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Gabby's A Gleek!

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We would LOVE this! She'd bring the ferocity like no other!

Now that Gabourey Sidibe has tackled the Academy Awards, Saturday Night Live and is starring in a Showtime series with Laura Linney, she's looking for her next gig - and has set her sights on the show that every other celebrity on the planet wants a guest-starring role on: Glee!

She says:

“I love Glee. I live and breathe for Amber Riley — as well as her character Mercedes. But I wouldn’t want to have a sing off with Amber because she’s actually a friend of mine. She’s amazing and fun and it would be so cool to be on the show with her and hang out with the cast. I’m a huge fan.”

Oh, boo!! We think a Gabby/Amber sing-off would be AMAZEBALLS!

There would be CRAZY sass flying back and forth! We would pay to see that!

It's also Gabby's 27th birthday today! Happy happy to you, bb!

You know what girlfriend wants, Ryan Murphy! Make it happen!

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “Gabby's A Gleek!”

  1. 1

    If she dropped 1000 pounds she would be "just" overweight. She is SOOO FAT!!! It's just disgusting!!!

  2. 2

    nothing in this entire universe is "amazeballs"………

  3. 3

    yes because nothing says funny like watching an obese women jiggle on TV … I would really like to hear that she wants to be a spokes model for Jenny Craig or Nutra System

  4. 4

    WTF is 'amazeballs'?!

  5. 5

    Re: tushiwushi – @ 4- see 2

  6. 6

    Sing-off? I think she clearly displayed on SNL that girl canNOT sing..

  7. 7

    rattle, rattle, rattle…there goes the cattle.

  8. 8

    her arms look like hams

  9. 9

    BIG girls dont cry

  10. 10

    I am so sick of hearing about glee. Hopefully all the Gleetards will off themselves.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    she seems rude

    no reason to be rude

    be thoughtful
    not rude
    bite the hand that feeds u
    u will be a has been

  13. JoeyW says – reply to this


    This girl is 27 years old? She needs to lose weight soon! She can't even put her arms down, heart attack waiting to happen! If she wants to see 35, she better start exercising!!

  14. 14


  15. slip says – reply to this


    GOOD GOD MAN. To anyone who things she is "Healthy" This is a side by side of two morbidly obese woman. Gabby is TWICE the size of the other chick. Gabby makes the other woman look HS skinny.

    Her fingers are as big as 2 of mine put together.

    I will be surprised if she lives to 30

  16. 16

    Ew. No! Keep her away from Glee!

  17. 17

    They look like the modern day version of The Weather Girls.

  18. 18

    If she were on the show, and they had to do a sing-off, i want them to sing "boy is mine" by Brandy and Monica. they just need a boy to fight over.

  19. 19

    I'm sorry, but this chick just looks fucking stupid. she can't even stand normal because she is so fat. I dont normally rag on fat people because I have a lot of fat friends, but this chick just looks stupid. Is that a wig shes wearing too???

  20. 20

    I saw this fat Gabrielle chick on the VIEW. she is very boring and doesn't have a personality.. veryyyy shall I say BLAHHHHHHH.. so I dont kno what the hell the big deal with this chick is other then she is BIG and wears an ugly WEAVE

  21. 21

    P.s do you see her arms and how they connect to the hand? that's right you DONT see the INDENT its just one big fat slab of FAT she can't even bend her hands to sit them on her hips… ummm she is going to have to lose weight or soemthing because she wont last long like this…

  22. 22

    Ok its funny how you call jessica simpson fat but this monster you always praise. shes f'n HUGE and disgustingly fat. She looks like a big giant ape! shes unhealthy and i dont understand why you praise her so much!

  23. 23

    omg I hate it when actress trys to be something their not. .Just act don't you have enough fame and fortune?

  24. 24


  25. 25

    ugh, Amber Riley has a figure to her…..Gabourey is just a HUGE BLACK WALL OF FAT

  26. 26


  27. 27

    After her miserable and embarrassing performance on Saturday Night Live she had better start to loose some weight, otherwise she will not be able to do much more acting!

  28. 28

    Re: Brainbug – It's Raining Men?? Hallelujah!

  29. JoeyW says – reply to this


    Re: eastwood – Ain't that the truth!! Mario is always dissing other female celebs even when they just gain a pound or two. Jessica Simpson who looks pretty much like any other average girl gets called every name in the book but for this girl, who is obviously extremely morbidly obese he has nothing but praise? Hypocritical much?!

  30. 30

    hope they installed the steel girders under the stage

  31. 31

    OH GOD NO.

  32. 32

    I don't think the stage could handle the two of them.

  33. 33

    Re: eastwood – LOL!