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Courtney VS. Fred

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Ouch! C. Love knows some fighting words!

During a concert last weekend, Courtney Love decided to verbally berate Limp Biskit frontman Fred Durst by blaming him for "the worst years in rock history".

According to Courtney, Fred is a disgrace to the music because he only got into the business, as she mocked him, for the "nookie."

When just her words weren't getting across, she started to hate on the audience that mildly reminded her of Fred. She selected a guy in the crowd who was wearing a baseball hat and started bad talking him, as if he was actually Fred Durst. She said:

"I see (a) guy with (a) backwards baseball cap. Dude, you! You scare me! You make me feel like you're going to rape me or something, and all my children! You did it for the nookie, dude in the red baseball hat! Do you know one word to one (Hole) song? That is so lame. I'm so sorry, you're here for the nookie! I could beat your ass."

Harsh! So what if he did? He paid for a ticket! You are there to entertain him, not castrate him!

Calm it down, bb!

Fred, a reply?

[Image via WENN.]

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84 comments to “Courtney VS. Fred”

  1. 1

    haha I agree with her about the music part but berating the audience member…a little much

  2. 2

    Fuck Fred Durst, man. She's right. He's responsible for the worst years (and the decline) of Rock and Roll. He's also responsible for a whole new breed of bully. So fuck this dude. He can fuck off and go to hell.

  3. 3

    No wonder kurt killed himself , who can stand that bitch?

  4. 4

    So she had a brain-damage type episode, which manifests itself more frequently as one ages, which we all have, to some degree, but 99% of the time it never manifests itself.
    But Courtney's brain-damage has been evident for quite awhile.
    She has 1 kid, for example (unless she did a Freudian type slip and wants more kids … only to lose custody of them down the road … plus she's probably approach menopause rapidly, faster than most women …)
    Anyway, I could give her a free masectomy anyday with one swift kick of my stiletto …

  5. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Ya know, over the past few days I have wondered why I read this site. The news that is semi interesting is really old and the other stuff is about people that no one care about (this is an example of such a story).

    I am done with this page.

  6. 6

    lol Well, she isn't wrong about him. Really. I agree with Spring Clean for May Queen on the bully thing, definitely true.

  7. 7

    Good for Courtney! Fred isn't even real rock, he's just does that rock-rap shit like he's trying to sound hardcore when in reality, he's a promiscuous nobody wimp like Eminem.

  8. 8

    She is always high on something, so who knows what she really has to say. And, she is trying to promote a so-so album…..

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Isn't Courtney's 15 minutes of fame up? God I wish this woman would tie a noose around her neck and hang herself from the nearest tree. She's an irrelevant never will be that only became famous because of her husband.

  11. 11

    Thanks to Fred we have "bros" and their pick up truck bullying others now.

  12. 12

    That's H-O-T !

  13. 13

    batshitcrazy whore

  14. 14

    she's right. rock has been AWFUL for the past decade plus.

  15. 15

    Pot meet Kettle. You got in the business why? or more importantly HOW? Poor Kurt to ever have crossed paths with this train wreck…

  16. 16

    courtney love is a stupid bitch with zero talent she only famous for being mrs.cobain

  17. 17

    Yuck. Courtney Love would do anything to get attention.

  18. 18

    She's right about the Fred.

  19. 19

    I was there….Courtney was a hot mess. She just kept reminding the crowd that she had a plane to catch and that Fred Durst ruined rock and roll. I was really looking forward to seeing her. So disappointed.

  20. 20

    This woman is such a disgusting person she is so unbearable yet she does make a valid point. Go figure. :/

  21. 21

    She got into the business for the drugs, and he for the nookie. Rock semantics at their finest.

