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Britney Does GaGa!!!!

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Words can't describe how AMAZING this is!!!!!!!

Before La GaGalupe recorded her worldwide hit song Telephone, she had originally written the song for Miz Britney Spears.

For some reason, Brit Brit passed on the song and GaGa went on to record it herself with Beyonce.

Well, FINALLY, the Britney version of the song has leaked and we LOVE it!

It should be noted that this is just a demo. But it's still damn fierce!!!!

Love love love!

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573 comments to “Britney Does GaGa!!!!”

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  1. 301

    Re: Larizza – What non-autotune parts??? It sounds like it's all autotune.

  2. 302

    decent for a demo, would have been interesting to hear her and Gaga sing this song over Gaga and Beyonce.

  3. 303

    Britney sounds amazing on it, But i prefer telephone with GaGa & Beyonce. :)

  4. 304

    love it! love her! brit bit is classic :)

  5. 305

    Ok, I don't like Britney or Gaga, but the Britney one sounds way better than lady gaga's does !

  6. 306

    someone got a lil auto-tuned happy. she should of got tpain to do beyonce's verse.

  7. 307

    Stop using photos of britney when she was hot. That britney is long dead.

  8. 308

    This can't be britney singing with autotune i mean when she uses it you still can tell its brit but this sounds like shit and i dont believe it is her at all

  9. 309

    to everyone, stfu about gag gag. Britney is fierce, i doubt that this is her singing. bue i do like it.

  10. 310

    I don't think this demo is really Britney. Sure, some parts sound sort of like her, but there's too much auto-tune. I'm am not denying that she uses it, and I also am aware it's just a demo. Still, it seems shady…

  11. 311

    This sounds like the version they'd play in my dentist's office.

  12. 312

    Hmm, so its okay that Britney copied Gaga? Since when is it suddenly acceptable to copy Gaga? Demo or not its proof positive the Britney should not be singing cause this is proof positive that she can't!

  13. 313

    that was utter shit….it wasn't even human, it was a computer. to think this was "amazeballs" you'd have to be deaf.

  14. 314

    Re: OhSTFU – idiot, this was her song first but she passed it on to gaga. read before u post shit

  15. 315

    i preffer this version! is so much better! why you rejected it brit brit!!! instead of you we now have beyonce ugh….

  16. 316

    Britney is The Shit.
    But Gaga Won This One.


  17. 317

    Re: chotty05 – yea she can look good when she asks to get airbrushed

  18. 318

    Wtf are Britney fans thinking? Eventhough this is a demo, it sucks. Way too much autotune.

  19. 319

    This is terrible! GOOD THING GAGA OWNED IT

  20. 320

    I was imagining just like that !

  21. Imy says – reply to this


    YUCK. I'm so thankful Gaga recorded it herself. Although, I probably would have bought it if it were Brit's single just because it was written by Mother Monster.

  22. 322



    Behind her crazy, unique look there is real talent.
    A woman who writes all her own music, sings, plays the piano and markets herself. What does Britney do? Nothing. This version is a demo yes but the entire thing was just computerized droning. It's awful!


  23. 323

    i'm shocked - both versions are as much similiar as possible. and britney's version is like a copy of gaga's. So… there's no gaga…there's musical producers who've made her.

  24. Sezzy says – reply to this


    crappy but that is not a surprise

  25. 325

    OMGOSH… THIS SUCKS PigNey… sounds very cheap!!!! F1RST GAGAloo

  26. 326

    Totally love this version better!!!!!!

  27. 327

    Totally love this version sooo much better

  28. 328

    PIGNEY's version is AWFUL!!! :S

  29. kugar says – reply to this


    I sing better then her and she doesn't even sound good even with all the studio electronics going on here in her song to cover up her lame voice.

  30. 330

    whats the difference?? it's sounds the same just without B…B brought the pizzazz..britney sounds like gaga so it didnt do much…

  31. 331

    While I don't care for Gaga's produced music, I LOVE her live. On the flip-side, Britney isn't a strong singer live, and only her produced music is great.

    I REALLY like this version though! I find Gaga's version grating, but this is much more fun!

  32. Sane1 says – reply to this


    love it! Would have been a huge hit!

  33. 333

    Britney is one of my favs but this song with Britney's voice makes me want to GA GA

  34. 334

    and I thought Gaga's version was bad. But *THIS* is truly horrid! omg, I can't believe people actually posted on here saying this is hot. wth??

  35. 335

    as much as i love britney, i can't help not liking this. it's kind of crazy, it's a demo, it's not supposed to sound that over produced. and half of the song you can't even hear her. there's some other chick singing 50 % of the entire song!

