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Beyonce & Jay-Z Move Into A Little House Mansion In PA?

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The last place you would expect to find two millionaire, musical moguls is rural Pennsylvania!

Sources are claiming that Jay- Z and Beyonce are moving to a new multi-million dollar mansion in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

The location is said to be very secluded and witnesses say they've spotted a black limousine around the town.

Bringing a little class and glam to the folks of Schuylkill! We don't think they are ready for that jelly!

[Image via WENN.]

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78 comments to “Beyonce & Jay-Z Move Into A Little House Mansion In PA?”

  1. 1

    Anything for some privacy…..even if that means living 'in the sticks'!!!

  2. 2

    A LIMO?!?! Give me a break….get over yourselves Bey& J!!!

  3. 3

    Perez, people from Pennsylvania already have class, they dont need any from Beyonce's jelly. Schuylkill isn't in the dirty south. Btw beyonce is the stupidest name I have ever heard.

  4. 4

    PA isn't the sticks. Many celebrities are from Pittsburgh and even a few from my hometown Erie PA. Wonder how close Schuylkill is from Erie :) I may have to pay them a visit. Hehe.

  5. 5

    I haven't seen them. Why would they want to come here??!!

  6. 6

    mario - you don't know anything about PA, stop talking about it like you do………anyone who thinks the entire state of PA is either amish or a hick is a fucken idiot….just like mario……..

  7. 7

    while it's super private and amazing, the agent selling the house has already said no one has been looking at the property in question, its in all the papers in MontCo.

  8. 8

    i live right near schuylkill county, and just because people can't pronounce the name correctly, doesn't mean it's in the sticks. it's a beautiful quiet place far from the drama of nyc and cali.

  9. 9

    Being from PA I can enlighten you all about that part of the state. It has a private airport that they can get in and out of quickly. It is only about 2 hours drive from NYC. And, the good people of PA (outside of Philly and Pittsburg) don't give a crap about celebrities. So, as long as they don't piss off the natives it should be a good place to raise kids. BTW-It is not too far away from the Gosselins so maybe they can all get together and do lunch:)

  10. 10

    Re: kenzie6t4 – @ 3 - that's because "beyonce" is really a last name - her mother's maiden I believe……

  11. YUCK says – reply to this


    now that their careers are in the toilet they better hang their heads down and move to obscurity, USA…just where they belong!

  12. 12

    Re: kenzie6t4 – AMEN to this!!! PEREZ, have you ever been to PA?? let alone schuylkill county?? come visit before you talk smack! you have no idea.

  13. 13

    ill have you know schuykill county is very very nice, also known as the main line. it aint the boonies and there sure aint no hicks there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14

    Re: Sarie23 – You must be a fool to think these 2 actually want their privacy…if they really wanted privacy they would vacation in North Dakota instead of on a humongous yacht in St. Tropez in front of the paparazzi.They only play that we-wanna-appear-mysterious bullshit with their fans.

  15. 15

    Re: YUCK – jay z will go down in hip/hop history as one of the best (w/ Pac and Big - beyonce probably will too unfortunately, only with r&B) so if that's a career in the toilet, I'll take it…….

  16. 16

    Re: dolly_f – @ 9 - being from PA you should be able to spell "Pittsburgh"……..

  17. 17

    OMG, that is so close to where I live. GO AWAY! Leave us normal people ALONE!

  18. 18

    born and raised in schuylkill county! they call us "skooks," a nickname i carry with much pride. schuylkill county is absolutely beautiful, perez, and though our area is home to many farm families and kids who like to party in the bush, drink yuengling, or BEAST, and ride four-wheelers on the weekends, we know how to keep it classy. years and years ago, our small community was raised by hard-working immigrants who believed in respect and humility. these virtues were passed on through our families and now, we SKOOKS, would surprise you with our relaxed sophistication and appreciation for living. more than anything, we know how to have a good time. if anyone else is from schuylkill county, you know exactly what i'm talking about. so, we're ready for beyonce's jelly, if, of course, the rumors are true. but the question is, are beyonce and jay-z ready for us?! i hope so! the house in consideration is no more than 5 minutes from where i grew up and where my father still lives, i would love to host a welcome to the neighborhood dinner for them!

  19. 19

    Oh and it's not like Pennsylvania is some hick shit place like Louisiana or some other backwards, marry-your-cousin state in the shouth.

  20. 20

    Born and raised in PA, it is anything but a hick town. I live about 20 minutes from the Main Line and it's a great place to raise a family.

  21. 21

    Not a thang wrong with living in PA :P

  22. 22

    "We don't think they're ready for that jelly" LOVE IT…LMAO


  23. 23

    do some research first please perez. i live not too far from schuylkill county and it is a beautiful place. class is not something that needs to be brought here, and i highly doubt that many celebrities have any to offer anyway. if anything, these two will ruin the town.

