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The D.A. Wants Lindsanity Behind Bars!!!

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You in danger, girl!

Yesterday, a secret meeting behind closed doors went on between Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, the Deputy District Attorney and a judge to discuss LiLo's probabtion case. The three spent 45 minutes informally talking about the next step and Lindsay's punishment if she in fact broke her probation.

Basically, everyone is waiting on Lindsay's progress report to arrive from the alcohol education classes she is supposed to be taking. And for her sake, she better have gone and done well because the D.A. is gunning for her.

After this meeting, sources reached out to D.A. Danette Meyers and asked her take on the case.

Ms. Meyers replied:

"I don't know yet if Lindsay has indeed violated probation. If she hasn't violated probation, I will be very happy for her and send her on her way. However, if she has in fact violated the terms of her probation, I will be asking the judge for a significant jail time."


We're on board with this! Throw her in jail!

Maybe some MORE jail time is just what she needs to be straightened out.

[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “The D.A. Wants Lindsanity Behind Bars!!!”

  1. 1

    curious to know how dina will blame this on the legal system……

  2. 2

    I wonder if she will cry all the way to the prison like Paris did?

  3. 3

    What 45 minutes - an hour of jail time? Please, in real legal systems, people do weeks and months in jail for this crap.

  4. 4

    Lindsay is going to be unhappy for a long time no matter WHAT happens

  5. 5

    ummm there was proof. did u see the pictures? cops are stupid and celebs get away with anything. she wont go to jail tho. she couldnt handle it anyways

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Jail time, get her away from that psycho mother of hers.

  8. 8

    A little jail time would do her some good…. one would freakin' hope!

  9. 9

    Re: Belleamoura
    no sh$$. if u were to miss one deposition it would be all over in reality

  10. 10

    wow it's like she's a kid and not an adult!

    and i really do think they need to throw her ass in jail. as much as i like her, this may be the only thing to help her.

  11. 11

    Wait, wasn't she just at your birthday party? You are so lame!

  12. 12

    Ms Bubba wants her behind bars too. She'd be such a nice girlfriend to have in jail.

  13. 13

    Headline - "On the way to Jail Lindsay Lohan stops at Chataeu Marmont for Cocktails with her Mother!" Press Release - "Dinah Lohans says, 'We were just there for Lunch!" Headline - "Prison Officals find 16 Bottle of Vodka stashed in Linday Lohan's Vagina during the in-take process!" Press Release - "Dinah Lohan says, 'Prison Officals or her EX-FATHER planted the Vodka in Linday's Vagina!" Headline - "Linday Lohan dies in a Prison Fight. Dinah too busy to claim the body or attend funeral." Press Release - "Dinah Lohan says, "I was busy launching ShoeHan. Linday would have wanted me to keep busy."

  14. 14

    Then 2 Weeks Later another Headline - "Linday Lohan's body to be burried at sea. Dinah Lohan still too busy to claim the body." Press Release - "Dinah Lohn says, "That is completely false! called Prision Officals to schedule a Pick-up of the body 2 weeks from now! I am just too busy! They informed me that they had already made arrangements to dispose of her boday after leaving me 200 Voice Messages, Sending 10 Registered Letters, speaking to me in person at my home on Long Island. All of that is 100% false and I don't think it was inappropraite of me to leave her in the LA County Morgue for 4 weeks! I was busy! But, Linday always loved the sea! I think the burial is fitting and appropriate." Headline - "Dinah Lohan decapitated in freak accident at her ShoeHan Factory in China. US State Department refuses to allow the return of her body to the USA." Press Release from Secretary of State Clinton - "Yes, it is true. Dinah Lohan's corpse is Toxic Waste and it is a voliation of several US Laws to ship the body back."

  15. 15

    Big duh! Wasn't part of her probation, no drinking alcohol? This check is so out of it, she did nothing to hide her drinking and partying under the influence. Hope she does more than 60 minutes. It may save her life.

  16. 16

    Don´t think she´ll be joining your Bday party nextyear Perez with your kind words…..but please get her outta here!

  17. 17

    2 Months Later Headline "Dinah Lohan's Putrid Corpse washes ashore in Taiwan sparking an Major International Incident! The UN Vows to Intervene!" In other headlines - "Alianna Lohan - now orphaned - was spotted working in a Mexican Brother under the stage name of 'Donkey Show Blohan'"

  18. 18

    She will spend 3 hours top in jail and then released because of overcrowding!

  19. 19

    First I must say that I am totally against driving under the influence. Having said that, in Los Angeles, approximately 40% of the population drives without a license, without driving training, without valid vehicle registration, and without insurance. Many of those people do so because, obviously, they aren't supposed to drive (i.e. they had their licenses revoked because they drive drunk etc.). It is very, VERY common for such people to basically get a slap on the wrist; police have told me that they often don't even bother pulling these people over, since it "wastes" 2 or more hours of the cops' time to no avail. SO, under the realities that we witness in Los Angeles, when I see people like Paris Hilton and now Lindsey Lohan being made "examples" I have to ask myself how much reverse racism motivates the situation?

