle Barry is the most beautiful woman in the world? She is attractive but there are so many women who are even more beautiful than she is.

  43. 43

    I feel sad for Hally…to see your relationship end for some BS reason..must hurt. But age difference???..Hally doenst look a day older than 30..and 9 years of difference isnt that great. Its not like he is in his 20ties..djeez..the man is almost 35 years old! But..who heard from mr aubry before he went with Halle. My guess is that he couldnt deal with that aspect of it all..and that he was always the lesser party compared to her fame and fortune. That kind of imbalance is always tough on a relationship. I can repect the fact that people can loose their feelings over time. especially the immature peope who fall in love with the feeling of being in love. Sometimes its hard to separate that from the feelings and choices that make true love. As for Halle..take your time to regain yourself and than start dating again. The break wasnt about you..it was about him and his own feelings of inadequacy…some other woman unfortunately gave him the pedestal feeling he needed, to ease his own insecurities. No matter how hard we desire this thing called lasting love..we are not all meant to have lasting rels. Just pick the quality ones..and keep your eyes open..and enjoy life as much as you can in the meanwhile. Thank God that you have chosen a guy that will not leave the care of his child. In the end that matters the most.

  44. 44

    aw thats so sad!

  45. 45

    This was very sad divorse =(

  46. 46

    Everyone seems to focus on the obvious, yes she is a stunning woman. But I lived in Atlanta when she was married to David Justice the baseball player and even then there were whispers that she had "issues" ans people seemed to gloss over those issues because she is so beautiful.

    I have never spent time with her and she seems to be a lovely woman but perhaps there are things that she needs to heal from befor entering into another relationship. And who is to say that it is ALL her.

  47. 47

    Re: bongo – Lol

  48. 48

    "Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is what is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? REALLY??"

  49. 49

    Re: luvstotango – The only reason Xtina found a man "Who would treasure her…" is because HER man is ass ugly and cant get any other women. Xtina think she's Marilyn Monroe hookin up and marryi'n "homely" men cuz they ass simply arnt stupid enough top stray anywhere else…Yep, that's what Halle need to do, get herself an ugly man…

  50. 50

    Re: advantage – B/c we arn't jealous, lonely, sorry piece of shit looserz hatin on her entire being. Sthu bitch.

  51. 51

    aw sad,They seems so awesome together.Who the hell is Hotter than HER? She one of the most beautiful women in the world!

  52. 52

    At least he saved her the bigger heartache. But oh my word. Not many would cheat on Halle.

  53. fiera says – reply to this


    Im sure the age difference has nothing to do with it. I know many happily married couples where the woman is older than the man. The relationship ran it's course and Halle was smart not to get married again.

  54. 54

    Awww Poor Halle She just can't keep a man… She is so damn beautiful man can take !!!! Gabriel was a beauty too!! damn=( I wonder who she will date next?

  55. 55

    halle is such a beautiful woman. yet, she always ends up with such losers. its ok halle, you have a beautiful little girl and thats all that matters!

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    Love Halle. Ultimately it's better to have a best friend and mate who is delighted to be there, rather than a partial relationship with a younger rolling stone with one eye on the door. A decent, older, established and appreciative man might be more her cup of tea at this stage in her life. Younger Model guy needs to roam, which is really not a big surprise. They created beautiful children, blessing.

  57. 57

    You know he has had women throwing themselves at him everywhere. She had him for 9 years and the baby is gorgeous so good work Halle. At least he had the decency to be honest about it and he's not turning his back on his daughter. Ugly guys cheat too and lie about it. So whatever.

  58. 58

    im pretty surprised at this

  59. 59

    Damn… That's pretty sad.

  60. 60

    ugh…………………..is there no hope for man kind?

  61. 61

    Sad, that source sounds like bull shit though. At least they made a gorgeous baby together.

  62. 62

    she had it good for too long and she doesn't even deserve this hot white guy. Anyone who could be involved in a hit and run with another human being hurt and injured deserves crap. Karma as they say…HA!

  63. 63

    Re: advantage
    NO not everybody has forgotten…she INDEED ran someone over and how do you forigve and forget the fact she fled and left the scene of the crime. she a douchebag that's why Gabriele hit it and is finally free…good for him.

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: love2hateperezite – Yeah, there's life beyond models.

  65. 65

    I never really found him to be all that attractive, its just something about him thats not appealing to me, and on another note he looks boring as fuck. And you can tell that they weren't really in to each other after awhile, it just seemed like they were together for their daughter. But neways o well she'll find someone else I suppose. But its bs to say its because of their age difference he's fucking 35!, who the hell does he wanna hook up with a 20 yr old because its not like thats gonna work either.

