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Britney Does GaGa!!!!

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Words can't describe how AMAZING this is!!!!!!!

Before La GaGalupe recorded her worldwide hit song Telephone, she had originally written the song for Miz Britney Spears.

For some reason, Brit Brit passed on the song and GaGa went on to record it herself with Beyonce.

Well, FINALLY, the Britney version of the song has leaked and we LOVE it!

It should be noted that this is just a demo. But it's still damn fierce!!!!

Love love love!

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573 comments to “Britney Does GaGa!!!!”

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  1. 101

    holy autotune?

  2. 102

    uhh fierce?? are you kidding, this should've stayed lost. Gaga totally owns this one.

  3. 103

    This doesn't even sound like Britney…at all???? I don't really like it either. I love Britney, but if this really is her, I'm REALLY glad she passed it on to Gaga…like seriously!!!

  4. 104

    "lady" gayfuck is fucking annoying

  5. 105

    viva gaga
    fuck u spears

  6. 106

    Lovin it! FI-YAH Ms. Britney

  7. 107

    Ok, I love brit brit but…this is the most autotuned mess I have ever heard. Ok, not ever (Kim Z) but its pretty bad.

  8. 108

    Re: OhSTFU – if you actually read what perez says is that BRITNEY got the song before Gaga and passed on it.

  9. 109

    Re: OhSTFU – And BTW there is a difference between someone's outfits being inspired by other artists and someone making a video that rips off, practically frame for frame atleast 3 or 4 other artists. When you take ideas and incorporate them into your own thing and when you just do things that have been done before for shock value so your shit song actually gets recognized for more than just being less than expected are two separate things. No one said Lady Gaga is god and all her ideas aren't inspired by other artists who came before her but Christina's video was all hype and shock value taking pieces from Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani.. go look around on some other sites you can see frame for frame how "original" her video is. Perez may have been wrong for just mentioning Gaga in his post about the video but truth is she didn't put much thought into that of her own at all.

  10. 110

    OMG i love it too!!! amazing Telespears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 111




  12. 112

    Brit rocks it! Sorry, Gaga.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    Re: monkeylove – lmfao @ you saying that this version is better than Gaga's and then bitching about auto tune ruining things.. atleast Gaga actually sings on hers.

  15. 115

    some of you people are just plain dumb if you don't think gaga's version was auto tuned. Plus as mentioned this is a DEMO. And for the person who said maybe if brit took more photos like this one she would be back on the top of the charts evidently doesn't know who to read the charts because each single and album she releases lands on the top of the charts, shaved head and all. (and fyi, this is a recent photo and was used as the cover art for her womanizer single) get the facts straight!

    …and i LOVE her version. I was never a big fan of the song to begin with, I find nothing special about it but now that this version leaked I do! lol LOVE both gaga and brit and hope they do something together soon. lay off the auto-tune complaining, people!! its just the style of the song… just as gaga's version! it's electro pop! 9/10

  16. 116

    of course, the difference is that Lady Gaga actually can fucking sing

  17. 117

    This is not awesome - it is mediocre at best.
    And it is really pathetic that even Auto-Tunes cannot keep Britney's voice on key.

  18. 118

    Lady Gaga was made for this song! I'm glad Brit Brit passed it along.

  19. 119

    I love it..Why did she pass it up?

  20. SuzyP says – reply to this


    ahhhhh two of my fave lady popstars! How can i not love it??!!

  21. 121

    Just goes to show how shit ass this song is…if it wasnt for the gimmicks and video for the song by gaga this song would just suck ass… but do like the whole package of gaga

  22. 122

    i actually like brit brit's version better she nails dance music. screw gaga she'll be irrelevant in less than a year unlike brittany who will be around forever!

  23. 123


  24. 124

    The song is good. Real Housewife Kim could probably sing it and sound fine. Gaga works it. Britney's nasally voice doesn't sound "damn fierce!!!!"

  25. 125

    LOL of course songs get passed around. Keith Urban's song Stupid Boy was written by Sarah Buxton and she has a version of it to and the song What Hurts the Most has been recorded 5 times. It's just up to the writer if they sell it or not. They make a lot of money when songs get re-recorded and what not…how much do you think Madonna made from Glee?

    Anyway this sounds auto-tuned like crazy, but I like it…not bad for a "demo" honestly it doesn't sound rough enough to be a demo, but whatever makes you happy.

