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The Barack Obama Comedy Hour

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President Obama was Chuckles McGee at the 2010 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on Saturday.

Celebs had nothing but nice words to say about the President's comedy routine. "He… how do you say it? … killed," said Arianna Huffington and Scarlett Johansson "thought he was hilarious. He has a really dry sense of humor."

Watch the vid and decide for yourself if he "killed it."

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188 comments to “The Barack Obama Comedy Hour”

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  1. 101

    Re: the sex was SPECTACULAHHH – pres bush did comedy routines too. its an annual event…

  2. 102


  3. 103

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    "hedgehoginheat" What the hell? Are you 11?

  4. 104

    It's no different than his speeches… just with a bunch of LAME jokes. Why was the audience laughing so hard? I couldn't get through 30 seconds of that crap.

    p.s. I don't hate Obama, so don't get on my case. I'm merely judging performance.

  5. 105

    yeah honestly, guys you dont have to be so rude, hes just trying to make people laugh, i think he did a good job about that AND about oher stuff kai.

  6. 106

    Re: hedgehoginheat

    the president acting as a celebrity is something that's always been happening in the united states. in fact, it's been happening for hundreds of years. queens and kings of europe had to act as a ceremonial head and make major political decisions. now, most monarchs are only around to act as the ceremonial head and the prime minister(or the equivalent) makes the major political decisions, but countries that never had a history of monarchy have the head of the state acting as a celebrity AND a political leader. obama is not a special case in this one. besides, he would have had to make a correspondent's association speech anyways…. why not make it funny?

  7. 107

    Re: OnFire
    as a current resident of san diego, the closest major city to the earthquake, there was no damage. we hardly even felt it. there is no state of emergency that is required.

  8. 108

    Re: roxyq124 – Thanks "Roxy"…. Are u a hooker? And what you said was sooo relevent to the conversation. Please take your comment and then go tell it to " puff daddy", or " LIL Wayne" or Rumor willis parents, etc. and see if they care and what it matters and and what they say:)

  9. 109

    Re: Penguins Fan!! – That was the Mayors and govenors responsibility to ask for help. Oh by the way neither of those two douch bags are in office. Asswipe. Garggle my bile bitch

  10. 110

    Re: starofdawn – your correct in your case. But overall I feel he often concentrates to much overall on being seen and as a celebrity rock star. This nite is done yes by all presidents. He seems to enjoy it more though than most.

  11. 111

    He's amazing. I love our president!

  12. 112

    Re: starofdawn – No, you idiot. Calexico is the closest US city to the quake and they did feel the full 7.2 quake.

  13. 113

    I am an American citizen and just like these illegals, I have a desire to work hard.

    Since the illegals do not wish to follow the lawful path to citizen-ship, can I just not pay taxes.

    I mean, if the law isn't good enough for them, why should it be for me?

    See how this thinking leads to anarchy?

    And enough of this nonsense about "slavery was also the law at one time". Slavery and refusing to follow the lawful path to citizenship are hardly equals.

    Enough already.

  14. 114

    The illegal immigration cancer is slowly spreading until it will be to late to cure. If law are not enforced soon, our country, as we know it, will be taken over by criminals. It is a shame what our politicians, and intellectua'ls are doing to our country. Illegals are just that…..ILLEGAL. The must apply to anyone that is in the US. It is not racial profiling, it is the law, if a Mexican national is here on business, they carry their documents to prove they are here on business, ONLY IF THEY VIOLATE A LAW, they will not be stop if they are obeying the laws. The coalition for immigation rights is wrong, they are already in violation of the law. How many Hondurians , Salvadorians , Hondurans , Venezulians, and Nicarigains have been abused by the Mexican government. Go and protest in Mexico for their rights as human beings. YOU DON'T HAVE THE COURGE TO PROTEST IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY BECAUSE YOU KNOW WELL THAT YOU WILL BE THROW IN JAIL. This our laws and everyone has a right , as long as you are an American citizen visitor with proper documention.

  15. 115

    1. Bush did participate in a dinner.
    2. The oil spill could have been contained if BUSH hadn't insisted on helping out his oil industry friends by waiving mandatory regulations.
    3. Since you all seem so prone to research, I'm sure you are well aware that Obama's record breaking spending was record breaking because he had to fix and account for war costs that Bush didn't calculate in his deficit entirely.
    4. The top 1% of earners in this country make more than the entire bottom 50%. I'm sure that 1% will be ok if Obama makes them pay a little more. Don't you think?
    5. There was no immediate threat to lives with the oil spill. Did you want obama to go there the next day and jump in and start scooping the oil out with a bucket? He sent all of the necessary personnel.
    6. Only about 1 dollar of the taxes you directly pay go to welfare. If that. Everyone acts like if we eliminated welfare then there would be this huge burden off our backs…sure…if your burden is debating whether or not to buy a spicy chicken sandwich from mcdonalds.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    If illegal immigrants put as much effort into working on the problems and making positive changes in their own country as they are in trying to changing American policies then their countries would be places where they want to live….they are coming in illegally because they do not want to make the effort to make the changes in their countries. This debate is not about and should not be about Republicans or Democrats. It is about the rule of law as found in this great Republic. Our government is not a democracy. Study the difference and you will learn that the major media and many is current government are trying to break us down. When you lose your home and property, will you cry out to the Democrats or Republicans to fix the problem. At that point, it will be too late to cry wolf. America is the hope of freedom for every oppressed country in the world. Open you eyes

  18. 118

    People who jump to the conclusion that it's racist or anti-immigration can't read or make their own opinions. They just glance a quick headline or read an op-ed piece and decide they agree with it before understand what it is they're even reading.

