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Family Guy Causes More Dramz With Its Nastiest Episode Yet!

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Happy 150th episode, Family Guy!!

The often-controversial cartoon is once again coming under attack for its most recent, very special episode called Brian and Stewie, where Brian is cajoled by the infant into eating his poop, and then subsequent vom!

Tim Winter, the President of The Parents Television Council, says:

"It seems as though 'Family Guy' creator, Seth MacFarlane, carefully reviewed the legal definition of broadcast indecency and set out to violate it as literally as he could. Given the patently offensive depictions of one character eating excrement out of a diaper, then eating vomit, and finally licking the remaining excrement from a baby's bottom — while the baby expresses physical gratification from having his bottom licked — we believe that the broadcast decency law has been broken. We will also hold publicly accountable the corporate sponsors which underwrote this feces-eating broadcast, ironically a number of which were restaurants."

We're sure it's only a matter of time before the FCC files an official complaint!

Not that it's a shocker!

We couldn't even sit through the entire episode! It's pretty rough.


[Image via FOX.]

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133 comments to “Family Guy Causes More Dramz With Its Nastiest Episode Yet!”

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  1. 101

    worst episode ever. i couldn't watch the entire thing. it was just poor.

  2. u9 says – reply to this


    It was a stupid episode… I didn't even finish watching it.

    Overall I like Family Guy because it tries to be outrageous and funny. This episode sucked, however.

  3. 103

    MCFARLANE needs to get hold of his drinking problem.

    he probably doesn't even remember writing it.

  4. 104

    Re: Aussieone – LOL HAHAHAH yeah i read the first one and i was like umm what? but then i read how are you lol..im good…umm doing finals and all that kinda fun stuff in school lol…but yes i definetly thought the episode was good, while the begining shit (no pun intended) was funny you could see were it was heading with stewie manipulating him …i definetly thought the episode was deeper than eating shit as most people just got stuck on that…

  5. 105

    I thought it was hilarious. If you were offended by it; get your head out of your ass.

  6. 106

    probably the worst episode I've seen of Family Guy. It should be fined for being crap. lol that's my opinion

  7. 107

    What can u expect from a show like this? It's a raunchy stupid show. Just look at the people that like this crap. Not exactly highly educated. Oh wait I bet a lot of you will respond that you went to Harverd (the way u pendejos would probably spell it)


  8. 108

    Oh give me a break…it wasn't half as bad as all the other crap on tv lately.

  9. 109

    Come on. It's just two (family) guys, one cup. FG does pop culture. TGOC is pop (or is it poop) culture.

  10. 110

    Re: hcoboy
    Yeah it has not been my day today!
    I'm glad your doing good :)
    Re: Cabrona( o )( o )
    Are you crazy ? On meds ? Or just a weirdo ?

  11. b2013 says – reply to this


    Here is a thought, for people who find this offensive DON'T watch it! Plain and Simple! You don't want you kids watching it, DON'T let them. I've never and still don't understand why everyone who enjoys things has to suffer because of these parents and people no responsible enough to just TURN it OFF!

  12. 112

    Yeah, the ass licking thing was gross, but it's damn Family Guy. What do you expect? I don't think the episode was supposed to be very funny, either. I think it was very poignant, in every sense of the word. Perhaps that's what Seth was trying to get at. The eating poop and throw-up thing was so unnecessary, though, and I know they could've come up with something funnier and less disgusting than that to fill the time until Brian revealed his thoughts about suicide.

  13. 113

    Re: Aussieone – lol thanks…havent seen much good fights lately…lol i was wondering the same thing u were why perez hasnt posted anythign on that yet…i laughed when i saw it yesterday..i though oh god its the senantor from california/priest from the vatican/ right wing conservative/ hypocrite shit all over again…i just love laughing my ass of as how that guy can believe were gonna buy that

  14. 114

    i agree with the south park writers

    they hate family guy and its stoopid writers, and compare them to cock cheese

    love you perez mwah xx

  15. 115

    Re: poodlewithamohawk – well said. i totally agree

  16. 116

    Re: hcoboy
    Perez is always like two days late ;)
    George Rekers has to be nuts… then again the people that like him and his causes will most likely fall for it!
    Some weird people in this world for sure!

  17. 117

    if your allowing your kid to watch it, it's your problem.
    Family Guy's always been this way.
    get over it.
    it's nothing new, and it's to be expected from Seth MacFarlane.
    i love it. :)

  18. 118


  19. 119

    We had a dog when my little sister was a baby, and I had to put her diapers outside in a trash because the dog couldn't stop eating the poop in the diapers.
    This dog also vomited a lot because he ate everything he could.
    Well Brian just seems to be a normal dog to me, no problems with this episode.

  20. 120

    I used to look up to Seth till recently. South Park is still the #1 show and Set feels he has to sell out to stay on it's level. Well Fox is a family network unlike Comedy Central. First that then GaGa's hooker getup on Idol. Shame on Fox.

  21. 121

    Everyone needs to relax…it's a f*cking cartoon. Some will thinik it's funny and some will not. If you don't like the cartoon..DON'T WATCH IT. That's what makes America so great. I enjoy watching family guy. The "out of norm" shows make it fun to watch. There are plenty of shows I don't care for but I will certainly not bash or trash them. GROW up people.

  22. 122

    Tim Winter and every member of the Parents Television Council should be forced to watch "Pink Flamingos".

  23. 123

    I loved it… its was kind of touching especially at the end…. Its Family Guy people… it will always push buttons.. :)

  24. 124

    Re: flora_tink – If you watched the episode brian pierces stewies ear when they are drunk and obviously it went very badely haha

  25. 125

    NOT A KIDS SHOW… SETH RULES…. and I applaud him for trying to expose the FCC for the bullshit arbitrary enforcing of the "rules" that the public has no say in… Hey people here is a novel idea…. instead of plopping your kid in front of the TV without supervision how about monitoring what they watch and actually PARENTING your kid instead of expecting, schools, teachers, TV and the government to do that. Some of us adults actually like to watch shit that is ADULT in content and oh PS just because you can make a baby doesn't mean you should nor should your right to raise hell-spawn infringe on my right to listen to what I want on the radio or watch what I want on the TV !! you choose to breed YOU should make the sacrifices to raise that kid right !!! and if you are unwilling or too selfish to do that then DON'T HAVE KIDS !!!

  26. 126

    My brother in law draws for that show. I won't let my kids watch it though. Too naughty and gross.

  27. 127

    Couldn't even finish watching it? Take out the tampon, Perez.

  28. 128

    Aw I missed that episode! :(

  29. 129

    Re: Aussieone – lol they are ignorant dumb fuckers….seriously at what point did the right wings get so stupid…i mean some are smart and are only there for the money, but others jesus christ they are dumb fuckers

  30. 130

    everyone who is here to complain about family guy…. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  31. 131

    everyone who is here to complain about the show….SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! its a funny ass show if u dnt like it dnt watch it, simple as that, it might have dirty humore but thats wut gets the the good ratings, how bout when ur name means something like seth mcfarlans(however u spell it) dose u can talk until then…shut ur mouth!

  32. 132

    That episode grossed me out.

  33. 133

    this episode is hard to watch… and not everyone liked it… but i LOVED it! it was so funny and outrageous and outside this stupid morality, i would say a landmark in the history of television… i actually was waiting for some sex between stewie and brian, to make the episode even crazier!

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