  24. 24

    woahhh hold the ladder! only the best celebrities come from the great state of PA, especially south eastern PA. let us not forget will smith, tina fey, bill cosby, patti labelle…some others…i don't really know. but let's be real, here. pennsylvania is sick. and jay-z moving here means the world is one step closer to sanity. i say we send out delegates to convert him to a philly sports phan.

  25. 25

    Bringing "class" to PA? P - you are clueless.

  26. 26

    "A House is Not a Home without Walk-in Closets" Cute

  27. 27

    I am from Berks County, PA and in our local newspaper the addressed this rumor. According to the real estate agent selling the house, they have heard nothing from Beyonce or Jay-Z. That would make for an interesting story though.

  28. 28

    Re: ineedarichgirl – amen to that! that is one of the best ways I've heard the county summed up! I would love for them to live there. The place is gorgeous and if you've seen the listing of the house (which I have) it is no wonder why they would want to live there. house and its surroundings is beautiful and anyone would be lucky enough to call it home. also, not the first celebrities to call the county home. Richard Gere has a place up there and Muhammad Ali had his training camp there as well.

  29. 29

    And the best part is, no white people living next door!

  30. 30

    I live in Schuylkill County and I heard it's all just a rumor. Even the person who's selling the house says it's just a big rumor. Maybe they're just trying to keep it unknown, who knows.

  31. 31

    Re: julie38 – the county is nice but I've never heard of it referred to as the main line. The only main line I know is outside of Philadelphia, which is 2 hours away from the county and an entirely different world from what the county is.

  32. 32

    hahahaha this is right by where i live…… WHY would they move here?!?! love it!

  33. 33

    I actually drove to the house yesterday, it's in a nice area and is surrounded by beautiful land. I wouldn't blame them for moving there!

  34. 34

    Actually, This is my house…

  35. 35

    i have lived in schuylkill county my whole life, and we certainly don't need these two tools to bring anything to our area.
    We actually have educated people with jobs and who take pride in their homes living here, it's not like we live in the backwoods with no electricity and my husband is my cousin! GEEZ!
    It's a beautiful rural area with lots of small towns. I would take living here over living in a congested city any day.

  36. 36

    Re: jlinard – mr. linard, my mother and father were actually at a party/function at your home a few years ago. i believe you know who they are. you're house is absolutely beautiful, by the way. i wish i would have had the opportunity to visit before you put it up for sale. don't you love all the gossip about your home?! regardless of whether the rumors are true or not? i would love to ask you for some confirmation, but i won't do that to you.

  37. 37

    Re: kat0105 – thank you very much! i love where i live. i've traveled a good bit and it's only made me appreciate schuylkill county even more…of course, it is pennsylvania and there is a decent sized population of "hicks," (even i consider myself a "hick" sometimes) but the "hick" people are a fun, fun bunch. and always friendly. it's better to live amongst hicks than criminals, wouldn't you say? and yes, the home is amazing. it's right at the base of hawk mountain and has outstanding views. if i personally had 11.9 million dollars, i wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

  38. 38

    Schuylkill is absolutely beautiful country, and it's a place of peaceful and quiet folks just living a life. Most of the people who live in the area, including more celebs than you would imagine, usually come for the peace and the fact that the locals will just let you live your life too. You don't know crap "Perez Hilton"

  39. skook says – reply to this


    hahaha. i'm from the skook and yes it is a place that needs class and i hope the people calling it beautiful have only seen the southern part of the county.
    bring on beyonce and jay z - next round of lager is on them at michael b's.

  40. 40

    Perez, once again you prove how stupid and misinformed you and your bloggers are. Pennsylvania is a state with some incredible beauty and not as many hicks as you would like people to think. You can't judge a book by it's Gosselin cover.

  41. 41

    Rural PA just had a pile of dog turd dropped on it!!

  42. 42

    born and raised in pa. i got the hell out because it's a hole full of hicks and guns.

  43. 43

    Perez, you wouldn't know class if it dick-slapped you across the face. Don't try to impose your LA trash standards of hierarchy on the amazing Schuylkill Co.

  44. 44


    It's a beautiful home in a gorgeous area. Please don't list your silly blog and comments without any facts.

    I live in Schuylkill County, though I am not born and raised here. I moved up from a suburb of Philadelphia to be in this beautiful county and in the county. We have class, we have style, but most of all we have decency which is something you just might be laughing.

    Most people make fun of others when they are not happy with themselves. Seem familiar?

    I guess I could dye my hair pink, and rant about others to be classy like you.

    All Schuylkill County's best to you!