  66. 66

    maybe now she will get some hair extensions …she is about as pretty as whoopie goldberg except whoopie is older and has something to offer

  67. 67

    did I say haha…who's gonna want Gabriel now after he's been with that one with rounded hips lol. I would seriously think twice but he is really handsome and would make good arm candy. Tiger he might be too good for Halle tho oh and I forgot he only dates white chicks, and Jesse James is out he likes tats, ashton is taken, sorry girl the icecream is in the fridge…lol…haha…'knew this was going to happen sooner or later…

  68. 68

    Of course a 9-year age difference will come into play eventually.

  69. 69

    I don't think it's the age difference. I read somewhere that she was bossing him around in a Bed Bath and Beylond making him help her pick out candles and towels and complaining that he didn t get involved enough. Maybe it's not true. It could have been made up by a jealous beyotch but if it is true I am cringing for her right now. You have to be friends first. Would you treat your best girlfriend like that? As they say, there are always two sides to every story. LOL

  70. 70

    @@@@@@@ i be right over bitch, to billy bob thorton that ass woo hoo !!!

  71. 71

    Oh who didn't see this coming? Halle Berry has INCREDIBLY low sef-esteem which makes her unattractive. Also, though she definitely isn't ugly…she's not this gorgeous stunning creature people make her out to be. Her face is cartoonish. She looks like a cartoon character…though she is cute. A cute cartoon character LOL.
    Halle Berry was the "other woman" named in Kevin Costner's divorce. When she fist came to Hollywood her was her sugar daddy and set her up in an apartment, fucked her, and helped her with Hollywood connections EVEN THOUGH he was married. Halle then went on to be with other loser men who abused her to the point of deafness (in one ear) and cheated on her incessantly ("sex-addicted" Eric Benet). Halle, and her mom, are DESPERATE for Halle to snag a man and this desperation shows.
    I remember when Gabriel was in the Mtl airport with Halle and he told a security guard "Don't you know who Halle is?" to jump the line. I realized right then and there he was USING HER (just like all her previous men) and that he would bolt the moment a better prospect came along. Guess it just did.

  72. 72

    Re: harleyq – Yes it will. For EVERYONE. i.e. men with wives/gf who are 9 years younger…their women will leave them eventually as well. I've seen it happen in my social circle so many times I can't even count.

  73. 73

    Re: @v@ – Are you kidding me? So you're saying Halle needs to forego the young hot stud and be with an "older appreciative man". LMAO. So basically instead of Halle being with a boytoy, she should be the toy for an "older appreciative man"? Trust me that lowering her standards WILL NOT WORK. Men who fit the "rich old fart" prototype don't usually respect women. "Older established appreciative man" SNORT. So you think that b/c he is older he will be more "appreciative"? You can't be so stupid as to think that an "established older man" who BUYS himself a younger woman is more appreciative. Can you?

  74. 74

    Re: coqauvin – She was also the "other woman" named in Kevin Costner's divorce.

  75. 75

    Re: coqauvin – Hate much?

  76. 76

    Re: simoneisgreat – Yeah, in almost every pic I have seen taken of them two by the paps he alwayz looked detached and bored.

  77. 77

    Re: moviebuff – your absalutely right. i always liked halle and always thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world but she isnt that hot without all her make up. shes very average. he IS a model and doesnt need make up to look good. plus hes younger and she is showing her age. add that to the fact that most men age better than woman do. sounds shallow but this is hollywood and hollywood types are shallow. she also seems to have some self esteem issues because she chooses men who often times do not treat her well, not that this is the case with this guy. he really was the hotter of the two.

  78. 78

    Re: coqauvin – Ha, you have the nerve to say that"She doesn't even deserve this hot white guy…" Oh…I see what the REAL issue iz…You sound like another jealous, hateful , hag of a white bitch who can't stand to see beautiful black women like us catching the eye of YOUR white men…Lol, pathetic. So you and another bitter fugly bitch on here decide to bring up irrelevent shit like a fucking car accident she was involved in. Yall might az well stop cuz you're making pure foolz of yourselves…Tsk, tsk.

  79. 79

    Why in the world would someone decide to have a child with someone who is not married to them? It is sad that a lot of people have no sense of morality in this country. Apparently there was no commitment by this guy in the first place. How sad! Obviously this idiot didn't see a problem with having a child and then leaving the mother. Disgusting!

