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Years and years of country music history may be washed away.

Country music fans and stars were saddened to hear yesterday that among the many structures devastated by the flooding in Nashville, The Grand Ole Opry House was one of the ones hit hardest.

Though the amount of damage is still unknown, judging by the picture, we can't imagine it faired well.


[Image via AP Images.]

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60 comments to “Sad!”

  1. 1

    I'm hoping they'd already put the Johnny Cash stuff on the top shelf and Garth Brooks on the bottom. That would be no great loss.

  2. Scar says – reply to this


    I found myself laughing after reading this entry
    I felt pretty gross laughing at this, but that was only before I realized that what I was laughing at was your fake sympathy

  3. buck says – reply to this


    somewhere in there Al Gore is swimming laps….he can't wait for summer!!!

  4. mc706 says – reply to this


    Too bad the entire country music genre wasn't washed away.

  5. 5

    Too bad this nation could care less about the people of Tn. but let an earthquake hit a foreign country and we're all over it. So many people out of homes, clothes and necessities that others cant donate unless you buy it for them brand new. Its sad that they will have to start looting and killing each other before this gets the attention it deserves.

  6. 6

    Anyone can help the relief effort. Nashville needs help. Text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to donate $10 to flood relief.

  7. 7

    Thank you for posting this here for Nashville. We have got little at best national media coverage due to the New York City threat, and the gulf oil spill. Heard today that this may be the biggest non-hurricane disaster to hit in the U.S. history. It is very bad here. Heard $ Billions in damage. Sad, very sad.

  8. Stepy says – reply to this


    This is so terribly sad! That place is a piece of musical history…devastating that it has suffered damage to the flooding. So many legends have played in that place…

  9. 9

    People are confusing this with the historic Ryman Auditorium where The Grand ol' Opry started. It moved here a few years back. Still sad though… Reports are saying The Country Hall of Fame Museum has also been badly damaged. There's years & years of history housed in those walls. My thoughts & prayers go out to everyone in Nashville. Some of the nicest people I have ever met.

  10. 10

    That's my home state I was born near Nashville! Have lot's of relatives still there. I hope something is done. Sad! That does not include the people who were killed.

  11. 11

    You people are sick.

  12. 12

    as a nashville resident I am really glad that everyone else in this country is taking this so lightly. people have lost everything they have, homes and lives have been destroyed not to mention those who have died. no one was laughing when this happened in new orleans. seeing people joke about country albums and garth brooks right now is so disheartning that i cannot even believe it. what does that have to do with anything? take a step back and think about if this had happened to you what you would want people saying and more importantly doing. thanks america, we appreciate your kindness.

  13. 13

    Wow Piggy where are all of your readers??????? This site has gone down hill. Get Barbie out of the Chicken wings and try to entertain. I think this site is over!!! Later Biotches!!!!

  14. tnb says – reply to this


    Mister Meaner is correct. While this is still sad, this is NOT what people think of when they think of the Grand Ole Opry House. The Ryman auditorium is where all the history is really at, and it is safe and sound. This version of the Grand Ole Opry House was not in existence until 1974. Hank Sr., Elvis, and all the true greats played at the Ryman.

  15. 15

    At least The Ryman Auditorium (the original Grand Ol Opry) received little to no damage. It sits on a hill, so they'll be holding shows there again I am sure.

    This area is truly devastated and it is a national tragedy. It's like Katrina here, folks. Very bad.

  16. 16

    They won't reinstate Hank Williams Sr., but you can bet they'll be using his image in future "save the grand ole opry" campaigns.

  17. 17

    Thank you for mentioning this. I don't think the rest of the nation understands how truly horrible this situation is.

  18. 18

    Re: sbr123 – i live in england and when people here lose everything due to flooding that occurs every year, they grumble under their breath, grab a shovel and get on with their lives, because we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. america does not. what's happened to you is terrible and i'm very sorry, but sympathy will not fix it.

  19. 19

    Oh, and BTW… Ke$ha flew in today (think she's from Nashville) and immediately went and donated a ton of food to an animal shelter in town. She seemed very sweet and normal even though she comes off as crazy as Hell. Maybe this will get your attention.

