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Corey Haim Died Of Natural Causes.

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Another interesting development…

The El Lay County Coroner has released Corey Haim's autopsy results, and word is that his tragic death was not directly caused by drugs.

Haim's cause of death is apparently listed as respiratory distress, or diffuse alveolar damage - most likely from his pneumonia - as well as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is when the muscle in one's heart thickens and cuts off the blood flow.

There was also a variety of drugs in his system, but the Coroner alleges that it was not to the degree where it would have played a part in his passing.

So sad. We wonder how much his prescription pill abuse could have contributed to his bad heart, though.


[Image via WENN.]

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51 comments to “Corey Haim Died Of Natural Causes.”

  1. 1


  2. SeeMe says – reply to this


    That news was released hours ago.

  3. 3

    Natural cause due to DRUGS!!!!!

  4. 4

    Yeah….."Naturally" from drugs. Duh.

  5. 5

    sound of crickets chirping

  6. 6

    Ummm.. I call bullshit. Respiratory distress can be naturally caused by pneumonia, which can be naturally caused by bacteria that otherwise healthy people naturally cough up , that may naturally go away or cause an upper respiratory infection. Pneumonia likes to settle in the lower parts of your lungs , that if your aren't sedated ( think patients on a ventilator) or have poor lung function secondary to something else , you cough that shit out!! ( Yes , I'm a nurse- 8 yrs trauma/ burn ICU's and ER)

  7. 7

    Why do they keep using an old Chastity Bono picture for Corey?

  8. 8

    Perez you owe his family one hell of an apology but I'm sure they aren't holding their breath! Maybe he had a history of drug abuse but you can't go around saying drugs caused his death without proof and sorry to say but this blows your theroy to shit! I would love nothing more than to see his family sue your ass (and the other "media" outlets that said crap about him) for slander!

  9. 9

    please stop showing the eyebrow/methbrow photo…

  10. 10

    wtf do you know. You're such a loser trying to make this his fault.

  11. 11

    His eyebrows give me the effing creeps…

  12. 12

    Re: sockie – agreed!!!!

  13. 13

    First off, cnn said it was atheroschlerotic heart disease…which is different from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That would affect the blood vessels feeding the heart. Second, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy doesn't necessarily block blood flow, only if it's progressed to hypertrophic OBSTRUCTIVE cardiomyopathy (and yes, there is a difference). It blocks the blood flow leaving the heart directly, not through blood vessels. Either way, drugs are probably what pushed his heart to the limit. I wonder which one he actually died from and what the coroner actually said since this site and cnn are differing on the COD.

  14. 14

    dilated cardiomyopathy (swollen heart with damaged muscle) caused by cocaine misuse. the human body can stand only so much abuse

  15. 15

    Where do they get this shit?? Why is it that every celeb death is put down to 'natural causes'. The guy abused his body with drugs of all kinds for YEARS. You cannot tell me that that didn't have a direct impact on his health and result in his early death. Honestly, they must think we're stupid.

  16. 16

    I was SO happy to hear this news!! It was frustrating to see that when he died EVERYONE jumped to the conclusion that he overdosed. Obviously he had a history of drug use, which probably contributed to his death, but someone SHOULD have given him the benefit of the doubt. He was trying to stay clean after his mom got sick. I hope this helps him Rest in Peace.

  17. 17

    RIP Haim :(

  18. 18

    I'm a medic. I read the autopsy report and to say that he died of natural causes is a joke…the sheer multitude of drugs in his system (sure, not at very high levels, but still!!) and the damage that his 38 year old lungs, heart, and kidneys already had indicate, to a lowly medic like me, that this kid had put MILEAGE on his young body with all the drugs he was doing. I know that pneumonia was a contributor, but a mild COLD would have killed him!! Just because he didn't die from a direct O.D. doesn't mean he died of "natural causes." Leave it to the jaded ass LOS ANGELES Coroner….

  19. 19

    So Sad. Wished he could have turned his life around. Just loved him in Lost Boys.

  20. 20

    Drugs are bad. Alcohol is bad. Diet Coke is bad.

  21. Suze says – reply to this


    "natural causes"???? Seriously? This must be the equivalent of "celebrity justice" in the morgue. The ME sees a 37 year old guy in this condition, with his history and the tox. report and says "natural causes"??!?! crazy.

  22. 22

    But which Corey was the Top?

  23. 23

    Re: Karolinka – nicely said!

  24. 24

    Would like to mention to all the nay sayers - he had a heart problem since he was a child!

  25. 25

    Oxycotin initally prescribed for back pain and then you end up addicted (google what people are going through)……then you end up with an enlarged heart - why do I know this - because it has happend to a dear friend of mine who now at age 37 has congestive heart failure and expects an early death (may I add he is also now seriously depressed)…..is there a connection?

  26. 26

    "So sad. We wonder how much his prescription pill abuse could have contributed to his bad heart, though." You couldn't even let him off the hook after the coroner's report. My mother just found at at 57 she has a heart murmur. Guess it must be all those drugs she didn't take. Have some class, jerk.

  27. 27

    it should read oxycontin

  28. 28

    he looked like a lesbian.

  29. 29

    I just LOVE how as soon as a person has/had a history of drug abuse in their lives & they tragically die of a natural cause(s), you, Perez, automatically link EVERYTHING & ANYTHING that has to do with the cause of this person's death to drugs.

    I.e., if a celebrity had issues with drugs like 20 yrs prior to their untimely death & died of a hemorrhaging of the brain, Perez would somehow link the 2 together, like becuz of the this persons drug usage yrs ago, it somehow caused him to have the hemorrhaging……or something along those lines.

    Do you know what I am getting at

  30. 30

    I read that his constant sedation w/drugs cause shallow breathing, which in time made him prone to lung problems


  31. 31

    RIP Corey you are in the arms of the angels now. The struggle is over.

