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The Army Is Cool With Af-GaGa-stan Soldiers!

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Phew! It would have been EXTREMELY douchey of them if they had made a fuss!

After a group of US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan posted a remake of Lady GaGa's Telephone video on-line, it quickly went viral and has had over 3 million hits on youtube!

Many were concerned that the soldiers would get in trouble for emulating our beloved GaGaloo, but spokeswoman Maj. Michelle Baldanza cleared the air today when she said:

"The brigade command team is happy to see that they also still have a good sense of humor and that morale is high."

Truth! Lady GaGa is an inspiration to us all!

Now if the armed services could just have the same sentiments over Don't Ask, Don't Tell, we'd actually be getting somewhere!

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56 comments to “The Army Is Cool With Af-GaGa-stan Soldiers!”

  1. 1

    SHUT THE FUCK UP! Who gives a flying fuck about this shit? "EXTREMELY douchey…" who's fucking writing this shit?

  2. 2

    I don't think her comment about morale being high has anything whatsoever to do with Lady Gaga being an inspiration to us all, you are obsessed.

  3. 3

    Seriously I hate to break it to ya, but it's fuckin queer LOL!!

  4. 4

    Extremely douchey? Why don't you try being in the military for once

  5. SF90 says – reply to this


    "Lady GaGa is an inspiration to us all!" Don't exaggerate, the american soldiers have done these kinds of videos for a bunch of songs. Most of them better than this one.

  6. 6

    They have to do something to keep themselves busy in their personal down time.

  7. 7

    I think it's genius and much better than Gaga's overproduced piece of crap video! rock on - queer or not - we like our boys in uniform to have a little fun and this showed a lot of creativity!

  8. 8

    It's not up to you to call any decision made or not made by the United States Army "extremely douchey." And if the armed services could have the same sentiments about Don't ask don't tell?? Seriously, Get a CLUE!

  9. 9

    This video put a huge smile on my face.

    God bless my brothers and sisters in arms!

  10. 10

    Love it. Great, love our boys. Too funny and such great spirit. Love it.

  11. 11

    Lady gaga is an inspiration to us all? mmm. No not really. I don't feel inspired by her to wear ridiculous outfits made out of stuffed kermit frogs or bubbles. However, I do love this video because it shows us that the men aren't manufactured robots that we all think is produced by the army. Makes them relatable in a way.

  12. 12

    Just plain ghey

  13. 13

    I would so totally do the wide boy. Girls got some moves!

  14. 14

    Murderers !! Propaganda the troops are pos ppl. Trained to kill and they would kill u in a heartbeat!

  15. 15

    F U C K the army. Bunch of bastards !

  16. 16

    Down with the military! Fuck the police state war rape and murder ppl suffer enough!

  17. 17

    the army is never cool the army is for fools!

  18. 18

    Hey guys!! If you read this post correctly he is saying that if the military would have made a fuss over the video and the soldier's got in trouble THAT would be douchey… in no way is he calling the military itself douchey. LOVE love LOVE the video : )

  19. 19

    I think this is great! :D

    And whether or not everyone likes it, Lady Gaga is emerging as the Madonna of our time.
    Alot of people thought she was weird and didn't like her either.

    Just because it's something you're not used to, doesn't mean you should criticise, but then again, most people who whinge about lady gaga are just boring and retarded, so it's to be expected.

  20. 20

    So they are worshiping Illuminati puppet while they are guarding oil pipelines in Afghanistan?
    Hey at least they are not torturing any prisoners.

  21. 21

    First I need to remind you that you posted this on the weekend. Next, i have a lot of friends in the military who would be very very pissed about this. They are rather serious and if this is how the military is portrayed, well they dont take that thing lightly, you'll be hearing from them shortly Perez, be warned, one of them is almost 7 feet tall and 300lbs of all angry muscles with weapons.

  22. 22

    Army guys are sooo GAY!

  23. 23

    It is so sad to see how our tax money is being wasted there in Afgha! Bah!