  26. 126

    that sucks. gagas version is a million times better.

  27. 127

    Lol if you say this version is better you are obviously deaf.

  28. 128

    so sick of this song yet Brit brings something new to it, a certain longing in the vocal, not so aggressive as GaGa's version.
    pretty good for a demo, i'll take it while i wait for Brit's next Single.

  29. 129


  30. 130

    it's too robotic… don't like :( sorry Brit, glad you didn't take it!

  31. 131

    Lady GaGa wayyy better!

  32. 132

    It's fake. It's not Britney. Sorry Perez!

  33. 133

    Big Fucking Deal. The song totally SUCKS.

  34. 134


  35. 135

    It's bad. Woulda been cool to hear what the actual version released woulda been like.

  36. 136

    Britney is a talentless isnger BUT I PREFER this version to Gaga's. GOOD JOB!

  37. 137

    Will Smith tweet from Sat. night… CaCa can play an alien in MIB 3. I added no make up needed.

  38. 138

    thank you britney for reminding us why you are the PRINCESS OF POP

    Re: norallecon – listern out because Gaga has her dad onto Britneys ppl asking for a duet, brintey is one of gagas inspirations..thats why she writes alot of her sogs for brit brit

  39. 139

    An interesting way to showcase the fact that Gaga is most definitely the more talented artist. Not just in vocals (obviously..that is some of the worst auto-tune i've ever heard) but in expression of emotion. I love me some Britney but it's been too long since she has impressed me the way Gaga does.

  40. 140

    not bad but she is NO Lady Gaga!

  41. 141

    Sounds good. Britney looks good in the pic too!

  42. 142

    love it and love her

  43. 143

    Britney Spears does not look like that picture that's on this page. Britney has a goat looking face and a big neck. She does not look like this. This picture is fake and photo shopped. Put up a real picture of ugly spears. She does not look like this at all.

  44. 144

    Ick! I am not a fan of this! I am very glad Lady GaGa took it for herself!

  45. 145

    hmm. good thing she passed it. gaga all the way :)

  46. 146

    i like gaga's version better. can't imagine telephone NOT being gaga's song!! good thing brit passed up on it. love britney regardless though :]

  47. 147

    its sounds cool but i prefer gaga & beyonce…i cant imagine this song with anybody else…britney sounds good tho plus i wonder what britney would've done 4 the music video …guess we'll never know. Still love gagas version & video best!!

  48. 148

    Since I'm biased, Britney > GaGa

    But I'm glad she passed on it - it fits GaGa more, whom I also adore.

  49. 149

    I don't think this is real.. This sounds bad even for Britney

  50. Deza says – reply to this


    So you don't like Christina Aguilera, you call her a Copy cat, and you say THIS is "fierce"
    Really Perez?

  51. 151

    thank god gaga took over. this whole song is completely computer generated. can brit ever sing in a song without it being synthesized? gaga may have a generic voice, but its still good. at least she can actually sing it.

  52. 152

    i like it better than gaga's. i couldn't get through all of gaga's but i listened to all of this.

  53. 153



    DID BB DISS MS GAGA??????????

  54. 154

    i wouldve really loved to hear the finished product and i dont even like brit…i love the gaga version but this suits brit much more for some reason

  55. 155

    At least she had enough sense to pass on what her version of it sounded like! Gaga did so much more with the music! Britney's version sounds a lot more cheesy than Gaga's.

  56. 156

    This version is awful, kind of like the original.

  57. 157

    Ummm so GaGa did nothing to make Telephone sound more like her own production except add Beyonce?

    Besides the obvious better vocals, there is hardly any difference. How original.

  58. 158

    Wow. Brit Brit sounds better than Gag Gag

  59. 159

    i love it!!!

  60. 160

    Re: mariposa9x – SHE WROTE THE SONG! Some of you are fucking morons I swear..

  61. 161

    uhmmm very happy GAGA sang it and not a fake britney spears… which obviously was a computer

  62. 162

    Re: DwarfLove – exactly how does a version of a song that Gaga isn't singing show her lack of singing ability? Actually using your own comment, what this version shows is her songwriting prowess if you believe that this version could have been a hit and is better than Gaga's version…since we already know that Gaga's version is a hit

  63. 163


  64. 164

    I love how some of you are bitching about how Gaga uses auto tune too.. most of everything she fucking sings is HER OWN voice.. Sure on her CDs she uses auto tune for certain things like the chorus or a few small parts here and there- but one of the reasons she does have as many fans as she does is because of her live performances and the fact she can sing with no back up, nothing on her mic, and STILL sound just like she does on her CDs.. She DOESN'T need autotune.. if autotune didn't exist she would be perfectly fine on her own. I know everyone loves to hate her so much but I swear to god I wish people could justify their insults with more than nonsense bullshit that isn't true.