    The United States is a nation of immigrants; legal immigrants. The founding fathers did not intend for our country to be a place where everybody can drop into unchecked. The rules in place apply to everyone from every country. The whole 'brown skin' argument is just the usual whining red herring to divert attention from the real matter at hand. Illegal immigration, and amnesty cities that promote it, offer all of the benefits to aliens while they live off the grid. You simply cannot run a society like this, and anyone who believes otherwise needs to wake up. Stop with the emotional appeals and start using some logic.

  19. 119

    I like the idea of profiling! I like to be known as an honest citizen of America. I want to maintain my integrity and honor. If I go to Canada, Europe, or Central America,I provide my passport. It I break the law, then I must suffer the consequences. If someone crosses our borders illegally, then they must suffer the consequences and take responsibility for their actions. It is the risk they take for crossing illegally. My preference is for illegals aliens to apply for proper credentials, visas, passports, or green cards that enable them to come here legally. Anyone who supports people crossing our borders is aiding and abetting their crime and they should also be punished. If you use your position of influence to circumvent the letter of the law, you should pay the penalty. No exceptions! We must be a nation of laws and not feelings. The law will preserve us, but our emotions and feelings will destroy us.

  20. 120

    Re: hedgehoginheat – So very obvious what your political party you belong to. Listen, whatever glue you sniffed to make the statement you just did, please, stop using it or you will be as brain dead as George Bush.. Obama can pull out a 40 ounce and smoke a blunt on live tv and he will never be as bad a president as GW Bush.. Be known as thee worst.. You are truly retarded.. And steal from who?? You are the biggest nut job to post on Perez's site..

  21. 121

    Re: hedgehoginheat – Oh, and Hedge, you have to pick up new lines or rhetoric to use against Obama.. Your lines have been used since he won the election. It's usually used by dumbasses who have not factual or exact information to back up their reason for not liking his policy, so they use dribble they do understand..

  22. 122

    The state of California is going bankrupt BECAUSE of all the ILLEGALS !! You are right when you say America is the land of the FREE ….You expect to have everything handed to you for FREE !!

    The US welcomes people who come here LEGALLY !!
    We don't need reform. Just enforce the existing federal laws. They're more strict than the Arizona law. If I go to any other country in the world I need papers and they can search me any time they want. The government spends more time and money protecting criminals than our legal citizens and border guards. What about the people that died protecting and living on our borders? Where's the president now? Bet he won't be going to Arizona to help protect US citizens.

  23. 123

    Can you all stop arguing, please? I know these are all your individual opinions and I do respect everyones' but it's just something he has to do. . .

  24. 124

    Re: lorio25 – Fact check time… States are loosing money left and right to welfare crap. 1 percent eh? Back it up. Show us your sources. Mhmm… From a NON partison website btw.

  25. 125

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    America was founded and know world wide for this belief, the inscription on the statue of liberty:
    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  26. SV says – reply to this


    Hahaha okay yall have to admit him calling michael steel Notorious G.O.P. was funny lol

  27. 127

    Re: Aussieone – these astonishing numbers have received little attention — a tribute to Obama's Zen-like capacity to discourage serious criticism. Everyone's fixated on the present economic crisis, which explains and justifies big deficits (lost revenue, anti-recession spending) for a few years. Hardly anyone notes that huge deficits continue indefinitely.

    One reason Obama is so popular is that he has promised almost everyone lower taxes and higher spending. Beyond the undeserving who make more than $250,000, 95 percent of "working families" receive a tax cut. Obama would double federal spending for basic research in "key agencies." He wants to build high-speed-rail networks that would require continuous subsidy. Obama can do all this and more by borrowing.

    Consider the extra debt as a proxy for political evasion. The president doesn't want to confront Americans with choices between lower spending and higher taxes — or, given the existing deficits, perhaps both less spending and more taxes. Except for talk, Obama hasn't done anything to reduce the expense of retiring baby boomers. He claims to be containing overall health costs, but he's actually proposing more government spending

  28. 128

    Re: Aussieone – $1.417 Trillion. The FY 2009 federal deficit, the highest in history and three times the FY 2008 record-setting deficit of $458 billion.
    10%. The 2009 deficit as a percentage of GDP, the highest since 1945. Since 1946, it has never surpassed 6%.
    $12.104 trillion. The ceiling on the national debt, which Congress will soon have to raise.
    $11.952 Trillion. The current national debt, including Treasury Securities held by the government.
    $1.325 Trillion. The amount the national debt has increased since Obama was inaugurated. In nine months, President Obama and his allies in Congress have added 9% to the national debt.
    $384.4 Billion. The gross interest on the federal debt in fiscal year 2009.
    15 million. The number of unemployed Americans on September 30, 2009 [ck], or 9.8% of the workforce. But the real unemployment rate, which includes "discouraged workers, other marginally attached" and people who are forced to work part-time but who are looking for full-time work, is a staggering 16.9%, or 25 million unemployed Americans.
    3.6 million. The number of jobs lost since January 20, 2009.
    49. The number of states that have lost jobs since the Obama stimulus plan was enacted by Congress.
    By a 56%-39% (Real Clear Politics) margin Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and an even larger margin believes that the economy, unemployment and deficit spending are the greatest problem faced by the US.

