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GaGa Does Idol!

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Check out the Lady's performance of Alejandro and Bad Romance, as she originally did it on American Idol, above!

GaGa's pre-taped performance ran about 6.5 minutes in length. Due to time constraints, though, the show cut it down to just under 5 minutes.

But, thankfully, we are so happy we were able to get our hands on her full-length, unedited performance!

CLICK HERE to check that out!

LOVE it!

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496 comments to “GaGa Does Idol!”

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  1. 101

    amazing, she can do no wrong. all the people who are commenting saying she's not sexy or not talented are deluded and jealous x

  2. 102

    Re: CatAttack – I think you are meaning Kesha, not Lady Gaga and the auto-tuners. Get your facts straight before you start talking shit about someone. Dumbass!!!

  3. 103




  4. 104

    I love me some gaga, but this was not her finest performance. It was kinda boring actually! Am I getting tired of the same old, same old?

  5. 105

    Re: LouLo91 – "she can do no wrong"?
    Seriously haha now whose deluded?

  6. 106

    Re: Connor

    And she didn't lip synch. As Perez wrote her performance was pre-taped last week and the sound in the studio is ALWAYS bad. Check out Ke$ha performance and you will see what I'm talking about.

  7. BonsD says – reply to this


    I'm just so happy that SYTYCD alumni Mark Kanemura is doing so well for himself! He's an amazing dancer and obvs. Gaga appreciates his uniqueness :D

  8. xara says – reply to this


    she is awsome!

  9. 109

    SUCKED!!!! Of all her songs she performed that one? It was boring, over the top and not close to family friendly. I mean if she is gonna dress like a whore she might as well perform one of her more whorish songs dont you think? It was a total sleeper and creepy!!!!!!!!!

  10. 110


  11. 111


  12. 112

    Madonna was so awesome in the 80's! Glad she is back in the year 2010! So original!!!

  13. 113

    this performance got terrible reviews. In fact, Idol had the worst ratings since 2002 this night. Awful. And the shirtless creepy crawlers: unnecessary.

  14. 114

    that was flat out terrible

  15. 115

    I KNEW you would post something on this crappy performance. It was SOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!! AND BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol If GaGa Fans, can't see how crappy and what a joke she is.. then I feel really bad for you lol

  16. 116

    A bit low-energy, but GaGa was mesmerizing as usual. Alejandro is not my favorite song off Fame Monster. As for the meaning of the angel statue on fire dripping water or fake blood: follows the "rule of 3" in terms of knick-knack placement.

  17. 117

    Re: Britney Spears is a Joke – then why do you have an entire account dedicated to britney if she's such a nobody? clearly you're a bit obsessed. do you actually HAVE a life?

  18. 118

    Re: iloveuGaga – There is so much wrong with your comment it's unreal. Before you tell people to fuck off, you might want to re-check your stuff. One you said Gaga HAD more talent…and you got it right…HAD. She is talented none the less, I was impressed with how well she sings live, HOWEVER, people are growing tired of her antics. Only the obsessed kids that refer to themselves as "little monsters" that would say she is their "life" again VERY SAD, are still facinated with her. Don't get me wrong, she has talent…but mark my word, this time next year, unless she loses the freak show and just sings (which we all know she can do well), people will be done with her. She is today's marilyn manson. And you see how well he's doing now, right? Trends only last for so long.

  19. 119

    Blah! She is starting to bore me. Do something different will ya :(

  20. 120

    Re: branbxoxo – Agreed! GaGa is simply a gimmick.

  21. 121

    doesn't anyone notice how truly horrendous her voice is? honestly. she's talented in making good music, being different, fine. but her actually singing voice? crap. particularly on American Idol where these people can actually sing! what. an embarrassment.

  22. 122

    You are so so jealous!!! what a country.. instead of supporting a young worker talented woman who is a new promise in the music and comes from America you are just hating!! lol!! And the Madonna fans? you really think she's everywhere.. what Isla bonita?? if it was inspired by something this was Ace of base! (if you know who they are..) and Lady Gaga herself said she loves them! Everybody gets inspired by others.. inspired, not copies. And the family and children stuff? don't you ever watch TV? spots? videoclips? don't say you can control it all.. Anyway. Lady Gaga is special, she's art, and I understand no everybody can understand art. Don't come and hate just because you have anything better to do.