  22. 22

    That is really funny,because the DJ on the radio was interviewing one of these new Indie rock bands.I think it was the ,yeah,yeah,yeahs, or go,go,go.Anyway while they were interviewing the band.The dj was saying were ther other bands your really liked,and he said yes and named a few.The the DJ said anyones you didn't care for?And he was like come on you can say some.And apparently Hole was playing there too and he said they were terrible.She cant play,sing,write worth a shit! She was awlfull.

  23. 23

    " ' all her children…" how many does she have? Perez only likes her because she is part cuban

  24. 24

    i never got it. why did people all of the sudden start hating Limp Bizkit? what'd he do? i still like "nookie", "faith" and "rollin".

  25. 25

    Re: Cashmere Jay – #21 LOL

  26. 26

    Well, she's right, Fred is a shame of music industry

  27. 27

    Fred didn't pay for a ticket, Limp Bizkit was headlining. I was there. She was also talking shit to some guy in the crowd.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    well it's true most of that music was shit back in the day

  30. 30

    what is with courtney lately?? oh yeah, she's on tour and trying to get press. THAT is why she can't keep her big mouth shut. she's like..fuck a publicist…i can just say whatever the hell i want and people will report on it. :)

  31. 31

    Yo, I am certainly no fan of Fred Durst or of his shitty band, but it's ridiculous to berate another quasi celebrity publically. She's so stupid. She's as much off a musician as that asshole is. Unfortunately, I do know a few lyrics from a few Hole songs, and I wish I could erase them from my brain completely. If anyone's a bully and an asshole, it's Courtney Love.

  32. 32

    Re: QUEEN FOR A KNIGHT – Thanks Q - best J

  33. 33

    fuck all of you people who just comment to say mean things about courtney.

    you may think she has no talent, but thats expected coming from american idol britney spears kesha lovers.

    Courtney is the most talented female artist alive in my opinion. ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN listen to "live through this" or "pretty on the inside," listen to her words and her screams and her riffs. Her songs aren't about dancing and they're not meaningless love songs, her songs are masterpieces. "Miss World," "Violet," "Doll Parts," "Jennifer's Body" the whole Pretty On The Inside album all the way through, "Celebrity Skin" and "Best Sunday Dress" - all of the Hole classics - listen to them. If you have half a brain, if you're able to connect emotionally to anything that isn't from a material girl, THEN YOU'LL SEE THAT HOLE IS ONE OF THE BEST BANDS AND COURTNEY LOVE IS A BRILLIANT SONGWRITER. She empowered a whole generation of girls, she had her own look, her OWN point of view and take on the shallow way women are viewed. courtney was/is a feminist and a good one. she's not american idol she's sylvia plath.

  34. 34

    hole is a critically acclaimed band. courtney's the greatest female songwriter. Courtney's look was her OWN. her point of view on the world - on women - was her OWN. her music was her OWN. Listen to Doll Parts, Miss World, Jennifer's Body, Best Sunday Dress, Violet, Celebrity Skin, Pretty On The Inside. Her music is art in its richest form.

    god you're all so dumb. I mean, really. SUCH ROBOTS. You can't understand anything that isn't american idol disney pop or sleazy sexist stupid rock.

  35. 35

    courtney is the greatest. courtney is a brilliant woman.

  36. 36

    Who cares about this insane grandma!!! Who gives a fuck…oh wait Perez does cause she kisses his ass. Thats right!

  37. 37

    Perez likes her at this moment because she attended his One Night in Austin party. Don't worry, he'll be talking shit about her in no time. That's how he rolls: two-faced.

  38. 38

    You dumb piece of shit, you dont deserve one dime for your shity music

  39. 39

    I was there it was the edgefest in frisco texas…She looked strung out!!!!!!! and she forgot some lyrics

  40. 40

    She's just mad that he didn't sing about her lol.

  41. 41

    Peanuts, popcorn, candy apples, and inside this tent for just a meagre fee, you can see a certified crazy lady! Step right this way ladies & gents!

  42. 42

    What is her problem? You don't attack your audience who paid good money to see you. Fuck that!

