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Why Was Obama So Funny At The Correspondent's Dinner??

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Well it's no surprise he killed it the way he did!

He's smart enough to hire the best!

Everyone is talking about President Barack Obama's stand-up routine at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, most agreeing that he did an INFINITELY better job than Jay Leno, who performed as well - to significantly less laughs!

And now we know why! We're now hearing that Obama hired staff writers from The Daily Show to come up with his material!

Excellent move! Granted, we think that his kids could have written the jokes and he still would have fared better than the HOrrific Leno, but regardless!

Way to bring the LOLz, bb!!

[Image via WENN.]

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48 comments to “Why Was Obama So Funny At The Correspondent's Dinner??”

  1. 1

    Maybe he hit the happy herb, who knows, is Washington, anything goes, lol…

  2. 2

    What a suck-fest group of LOSERS!

  3. 3

    Did "WE" ever actually think he put it together on his own? Do "WE" think he writes his speeches on his own as well?

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Who cares if he was funny or not.
    It's not funny when so many are looking for jobs. One job opening, 1,000 applicants.
    Maybe now he'll focus on what's IMPORTANT.

  6. 6

    or maybe he could stop wasting time & money and get back to failing at trying to run our country?

    just a though it is pretty effed up and he keeps making it worse.

    wanna be celebutard!

  7. 7

    It's not hard to be funnier than Jay Leno.

  8. 8

    This guy is a fascist. That isn't funny. No wonder Nazi Jon Stewart likes him.

  9. 9

    Haha…so that wasn't his own humor coming out. Got someone else to do it for him. I thought jay leno did a good job and was pretty funny. You could tell all the hard lefts in the crowd including the king himself had a somewhat difficult time swallowing the jabs thrown at their end all-be all solution to our problems. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  10. 10

    He's way way way more interested in being a celebrity than a President. Maybe he'll quit his day job before he gets fired and go on tour as Shakira's opening act.

  11. 11

    And I thought it was funny he couldn't hone his everlasting skills to not have to use a freakin' teleprompter for a correspondent's dinner. And same goes for leno if he did the same.

  12. 12

    Dear Lord! You called the President "bb" WTF?!

  13. 13

    haha i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he did hit the happy herb before dinner.
    seriously tho? anyone can be funnier than jay leno.

  14. 14

    The funniest part of this is that he wasn't funny!! The media is kissing his butt and cooing at how funny he was. He wasn't!!

  15. elRey says – reply to this


    Re: youaresofreakinglame – You are an uninformed idiot. ALL presidents do this stupid dinner, its 30 minuets of his life on the weekend, AFTER he visited LA spill site. He has accomplished more in a year than any other president in his first year, our economy is finally turning around and he works WAY harder than Bush ever did. STFU!!!

  16. elRey says – reply to this


    Re: gimlet123 – He was VERY FUNNY you sore ass racist. Just mad because stupid racist Republicans lost the election, get over it.

  17. elRey says – reply to this


    Re: lopezfanyeah – STFU with your racist BS.

  18. 18

    I'm sure he used taxpayer money to pay them. Keep spending fuckface we're not broke yet.

  19. 19

    most of us are smart enough, but obviously not YOU, to know he hired someone to write the jokes. Leno wasn't bad, but of course, he has restrictions on what he said. Obama does not take insults upon his white house well. NOT WELL AT ALL. He might, go hahaha, but he considers anyone who does not agree with him an enemy. And he carries a grudge.They all have a stick up their asses. He, on the other hand, can make fun of anyone, because he is, OBAMA. Bush, he was okay with people making the jokes at him, or at least, he looked like he did.

  20. #1 says – reply to this


    Obama is so not a bb

  21. 21

    Re: elRey – They're just morons. George Bush had speech writers, teleprompters, and hung out at his ranch in Crawford all the time (during a war, no less), and that was okay, but as soon as a Democrat does it, it's appalling. They're always accusing us of the low blows, and claim they just "tell the truth".
    Re: lopezfanyeah – You obviously didn't pay attention during your high school history lesson on fascism and the Nazi party. You just throw words out and have no idea what they mean!

  22. 22

    So our tax dollars paid people to write jokes? REALLY????? Come on.

  23. 23

    Re: BodyCakeSpa.com – I used to work for the state government, and even at that level, no one writes their own speeches. Presidents never do, either.

  24. 24

    It's so nice he gave the Daily Show writers a job while there is a permanent 10% unemployment among Americans and double that with African-Americans. It's so nice to have a president that cares more about the illegal drug cartels than the American people. So nice we have a president that refused for over a week to do anything about a huge oil spill. Yes he is so funny when he tells the American people "at a certain point you've made enough money" while he made 5 million last year alone. Yes, he's sooo hilarious. He and his joke of a presidency.