  29. 129

    Re: Aussieone – Increase spending by $1 trillion over the next decade;

    Include an additional $250 billion placeholder for another financial bailout;

    Likely lead to a 12 percent increase in discretionary spending;

    Permanently expand the federal government by nearly 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) over pre-recession levels;

    Raise taxes on all Americans by $1.4 trillion over the next decade;

    Raise taxes for 3.2 million taxpayers by an average of $300,000 over the next decade;

    Call for a pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) law despite offering a budget that would violate it by $3.4 trillion;

    Assume a rosy economic scenario that few economists anticipate;

    Leave permanent deficits averaging $600 billion even after the economy recovers; and

    Double the publicly held national debt to over $15 trillion ($12.5 trillion after inflation).2

  30. 130

    Re: Aussieone – Here are the most striking facts, and if you want more details, you can look at CBO's tables.

    In 2008, the net federal debt as a percent of GDP was 40.8 percent. By 2019, it would have risen, under current law as defined above, to 56.1 percent of GDP. Under the Obama budget, it would double to 82.4 percent of GDP, a whopping 47 percent increase from the baseline.

    I should add that virtually everyone expected current law not to be the relevant baseline because whoever won the election, the Bush tax cuts for people who are not high income would have been extended. This revision of the law accounts for roughly $2 trillion of the approximately $5 trillion addition to the national debt, with increased spending accounting for the other $3 trillion.

  31. 131

    Re: Aussieone – 3 violent crimes eh? hahaha. There are many more than that! I have NO problem with people coming here. Do it the LEGAL way! What's wrong with that? Is nothing a crime anymore? YOU go live in these border towns then! See how you like it! YOU pay for them under the guide of SOCIAL justice! And you took ONE part of the consitution or statue of liberty. It doesn't say come here illigaly and cuz chaos and mooch off of others! You have to have law and order! Do u people not get that! And quit quoting the AZ law as racial. When you go to any other country you have to SHOW why u are there no? Why is that? So lets just take everyone in eh? Fine let's just open up the borders! Let em all in! Lets not ask anyone that lives by the border that looks mexican when they are pulled over for speeding and have no insurance and kill someone if they are here illigally becuz " that would be racist"… Wait till your mom is killed or cousin. And wait till taxes are beyond what you can pay. All in the name of social justice.

  32. 132

    Re: hedgehoginheat – Hedgehog, why don't you run for office - get your foot in the political pool and try to do something about it? I'm fairly certain that your posting here on Perez Hilton won't amount to much …. It's really easy to whine when there's no accountability.

  33. 133

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    Some of your criticisms may be valid (retiring baby boomers ect) but almost every government around the world has always spent their way out of economic crisis.
    Regarding taxes the real problem is the fact that big companies like GE, HP, HOMEDEPOT, and Exxon pay $0 in tax YEAR AFTER YEAR under Republican and Democratic governments.

  34. 134

    Re: Alex163 – very true

  35. 135

    Re: Aussieone – well I agree. It's not just been Obama. And he was handed crap from dumb Bush. It's congress and both sides. It's a mess. I dont see a way out. I'm just trying to wake people up that are in LOVE with Obama and that think he is going to SAVE them. He's NOT. He's making it worse. In MY humble opinion. And he may HAVE good intentions. And I dont' dislike him on a personal level or as a person! I do NOT like his politics. That's all.

  36. 136

    I am retiring! It's dinner time. I thank the peeps the supported me and also the other side. It's good to discuss. I don't think repub or democrats could figure this mess out as it's almost to late. It's a mess. But people need to seek the truth out. And both sides are corrupt. People need to wake up. I just think we are heading down a bad road. Thanks to ALL government. I obviously lean rite. But am an independant. I just though like republicans like smaller government and less entitlement unlike progressives. Progress towards what?! A 3rd world country… All I can say is wait and see. And all I can say in the meantime is my personal points and to make people THINK. And what you say back makes ME think. Am I always rite? NO. Are you? NO. But sometimes it's obvious in my mind that I am on some things. Not on party lines. ON common sense! We've lost that in America. It's a free fer all! And it's all on feeling and what sounds good. You can't do things like that! You have to have rules! Not what just sounds good! Good day:)

  37. 137

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    Enjoy your dinner :)
    I don't think the small government you want is the one Republicans offer haven't you seen that under either of the Bush's or Regan ?
    Republican small government really just means companies free to do what they want and pay nothing in taxes while the average American gets screwed.
    both Bush's had more czars than Obama.

  38. 138

    Re: lorio25
    nicely put!

  39. 139

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    You are wrong about the $250 billion for another financial bailout that money wont come from tax payers under the democratic financial reform plan.
    It be paid for by all banks just like insurance SO THE TAX PAYER IS NEVER TO PAY FOR A BANK BAILOUT AGAIN!

  40. 140

    I'm an independent and hate this guy. He's a liar and the joke is on him. Most of my independent friends feel the same way. Anyone who thinks this moron is getting another term is out of their mind. Personally, I think the democratic party is history after he's gone.