  32. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Corey Feldmen was right when he said ““ Wiat and see!! Good 4 him 4 sticking up for his dead BFF. :P

  33. 33

    He had heart defects since he was a child so drugs contributed nothing to that. He had clogged arteries which means had he not done drugs, h still would have met an early death or heart transplant, attack, everything. His arteries were blocked by 75 in one and 80% in another. Drugs do not cause artery problems. It damages the heart and causes it to work overtime and weakened to the point of failing. Drugs harm the other organs as well, especially kidneys which have to filter all of the chemicals.. Liver is damaged as well. They did mention some form of pherosis. That is a symptom. So he died of plain ole pnuemonia.. Perez, please, let it be. Not drugs. Let this mans soul rest in peace now. He died relatively clean. I am glad that at least he did not end on a bad note where he will be known for dying from a drug overdose. He died of natural causes. sad, very sad, but good..God rest his soul.. let it go Perez..

  34. lolli says – reply to this


    See how when everyone everyone was llike DRUG OVERDOSE DRUG OVERDOSE, everyone had something to say, but now that its from natural causes no one gives a shit. whatever. RIP.

  35. 35

    Poor Corey. Parasites truly surrounded poor Corey like they are surrounding his sister Cari H. His sister Cari H. just gave birth to a new baby with "fiance" Mark Alexander. I am from the same area and have been flirted with and propositioned by Mark Alexander. He told me he was in a relationship with Cari H. but wanted to "explore his options". He also pursued another woman I know and sent her flowers hoping to "hook-up". All this while engaged to Cari H. We BOTH told him to go away and leave us alone. There may be more wome…I wouldn't put it past him. He's EXTREMELY unattractive - fat with a big belly…looks as if he is pregnant. After I turned him down, he started insulting me and bragging about how much money he made with some Kid's music company he started up and sold called "Just For ME" music. He BRAGGED about how much money he made and that he didn't have to work anymore and bought a house, etc. YET…..the family cries poverty and needs financial help for the funeral. Can't Mark Alexander help out the family of his fiancee? Considering his extreme WEALTH that he brags about? Nope….why help out when you can get handouts, right? Disgusting! Just truly CHEAP, TACKY, and LOW CLASS. Poor Cari H.

  36. 36

    Umm… so when did Corey Haim start to look like a middle aged lesbian?

  37. 37

    It sounds like the coroner is doing Mom a little favor so she can collect on life insurance. He was a drug addict, he destroyed his body with drugs. He died because of drugs. The Coroner needs to take a vacation with no pay.

  38. 38

    Whatever process says you can call this a "natural" death also said my friend's mom who died of breast cancer called it pneumonia (that she got in the hospital dying of breast cancer). The dude died from a body ravaged by drug use…prescription and illegal. And his mom shouldn't have flushed any drugs down the toilet. Check with local health departments on proper disposal. Flushed drugs go into our municipal water systems and gets turned back into drinking water (unless you have a private well and/or the toilet water goes into a private cesspool). I don't think anyone needs to take anti-depressants anymore with the amount being flushed and peed into the water systems of the USA.

  39. 39

    so so sad…drug addict or not, he was still awesome back in the day…Corey Haim was my favourite, he covered all my bedroom walls as a kid…RIP CH xx

  40. Dxxx says – reply to this


    Re: organicgal – How dare you??? Antidepressants not only save lives but they greatly improve the quality of life for MILLIONS. As a mental health professional I know beyond any doubt that mental health drugs are just as important as heart medication, dialysis, etc. If Andrea Yates had been medicated those five children would not have been drowned in the bathtub. If Mark David Chapman had been treated with mental health drugs John Lennon would not have been shot five times in the back. More importantly, it is your friends, your family, your colleagues who suffer privately because this disease is tragically stigmatized. “Mental disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year” (National Institute of Mental Health 2010.)

    For you to suggest that no one should take mental health drugs anymore is ignorant and dangerous.

  41. 41

    Not sure if he was a coke user, but prolonged coke use can definitely cause the heart irregularity listed above. Either way, it's still a tragedy.

  42. 42

    There you go again looking like the dumbass fool you are Perez.

  43. 43

    pneumonia + cmo (cardiomyopathy) can be bad news (but it usually isn't this bad at such a young age). his cmo could have been caused by years of drug abuse/poor diet/ etc., so in the end he definitely could have died of "natural causes" but they were most likely caused by his lack of care for himself and drug use i'm an RN who has worked icu and cardiac. i have seen this with young people who abuse their bodies over and over. i've seen entirely too many drug users, including "legal" drug users. its too sad. take care of yourself peoples! i don't want to take care of you in the hospital.

  44. 44

    Re: niffernh – Thats why the world loves Perez cuz he tells it like it is! Beat it hater..but wait you're reading all of this!

  45. 45

    Ummm…if he had died from drugs the reprot would have said it you fucking assholes. You all are a bunch of fucking Perez clones. Get your own minds. Grow the fuck up!!

  46. 46

    Is that Chaz Bono?

  47. 47

    Corey Haim's autopsy is supposed to be on the show "Issues" tonight. Well, not the autopsy itself but a doctor is going to discuss it withthe host-Jane Velez Mitchell

  48. 48

    even if you can show that his death was brought on by natural causes i think the enablers around him would have to be viewed as contributing elements. Surrounding yourself with slimy characters like Howard K. Stern or Conrad Murray can only lead to you joining the list of fallen celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger.

  49. 49

    sad :(

  50. 50

    Re: AngelaJ54 – Amen to you sister…. or brother.. either way you are completely correct on this one.

  51. 51

    Re: StarAddict – you are a dumb-ass lol