  23. 123

    The funny thing about a Gaga performance is how surprising it always is to see someone really singing live AND dancing at the same time. Such a difference from some artists who sing and don't dance, or dance and don't sing…or in Britney's case don't sing and sleepily wonder around the stage. I really like Gaga's voice.

  24. 124

    I am tired of her ignorant fans claiming she is original she is not original she uses stuff that has been done before because she can. She is new to the game so she can get away with whatever. Imagine another established artist trying to do what she does they would we stoned to death figuratively speaking. Their fans will not let them reinvent themselves and claim they changed their image or sold out a.k.a Shakira. I mean do her fans really expect her to be like Nickleback and play Piez Descalsos type music in all her albums NO! So shut up all you haters.

  25. 125

    Love Love Gaga!!!!!!!!

  26. 126

    kaka reached a new level of FAIL yesterday. wtf was THIS? snooze.

  27. 127

    SHe wasn't great this time.

  28. 128

    Re: Chandler – gagas dance moves are not as big as britneys

  29. 129

    Superb. Not surprising that it's pearls before swine on this site though. Y'all know you're the last people on earth that don't appreciate Gaga, right? This little club of retard haters that seem drawn to this sight. The UBER closet cases - you know who you are.

  30. 130

    I watched it and it seemed like she was tired or something… She usually blows it away, and I only PVR'ed the show for her, but she didn't bring the BANG! she usually brings… I know she's probably super over worked but less commitments and better quality is something she should consider in the future!

  31. 131

    I love you gaga so much, you is a beautiful, perfect, my life please come to brazil

  32. 132

    Re: ashloG1228 – um no any idiot would kno it was live like i said b4

  33. 133

    sweaty boys and flaming angels

  34. 134

    I wonder why no one is comparing this to the Abba song "Fernando." I mean, everyone does rely on others for influence, and she looked great. Definitely a Madonna feel as well.

  35. tasha says – reply to this


    I thought that performance sucked big time.

  36. 136

    …yawn….even her dancers looked bored. This was like watching an aerobics class.

  37. 137

    I thought it was boring. I expected more and I dont like that song. Has no personality. I would have loved to hear a better song thats for sure… Still love her though!

  38. 138

    Amazing!!!!!! Dat ass is back.

  39. 139

    I'm a huge Gaga fan but I'm not delusional. This was a pretty weak performance especially since we've seen so much better from her. Regarding what some are saying that the song is to slow to sing live and is best suited for the album…I get why you think that, but that's not the case. I saw her live in Orlando in January and Alejandro was one of my favorite songs she performed. She had energy and passion and it most definitely was working. I think she's tired. She's been on tour, making videos, recording her new album, and doing special performances like these for too long without stopping to breath. Gaga, your fans won't be mad at you if you take a vacation. I want to see some pictures of you on the beach somewhere relaxing. We are humans and you've already proved to your fans that you have a strong work ethic. We want

  40. 140

    ..you well enough to perform to the best of your abilities. So come back full force- after you take a break.

  41. 141

    OMGAGA!!! this is sooo amazing i fucking love that girl!!!!

  42. 142

    that was the first time I actually watched or listened to Lady Gaga. while I read about her all the time I even watched the Army afganistan video w/ no music on because I just don't like mainstream pop music. While I thought Alejandro sounded like Abba's Chiquita and even tho I didn't like the arrangement I have to say she is a talented performance artist. IMO her visuals are great on stage and that is how pop should be done(since the music itself isn't musical).

  43. 143

    Re: bgbreakdown – Suburb? Really? You are not a really Gaga fan if you call this superb, it wasn't and you know it. I'm sure there are just haters but there are plenty of us fans who can look at her and say it was just ok, barely ok.

    Also, Alejandro is a "weak" song imo, should never have been a single. Stop being a sheep, be objective.

  44. 144

    Anyone else here Ace of Base here? I might have aged myself.

  45. 145

    Re: wargamer – oh wow I was wrong I said it sounded like Chiquita. you're right it does sound like Fernando.
    I guess I'm too old and not gay enough to appreciate GAGA but she puts on an interesting show.

  46. 146

    totally madonna wannabe. cant this lady be original for once. come on. tired of her already. what a loser. shes so not sexy and she cant dance. she only has some sucess cause she works with madonna ppl. the ppl that knows everything about madonna style. THIS LADY IS A FRAUD JUST LOIKE MIA AND GRACE JONAS SAID. LOSER

  47. 147

    ovarreted .we all saw this all before dear

  48. china says – reply to this


    even german TV made jokes about this shit being a mess and called caca the "loser of the day". bitch hough looks worse than ever. what happened to butterface-hiding devices?