  43. 43

    I was at this concert and though I agree Courtney is as crazy as they come, the guy in the audience that she was berating was making blow job gestures at her throughout Hole's set. She waited till the end of the set to say anything…I thought it was pretty awesome that she stood up for herself.

  44. 44

    She's absolutely right. In addition, nobody should wear a baseball cap to a Hole concert.

  45. 45

    Re: truefact – Damn straight..

  46. 46

    For a gal that's daughter wants nothing to do with her this is rich! And by the way her albums suck

  47. 47

    Did no one mention to Courtney Love what a stupid piece of shit she is and that she is the last bitch to be dogging anyone? No? Shit.

  48. 48

    She's Right!

  49. 49

    She's right.

  50. 50

    That guy was probably a nice guy. I am old and saw Hole in 94. It was one of the worst shows of all time. Such a great album and all she did was say how much she didn't want to be there. Wanted to see her on this tour and this is why I didn't get tickets. This is why I will never get into one of her songs again, even if it was good.

  51. 51

    Thats why i like GaGa so much. She doesn't treat her fans like shit like other artists! Courtney need stfu and lay of the drugs.

  52. 52

    She has dated Fred in the past. Shes just mad cause Fred kicked her to the curb

  53. 53

    I never saw a picture of Carol Channing without her big hair. She looks real nice in that picture.

  54. 54

    She's right…limp bizcuit sucked.

  55. 55

    This twat is getting on my nerves - she is completely irrelevant! I wish she had topped herself and not her amazingly talented hubby!!

  56. 56

    Re: truefact

    Courtney stole everything she has/had. Her look is NOT her own.
    It's common knowledge that Live Through This was written, at least in part, by Kurt Cobain.
    Whoever said she was a good songwriter is fooling him or herself. The lyrics alone on Live Through This are some of the most juvenile, nonsensical and lame lyrics in the last 30 years of terrible music. Don't get me started on Celebrity Skin and all of it's studio magic. There is nothing admirable, original, talented or anything about Courtney Love.

  57. 57

    super lame and counterproductive to insult the people who actually pay money to see you perform. come on now.
    that said she is totally right about Fred Durst. biggest douchebagg in history and perhaps single handedly ruined all popular rock "music" from about 97 on.

  58. 58

    Re: Leila65 – my thoughts exactly.

  59. 59

    ROCK? I thought limp biscit was rap?

  60. 60

    Both Courtney and Fred are cun*ts.

  61. 61

    You know you are a far gone crackhead when you start insulting and attacking your remaining audience!

  62. 62

    Her HUSBAND is the reason for the worst decade in rock music. Grunge sux and made every good station that had been in the 80s completely unlistenable in the 90s.

  63. 63

    I was there, working, and I was suppose to take photos of her for a station in Dallas. She didn't show up until like 5 minutes before going out on stage and finished 10 minutes early. What a bitch. People, fans, wanted to meet her and that lazy, crazy bitch couldn't even get her pathetic ass out of bed to do it. What a joke. She doesn't deserve any kind of fame.

  64. 64

    This is true, I was there in Dallas. However, she was serious about Fred Durst but she was just kidding around with the guy in the audience who, in all fairness, did look a bit like Fred. And really, if he didn't know a Hole song he shouldn't have even been in the front of the pit.

  65. 65

    Unless they are gay, just about every guy in rock 'n roll got into the music for the "nookie."

  66. 66

    I totally agree, Courtney. And you have every right to call a d-bag out at your show– :)

  67. 67

    Fred did it for the nookie, and she did it for heroin. I don't like Fred D, but at least he isn't as pretentious as Kid Rock who goes anywhere the wind ( I mean money) blows. From rap, to rock, to country. How hilarious. The music industry now, SUCKS PERIOD!