  36. 336

    I LOVE Britney but I like Gagas adult voice more for this song.

  37. 337

    Love Britney. I'm just not a fan of that song in general, so don't care either way.

  38. 338

    I'm glad Britney passed it. I think the original is perfect!

  39. 339

    auto-tuned out the ass!

    if you can't sing without auto-tune, like Pink can, then FUCK YOU!

    this version is utter and complete garbae. perez, your musical taste sucks!

  40. 340

    My ears literally bled. That was the worst thing I've ever heard.

  41. 341

    geez people, this is a DEMO
    it doesnt have the CD quality neither the effects a song that is ready to hit the radio stations have. You guys seriously think gaga's version doesnt have any retouches? that she just got in the booth recorded the song and voila? hell no. Way to go brit, let lady caca have all your leftovers!!!

  42. 342

    mm gaga's version is much better. especially for the refrain

  43. 343

    This version kind of nauseates me. Britney is yesterday's news. Although I do think that the collaboration could have been a huge success for Brit. Oh well. Now its just gonna be another platinum single for Gaga.

  44. 344

    This song is irritating. It doesn't matter who is singing it.

  45. su63y says – reply to this


    love it!

  46. Pisky says – reply to this


    I hate people who just say "gaga has a better voice than britney" probably true, but having a good voice doesn't automatically mean better music. I do think gaga has talent, though i despise her and her music, simply because she's extremely fake and tries so hard to project an image that couldn't be further from the truth of how she actually is, and fake people are probably my most hated thing.

  47. 347

    Britneys version is good, the song is still awful!

  48. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: LindtLover – Lol you're pretty retarded, gaga uses autone rampantly through her music. And for the longest time i thought womanizer was autotuned until i saw her record it behind the scenes on MTV and she was putting on the voice for the chorus, so i'm assuming she did the same here, nice try though. P.S. Gaga sucks

  49. 349

    THIS IS AWFUL! So much done in the studio. BTW I really think this was done AFTER gaga did the song- all of the musical and studio fixes are exactly the same and gaga does it a hundred times better because she can actually sing. They really made brit sound like a ROBOT. AWFUL - where's the singing?!

  50. 350

    What the hell is everyone talking about this Picture came out a year ago between Blackout and Circus for PRomo. She looks AMAZING

  51. 351

    That was Nice one! Too bad that not happend!

  52. 352

    Gaga's version is, and will always be better. Britney holds no candle to all that is GAGA! Demo or not. So glad to finally see an ARTIST.

  53. 353

    Yuck! Britney really sucks.

  54. 354

    Love it!! Britney is always better!!

  55. 355

    Yuck city! It's way better with Gaga singing it.

  56. china says – reply to this


    it`s an awful song and it`s connected to this ugly skank caca. britney can do way better.

  57. 357

    Holy fucking auto-tune! This sounds HORRENDOUS. Thank goodness she passed on this because GaGa's version is so much better. I love Britney and all, but how about letting us hear an actual voice and not some computerized mess.

  58. 358

    i think because we have already heard lady gaga & beyonce's version we can't imagine thinking britney's version is good….but i think everyone would like it (especially if we knew lady gaga wrote it!!!) it is okay guys….somthing brit would totally do….

  59. 359

    Re: jellotime91 – Don't you mean deaf? What would being blind do?

  60. 360

    Re: jellotime91 – NVM I read it wrong haha I thought it said "Youd have to be fu$*ing blind to like this song" I was like huhhhh??

  61. 361

    The only thing that would improve Gaga's version is if it didn't include that annoying beyonce. Does she have to show up EVERYWHERE!!!???

  62. 362

    thank god for gaga this wasn't released by Britney!! save us all our ears! i nearly died listening to that, why would you do this 2 me Perez haha, this should NEVER have been shown to the public! x

  63. 363

    Britney=autotune to make her singing acceptable
    Lady Gaga and Beyonce=actual good singing
    thank god she passed it on!

  64. 364

    What the? That doesn't sound anything like Britney. It actually sounds good!

  65. 365

    Better than Gaga

  66. 366

    Patron, I disagree. Ay lub Britney, pero it was REALLY, REAAAALLY BAD. It sounds robotic and nasal-y. So khappy Gaga SANG it!

  67. 367

    Ugh…this is going to get so much club play. No doubt the final version might sound clubtastic, but Britney's vocal contribution doesn't deserve the recognition.