  20. 20

    My dear Perez, Why oh why do you hate Lindsay? Was she mean 2 you? You have some issues with the whole Lohan/thingy!! I liked it better when you had the hots for you young (so out of your leage) boys. Go 2 your happy place!!!!

  21. 21

    I would like to see her do SERIOUS jail time, but you guys in CA don't seem to have that. Doesn't seem to be a deterent for crime is it? OH NO! THE COPS, I AM GOING TO JAIL :( WAIT THIS IS EL LAY, IT WILL BE ALL OF 15 MINUTES! -She needs time to dry out. At the very least a few months. A few days to go through withdrawal and then time away from the club scene, paps, and DINA. Lindsay will NEVER HAVE A COMEBACK as look as she has that Piano on her back named Dina.

  22. 22

    I don't believe it. People just need to mind their own business. What goes onbehond closed doors is all kept under wraps. The only way that this could be true is if Lindsay, her lawyers or the state leaked the news.

  23. 23


    Throw the bum in jail……..seriously, and this time it better be more then 45 freakin' mins!

    if this were involving ordinary people, they would have been put away for some time, hell, people have been put away for much less!


  24. 24

    i hate lindsay. I hope she does go to jail and becomes someone's bitch.

  25. 25

    poor thing.

    and, every addict i know who got thrown in jail says it did them good. for some folks bottom is a long way down. jail might be exactly what she needs to get her life together.

    she's so talented. i hope she finds health and happiness.

  26. 26

    Seriously this is how it is going to go down… Lindsay will end up in being sent to jail. While they're locking her in a cell the guards will tell her, "Linds, don't worry you'll be out of here in 10 min." The guards will come back to check on her in 5 minutes (Just in case she pulls a Paris) and they'll find her making Prison Hooch in her toliet from Apple Juice and Raisin she ordered from the Prison Commissary. When the guards try to get in her cell Lindsay will throw her Urine and Feces at them. After a vist with the Warden - Linday will have to serve her full sentence. Dinah Lohan will then go on Oprah to "Tell Lindsay Story." Some complete and total nonsense about how the guards misunderstood what Linday was doing. That Lindsay was using her new EcoHan line of All Natural Bathroom Cleansers - Not brewing Prison Hooch. Then Oprah will ask, "So, Dinah what about the Black Tar Herion they found Linday Cooking last week?" Dinah will explain to us all that it wasn't Black Tar Heroin - it was HeroHan from her new line of Child Friendly Herion. Finally when Oprah asks, "So, Dinah what about the shank she stabbed a guard with?" Thats when Dinah will get pissy and refuse to finish the interview because ShankHan is the new line from Michael Lohan!

  27. 27

    I wonder which she would choose if she had a choice being in jail or being committed to a mental hospital.

  28. 28

    The judge should fix Lindsay for violating her probation by giving her 2 Choices: Go to Jail or Vacation for 1 week in Saudi Arabia or the UAE! I vote Choice 2! I'd love to see Linday behave in Saudi Arabia! She'd get off the plane and Religous Police would arrest her! Find drugs and that would be the last we heard about Linday! O.k. we'd hear about her being sentence to being Stoned to Death! And how Dinah was on her way to Saudi Arabia to appeal the sentence to the King. Then we can all Laugh as Dinah gets off the plane and the Religous Police grab her for her Comments to CNN before boarding her flight where she called the Saudi's Heathens! 2 Stoning in one month! Peace at last!

  29. 29

    Yeah an 1:35 minutes in the LA Jail can be pretty devastating!

  30. 30

    I hope for the sake of law-abiding society that she ends up in jail. She got out of her crimes with hardly a slap on the wrist, and then she had the audacity to blow up the little punishment she was given. If anyone without such means tried the BS this spoiled brat did, they'd have been in jail a long time ago. I've had plenty of friends get a DUI and be punished. They may have been idiots before but they took the reprecussions seriously and never missed a class. The few people I know with multiples got the book thrown at them. Jail, community service, classes, fines. Lindsay makes a mockery out of everything, and she has such a poor-me attitude. It's always everyone else's fault with her. She needs to get out of her head and start taking responsibility for herself. Going to jail is a good start for the sh*t this low life has pulled.

  31. 31

    I told you Lindsay! The very hostile Jewish women in the LA Court system don't like goys! They'll screw you over in a heartbeat. Meyers absolutely HATES goys! They'll try to cage you up like they did Britney.

  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't think the D.A. is actually 'Gunning' for her. From what I've read, the terms of her probation were VERY clearly laid out beforehand by the judge. If she broke them, it's completely on her. She's seemed out of control for a while, maybe because she's not clear on the concept. That's what sentences are there to do. Make lawbreakers very clear on the concept.

  33. 33

    JAIL JAIL JAIL JAIL- throw her in JAIL!!!! NOW!!! god i can't wait for this to happen. she needs to learn that she can't do whatever the fuck she wants whenever the fuck she wants. entitled bitches are THE WORST!

  34. 34

    Re: JailTimeForLindsay – you are my new favourite poster on this site. congratulations. keep 'em coming.

  35. 35


  36. 36

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Re; JailTimeForLindsay; LMFAO!! That was soooo funny, made my day. You're rather clever aren't you!