  20. 20

    I reside in Nashville the damage is extremely devastating and they keep finding that more and more people have died. Please donate, I have many friends who are without homes, and have lost everything including pets, personal belongings of their past which are irreplaceable. The fact that people are taking this as a joke is a serious sting to everyone that has been effected by this storm. Wow why don't you go stick a tampon in and realize that there are bigger things than a joke at our expense. Understand that if this happened to you and no one was helping or noticing how bad it truly was, and you had no where to stay, no source of income because your job just cant cover the expense of the damage so they are shutting down, and now loitering is happening.

  21. 21

    country music :shivers:

  22. 22

    Why would god do this to all those christians?

  23. 23

    I used to work at the Opry Mills Mall. My boyfriend worked at the Opry Mills Mall. My roommate worked at the Opryland Hotel. I feel terrible for all the people who have lost their jobs… I don't think people realize how many people those two places alone employ.

  24. 24

    I am currently a resident in East Nashville which is right over the river. I have been in China for the past week to come home to the states to learn of this tragedy. This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Please pray for our city.

  25. 25

    I live in Nashville and am very fortunate. But I know 100s of people that this has effected. Please spread the word in case everyone doesn't grasp the severity of what is going on in Nashville. Temporary shelters are at capacity, missing people are unaccounted for, many homes are under water, there is a water conservation emergency, much of Nashville's economic base is threatened by flood damage. Text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief.

  26. 26

    It really is SAD to see people are making fun of a very devistating situation. Many, many, MANY areas including Nashville have been greatly effected. I am from Nashville, Old Hickory to be exact and it is a big deal. Our city is almost at a standstill right now. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as the floods have not gone down. You should be ashamed of yourself for making fun of such a situation. If it were you and your state in trouble or in need, I guarantee the good people of TN would not make fun of your situation but help you out greatly.

  27. 27

    Tennessee is truly The Volunteer State. Rescue teams were made up of neighbors on boats. People were rescued from homes, cars and hotels from true heroes that reside(d) next door. For those of you abroad saying that you grummble and grab your shovels, we get it. No one is looking for a handout. We are looking for compassion, volunteers and prayers. Thank you Perez for bringing this topic to light. Not to take away from lost and ruined Country Music memorabilia, but this disaster is about lost and ruined LIVES. Please go to NashvilleRedCross.org to find out how to help.

  28. 28

    I am a Nashville resident and I lost my home. I just wanna say to the heartless people here that there is nothing funny about wading through waist deep sewage to rescue your animals. There is nothing funny about sifting through your ruined belongings. Lastly, there is nothing funny about watching the rain pour down helplessly knowing that with every hour it continues more of your life is being lost. I know its hard to understand if you are not directly affected, but please understand that this IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER. All we ask for is respect and kindness so we can begin picking up the pieces.

  29. 29

    My hometown of Clarksville (45min north of Nashville) has been hit just as hard. They have 2 rivers passing through and both of them are 15ft + above flood level. People have lost homes, businesses, loved ones really everything. I love my home state and being away, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.
    As LouLou7 said Tennessee is truely the Volunteer State.
    ladybird-I am so sorry about your loss. Your in my prayers.

  30. 30

    Re: amycakes86 – I think there is a special place in hell for people who dismiss other's crisis. NOT only are you a rude person you are ignorant for commenting about something you know nothing about- this is a federal emergency. I doubt you live here, or anywhere near TN. So you really are tacky for taking cheap shots at people who have lost homes, memories, pets, jobs, and lives. I hope no houses fall on you- YOU WICKED WITCH

  31. 31

    I live in Nashville and everyone here is affected in one way or another because of recent events. The loss of life and property cannot be underestimated and now the possible shut down of the only remaining water treatment plant has caused great concern, not to mention a possible lack of gasoline at the fuel pump. However on the bright side… the flood damage sales are going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  32. 32

    I am so GLAD to see that you posted this on here. Nashville is truly getting shafted when it comes to media coverage. It's not just the Grand Ole Opry; Downtown Nashville and surrounding areas are still without power, are being told to conserve water, to stay at home (if they still have a home). Schools, in the areas hit the hardest, have been closed all week and will be tomorrow as well. PURE and UTTER devastation!!