  25. 25

    Re: elRey – You are the stupid racist bitch! Ef you liberal morons that are too uneducated to actually hold a real conversation.

  26. 26

    Yes, el ray, everyone is a racist when they don't agree with you. You liberal turds sound like a broken record.

  27. 27

    Re: elRey – Where's it turning around. Lots of my friends have lost their jobs this past year.

  28. 28

    Re: bbtaddpole – This is what irks me about American politics. The bipartisanism is appalling! It's always us versus them, and everyone bashes the other side and blames them for every single problem in the country, when both sides are to blame!
    I'm a liberal when it comes to many social policies, but a conservative when it comes to many fiscal policies, so I don't bash either side, because I'm on both sides.
    I've been so relieved to live in the UK for the past few years, because you don't see that over here - at least the extreme version in the States.

  29. 29

    even if his jokes WEREN'T funny, i'd guarantee you everyone will laugh!
    he's the president for God's sake!!!

  30. 30

    some president, oil in the gulf, illegals protesting in the streets, car bomb in NYC, bad economy, no jobs, and he's telling jokes. very funny indeed

  31. 31

    He wasn't even funny. People just laughed because he's the president and they had to.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    I'm just glad that we have a President who can put sentence fragments together . . .

  34. 34

    Re: elRey – You're the racist. Is that the best you can do? The media has been oh, so quiet about the oil spill. 'Bama "visited" the site? BFD! Any other administration and the media would be crying bloody murder. We need a LEADER, not a comedian. And I lost respect for Jon Stewart a long time ago. His politics are so partisan, it's pathetic.

  35. 35

    Re: Plinkie9 – You call someone a "stupid racist bitch" and then say that liberals are too uneducated to hold a real conversation?


    Read your post again and explain to me how your wording was from an educated person, because I felt my IQ just drop.

  36. 36

    He wasn't funny. He was picking on people the libs don't like. that's what makes it funny or better yet sad. He's the president and spends way too much time demeaning and belittling people when he should be focused on bigger problems.. I got a joke for Obama: All the people who voted for him and are still unemployed.. Now thats sad in a funny way!

  37. l524s says – reply to this


    Jay Leno and his ugly ass daughter Resse Witherchin can both suck it. Shoulda hired Letterman if you wanted laughs!

  38. 38

    What a joke
    You have an oil spill that will cost billions of $$
    kill wildlife, destroy the fishing industry, hundreds more unemployed
    and Obama is telling jokes

    Give me a break

  39. 39

    we the tax payers hired the best joke writers for him. When are people going to get it that he is only as good as his writers. Get to work you moron. You wanted to be president, now act like a president and quit hanging with the celebs and quit with your spending.

  40. 40

    Yeah, it's real funny how this jug eared ass is neglecting to get the US Navy involved in the clean up of the spill off the coast of New Orleans. It's been going on 2 weeks now. If this had been a Republican president the media wouldn't have shut up about it, but Obama gets a pass…as usual.

  41. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I 100% knew someone else wrote his shit.. He pulled it off though!

  42. 42

    I think it's AWESOME that the federal government can afford to hire an antire comedy writing team!!!! Especially when a ton of people can't pay their bills, are loosing their homes & can't find work! It is all so effing wonderful! YAY

  43. 43

    I think it was wonderful and I think he's a wonderful President. It's too bad he had to inherent so much crap from the last administration.

  44. 44

    Re: Sir-Bangs-Alot – I love the way people turn the presidency and everything that it represents into a black and white issue. What exactly is he supposed to do for the "black" community that he isn't supposed to do for the country as a whole. Everyone expects him to change a country, that has been screwed up for the past 8 years, overnight? He's the president, he's not a miracle worker. Nothing he does will ever be right and everything that he does will always be scrutinized. I don't care who the president is, whether it's President Bush, Clinton, Daddy Bush, Reagan, or Obama, there will always be someone out there judging and criticizing. Everyone acts like this country was in such great shape when President Obama walked through the White House doors and he just turned sugar to shit in a year and a half. When we all know that he came into a nightmare and now everyone wants what they want when they want it (lol). Get real and get a clue.

  45. 45

    Can someone please cancel this morons contract so we can get our country back. PLEASE!?!?!?!

  46. 46

    hiring people to write a stand up routine?? WHERE ARE HIS PRIORITIES?!?!?!?!!?

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  48. 48

    LOVE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbass republicans talking shit go fuck your selfs ur just jelous!!!!!! :P bitches