  24. 24

    ugh thats bullshit. when my husbands ship put up their version of im on a boat they all got their asses handed to them and had to take it down until someone not in the navy reposted it.

  25. 25

    perez..plz stop worshipping lady gaga this way..u will make us hate her eventually, like her music..but plz dont over do it

    its like all celebs u care while they are in the spotlight then when they do a mistake u screw them :) like britney and lindsay …remind u how over them u were ???

    lady gaga is not an inspiration to us all..absurd ! looooool first time i pitty perez really..be objective plz

  26. 26

    Re: WhatAWaster – douchebag

  27. 27

    the big guy cracks me uppppppp!!!! A natural dancer no doubt

  28. 28

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  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    If the brass have no problem with troops filming a spoof video for fun in their down time, why would anyone else?

  30. 30

    so funny!!!how enthusiastic they are, i love this! i`d rather see all soldiers dancing to gaga than killing people or getting killed. this video is amazing!

  31. 31

    I keep laughing everytime i see this. That 'eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eeeh'-bit is the new ' carlton-dance right there…they should do that in the clubs…hilarious

  32. 32

    Keep the "DADT" policy and have it also apply to heteros. That way, I won't need to be regaled about their idiocy either. While retaining the DADT policy, keep well-performing Gays in the military. It's that simple.

    BTW: as a veteran, I'm OK with Perez saying "extremely douchy"–we serve so everyone can have free speech. Figure that out. The sooner the better.

  33. 33

    i had sex with lady gaga in prison. fyi

  34. 34

    Re: Queen Kelena – Why do you feel the need to insult those who don't agree with you? We are all entitled to our own opinions.

    Calling people who don't think Gaga is the greatest gift to music boring & retarded is kind of ironic. Lady Gaga … emerging as the Madonna of our time. This is exactly what makes her so boring. We've already seen her show before when Madonna did it. She has nothing new.

    You go on to say, "Just because it's something you're not used to, doesn't mean you should criticise, but then again, most people who whinge about lady gaga are just boring and retarded, so it's to be expected." In the very same sentence you say people shouldn't criticise and then go on to criticise. Wow!

    And..uh… no… she's not an inspiration to me.

  35. 35

    all you guys who commented quit Trying to be so manly & step off!! This is HILARIOUS!!

  36. 36

    Gags is the greatest artist out there right now. The successor of Michael and Madonna. You know it. So just accept it. Bye.

  37. 37

    Tell you what Perez, next time you see a soldier go up to her or him and tell them that the Army is extremely douchey. Go ahead. I dare you. Secondly, would you quit the gay agenda and the Gaga agenda? It's so worn out.

  38. 38

    Re: tallchick – this would really piss them off?? geez..my husband is in special forces..about as serious as it gets..and he and his friends laughed their asses off at this. If these guys have some downtime, they are just like anyone else..funny, loud, crazy..whatever!! When its time to be serious, they are (of course)..but they're still normal people!

  39. Visa says – reply to this


    The doucher is right, Lady Gag is an inspiration, she inspired me to consider to go blind and deaf. $100 says this bitch ends up like Britney Spears, so whacked out of her mind she will eventually be 5150'd

  40. 40

    Actually - there was quite a fuss about it. My husband told me those guys are in his brigade. They are from the 4th Brigade of the 82nd Airborne stationed out of Fort Bragg and they come home soon. whoot whoot. Apparently it was a big constrovery. My husband called me and told me and I was like, "Hey! I saw that shit on Perez!" lol

  41. 41

    I have to do it… I must defend Perez here - he means that it would be douchy IF they'd gotten in trouble. Perez in truth it would have been typical if they'd had something said to them about it - that's the Army. But on another note: there have been loads of these cute little videos - Navy Numa Numa is my personal favorite. The Troops DO get down time, forgive them for not having a change of clothing to demonstrate that to you hater types. And I'm sure they'll say we're ALL welcome for the right to say what we feel here and everywhere. I like to see our Troops in high morale.