  45. 45

    Yeah Beyonce and Jay-Z for putting the skook on the map! All I ever wanted to do was get out of that county, and now that I'm out I miss it. It really is a nice place, and the house is apparently awesome….
    but i dont know why anyone would want a limo in the skook…. too many windy roads and hills…. they can't be getting too far.

  46. 46

    there are some questionable people here..i'll give ya that..but i live maybe 5 minutes from the mansion..and it has an amazing view of hawk mountain. We're not hicks or inbreed. It was a great place growing up and if you go a few hours in each direction, you hit NYC, DC, Philly, Pittsburgh. beaches, fuckin PSU Perez! we get hot summers, cold winters and everything in between..it's not too shabby.

  47. 47

    I live a few miles from the "mansion" The countryside is beautiful. A nice reclusive place to get away from it all.

  48. 48

    Re: ineedarichgirl – Well said, as a fellow SKOOK I have to agree. :)

  49. 49

    I think this means a baby may be in the works!

  50. 50

    Um I love the person who said that Schuylkill County is known as the "Main Line"…obviously you do NOT know where Skook is. Its where I grew up, and moved away from, and it is the "sticks". The Main Line is about 30 minutes outside of Philly, not in Schuylkill County. I am assuming a lot of people making these comments about hating on PA have never been to Schuylkill County to actually know what it is like. Try growing up somewhere where nothing is open past 9…its a blast! Oh did I mention the kids get off school for the first day of buck hunting season?? IF Beyonce and Jay Z are moving there, it will be very peaceful, I will give them that, but it will be far from fun, thats for sure. Unless of course they like partying in the woods….literally.

  51. 51

    Re: kat0105
    Julie38's heart is in the right place, but she is incorrect. The main line is directly outside of Philadelphia. I grew up in Gladwyne, which is part of the main line. Schuylkill County is far from the main line but it is up and coming and a nice, wide open area. For those of you who don't know anything about it, don't judge it. I have relatives that live there and it isn't nearly as "sticky" as you perceive it to be.

  52. 52

    too funny my county made the news, but what we hear is that it is false.i live like 15min away so who knows….

  53. 53

    maybe there comming 4 the yuengling beer LOL

  54. 54

    Schuylkill County isn't for everyone - loads of people can't wait to leave and loads of people would never leave for long. It's gorgeous here in places, ugly in others. This rumor was put to rest last week here in the sticks though and it seems to be untrue. But Beyonce seems like a nice girl - I wouldn't mind having them in the county.

  55. 55

    Like everyone else, I am about 5 mins from the Mansion. I took a drive over to the place like two months ago with my friend BEFORE the rumor was started cause we heard that it was in an architectural magazine. The home is pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure that they are after the land. The river runs right through the property, the mountain is right there and acres beyond acres of land. Schuylkill County is very up, its starting to become a commuter county though, most people work outside the county and live here, and don't get me wrong, been here my whole life and it took me to move to the philly area to finally come back and appreciate it, and people complain about nothing being opened after 9pm besides the bar and Sheetz, well look around do you see crime happening? do you see rapes, murders or vandalism for the first 15 mins of the newscast like they do in Philly. No and simply cause people respect each other and have manners and places arent open all hours of the night. Yes some areas may be more "hick" but its not too bad and for people who believe Schuylkill County has problems they are likely living north of Pottsville/St. Clair, other areas you will meet regular folks who work hard and THEN PLAY HARD on the weekends. They will like us, no doubt about it and ever since I heard the "rumor" I believe it until i hear it from her mouth.

  56. 56

    Re: nursiepoo – HAHAHAHA my thoughts exactly!! I'm from the Skook!! and Re: kenzie6t4 – erie is on the complete opposite side of the state

  57. 57


  58. 58

    Re: skook – I'm pretty sure the only person who is actually from schuylkill county is "skook". They are the only person to correctly identify what the skook is.. and yes I have also lived there my entire life. It IS full of rednecks and in the boonies. Put on your hunting boots and head to the woods with a bottle of beer because that's the extent of excitement in this county.

  59. 59

    Re: ineedarichgirl – Well said!! I am not a native of Schuylkill County, I moved there from NY, but I have come to absolutely love it there. It is beautiful, quiet, open, and peaceful. It is also a great place to raise a family. Schuylkill County is a wonderful place to live and I would love to move back there someday soon! If Beyonce and Jay-Z actually are looking into moving into the area, then wonderful! I am sure they will be more than welcomed. They will come to love and appreciate the Skook for all it has to offer!! Personally I would take Schuylkill County any day over anything that can be found in NYC or Philly. There is just no comparison!

  60. 60

    i live in Schuylkill County, i am glad to say, that this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in all of my life. thank christ the skook is finally getting some recognition! :)

  61. 61

    oh and the house is absolutely AMAZING.