  41. 141

    Hell ya Hedgehog tear it up. Put all these fucking retarded liberal maniacs in their place.

  42. 142

    Re: Obsessed – another idiot that voted for Obama because of his physical appearance..pffft

  43. 143

    his speech WAS funny you just cut out the bad parts.

  44. 144

    Re: The_Kid – 140
    YOUR POST FROM :south-park-censored-after-receiving-threats-warnings-from-islamic-website
    POST 82 YOU WROTE: Well, I hope this whole liberal thing works out for you but I have to go lift some weights so i can represent MY REPUBLICAN image with the nice body, expensive clothes, hot girlfriend and just all around american boy. I wish ya luck buddy.

  45. 145

    Now maybe he can work on the economy.
    Most of my friends have been laid off.
    It sucks to see them suffer.

  46. 146

    I love the president! Not such a big fan of hedgehog's manic episodes and all the hate spewing out of that ilk. Join a forum at Fox, roll yourself up in a Palin poster, have wet dreams about Rush Limbaugh. This IS PerezHilton.com right? Ignorance sometimes is not bliss judging by some of the stupid remarks.

  47. 147

    That was Hilarious!!! LMAO

  48. 148


  49. 149

    Re: sirenmuse – good comebacks. Obiously you didn't read what I wrote. And just like Al Gore you can't debate the ISSUES. You just say we hate everybody and spew hate? How so? Also what do u disagree with? Don't be a coward! Debate! Let's see what your plan is? And what Obama is doing that's so good! Also u might wanna read a little more about what I wrote. We are called independants! We think for ourselves. Not in a box of one or the other:) So what's your plan eh? Can u walk the talk or just make assumptions and comebacks that don't say anything? Don't like what I wrote? make some comebacks then? what are the things you would do differently or that don't make sense to waht i wrote? Be specific. Or can you? Let's see! If all you write back is what u just wrote as in HATERS, palin lovers, Teabaggers, then I WIN becuz you don't debate. So lets hear what u got to say! how is it ignorance and where is the hate? On what issues? And how would u handle them!?! Got anything REAL to say? Go for it! Where am I wrong?!

  50. 150

    Re: sirenmuse – So you wanted to comment. So far your comebacks are " he's manic, he's a palin lover, a hater, ignorance is bliss, he's a fox dude, etc."… In a debate over ISSUES those wont' fly:) Agree to disagree but ya need to come up with something more than that or the debate is over! Are u capable? Lets hear your points! I love people like you. Most that just say names and fox lover, Glenn beck lover, teabagger, can't back it up or say anything cuz they really don't know the issues. And some do. Which are you?! Time will tell with your comeback on the issues and with what I said u disagree with:) Love a good debate! but you dont win or do anything with just by calling names and making assumptions now do ya! A 11 year old knows that!

  51. 151

    look at your friend a couple comments above. wchoreo " Republicans suck"… Who's the hater? I treat people as individuals. And I don't agree always with ANY party. Some of us think outside the box and for ourselves. On EACH issue. That's like saying fat people suck. Etc. So just throw em all away. No that IS ignorance:) And very narrow minded. And clueless. And many many other things. It shows NOTHING. It doesn't change anyone's mind. It's just a blah statement with no backup. A copout. Serves nothing and solves nothing and states nothing of reason or argument or debate.

  52. 152

    Re: hedgehoginheat – 128

  53. 153

    Re: sillyppl20 – FINALLY! Finally someone pops up on here with a formal academic background in economics. Thank you. It truly is NOT as simple as the simple-minded folks want to believe. People expect a fresh face to turn their terrible lives around. If a janitor can retire with $100,000 in the bank (in undergrad, our dorm maintenance man did exactly this), perhaps EVERYONE should pause for at least a moment to consider that personal responsibility is more powerful on an individual basis than the government.

    As most peoples' college education exposed them to different ways of thinking (dynamic perspectives, if you will), many adults will see the difference between 450+ days of pure vacation and playing a lot of golf. If Obama went bowling or attended the theater more than Bush did, everyone would be in an uproar over that, too. The FACT is that Obama is very much a present figure in America, unlike his predecessor.

  54. 154

    HAHAAHHA…can he PLEASE do SNL?! Please. Perez make this happen!

  55. 155

    Oh silly hedgehog(in heat) I have no desire to debate with you. Long winded diatribe usually doesn't inspire me to the podium. Besides this is not the forum for it. But seriously, you earned a "gold star" so enough already.

  56. 156

    hedgehoginheat is an idiot it was a correspondents' dinner he was there specifically to poke fun and lighten the mood. to show all the reporters who twist his words and those stupid enough to call him a communist, that he was listening and he's not taking it seriously tonight.
    >>never in a million years would i have thought that barack obama would say "mah brotha" in public. LOL

  57. 157

    Re: Aussieone – LOL. Guess what. EACH one that I posted was from a different website:) Also, if you want to play that game MEDIA MATTERS is FAR LEFT! LOL. Type it in and read about them and what the right says about them. LOL. It's WELL known who controls them and funds them. Just sayin. If u wanna play THAT game. But anyone knows this Pres is spending more than ANY before. And um awnswer me this. Medicare, etc. Past programs. Look at what they were projected to cost and what the REAL final number was years later! NOTHING the government does is ANYTIME less. It's ususally 15 times MORE! Look it up!

