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Britney Does GaGa!!!!

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Words can't describe how AMAZING this is!!!!!!!

Before La GaGalupe recorded her worldwide hit song Telephone, she had originally written the song for Miz Britney Spears.

For some reason, Brit Brit passed on the song and GaGa went on to record it herself with Beyonce.

Well, FINALLY, the Britney version of the song has leaked and we LOVE it!

It should be noted that this is just a demo. But it's still damn fierce!!!!

Love love love!

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573 comments to “Britney Does GaGa!!!!”

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  1. 501

    Britney = out. Gaga = in.

  2. 502

    Re: pradalicious – Do you have any idea what your talking about?.

  3. 503

    "I'm guessing she passed on the song because she is still enjoying her much deserved time off. It's obvious that too would have been a hit, but GAGA did sing it better."
    Deryk Devanz

  4. 504

    fookin love it arrrrrrrrggghhh

  5. 505

    grrrrr i hate it when they use that stupid voice changing thingy,. it doesnt sound much like her at all,. her real voice sounds better,.

  6. 506

    I don't like this one at all. It doesn't sound right.Glad that gaga took it.

  7. 507

    Reading the other comments…did you people forget that this was only a demo? Im sure the final project wouldnt have sounded the same. I like Lady GaGa but I hate the Beyonce part. This also doesnt seem like a Brit song. I think though if she were to do it I would like Britneys version better.

  8. 508

    sounds like shit, poor girl has no voice. perez dear how can u say this piece of shit is amazing?!

  9. 509

    I love me some Britney (more than Gaga) but this sucked.

  10. 510

    are you guys deaf? britney's is all computerized.
    lady gaga wins.

  11. 511

    GaGa totally sings this better than Britney. Britney's voice has sounded weird for a while….but still gotta love her.

  12. 512

    not bad, gaga still owns ;)

  13. 513

    This aint britney spears its some wannabe named myah marie. claiming to be britney sing to get popular

  14. 514

    can't hear her voice because of all this technique …
    and what i hear sounds rheumy …

  15. 515

    doesnt even sound like her….

  16. 516

    Ew gross SOOOOO glad Gaga kept telephone the song would definantly not have the successes it has today if Britney did it. Britney cannot measure up in any way to Gagaloo's talent. I personally really don't like Britney's voice or her singing style and all this damn autotune.

  17. 517

    I love Britney!

  18. 518

    GAGA's is way better. Love Brit's music though

  19. 519

    .gaga is soooooo much better.

  20. 520


  21. 521

    I love this song in general, but I love Brits voice SO much more than Gaga. It just fits. And this is a demo, obviously they would have cleaned it up and there wouldnt be so much auto-tune in the final version. This ALREADY sounds better and its not even properly done. Aw Poor Gaga. LOL. And the fuck do you mean "Britney Does Gaga?" this song WAS originally FOR Britney, so shes doing HER own song. Anyway, Britney rules. And may I add how I love the SIX pages of comments, and you haters Britney is irrelevant? Lmao. Ya, sure. No one cares about her LOL, not at all lol.

  22. 522

    pile of crap. someone shoot the guy that invented that awful robot voice

  23. 523

    I like it a lot but it really doesn't sound like Britney

  24. 524

    And this picture is from 2008 you haters. Its one of the promo pics for Circus and the cover for Womanizer. 20 years ago my ass. Bitch is STILL fine and FLAWLESS. You mad??? LMAO.

  25. 525

    …this is britney and not a machine?

  26. 526

    Re: BritneyFreak – Are you so blind as a Britney fan you have no idea what your talking about? It's called Britney does Gaga cause Gaga wrote the song!. Gaga is a huge Britney fan , so of course Britney was given the choice to sing and do Telephone but she didn't. But Since your probably not a Gaga fan you didn't know that.. and simply your opinion doesn't actually count given the fact you dislike Gaga and only like Britney so of course your gonna think this is better then Gagas Version. I like Miss Britney as well as Gaga but Gaga nailed the song her voice fits the song … unlike Britney.. not that its horrible but its not as good as Gagas get over your hate there sister.

  27. 527

    Re: BritneyFreak – How desperate are you to try to get attention?. So what if people think Britney isn't "hot" or good. Not everyone thinks Gaga is good. people have different attractions and opinions they most seriously effect you if you had to put so much into that message.

  28. 528

    Thank GOD she passed on this! I love Brit, but Gaga definitely owns this. This was not a good Britney song at all.

  29. 529

    I like Brittney but thank God Lady Gaga got this one!
    I dont like this version at all!… I had to listen to Gaga's after listening to that.

  30. 530

    Re: BritneyFreak – Wow.. someone's upset.
    its pretty funny. Its not Brittney with the haters its Gaga apparently :)

  31. 531

    GaGa should have recruited brit instead of beyonce for this duet and they would have killed it

  32. 532

    I'm glad Britney didn't do this crappy song. She's too good for this.

