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The Most Influential Music Video Of All Time Is…

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Clonetina's Not Myself Tonight Michael Jackson's Thriller!!!

If you didn't know that…well, we just can't fathom you not knowing that!

A thousand MySpace users (aka the total amount of remaining MySpace users) were polled and asked to name the most influential music video of all time. MJ taking the #1 spot was a no-brainer, but some of the rest might surprise you. Check out the full list of winners below. Sorry, Xtina, you REALLY didn't make the cut!

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson
2. Here It Goes Again - OK Go
3. Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
4. Take On Me - A-Ha
5. Hurt - Johnny Cash
6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
7. Around the World - Daft Punk
8. Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim
9. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
10.Sabotage - Beastie Boys


[Image via WENN.]

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119 comments to “The Most Influential Music Video Of All Time Is…”

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  1. 101

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    Myspace is posed for a comeback PH talk about the world's first world new music list. Many people might like to know about these 200 new songs that are the best from every continent.

  2. 102

    what was the need for the christina jibe?
    perez, you should really get over yourself
    oh and btw - your wifey was missing on that list - RAGE FOR YOU!

  3. 103

    Why did you have to mention Christina? 'Your' bestfriend/lover of whatever Gaga also didn't make the cut! So what's your point? Thoughts??

  4. 104

    I am sorry but there is no way in hell hat Britney Spears is higher on the list than Johnny Cash. That is truly way better. It should have been #2.

  5. 105

    gaga wasn't on the list either perez

  6. 106

    Uhh..who are these people (idiots) that voted! I might be on board with brit MJ and JC but the rest….uuhhh BIG FAT EPIC FAIL! As far as Beastie Boys goes as much as I love sabotage that was not one of their most influencial songs …no friggin way!

  7. 107

    no surprises here. that lady gaga vid has been out all of five minutes, people couldnt seriously have expected it to make the cut

  8. 108

    I tought Beyonce had the best videos of all time.I guess Kanye West was wrong about that.

  9. 109

    fuck u perez,

    she sang for you at ur bday party and ur soo mean to her

    lady gaga didnt make the cut either?

    xtina influential to me and to millions of others, and she always will be

  10. 110

    beautiful is a powerful video
    so is hurt
    much more than those ones.
    i guess thriller, is more, because its michael jackson

    but perez u must of done REALLLY bad in school to result to this as a career

    and i cant wait till not myself tonight gets really big and ill be the first to fucking shove it down your throat.

  11. 111

    And your beloved bitch GaGa didn't make it either. Although, I do think some of those could have been replaced.

  12. 112

    There may be no christina , but there is no gaga either, Now everything is right in the world!!! I really dont understand why you are so down on Christina Aguilera Perez!! Didnt anyone teach you that if you dont have anything nice to say , dont say anything @ all, especially when nothing has been done wrong!!

  13. 113

    michael as usual at number 1 :D

  14. 114

    b spears wtf?????

  15. 115

    Britney Spears????? Hardly. Unless it is the video of her attacking the car with the umbrella that is. This idiot is soooooooooo yesterday. The majority of people are so over her pathetic self.

  16. 116

    No offense to myspace, but they don't have enough active users to determine the most influential music video of all time!

  17. 117

    why are you singling out Christina out? your stupid Gaga didnt make it either. Thank goodness too otherwise wed never hear the end of it.

  18. 118

    Dirrty by christina aguilera should have been on there she shocked so many people and brought raunchy back to the music industry!

  19. 119

    @britney's wide neck- well fuk yourself, my generation loves britney and we're glad you aren't part of it

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