  68. 68

    Well, Courtney is a mess, but she's got a point about Fred Durst. Limp Bizkit has to be one of the worst rock bands in rock history. Since Nookie became a hit, rock has progressively gotten worse and less relevant in music. Durst showed all potential rockers that you can be devoid of any musical talent and become rich and famous and bang tons of hot women. Why even try to produce good music. It is too much work.

  69. 69

    F* Courtney Love. She is such a washed up has been. She can't write a song to save her life and unfortunately Kurt took his probably because of her. She should be ecstatic someone even paid to go to her show.

  70. 70

    how about YOU BOTH SUCK.
    i would love nothing more than to wall these two assholes up together in a basement somewhere so we would never have to hear a goddamn thing from them ever again.

  71. 71

    she is an idiot. who cares what she thinks!

  72. 72

    haha crazy
    Fred Durst was/is a tool though, but hasn't his ship passed..do we need to revel in the past that was fred durst. Nah.

    You boys best not be immulating Fred Durst in the audiences of Hole concerts, Love will eat you.

  73. 73

    Re: FunnyGuy1974 – lol 100% agreed. Fred Durst sucks, but Hole is one of the worst bands in the world. Courtney Love should have OD'd years ago instead of corpse-fucking Cobain for a few decades. Please kill yourself C Love.

  74. 74

    how much filler has she had pumped into her face ? she looks like a different person…

  75. 75

    Both are has beens! please write something else!

  76. 76

    i was there and what you're not being told is that this concert was in dallas and it was for a radio station who's audience is a bunch of alternateens who are too young and only know courtney love for her public life and not her music. courtney love is a better muscian than fred durst hands down. she was up there singing to a bunch of kids who were just standing there flipping her off. her show was awesome and i was laughing when she was making fun of the guy in the red baseball hat. he probably deserved it.

  77. 77

    My husband was at this show (and he is NOT an alternateen!) and he said Courtney looked like hell. He thought she was at least in her late 50s. I believe he was standing near the dude in the had that got made fun of. He also saw her mouth "Fuck these people" to one of her bandmates. Way to win over an audience, Courtney - keep it classy!

  78. 78

    she's weak and this just proves that.

  79. 79

    courtney, if you're reading any of these comments just ignore them. Know that there are kids out there who REALLY admire you and your late husband, and there are kids out there who are intelligent enough to APPRECIATE both of your work. Unfortunately, the people who comment on this site aren't able to appreciate anything that isn't "Just Dance."

  80. 80

    Gotta love Courtney - always trying to provoke people even when people aren't that interested. Love her music and loved her crazyass persona but she's gone over the top in everything (that includes plastic surgery too - why on earth she did that to her face?). Should concentrate more on her music than hating people without any reason (though gotta admit it: Fred Durst seems douchy and for some reason REALLY creepy).

  81. 81

    padded cell please, and hurry!

  82. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nothing good or cute about projecting /picking on an audience member or fan.
    If this happened, she's being a bit of a bully.

  83. 83

    who gives a shit about Hole?
    limp bizkit was more popular than she'll ever be!
    she was only popular to kurt cobain.

  84. 84

    Of course Courtney would say something like this to pull attention to herself from the press. After hearing her new album you can tell for sure she it definitely clean and sober because the music is beyond horrible. Drugs are what made her music and now that she no longer has that outlet she has nothing else to do than pull a stunt like this. Fred Durst was never a drug addict and comes out of an organic box. His music may not be the best but at least its real and thats rare these days. And on top of that Courtney went on the view last week and said that this is her last album (thank god) because she wants to produce movies…Its so obvious she is jealous of Fred since he is already a movie director. Also fred has kids that he actually sees and takes care of. Last time I checked Child Protection Workers have not showed up at his house. Hes got his stuff more than together. This act is similar to the ones seen in early childhood when the girls fight with the boys because they really like them. She so wants him what a joke. Hes too good for her and I hope she doesnt manage to manifest herself into his life somehow and manipulate him. She should give up that pipe dream now because he is way too intelligent for her.