  33. 533

    Re: krissyofcourse – hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha thats funny!!! gags-a-lot has a better voice than britney!? maybe for a cracked out voice!!! Britney did this song first then picked up by LG.. Brintey can do anything better!! it just a fact…

  34. 534

    Re: hOeZaY – Hahahah your a moron.
    It was Gaga's song from the start.. She wrote it.

  35. 535

    Her voice sounds digitalized (if that's even a word!). I absolutely hate it. She has no talent and needs equipment to get her voice to sound better. Hate it. Yiak.

  36. 536

    I hate it.

  37. 537

    i like it, but i still like the lady gaga one better.. :)

  38. 538

    This version is okay but I think Gaga's version is way better. I really don't think it would have been a big hit as it is now.

  39. 539

    Gaga owns this song!! Britney doesn't even come close. She sounds like a robot. I love Britney but Gaga has a much better voice.

  40. Esmee says – reply to this


    Wow… that version of britney sounds like a robot! I don't like it…

  41. 541

    I can't believe all the praise for this! Demo or not, she sounds like shit!

  42. 542

    autotuned-to-death shit, to cover the fact she cant sing, like everything else she does. thank the gods she didnt record it, she cant hold a candle to the gaga!

  43. 543

    Doesn't even sound like Britney - glad she passed on this one!!!

  44. 544

    Thats the problem, this is just a DEMO and its ALREADY FILLED with AUTOTUNE shit. If the final version were to be realesed the autotune would be all over this track! Good this Brit passed on this. Song is not for her.

  45. 545

    no me gusta, prefiero la version de mi Gagaa!! ♥

  46. 546

    not too shabby

  47. 547

    I really don't care for this version, Lady Gaga is amazing and has a great voice and she makes the song what it is…for Britney you can't really hear her true voice so for that I'm not a fan.

  48. 548

    Britneys voice has went way down hill recently ……i used to love her now she is blah compared to other people……

  49. 549


  50. 550

    This is awful. Sounds way to electronic.

  51. 551

    Re: SPICEBOY – Holy shit stop with the annoying spamming! How old are you!?!? By the way… Britney sucks ass! GAGA IS BEST!!!

  52. 552

    They both do it well-but of course Britney does it better!! Shes looking and singing better than ever. Britney Spears roks.

  53. 553

    Ok, I love pop, but is everyone saying "amazing" and "fierce" deaf??? This is the worst piece of shit I've ever heard. It doesn't even sound like Britney and it took me two days to get through the entire song without closing it. I think Gaga told Darkchild to leak this to get back at Britney or something because that is the only reason I could think of for releasing this travesty onto the internet.

  54. 554

    sorry, gagas better..

  55. 555

    Idon't have the option to play it on my BB! Where else can I hear it and can't wait for Britney's new cd!

  56. 556

    GaGa's version is a million times better than Britney's. Brit's version is a serious P.O.S. it sounds like someone took GaGa's and just auto-tuned the hell out of it. It barely sounds like Britney. I have a hard time believing it really is her. What were the producers of this "demo" thinking. Really?

  57. 557

    It's only a DEMO people… This is not finished- probably not close, and Gaga over does autotone too… Britney will always be better- no contest.

  58. 558

    Love both of them and I really want this one on my phone too.

  59. 559

    though i love britney, Lady Gaga does waaay better than her.. :D

  60. 560

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! there are very VERY few things that britney does that makes me mad at her but this is totally one of them….. lady gaga's song telephone was written for britney by gaga and britney fucking passed it up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!? come on britney what were you thinking girl? this is her demo of it its not amazing but its just a demo imagine what the final studio version would have sounded like!!!!

  61. 561

    Love Brit Brit, but this song was definitely more meant for GaGa

  62. 562

    This version is badass. I want it!!! Good job Britney!

  63. 563

    Britney OMG this song is amazing … Love it :)

  64. 564

    sounds like crap to me

  65. 565

    i like gaga's version better :) haha but this IS awesome! :D

  66. 566

    I freaking love Britney!

  67. 567

    Britney Spears is the ONLY singer i wished to DISAPEAR!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 568


  69. 569

    AMAZING ! Britney beats Gaga ! TELEPHONE by Britney Spears is hypnotiCCCC!
    I love her version.

  70. 570

    She MUST release this version LEGALLY,plaese.It's brilliant.

  71. 571

    Def. glad Steph decided to do it herself.

  72. 572

    I love it! Britney is just Britney. Also, I saw an acoustic version of this song by Lady Gaga, and it sounded much like Britney's version, except even slower. It's a demo? Well, I think it sounds awesome.

  73. emood says – reply to this


    I don't think this is real, unless she recorded it after Lady Gaga did. It's clearly redone using Lady Gaga's production.

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