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Madonna Taking Break From Music

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Madonna is taking some time off from her music to focus on family and her upcoming movie, W.E.

And we hate the idea!

She told Interview Magazine:

"I haven't really been focused as much as I should be on the music part of my career, because the movie has consumed every inch of me. Between that and my four children, I don’t have the time or energy for anything else.”

It's weird. I don't have a record deal right now with anybody. I don't know how I'm going to get my music out the next time I make a record."

We'll sure Madge can find a way!

So sad. Her music will surely be missed.

[Image via WENN.]

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125 comments to “Madonna Taking Break From Music”

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  1. 101

    Take a break from breathing-heheheh

  2. Stank says – reply to this


    MORE LIKE LETTING GAGA bask in her SHINE!!! Quite generous of her but it also seems to me like Madonna's a bit scared of the competition??????

  3. 103

    Wow - I really am curious how old a majority of you little bitches on here are - some pf you write like your a bunch of whiney high school students who lost the ability to have respect and appreciation for other people. Geez.

    SO let me get this straight - in twenty years time, your all saying it will be time for Christna, GaGA, and Britney (and hell - even Miley) to hang it up and go out to pasture?

    A whole lot of you suffer from something called ageism. You seem to forget that there was a generation before you (but alas-you are selfish, so how could there be others besdies YOURSELF?) - I grew up with Madonna and continue to be inspired by her…I may not love everything she does - but I find it hilarious that people say she is a flop (HELLO - S&W tour - went on for TWO summer and became the biggest tur of all time by a solo artist) thats hardly a flop.

    I don't think it is fair to try and make you like her- you are all entitled to to your opinion, but to read all the sloppy language and mundane and untrue snippets about her is irratating.

    So go ahead and use your pottymouths to trash her, what your really doing is trying to incite a reaction out of someone - which is a sign that you are morally weak and dependent on the reactions of others to make yourself feel justified.

    A bunch pf pathetic Whiney brats.

  4. 104

    Cheek-y. Man-donna is all cheeks!

    Looks like a clown!

  5. 105

    WHAT?! She better just be building hype and hysteria and is actually making more music… If not that would be sooooooooooo depressing!!! I LOVE YOU MADGE! :)

  6. 106

    Re: Crickan
    I could take my virtual red pen and point out the numerous grammatical errors and sloppy language in your post, but it's really not worth my time. You are correct, however, in saying that it's unfair on your part to make people like her, but people are going to trash her regardless of how you feel about it. Respect is to be earned and not automatically granted because of your success. If you're going to call out people, though, for "sloppy language" and sounding WHINY, try doing less of it yourself.

  7. 107

    Re: jp1988
    "Clearly most of the people that are going to rag on her are Mariah's LAMBS."
    I think the world is a little less black & white than that. However, I do see more of Madonna's fans trashing numerous other artists than I do of Mariah's fans trashing Madonna.

  8. 108

    This haggard old zombie hasn't had a hit since Ray of Light. Her irrelevant, old ass needs to retire because her time is up. The time of Gaga is here!

  9. 109

    Re: YoungTaurus – Well said! Also, Kate Bush is amazing. She's a true artist.

  10. 110

    If she's interested in getting her music out, she should team up with Trent Reznor, he's had no problem releasing the NiN stuff to the people who wanted to hear it

  11. Cass says – reply to this


    She was never much of a singer, if we're really being honest. She had some catchy pop songs early on, but what gained her attention was her personality and her cultural force. Madonna as a person is way more interesting than her music ever was, and we all overlook the fact that her entire career consists of mostly crappy music and downright awful acting.

  12. 112

    Lady Gaga killed Madonna's music career.Madonna is not relevant anymore.

  13. 113

    glad to hear her admit her heart's not in it anymore, it explains the generic "by the numbers" Hard Granny Cd, she has a great pop legacy but if she continues to put out mediocre product she will tarnish it, better leave it to the younger girls like Gaga and Kylie! pop is a young person's game anyway!

  14. 114

    NOOOO, well I bet she's just waiting to release something that's going to blow everybody's minds! I love GAGA but she would be nothing without Madonna, and Madonna can still make that girl run for the money

  15. 115

    dude, what the fuck is up with her face?

  16. rev3 says – reply to this


    gaga is taking over!

    alejandro is the poor man's "la isla bonita"

    come bcak to the five and dime madonna, madonna!!!

  17. 117

    Right so what about that 120 million record deal she signed last year?

  18. 118

    My favorite Madonna album was Hard Candy and was the album that "got me into her". I do think she should take a break from making music and come up with somthing GREAT bc shes going to get alot of bs because of her age. I looooooove her but what i really want is another tour!!!!!!

  19. 119

    the last music she made that was any good was ray of light album that is pretty damn good ( as much as i hate her) but still if she takes a break from music whose songs am i gonna mock i mena i need her shitty music to know bad taste to have something to compare good muic to

  20. 120

    Re: Brainbug – poor idiot since ray of light madonna had so many hits ,like the power of goodbye ,beatifu lstranger ,american pie ,music ,dont tell me ,die another day,hung up and 4 minutes ,that still selling IDIOT

  21. 121

    She deserves a break

    long live The Queen of Pop

  22. 122

    She needs to eat. She looks devrepit and haggard !

  23. 123


  24. 124

    GOD, when is this old hag going to disappear already? I heard recently she is one of the WORST tippers of all celebs. Funny how Ms Obama-loving, "I care about the little guy" shits all over her lowly waiters/waitresses. She is a washed up old poon who spent the 80s climbing the ladder by sucking anyone's d*** who asked for it and having more abortions than children in Malawi, and now we are supposed to think this plastic bitch is someone we need to give a shit about? Haven't cared since about 1986 and she is just relegating herself to obscurity. Fine by me.

  25. 125

    She looks better right now. This winter she had a fat face because of the "Voluma"

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