  58. 158

    Re: Aussieone – And u think health care will really be 1 trillion. HMM. Please read history. Also see who owns , funds, and is connected to Media Matters before you start bashing things. ONLY being fair. Not trying to be mean. Also please tell me what programs HAVE worked that the government has done and that didn't cost over what they said and that have worked out:) Hows medicare doin? How was Katrina? How was the swine flu shot that couldn't be passed out to well? Social Security? GM? Banks? Freddie and Fanny Mae? should I go on? Or you tell me WHAT big thing or programs that the government has done that WERE cost effective and that ALSO are doing well:) Under BOTH parties in say the last 100 years. PS Are you even from here? Media Matters is FAR left. It's no secret. So that's why I ask:) Good to talk to you again!

  59. 159

    And u think health care will really be 1 trillion. HMM. Please read history. Also see who owns , funds, and is connected to Media Matters before you start bashing things. ONLY being fair. Not trying to be mean. Also please tell me what programs HAVE worked that the government has done and that didn't cost over what they said and that have worked out:) Hows medicare doin? How was Katrina? How was the swine flu shot that couldn't be passed out to well? Social Security? GM? Banks? Freddie and Fanny Mae? should I go on? Or you tell me WHAT big thing or programs that the government has done that WERE cost effective and that ALSO are doing well:) Under BOTH parties in say the last 100 years. PS Are you even from here or live in the U.S. currently? Media Matters is FAR left. It's no secret. So that's why I ask:) Good to talk to you again!

  60. 160

    Re: Aussieone – Media Matters is FAR Left. Politico FAR LEFT. NY TIMES. FAR LEFT… Cnn is just left. Fox is right. Nbc is almost FAR left at this point. I mean if you want to get into that stuff. See who owns these companies and blogs and News papers. And see who funds them as well. And what THEY believe and push. You couldn't have picked a farther LEFT site than Media Matters. It's like Huffington! lol. But again see who owns and funds and supports these things and THEIR beliefs. George Soris, etc,. etc… VERY left wing. Not saying some of my info is NOT from the rite. But the numbers I wrote are not off and if they are I doubt it. That's what's sad now days. For the left and the rite. Anything goes. Journolism is not held to a higher standard and the truth is hard to find sometimes. That's why I listen more to Fox sometimes becuz they fact check or they WANT the left to PROVE them wrong. But the left is afraid to go on becuz they know they cannot defend themselves. They don't like to debate. Like Al Gore. Etc. All I can say to you is I hope I am wrong and that you ARE right. And I don't hate YOU or the left. But what if I AM rite? Does it matter? Are you THAT certain that YOU know the outcome? And you REALLY know and trust the government THAT much!?! Most don't. I can tell you that.

  61. 161

    The government can't run anything. And look at Greece. Look at these social countries. Greece is falling. All run by unions. Well that's coming here next! Get ready! The ship is going down. Call me crazy, call me names. I don't care. That doesn't bother me. All I can say is what if I AM rite and we are rite? Then what? Wait and see and then what will you do? So you don't want to drill for oil. Do you drive a car? Why? you don't believe in it? You got something better NOW? Tell us? Also you believe totally in global warming? Stop driving? Stop using electricity? Go back to how they lived in the 1800's then? Or come up with useful plans that we can use TODAY! NOT ten years from now! Give up your way of life then?! Why do you support things then and do them if you don't agree with them? Al Gore uses MORE electiricity than almost ANYONE in his giant house. HAHAHAHA. Live by example then or quit bitching! Or ride a horse?! Seriously! Or come up with something different! Be a tree hugger! Go green! But at least walk the talk and do it! Its' like beleiving in God but not going to church! Practice what ya preach! If it's so EVIL!

  62. 162

    Re: hedgehoginheat – The United States is still the best place to live. But it's getting worse. And people wanna pigeon whole people as left or rite. No inbetween. I don't JUST watch Fox news. I watch BOTH sides. Do you? I am informed that way as to what is going on. I think the far rite is crazy and I feel the same about the left. Do I litter? NO. Are the ice caps melting? YES. And Any president Republican or Democrat has his work cut out for him. It's messed up. Do I have a problem with illigals? Yes. Do I have a problem with people who come in here legally that are not from and do it the rite way? NO. Shouldn't laws be followed? How did the U.S. become so big and great? And what is happening to it now? Do you want to keep it that way? Should some people follow the rules and not others? Please tell me that. It should be as easy as a yes or no.

  63. 163

    Do I think we need to find other alternatives to oil. Yes. But rite now there is nothing on a grand scale that works. If you are rich, a movie star, a politician, you don't really get it. And they are huge and infuencial. But they dont HAVE to live in the real world. Go live in these border towns. Pay half your paycheck to the government. Read history. Also read the lefts agenda. It's all on feeling and what sounds good. And it does sound good! But it's NOT practical! I lean to the rite. But some of the rite's things are F'd up. But way more of the left is. to ME. It comes down to common sense. Not parties. Don't bail everything out. LET things fail. Let the market correct itself. Would you rather suffer a little now or just put a bandaid over everything and then have the WHOLE thing crumble. Would you rather have a sprained ankle or a heart attack? And you want government making ALL your decisions? Left OR rite?! You want MORE of them in your life?!