  33. 33

    God is punishing nashville for a country singer who just came out as a lesbian

  34. jax36 says – reply to this


    What is this world coming to? I currently reside in Nashville & I am surrounded by MASS DEVASTATION! And yet people joke. I do not understand where the compassion is. How is this for size…a father jumped into the rapid water to save his daughter on sunday…they were both taken under by the current. And all the while his son watched as his father & sister were taken under. NOW DO YOU FIND THAT FUNNY? Mr "president" were is your compassion? Not a peep from you about this devastation! Please sigh the state of emergency already!!! Or are we to much of a conservative stae for you? I have lost my job..people i know have lost everything..their homes…their pets & loved ones! PLEASE SEND HELP!

  35. 35

    This is nothing compared the miles and miles of homes and historic homes that have been totally consumed underwater. These aren't flood areas and virtually no one has any flood insurance.

  36. 36

    Holy CRAP!

  37. 37

    maybe you should be more concerned about the people affected than the grand ole opry. many of my friends have lost their homes and everything inside. nashville needs help

  38. 38

    Re: mc706 – a lot of my friends lost everything. EVERYTHING!!! Go to hell!

  39. 39

    Re: jax36 – Aren't you the same political-leaning type person that says you don't want handouts and that government needs to stay out of people's lives? Why does the president you hate need to come save you? Why don't you use those bootstraps you tell everyone to use?

  40. 40

    Re: Nashgal2000 – Just so you know, Tennesseans are helping each other out right now. There is no one there to help assist in this mess.
    The President is taking his time approving counties in TN declared for Govt. Assistance. Right now it sits at 3 of the 52.
    With Katrina, Bush declared federal state of emergency the day before it hit landfall.

  41. 41

    WSMV has a website with 22 slideshows of the damage from all over the state. Its absolutely jaw dropping.

  42. 42

    Thank you so much, Perez, for recognizing this catastrophe in Nashville, TN. There are so many families that have lost loved ones, as well as hundreds that have lost their homes. There aren't many people that have flood insurance, having been told they are not in a flood zone. Also, many businesses have been devastated, leaving many people jobless. I am VERY confident OUR PRESIDENT will help us overcome this, as long as our Senators step up & keep him informed. The damages are still being assessed & will be for days to come. Let's focus on the people in need, rather than trying to find any reason to attack President Obama. To find out how you can help, please visit: www.hon.org

  43. 43

    i think this is almost as sad as growing number of wildlife, species and habitat getting smothered to death from roaming oil in the gulf right now.

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    Psst. That would be 'fared' well, not faired well.

  45. 45

    That's the "new" grand ole opry location, not the Historic Ryman Auditorium. Nonetheless, the devastating floods in TN are truly horrible.

  46. 46

    Re: amycakes86 – There were bodies tangled in the creek behind my house. No one is laughing here. You should keep your ugly thoughts to yourself.

  47. 47

    I live in downtown Nashville so I'm glad to see this post however I think that it's more important to know about the people who have lost literally everything. Especially those that lost their lives. It's hard to imagine unless you go through this personally- walking out of your house and a block away there's nothing but a lake when the day before there were houses and businesses.

  48. 48

    Re: amycakes86 – shut the fuck up. you don't even live here. let's not forget that tornados were associated with this. You have never seen an entire college destroyed by a tornado. It's fucking scary. Also, Nashville wasn't the only place hit. What about the other cities in Tennessee? There are roads collapsed everywhere and people don't have flood insurance because this isn't supposed to happen here. Also why don't you think about the hundreds of thousands of families who have suffered? The families who lost someone to the flood and tornados. I'm sure you can't because you don't have anyone who would give a shit about you. So shut the fuck up. You aren't living in it. This is happening in America and we should care and spend our money on our own people.

  49. 49

    Re: tooktoolong – I live in Nashville and it's not funny. I hope that no one has to go through what some of my fiends are going through. It's really hilarious to watch someone you love and care about lose everything they have ever owned. If anyone is going to be punished it will be assholes like you.