  80. 80

    Re: the PeriodRe: RoxRed – Not true. Some women age much better than some men. It depends on a lot of things such as sun damage, bone structure (good bon structure holds up the skin better), genes, etc. That's just a blanket statment that's not true.
    As for "all men cheat"…also not true. It depends what a relationship is based on. The problem with these two…and the problem with most of Hollywood…is that these are EMPTY PEOPLE DEVOID OF SUBSTANCE. Their relationships are based on purely superficial tenets and that's why they end. If you are with someone purely for money and they lose that money….you leave b/c what attracted you to them is now gone. Makes sense, right? If you are with someone purely b/c they are "so hot" and they lose that hotness….you leave. If you are with someone b/c they "make you happy and make you laugh" and they stop doing that…you leave as well. It all depends on what brought you together in the first place. In this case there was ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTANCE THERE. Gab used Halle - pure and simple. Though he was a model he was a nobody until he got with her. He used her for her fame…and now that he's somewhat known…it's time to go.

  81. 81

    cont'd from above.
    The one defining characteristic about Halle is that men use her. Kevin Costner used her to cheat on his wife with. All the men in her life have used her. There's a reason for this. I rather think Halle is very empty inside and incredibly insecure. That auto accident was pathetic of her and showed how truly WEAK she is. Weak, pathetic people usually attract people who USE them…that's unfortunately the way it is. Very few people will help the weak…the best that you can hope for is that they will leave you alone and not harm/use you.

  82. 82

    Perez, you are such a LIAR! This story has been on huffington post.com since yesterday.

  83. 83

    all he'll find is sluts….halle is freakin drop dead gorgeous…and seems so down to earth…smart…and shes talented….dont u worry he'll be begging for her back..

  84. 84

    Gabriel is an arrogant piece crap. Why can't she find a decent man to love her? She's just too good for this prissy looking hoodlum.

  85. 85

    There's something not quite right about Halle. I don't know what it is, maybe a lack of self esteem.

  86. 86


  87. 87

    Sounds like his immaturity is the 9 year age difference problem. He started noticing other women? WTF? Good riddance…

  88. 88

    Re: FATTIES need to purge – I have to hand to you, woman, you are spot on. Wherever I see you comment, there really is no argument to the Truth. Either psychology is your specialty and/or you are truly rich in life experience and you come out shining in it every time. Have you ever thought about writing a book???LOL I would buy it and your wisdom truly is freeing. Thank you, once and again. I look forward to what you have to say in future time. You truly are a Lesson.:)))) God Bless you Always. A hug and a kiss full of sweet Love to you.

  89. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: FATTIES need to purge – Yup. Older as in her age, as in equals. She probably had more cash here than junior did. Not some (rich old fart, lol!) greasy grey haired wealthy executive in between call girls on an out of town trip. Someone decent, about her age, who has a life, looks, but is single, may be lonely and want one woman, and who can actually commit and sit still.

  90. 90

    why is everyone talking shit about the guy? good thing he has the guts to break it off with her rather than sleeping with random hos behind her back a la tiger.

  91. 91

    Okay, fine, it's over. Now can we deport his ass back to Canada?

  92. 92

    Why mention their age difference ? How is that relevant ? Men date and marry younger women all the time but when a woman does it suddenly it becomes an issue ????
    If that's why they broke up then he is a real asshole. She looks amazing and she can do so much better than this NOBODY.

  93. 93

    Re: Oh PleaseRe: tony_bullRe: DeadlyNightshade – I agree with all of the points you all made! He will fade back into the oblivion from which he came- even though he WAS with Halle- still not a lot of people knew who he was, and now even less will… He is a loser.

  94. 94

    Re: @v@ – Ahh yes. Completely agree. The best relationships are between EQUALS. I misunderstood you, sorry.

  95. 95

    Re: Isabel5Justice – Thank YOU!! xoxo

  96. 96

    FFS, if Halle can't keep her man, there's no hope for the rest of us

  97. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: FATTIES need to purge – Made me laugh. (Olde Farte.) High five.

  98. 98

    Who in the hell can be hotter than Halle Berry??? Maybe she should get a female…..*hint hint* LOL

  99. 99

    Damn those French Canadian men - they catch a woman's eye, wine and dine her - and in the end dash off to seek a new adventure - Halle always lands on her feet in the end walks away with a love that will never leave her - a beautiful daughter.

  100. 100

    Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. Women are stupid nowadays.

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