  64. 164

    Re: hedgehoginheat – did you just reply to yourself there at the end and argue against yourself? coz thats what it looks like.

    maybe if you americans didnt whinge and complain about EVERY decision then you would get to run its course and impliment it properly, what decisions would u be doing? o yeah starving everyone of basic human rights unless they are employed, and how do ppl get employed? by having new jobs created through new projects (spending) and by having the ppl recieve more money to spend.

    if you looked at what projects were implimented world wide you would realise that your country is slowing yourselves down and selling yourselves short, this didnt have to be so hard but you didnt allow the good things to happen as quick as they should have and you screwed your own country over, (im not saying you specifically im saying those americans who apose every single idea put out and make it be pushed back and only favour the rich and wealthy and not the majority of america)

    since u guys got obama you are less of a jokes to the world. keep going the way your going and you will become a joke again.
    y is it the happies place in the world denmark has the highest tax's? and takes care of its ppl the best? because when everyone is taken care of everyone is happy thats all thats trying to be achieved but you cant see that you only want some ppl to get everything and others to loose out.

  65. 165

    Re: hedgehoginheat
    Clearly logic would tell you I look at all sides given I checked your figures and statements out!
    MEDIA MATTERS attacks all news orgs left and right and provides links to how they came about their verdict. It criticizes all sides just because fox news or the right calls it something doesn't make it true.
    162 you ask whats happening to America right now.. The American empire is over that's whats happening Bush pissed Americas treasure on Iraq and he lost America's moral authority around the world. The EU is now the global big dog all be it a toothless one, China is going to emerge as the biggest supper power by 2015.
    The world has changed it was always going to happen but Bush sped up the change. Look up the history of the UK AND THE END OF ITS EMPIRE to see how an empire ends and how the country changes.
    If I get more time Ill reply to the rest I just don't have it right now!

  66. 166

    Well so do the rite wing sites, they fact check just like you say Media Matters does, however I disagree. And um it's not just "logical" for me to believe you checked things out by looking at Media Matters. Please go to a more NON left site to get your info. Not saying everything they post is wrong but certainly skewed. But journalism is dead. Everyone knows that. So it's hard to find the truth anymore as the journalism sold out to money and sides now too just like politicians. Everyone is bought and sold and lies and greed and told what to do and say or else…. I do agree with the rest of what you said. America is on it's way out. Just like Europe was. But this is all prophecized in Revelation. It's going to happen no matter WHO is in power.

  67. 167

    New World Order. One system, one dominion of dollar, a dictator. The end of the world is near. If you don't believe in God that is fine. But more of the world does than doesn't. And you don't have to be a SUPER rite wingnut conservetive to believe in God. Many Dems do to. So please don't attact me that becuz I believe in God that I am some rite wing loon. But my point in bringing GOD up is that any debate and such MUST trace and correspond to what is going on and why as well as history and how it repeats itself and how it will only get worse not better until the end. And I hope I am wrong and I hope it's further away but I don't think so. Things are changing fast. And I don't go to church even as much as I should but as a kid and teen these is what I was taught and to watch for. And it's all coming true. If you are atheist or don't believe that then I have NO problem with that. That is your rite. But it's almost useless debating with people that don't as they come from 2 different ideologies and will NEVER agree. Progressives want to give power to the government to control people, morally, financially, from cradle to grave and set up a so called utopia as to how things should work and take God out of the equasion mostly.

  68. 168

    Christians don't believe that. They don't say to follow man and such. They say have limited government. But when government starts getting into EVERY decision of how you should live. IE: gay marriage, etc. and FORCING THEIR beliefs on you then you know the end is near. The ACLU didn't even want people to say Merry Christmas! Save the poor progressives say! Out of Social Justice! Christians have always done this! But where in the bible does it say TAKE from the rich by force and give to the poor? My political beliefs come from and are affected by what is in the bible to a degree. God is the only one, not government. Where in the bible does it say that we will destroy ourselves and the world will end becuz of global warming? It does NOT! It does say to take care of the earth! But the left loons are like we are ALL gonna die unless we tax every business for puffy clouds! Really?! It's a scam! And it's for MORE control! Global warming in itself is a religion! It's stupid! It gives NO power or sense about God. It just scares people into believing we are ALL gonna die! It's BS. That's NOT how it's gonna end. Yes things are happening. It STATES that in the bible. More earthquakes, famines, and mother earth things will happen in the last days.

  69. 169

    But if you took ALL the factories in the world and shut them down I think it would help the ozone layer and ice caps from melting by oh… about 1 percent. That's NOT the issue! They even caught them a few monthes ago that it was a scam! Hahaha. All those emails that were caught from top scientists. What a joke it is. The world warms and cool thru generations. It's no different now. And the left is always saying the RITE is the one using scare tactics! My ass it is! They are the ones that are like we will all die soon if we don't stop this. My question is this. What does MONEY have to do with stopping global warming? Hmm. Money doesnt' help! It's just a way for them to tax you on nothing! For what?!! LOL.