  65. 165

    damnnn!!! Robot Spears huh!!? Goshhh! Lay off the autotune Brittney and Gaga and yall can actually sing!=) Just sayin. I hate singers who know they can sing they just dont..*smdh*

  66. 166

    I LOVE IT britney will always be the best!

  67. 167

    I really really like it. I agree with others that there's too much auto tune — here's the truth, Britney doesn't need it!! When you can hear her voice coming through it's much better.

    Hope she puts out another album next year.

  68. 168

    Re: Deza – He called Christina Aguleria a copy cat because she frame for frame went out of her way to copy numerous artists videos and mash them all together to get her own shitty song buzzed about so it didn't flop, she's too talented to have to do shit like that. How is Britney a copy cat for recording a demo of a song GAGA wrote originally for her? I really don't see any need for comparisons like that on this post, obviously someone's still a little bitter, huh?

  69. 169


  70. 170

    it's good she passed it up. I don't even like gaga's version it's way too robotic but then again that's what she is.

  71. 171

    Re: CaliTravisFan – Thank you. I don't think people think before they type shit, they can all sit and praise Britney for singing a song that Gaga wrote and think it's "oh-so-amazing" and how much better she did it, but then they try to slam the person that originally wrote the song in the process.. makes no sense.

  72. 172

    fierce??? this is horrendous.., i wonder how her voice sounds without all that autotune!!! this chicks arent real anymore.. too much photoshop too much autotune

  73. ko15 says – reply to this


    wow love this!

  74. 174

    Loves it. Good job Brit Brit.

    Perez Rules!!!!

  75. 175

    Jeez, this is horrible.

  76. 176

    Re: bongo – The photo was taken in late 2008

  77. 177

    Re: NIkKO1 – You seem to be forgetting that Gaga is still the one who wrote the song.. not to mention this demo is auto tuned to all hell.

  78. 178

    Re: Christinaaa_x

    Yes ,I know that! The production on the number is the same! No difference. The production was obviously done on Brits first, It could have been different than Brits! Sheesh.

  79. 179

    the song if you can call that piece of shit that sucks just like the corporate whored out bimbos these 2 are…. selling to the deaf and dumb apparently

  80. 180

    Re: christianvannorden – for real all of gaga's song are autotuned!

  81. 181


  82. 182

    I LOVE IT!!!! 2 bad se didnt do it!! brit brit needs a new cd like now!!!!!!!!! i love her!! always will love her!!!!!!!

  83. 183

    uh uh, Beyonce is SO much better on it.

  84. 184


  85. Ooch says – reply to this



  86. 186

    i'm SOOOO glad lady gaga did this song. it's so HER. NOT britney. damn. i love this song. i'm gonna listen to this now!!!!!

  87. 187

    It would've worked for her i like it. But seriously GaGa owns this song w/ or without Beyonce

  88. 188

    ew they auto-tuned the shit out of it… I would have liked this version much better if it were her just singing normally

  89. 189

    it sounds the same.

  90. 190

    Pretty good. I like GaGa's better though.

  91. 191

    Cool. Britney rocked, but nothing like the own Lady Gaga.

  92. 192

    It's NOT Britney people. Are you deaf???

  93. 193

    it sounds "nasaly"…. like the nanny with a cold…. lol i luv brit, but gaga's version was better

  94. 194

    Are you for real? That sounds like garbage!

  95. 195

    AHHH I LOVE IT!!!!! Britney should have kept it! i feel like you can hear Britney's voice better opposed to some of her other songs where she sounds robotic.. Gaga obviously deserves the success tho cause she wrote it…

  96. 196

    Gaga owns this song but Britney's demo of it was still good.

  97. terp says – reply to this


    Should be Gaga does Britney since the song was written for Britney in the begining

  98. SeeMe says – reply to this


    How about showcasing someone who can actually sing?

  99. 199

    Beyonce is 100x better.

  100. 200


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