  50. 50

    if only it had been completely destroyed, country music of for stupid hicks, and stupid hicks dont gots no compoooters! so whythe fuck would anyone who read this care?

  51. 51

    This isn't just sad it is devastating! This isn't an area of the country known for flooding. No one was prepared for a freak disaster of this magnitude. Many people have died, home and cars have been washed away or blown away by tornadoes, and the city is close to running out of water with both water treatment plants flooded. Not to mention the multiple explosions and fires that have destroyed homes and business. Nashville will recover, but it will take a long time.

    What is truly sad is seeing this area treated like it doesn't matter by the news and the federal government. I grew up in Nashville and now live in New York City. Yes, the car bombing was scary and should get news coverage–so should the awful oil crisis in the Gulf. But no people have died in either of those cases. People in NYC and around the gulf have not lost EVERYTHING. No matter where in the world a crisis of this magnitude occurs, people should reach out and help each other–be it from flooding in England (despite amycake86's claim that they do just fine on their own) or the earthquake in Haiti. I just think it's very, very sad that this tragedy is being ignored. It”s hard to imagine that the oversight is not a result of of the fact that its a Southern, conservative state. Maybe if Nashville was the host of an event like Mardi Gras it would be getting more attention.

  52. 52

    Re: eskimo kisses – Yes that's exactly how us Tennesseans talk down here. Why would we care? Perhaps we know people who are currently suffering from the flood? People who have to basically pay for an entirely new house because Nashville is not supposed to have floods due to the rocky terrain. Or perhaps we were all sitting in tornado shelters or bathrooms for the six tornado warnings on Saturday and afterwards discovered that everything had been practically been destroyed by the floods? Oh and here's a crazy thought.. maybe because our roads collapsed because of the flood? You are a very ignorant person who most likely has very little education and has never been to Tennessee. Why don't you visit a place with real culture when this devastation has been taken care of. However, it will probably be a while because people are suffering from the loss here.

  53. 53

    Re: prettytotebag – Wildlife and the livelihood of families affected by the economical hit of the oil spill is a HUGE concern. There's also been 2 bombs set from terrorists and massive tornados that ran through Mississippi. So many major headlines and not enough time maybe. That being said, who is to say that compassion can't be spread to more than 1 life form? For someone as sympathetic towards wildlife you would think that you would have some sympathy for your own race…
    I don't understand your small capacity for compassion. Unfortunate.

  54. 54

    Wow, that's awful!!

  55. 55

    Re: eskimo kisses – Wow you are a complete and total idiot, I am not originally from Nashville, but moved here after COLLEGE. Something you have obviously never heard of. You are the one wielding behind a computer you fuck. Way to go you tool. Way to sit behind your computer and judge maybe if you stopped looking at porn all day and got up off of your chair you would realize that people are in serious trouble here. Instead of sitting there judging everyone who is in complete torment and pain. I have just added a funeral to my list after all of this. So excuse me while I get back to helping my fellow nashvillians. P.S. if you think we are so stupid we should probably compare salaries you fuck. Have fun jerking off. Peace. Best wishes Love Nashville!

  56. 56

    Re: eskimo kisses – If you feel like being judged like you judged all of us. I am sure all of nashville would love to see your green weave thrown into that flood water. So wipe the smug look off of your face because I am even responding to you. You are a waste of time and wasting precious air.

  57. 57

    Thanks for posting this almost a week AFTER it happened.

  58. 58

    Re: eskimo kisses – You're a fucking moron.

  59. 59

    Re: LouLou7 – I never stated I didn't have compassion for those affected by this horrible flood. Being a Floridian myself, my family, friends, peers and I have lived through countless floods, hurricanes, and tornados that frequent my city and state every year and take our homes and everything we work and live for. Every year, every day, every second there is suffering. There is a lot of hysteria going on in this world at the moment, and who is at the center of it? Our human race. So please excuse me for sounding a bit cynical. That wasn't my intention. Just stating facts. If i were capable I'd be in TN in a heart beat to help so many needing it, but i can't. So i do what i can. I wish everyone in TN well and hope for a steady, fast recovery.

  60. 60