  62. 62

    Jigga WHAT?! "Bringing a little class and glam to the folks of Schuylkill"…obviously you have no concept of class or a higher standard of living when it comes to beautiful scenery, respectful communities & citizens, practically nonexistent crime, & overwhelming family values. This area is rich with history & pride. Do a little bit of research before you trash one of the few areas left unspoiled in this country. If Beyonce & Jay-Z have such a high standard of living then why wouldnt you expect anything less of them if this "rumor" is indeed true. Muhammad Ali once felt it was exclusive & prestigeous enough to build a Training Camp in. The area is within easy access to NYC, NJ, & Phila. Seems like a good fit to raise some mini-moguls. HOVA

  63. 63

    To everyone on here…I am the son of the family who owns this house. I was born in Orwigsburg PA and lived there all through high school. I live in a big city now, as does my brother and we always end up going back to get away. A two hour drive from Manhattan. And a man also asked as he walked through the house last week, is there room for a helipad. So this house would be a great retreat home. They are the richest couple in showbiz…they can afford it.

  64. prs45 says – reply to this


    Re: julie38
    hehehehe..I'm sorry Schuylkill County is NOT known as the Main Line….The Main Line is just outside of Philadelphia (Radnor, Wayne..)

  65. 65

    @jess1021 Celebrities living in Erie?? REALLY?? I am stuck here on business and i find that hard to believe. Between Erie, Edinboro and Waterford, PA IS the sticks. I mean Rt 80 is 5 hours of suck until you hit the Del Water gap. Sorry but for once I hafta side with Perezito onthis one

  66. 66

    for anyone who has never been to Schuylkill county, stfu you have no idea what your talking about, its an amazing area, its very beautiful and its not a bunch of hicks, its just people who like to party and have a good time, around here we go bushin, go for a swim at a lake or stripping pit, take a hike or something like that to have fun, were not going to clubs and acting like idiots like some people in ny or w/e, get your story straight before you start writing bs about us. If they are moving here they better leave all the $300 pairs of jeans behind cuz thats not what this area is about.

  67. 67

    This area is mainly rock n roll, and heavy metal. We would appreciate the likes of Axl Rose or a member of Metallica, not hip hop, r&b noise or it's following.

  68. 68

    I do not want them to move up here! I think they are not right for this area. Pop is soda, not a type of music. (My name is Cheyenne).

  69. 69

    I live in schuylkill county and we are far from hicks!! the county may be having trouble with money but for the most part the people are nice (stay out of sheanandoah!!) lol

  70. 70

    yo im from skookill county go to pottsville they are not moving here their real estate agent said so the house is sellingfor 11.9 mill 12000 square feet 150 acres they are not moving here they would be almost my neighbor

  71. 71

    schuylkill county is beautiful for the most part and the people here are great. we love to party and have fun even tho we party different than people in the city dosent mean we r hicks we just like the little things in life, its a great place to live and raise children

  72. 72

    I am also from Schuylkill County, like a bunch of the people commenting on this story. Pine Grove, to be exact. First, it is not the Main Line. Second, it is a beautiful place (depending where you are), but it is also true that there are bush parties and some hicks around. For those saying that "we aren't hicks here"…please, anyone from the skook knows that half the county is just made up of hicks, you can't deny it, the pick up trucks with the confederate flag and the dixie horns, they are here in the numbers. It is located at a great spot, about 2 hours away from the hot spots of Washington DC and New York City. But nevertheless, whether the story is true or not, I would like to not see them decide to move here, for the sole reason that it is peaceful here. We don't need paparazzi trying to creep at them and being all over the place in Pottsville, Cressona, New Ringgold, etc. It would just be an annoyance. And there is also no need to have people flocking here to catch a glimpse of the couple. I would much rather they stay out in Hollywood. But if they do decide to move here, there isn't much of anything to do, besides going to Maroon's or Palermo's or other great places to eat, but I guess they can hang out and wait and see how many tractor trailers crash into the bridge just outside of Cressona this year :)

    And Perez, most of us here do have class, maybe you should get some yourself.

  73. 73

    poor girl has a horrible dad and horrible husband. God save her.

  74. 74

    Re: kenzie6t4 – Beyonce is a better name than KENZIE LMAO cmon

  75. 75

    Re: SadieG – Wow u are a fucking MORON i dare u to talk that shit in the south! You will get shot quick with that rascist lingo

  76. 76

    Im proud to be backwoods away from corporate bastards like YOU ALL! Away from all the fake BS and live a REAL life !!! hahaha yall are fucking GAY~!

  77. 77

    watch out jay-z there is not enough room in schuylkill county for both you and lee daddy

  78. 78

    Re: WhatAWaster – LMAO Mackenzie is a pretty common name… Beyonce is just silly, tacky, and faux-french.