  68. 368

    LOVE Britney

  69. 369

    this is so much better than gaga's DEMO of telephone.
    Had britney been given the finished track i think i would've preferred it, cos Telephone always sounded pretty britney-esque.
    Just wish she'd kept it and released it, would've suited circus album :\

  70. 370

    Are you people deaf. it sounds exactly like ga-ga's version. it sounds nothing like britney becuase of all the auto tune.

  71. 371

    Britney still has a Disney voice and is unfortunately a supremely manufactured talent. Other than that, the girl keeps coming up swinging. There isn't much difference in the actual song, except Gaga has more heft to her voice and style and definitely better arrangements.

  72. 372

    this is actually pretty hot! especially when you think that this is just a rough demo version.. too bad britney passed on it, her voice and that song match perfectly! pity…

  73. 373

    this just points out that probably anyone could sing this song as long as there is autotune

  74. 374

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!! I didn't hear the end cuz i fel asleep!! How dull and boring OMG! This doesnt even really sound like Britney, might as well be some impersonator…

  75. 375

    apparently this is fake?

  76. 376

    apparently this is fake?

  77. n1k1 says – reply to this


    wtf this gotta to be a joke… it's so autotuned u can't even hear britney's voice

  78. SS18 says – reply to this


    Perez, are you high? This is horrible.

  79. 379

    she passed on it because its clearly a rubbish song. there's nothing interesting about it at all. problem is gaga can fart into a microphone and people will buy it, so they forget that her music is mediocre 90s dance music at best.

  80. 380

    how has everyone forgotten that gaga's version is also packed full of auto-tune? or has nobody actually heard that song? from what i can fathom, they're both as auto-tuned as each other so you can drop that argument pronto.

  81. 381

    got major love for this version, but the song belongs to gaga now!

  82. 382

    like this version
    Love gagaz Version
    coz she knowz how she wanted
    but their both gud :D

  83. 383

    OMG..all i can say is thank gods she didn't record this song, she would've ruined it totally. Britney doesn't have the voice or the attitude for this song. She can't sing at all..this song was flat like a dead person's EKG. ZERO POINTS from Finland.

  84. 384

    Gaga and Britney are a fail.

  85. 385

    You can't even hear it's Britney -there is a thing called too much auto tune! Blech!

  86. 386

    Thank goodness that it ended up being Gaga's song.

  87. 387

    Fan of both. This is a demo and ppl seems to forgett that. But god grief it was to autotouched. I really believe GaGa didn't have 2 use so much of autotune that Britney did when she recorded it.
    Lady GaGa FTW!

  88. 388

    are you actually being serious? i thought you had a good ear for good music..
    this song is so bad, it doesnt even sound like Britney in most parts..
    half of it sounds like a robot, completely autotuned..
    but i suppose britney will always have her hoards of (brainwashed) fans..

  89. 389

    Mm.. Its kinda weak, it doesnt have GaGa's Oomph you know? But like you said, its just a demo…

  90. 390

    That is FAR from fierce. Her voice is way to weak and she's obviously trying to sound 'cute' as usual. Um..hello Britney, this is a song about a girl who's tired of being phoned while she's having fun, aren't you supposed to sound fierce and angry?
    This song is totally Gaga's and Beyonce's since both have strong vocals. We don't need the manufactured doll Brit Brit to stay in the industry.

  91. 391


  92. 392

    Personally I prefer Gaga because it makes me wanna dance but this one is great too!

  93. 393

    telefhone era pra ser britney and madonna!!!!!!!!
    nao com as palhaçadas de gaga!!!!!!!!
    bob de lata de coca cola !!!
    oculos de cigarros!!!!!
    britney is prencesa do pOp e gaga vai passar como as outras !!!!!!
    kate perry rihanna ashiley tesday lady gaga ke$ha and etc!!!!!!!

  94. 394

    I prefer the GaGa version, but this is interesting.

  95. 395

    Are you sure? Sounds pretty terrible.

  96. 396

    sorry Britters, this is HORRIBLE! thank god Gaga decided to release it…

  97. 397

    Neither one of these girls can sing all that well so there's not a big difference. I think Gaga is a little harder on the ears and Britney is easier on the eyes. I'm also not very entertained by Gaga's attempts to be shocking. Nothing really shocks me. Britney's a better dancer. I think Britney would have done this song better if it was hers.

  98. 398

    britney looks AMAZING in that photo. how is it that one person can be so gorgeous and sexy

  99. 399

    Gaga's vetsion….WAAAAAAAY BETTER…this sounds like a robot

  100. 400

    I really don't like this :/ Gaga

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