  49. 149

    I thought it SUCKED! It's all smoke and mirrors with the "singers" of today–they need to have all of this action [dancing, smoke, fireworks, etc.] happen around them to distract the audience from noticing that they really CAN'T sing!!!!!

  50. 150

    yeah the beggining was like then u can totally tell it goes into playback mode after she starts singing ALEJANDRO…over all a good performance

  51. 151

    I do love that even haters expect too much from Gaga. They call her untalented and yet they acknowledge that she has done better works before. I hate Keshit and I do not even set an expectation for her, I don't even watch her performances nor follow her around on Perez. People having a hate crush on Gaga only means she is doing a good job and has set the bar so high.

    One hundred percent of the write ups about this performance was positive.. most of them came from the journalists who saw the performance live onstage last week. They were totally blown away by her performance.

  52. 152

    Re: iloveuGaga – Well I guess I am the yin to your yang, because Lady Gagsoncock is arguably the most fake pop personality today. People are starting to notice the cracks, and soon her fans that aren't 2 feet up her ass will realize that she sucks. Her "originality" comes from wearing outfits made from dumpsters and trying to hide her ugly face. It is just retarded. Lady GaGa sucks balls.

  53. 153

    The only thing good about that was her hot gay backup dancers.

  54. 154

    i'm so over the thing that people call her an artistic performer. she is a chick in weird clothes who writes boring music. that's it. i mean her songs are sooooo blah and are not different to other stuff they play today. NEXT

  55. 155

    I love this song so much!! I thought the performance was sexy, she looked hot!!!! loved it

  56. 156

    I'm not a huge fan, but I do think she is extremely talented. I wish she would display that by not lipsynching.

  57. 157

    Poor Gaga! Why is everyone getting on her case? I agree the cut version wasn't good, but the uncut version was amazing. Gaga is so talented, works too hard and loves her fans. Let's try supporting her in her time of need. Fox ruined the whole thing and that's not her fault. I can't wait to see her live in Cleveland in July!!!!

  58. 158

    madonna, step down, we have a new queen

  59. 159

    The music sounds wayyy better then it did on the show. I bet lady gaga was pissed! Love you gaga!

  60. 160

    It was not the best but not the worst. Even if she tries to hard at least she tries.

  61. 161


  62. 162

    Stop hating on Gaga ! Ok her songs are crap 90's eurodance a la Rozalla but what's important is that she is an inspiration to a whole generation of ugly and unoriginal people.
    Ace of base ? No wonder her music sucks if that's her inspiration. What's next ? Mariah Carey ?

  63. 163

    Was she even playing piano? funny i couldnt hear it and what I did hear it was still playing when she got up. lol

  64. 164

    Re: MadonnaQueenofPopFan#1 – Shes nothing like Madonna. Madonna is mind blowing with her performances. Ive seen both live and Madonna is worth the money gaga was not.

  65. 165

    Re: Joel Christan Sceneable – Shut the fuck up! Retard!

  66. MP says – reply to this


    I'm not a big GaGa fan, but her performance was very creative and imaginative. She did a good job.

  67. 167

    Re: riceball – She is not lipsynching in this performance. 100% her own voice thats why you can hear it crack a bit in the beginning. I don't even think she lipsynched in any of her performance ever.

  68. 168

    Re: CatAttack – OOOO ya that is true I remember reading she ripped ace of base off and then I listened to the ace of base song she supposedly ripped off and I was stunned the similarities.

  69. 169

    Re: 17S – gaga looks NOTHING like Madonna

  70. 170

    Re: groovejet – ya art she steals from other ppl. Actually she does not do her work she does what shes told by her label. Gagas songs were better written when it was JUST HER! Dumb girl sold out to the devil

  71. 171

    Re: Miss Divine – Yep shes real original lol

  72. 172

    Re: jaylana06 – she aint dancing lol and she may be singing but shes not actually dancing like britney does and madonna madonna dances like crazy and still sings. God kids dont know dick about music no more!

  73. 173

    Hoho ….madonna is the substitute when gaga's sick?

    Anyways…what r these guys in that high waisted speedos…… bizarre can be nice… but not like this… thats a turn off….

    madonnas outfit was great tho!