  42. 42

    Really?? Who thought that these Soldiers would get into trouble for this video?? If so, then America has no ideo how the average Soldier acts….lol we are human too

  43. 43

    i think this is great! The guys looked like they had a good time and they should! It's all too heavy over there. You can go crazy u know! As for Gaga being the next madonna.. there is no next madonna just like there weren't the next beatles. It cant happen. Gaga does take some things from madonna. but think about it how creative can people be these days. everything has been done. And those who criticize her why dont u get a career in music these days? What would U do to stand out? Lets all bash Cristina aguleria and Miley cyrus then… copying madonna and Britney spears.. UGH

  44. 44

    I don't know what the fuss is all about. These guys were having fun! God Bless the soldiers and keep them safe.

  45. 45

    all the comments saying gay just make me laugh, feel better now do you? lmao, no but this is great and i hope gaga sees it, shes an inspiration to so many, and if you dont like it, simply FUCK OFF ! its easy as that bitches.

  46. 46

    Re: BeNiceYall – They are from Bragg?? That's awesome (cuz thats where we're at now!)

  47. 47

    HAHA shut up people this is funny, my only reservation is that this is where our tax money is going….think about that

  48. 48

    Lady GaGa isn't the inspiration to us all… it's those soldiers who spend months away from their families and risk their lives at any moment for our country. Much respect, stay safe. ♥

  49. 49

    Also, I'd like to know where you find a pink "Drama Queen" sash at an Army camp in the middle of Afghanistan. xD That made me laugh.

  50. 50

    Re: ashlee2407 – awesome! Maybe we'll recognize them when they're back. Keep an eye out! lol

  51. 51

    Thanks Perez for posting this :) My brother in law is with the Canadian Army and he was deployed last week . Every day you worry about every minute of their lives and how they are managing over there. This video was something I shared with all his family members and gave them all a great laugh. It was so nice to see this group of soldiers having fun and then sharing it with the world to see. It doesnt matter how they looked, how many songs before and after them that will be done. It doesnt matter what song or artist they decided to do. It matters their alive, safe and having fun in that moment and it was captured for their families to see. Loved every second of this video.

  52. 52

    Let them have their fun, being in war is scary and will drive you insane if you don't do something fun that keeps their minds off of the horrible stuff. Support! go Gaga! team Gaga always wins lol :D look at DWTS

  53. 53

    While I found this video pretty funny, I wonder of those guys ever go outside the wire. Soldiers who actually have to do the grunt work don't have time for stuff like this, at least that is what I have been told. My fiance is in the Army and currently deployed in Afghanistan as well and where he is at, they don't get the pleasure of watching youtube like they do on the main FOBs. I'm lucky to get a phone call when my fiance wakes up before he has to go do his duties. But hey, maybe Gaga will go on a USO tour now because of this?

  54. 54

    for all you assholes who are posting that the military is gay and that the army are a bunch of baby killers - you need a seriously reality check. if we didn't have the military protecting our RIGHTS then you would be speaking a different language and wouldn't have anything you have - freedom has a price you idiots. If you cant support our men in uniform PLEASE go stand in front of them on the line of duty. And for people who think that men in uniform are all a bunch of serious guys who wouldn't find this funny you are dead wrong, they may be serious when it comes to many things but jokes like this are harmless and shows that even under insane amounts of stress and pressure they can still keep up their morale and happiness. You people are unbelieveable for some of the shit you say.

  55. 55

    My hubby spent a year doing convoy security, which means he was outside the wire most of his tour, but they still had down time and I have a bunch of pictures of his squad doing silly stuff like this to keep their morale up. No one can even say that these guys are fobbits just because they had some downtime to make an amazingly funny video…

    As far as tax dollars go, these guys work hard everyday for not so great pay (I dont care what anyone says, the military doesn't pay that great…) dealing with stupid politics. Not to mention getting shipped off to a war zone for mulitple tours, leaving family members to work in less then desirable conditions. For christs sake look at the AO…it's not the freakin Hilton hotel. Please.

  56. 56

    I think it's funny when people make "tax dollars" comments. People in the military pay taxes, too, ya know!?