  70. 170

    People do not want this! The proof will be in November! Not that anyone else at this point can save the USA as Obama has ruined it almost as much as Bush in just a short time. You have to bring a country down to control it! That's why Obama has done NOTHING about jobs! It's all planned! Learn about secret societies. Learn about the Bildaburg group. These are NOT just consiparacies btw. They are REAL groups AND real THINGS. I can't go into ALL of it rite now. Agree to disagree. But you made a great statement. About saying look at history and Europe. History DOES repeat itself. And the ship is going down. But this time it's gonna be WAY different. Before it was a country in a depression. At different times. USA , then later say Japan. Etc. ETc. This coming great depression will be WORLDWIDE! It's gonna be way different this time. Just watch.

  71. 171

    Think it can't happen and that I'm a loon! I don't care. Just wait and see. Call me names I don't care. I have read sooo much. And NOT just from the rite. I have read all kinds of things that Obama wrote, and the people he surrounds himself with. His crazy Zars who some love communism. I have read what progressives are. What the United Nations really is. What cap and trade really is. What Bush was. Then you ad in history. You ad in the Pope. You ad in societies. You read and read about what your current government really wants. Follow the money btw. And what the heads of those people want. Follow who controls most of the media. ( the left) and what they want.

  72. 172

    People are so spun becuz the media is so left there is becoming ONLY one side. And if you aren't awake enuff then you only hear things ONE way. Look at how people started off with Hitler and the propaganda, and now it's Obama! Little kids. YES WE CAN! It's so creepy. And unions! And just people in general! It's sick. And it's scarey. And the vibe even in the usa feels way different. Even since Bush. And everyone knows it and can feel it too. Everyone can feel somethings coming. they aren't sure what, but everyone knows something is coming. Ya, your gonna get CHANGE alrite from Obama. But I dont think you have any idea WHAT it really is cuz it's um gonna be quite different than you think.

  73. 173

    And if he doesn't do it then it might not be, but the rules he is doing and changing , certainly are opening up the doors to give the next person or such WAY to much power and control, and in the wrong hands THAT is dangerous! and THAT is why smaller government is ALWAYS better. So we dont' end up with another Hitler. These idiots like Sean Penn that love chavez and such. i mean have people LOST their minds! It's just nuts now what is going on. But again it's all fortold that in the bible. Greed, lawlessness, no morals, lieing, being bought and sold, countries falling, chaos, big government, polorization, earthquakes, famine, lovers of flesh, etc., etc. then when you see these things you will know the end is near. that's what it says. Among other things.

  74. 174

    But basically it comes down to this. All these things are for the heart of man. And are you gonna choose God? Or are you gonna let Man ( ie: the devil) control what you believe in. That is waht we have been fighting over since the birth of the world! that's what all the chaos over in the middle east is over! Thats what ALL this comes down to. Even in the USA. HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AND WHAT'S RITE AND WHAT'S WRONG! You can talk and talk and talk and then even talk about history. But at the end it ALL boils down to conviction. And where you COME from on that. I say God is the judge. NOT man. Becuz man is not perfect and of sin.

  75. 175

    And also in the bible it states that man is evil and toward the end he will try to control you and make rules and then give the power to the beast. And then Satan will come. And have control of the earth for a short time. And all the people will wander after the beast. And it's the great deception! And then GOD will come. The REAL God! And destroy the wicked. The ones that didn't belive in him. the ones that followed their wants and needs and obeyed MAN. The problem lies in that God came to save us before. So he lets us be of free will until he comes to CHOOSE. But man over time will slowly ( thru satan) set it up to believe in what THEY say and HOW to do it! That is wrong! Healthcare is NOT a rite! Education is NOT a rite! People need to reseach these things! ( basic education is)…

  76. 176

    And we have reached really scarey times when you have government dictating more and more of what you should do and not do. Playing God. Give to the poor or we will force you. Do this and do that. It is NOT rite! It sounds good! But it's NOT rite! Healthcare for all would be great! YES it would! But you can't force people and you should NOT! It's wrong! yes we should give to the poor, but not FORCE people! that is what charity is for! it's really judgement is what they are doing! And that you are to stupid to figure it out on your own! now they want to ban salt! Tax this! Tax that! yet make mariauna legal. I mean it's so dumb! Why are they the authority! yes we need rules and regulations. It's just getting OUT of hand though in with the government. Their hand is getting into everything. And soon, they will control you. It's prophecized.

  77. 177

    Do NOT follow MAN and mans WANTS. Even if it sounds good and makes some sense. It's NOT what GOD intended. It leaves NO choice for anything else. Even if it's WRONG. AS in GAY marriage. ETC. Mariuna legalized. This that. Countries also fall in history when they have no morality. And chaos ensues when to much government happens as well in history in ANY society. Yet we are to stupid to know that. It's maddening. Read history. And study the bible. That's what I say. And you dont' have to be a bible THUMPER either. As I am not. I simply just do not believe in evolution and belive in a God or a higher power. It's the only way.

  78. 178

    And it plays into my belief system and politics. And at one time We were ONE nation UNDER GOD! But over time God has taken a back seat. But that is fortold. Man will make him into a joke slowly and take him out of the equasion for their own wants and control and power. All in the name of social justice and equality. The left demonizes everything under this ruse. It's NOT equal! People take advantage of the system! Is it fair that some have to follow the laws and others are now rewarded for breaking it! And then they want to make new laws! And taxes! They demonize big buisness and doctors! They want to dictate everything and level the playing field! That's scarey!