    Well stefani… time to dye ur hair

  74. 174

    love it shes such a good performer :)

  75. 175

    if she can't f**** pronounce the name aleJandro maybe she shouldn't sing it! for some of us that KNOW spanish, it sounds retarded!stick to what you know Gagita

  76. 176

    I love u GaGa. Haters are lame mad cause they are not famous =]

  77. 177

    I'm glad she can actually sing, so nobody could criticize her… On the other hand, being a huge Gaga fan I'm kinda surprised I don't like this song Alejandro at all! Dance in the Dark would've been the perfect choice for her next single… or are they saving it to be the last installment for the Paparazzi/Telephone saga? I hope so!

  78. 178

    Lady gaga would be better if she was not on a record label that OWNS HER!

  79. 179

    Re: Connor – I agree alejandro sounds nothing like that bonita song lol it sounds IDENTICAL to another song I thin its from abba

  80. 180

    Re: LouLo91 – Ya being sexy has nothing to do with music and at least shes trying. I like that she is not perfect. Shes average like her fans so its kinnda fair.

  81. 181

    Re: KRISSIE – Little girl shut up before I hang your head !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 182

    Re: perezly – amen

  83. 183

    Stop comparing a crack head to Madonna. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U hate Madonna now just like yall hated MJ but wait till she passes u will act like ur her no. 1 fan. Madonna did A LOT for women and music. Her videos don't make me sick either. Shes passion where others are trash. NO ONE is like Madonna and NO ONE is like gaga. STOP FUCKING COMPARING THE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. 184

    Fucking Amazing. PS - the blond dancer boy is hottt.

  85. 185

    Re: imbusy-eh-eh-eh – Shes not lypsynching but she woulda been better off btw she was not even playing piano lol

  86. 186

    Re: Jack_X – me to! Dance in the Dark was my favorite off the album. Such a killer song, I will be very excited if that's her next single.

  87. 187

    Re: Britney Spears is a Joke – Did you ever think that Brit turned them down? Brit can sing live. She don't need to rely on auto tune, costumes and crazy getups to sound good.

  88. 188

    Stop saying ppl are jealous coz ya some ppl are but Im not. Jealous of fame? DO U KNOW WHAT THESE PPL DO TO GET FAMOUS SO FAST

    Well if u don't know u will soon find out.

  89. 189

    that was absolutely brilliant! she's soooo talented! love her!

  90. Rhae says – reply to this


    I adore the GaGa and what she tries to achieve when she performs, but this was missing her usual spark. She looks like she's completely running on empty.

  91. 191

    Dont listen to any of them gaga, Watching you live gives me chills your performance was absolutely amazing, I'm your biggest little monster ever and I love you more then the world mother monster

  92. 192

    madonna is 50.
    she is nasty and whiny and wrinkly.
    she has a huge old lady gap in her teeth too.

    gaga is not 50.
    she is not nasty and she does her music because she loves it.

    love the gaga.

  93. 193

    I thought it was drawn-out and boring

  94. 194

    I love GaGa…but somehow I get the flavor and sound of Madonna's La Isla Bonita on that song! :)

  95. 195

    gaga's performance on american idol was amazing, despite having a limited stage, compared to her other gigs. which is, i think, the reason why people call it boring. alejandro tied in well with the piano version of bad romance. and she's nothing like madonna. alejandro has an italian-esque tone to the song. to the madonna fans, did madonna ever appear on a huge monster at one of her gigs? did she ever wear a balloon dress while playing the piano. no. so shut up, and stop comparing them.
    moreover, alejandro is not too slow to perform. just because its slower than her different songs does not make it anymore boring. lady gaga is all about being unique, and thats what she does. :)
    amazing performance tbh, did i mention that? ;D

  96. 196

    This is a beautiful performance and it is unconscionable that American Idol would cut any part of it. American Idol is awful dreck and, if there were time constraints, any other part of the show could have been scissored with no discernible loss. But to cut a Gaga performance is as barbaric as cutting a Caravaggio. Thank you for providing the full performance as it was meant to be seen. Gaga is a national treasure. Her impact is just starting to be understood.

    -Eric Chicago

  97. 197

    Lady Gaga has her own style, shes unique! SO STFU all you haters!
    If you don't/didn't like the performance than why watch it?
    ILY GAGA!:)

  98. 198


  99. slip says – reply to this


    HAHAHAHAHAHA. How many shitty versions of this song do we have to hear? The first one was bad enough.

  100. 200

    I am a fan but was very underwhelmed by this performance and found it boring as compared to her usual standards. She also didn't not seem to be that into it. Just my opinion.

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