  79. 179

    and also that also btw would NEVER work in the first place. Lots of people don't work and abuse the system and social handouts! They are lazy! How is THAT fair?! People that don't work shouldn't be paid! People that break the law shouldn't be rewarded! You only have RITES if you follow that LAW! Please reseach what a rite is or should be thus to the law! If you break the law should you have rites or MORE rites?! If you don't contribute to the system should you be part of it?! These basic laws were here for a reason and is why the USA became a superpower and why everyone wants to come here! yes some in wallstreet and such are corrupt! And lots of things NEED an overhaul! But the overhaul OBAMA is doing is NOT the correct way!

  80. 180

    So sometimes I just get sick of talking about it becuz it's just dumb and overwhelming. But in the last few years including Bush it's just gotten crazy on what's going on. Wrong is rite. Opposite is now truth and new laws are totally what they should not be. It's nuts. And I can even see it and I'm NOT even a total conservetive! I'm just a normal person! I lean rite a little but I am not even close to some or alot of these people or teapartiers or whatever. I just use the law of common sense. And common sense tells me how to run something or laws and what makes sense. And nothing does anymore on either side. And that's when you know chaos is comming.

  81. 181

    And if you think Obama is making it better I say just wait. He is rite when he says he wants to transform this country into something else. But most people will be shocked I think when they see what it is. Even a year from now this country is gonna look TOTALLY different. It's bizzare how fast things are changing. You can barely keep track of it all. And it's so hard to find out the real story sometimes. And we have a whole new generation growing up now who is totally gonna be skewed on the real story and how things work and they stand no chance. And soon one day they will be our leaders and it's just gonna get worse.

  82. 182

    The end is near. Certainly within the next 50 years or way less I think. I'm late 20's and in my lifetime I cannot belive how different things are. But most people don't even know and are just watching Dancing with the stars. Or they only watch ONE network. I watch Cnn, Fox, Nbc, Cbs. I watch them all here and there to see what each other is thinking and saying. I also read left and rite blogs. Commentary. And all I can say is that when I AM watching Fox THEY are the ONLY ones that make MOST sense to me. NOT ALL! But MOST! And that's why they are the most watched and biggest I am sure. But again. i watch everything so that I am not out of the loop or skewed. But very nice talking and debating with u all. And good luck and God bless!

  83. 183

    Re: jellybean_girl – I agree with part of what you said. As far as letting implicated rules and laws run their course. But when you have 2 sides screaming for power every 4 years it gets chaos. The system never worked. Also as I said before the statement that Denmark is the happiest place is so dumb. Did you ask them personally? Who came up with that? Do you know for a fact they are happier? In what way?! They are fullfilled? that's like asking if indoor cats are happier than outdoor cats. And let me then ask you this. Just like Denmark was the poster child for the left and progressives here in the states. I would say that AHEAD of Denmark was ICELAND! Hmm. What happened there?! THEY were THEEE poster child for ALL that is equal! HAHAHAHHA. What happened there?! What went wrong?! HMMMMM. Might wanna go look at that and see. And then see how happy they are now. And how Denmark will soon follow:) Oh it worked so well. We've heard about these little countries of Iceland and Denmark for years. Oh ya. Really works…

  84. 184

    Re: jellybean_girl – I might add for you to do a little research on Denmark currently and how they are doing:) Not so great. I also might mention this. Denmark is THEE smallest country over there. It wouldn't work on a grand scale for one in the USA we have over 300 million! And it didn't work in Iceland and it wont' work in Denmark. Might take longer to fail becuz there are less people! But it won't work. And the proof is in ICELAND. THEY were the original MODEL for that kind a system and not Denmark. It doesn't work. Even after awhile on a VERY small population like that. And would NEVER work in a large one let alone the world. Get real.

  85. 185

    Re: jellybean_girl – Also tell me the path to working and becoming a citazen in Denmark? How do THEY do it? Reseach that:) Do they just let anyone in from the border? And anyone can use the system and just come in? Those starved as you say of basic human rites that want to come in illigally and just be part of such a GREAT system as you say? How so? Might wanna research that too:) They have VERY strict rules. More so than the USA! And again it doesn't work as we saw with poster child Iceland. Denmark will fail. WATCH!

  86. 186

    ICELAND= FAIL!!!!!!!!! Denmark soon to follow………

  87. 187

    Yeah that's right Obama…dont even mention the almost car bomb in Times Square hours earlier…
    If Bush would have been that jovial after an almost terrorist people would be outraged.

  88. 188

    yea the terrorism thing is nuts. But we need to treat terrorist with respect! Hahahaha. Idiots. Just like Global WARMING. Oh excuse me. Now it's Climate CHANGE:) Had to switch it up a bit about a year ago. Change the name since they are unsure and it's unproven:) The dumb people wont catch on. And yes the awnser to the problem is TAXATION! Of course! HAHAHA. Just like Social Justice= HANDOUTS. Hahaha. Everyone deserves a medal. We are all equal. There is no wrong or rite:) No 1st or second. No matter what you do. Liberal judges give rapists in certain towns probation to "help" their sexual addictions:) Look it up if you dont believe me. The terrorists and these countries that hate us are laughing at us! Hahaha. Obama is as soft on that as the icecream that could be takin from him in Arizona! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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