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GaGa Does Idol!

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Check out the Lady's performance of Alejandro and Bad Romance, as she originally did it on American Idol, above!

GaGa's pre-taped performance ran about 6.5 minutes in length. Due to time constraints, though, the show cut it down to just under 5 minutes.

But, thankfully, we are so happy we were able to get our hands on her full-length, unedited performance!

CLICK HERE to check that out!

LOVE it!

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496 comments to “GaGa Does Idol!”

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  1. 201

    I love Gaga, but did not love this performance. It was showy, and over indulgent. Many times during her performance, I was reminded of Britney's "comeback" performance at the Grammy's in 2007. Gaga just walked around the stage fulfilling her blocking cues. And her disappointing vocals only fueled my frustrations about why people try to place Gaga in the same league as Christina.

  2. 202

    yeah this was incredible! when she started breaking it down on the piano, i was like "pero como puede existir una mujer tan perfecta!"

  3. 203

    I think Gaga is overdoing it. Most singers perform for years before letting the exhaustion show on stage. Puppet Gaga has only been on the scene for less than 2 years, and I'm betting she's going to be taking a "break" soon. I wouldn't mind either. People get bored with the same flashy moves and costumes. At the end of the day, when you're music is shallow and meaningless, there isn't really anything for Gaga to build her future off of. Her music is not timeless, it is not quality, and it does not push a message or purpose. People may like to dance to her music, and hear the covers on Youtube, but that's where it ends. It has absolutely no substance, and singers with material like that only stick around for as long as the trend does. This is why artists like Madonna, Christina, or Beyonce maintain their relevance and popularity. They switch things up on every album they release. They alter their images and stay fresh with the times. Gaga does not have that, and neither do her puppeteers at the office. All they have is shock value, on an almost completely desensitized nation of listeners.

  4. 204

    Re: salliemander – omg youre so retarded you dont have to be gay to apreciate her talent unlike many of the singers now a days she is an extremely talented artist

  5. 205

    I am always proud of her musical and physical abilities. However, she may need to step up her game, if that was her goal. There wasn't much that was new about her performance - it reminded me of what we usually see from her. In fact, it was a bit Madonna-esque. Good luck, Gaga!

  6. 206

    bad romance is so overplayed and annoying

  7. 207


  8. 208

    Time constaints my ass. That is called being censored. Any "shot" off her flashing a little ass…cut. Any "shot" of homosexual contact…cut. Idol can call it what they want, but it is what it is. Cost them $250K, so what the fuck, but let's not sugarcoat the obvious. It was a slouch chop job anyway…I sat there watching thinking this had to have been a bad cut and paste job on Fox's part. Gaga never would have sent that out herself. It was a hot performance though and she looked and sounded her fierce self. See you in Houston July 25…84 days and counting…

  9. 209

    Re: nicole_chuvaness – You are Retarded have you even listened to either song they sound nothing alike. If any of her songs sound similar to anything it so happy I could die and spice up your life by the Spice Girls. Atleas know what the fuck you are talking about

  10. 210

    OMG way better than what they aired on idol! i was disappointed at how poorly they edited her! it was so obvious. this is a low key song, and it was a smooth and lovely performance. bad romance at the beginning was BEAUTIFUL.

  11. 211

    LMAO this performance was SOOOO horrible.

  12. 212

    It was alright.

  13. 213

    stupid haters, lady gagas has the voice of godes

  14. 214

    I watched that live and Gaga is so pretty her hair is so glam

  15. 215

    Re: CatAttack
    Actually CatAttack, Gaga's outfits all mean something. Her performances all relate back to certain themes; fame, sex, monsters, and death. Having just completed a thesis on Gaga and her use of theatrical techniques, I can confidently say to you, "Get a life, and stop hating!"

  16. 216

    Omg!! This is the reason y iLuV

  17. 217

    Re: Joel Christan Sceneable – Darling please search on Youtube "La Isla Bonita" from the Girlie Show and you will understand what we're talking about

  18. 218

    I felt every emotion her heart bled during this performance. The raging madness that burns passionately out of control. The mind that needs, a heart that wants and a soul that thirst for both.

  19. 219

    Re: Maryboop – Search La Isla Bonita from the Girlie Show baby and you will see. Also if you really wanna take a look at an AWESOME performance of the same song look for the one at Live 8 or even The Sticky and Sweet Tour, Thank You!

  20. 220

    I really liked it!

  21. 221

    Haters cool out…
    Did you know that was the most homosexually charged performance prob since that Lambert but way gayer… and it aired nationally.
    Bravo Gaga…
    You are fab…but lets face it people…every major performer that isn't Idol doesn't look right on that stage…its like watchin her perform at showtime @the apollo…not the right place…Those Idol fucks aren't worthy of her greatness

  22. 222

    Thank you Perez for posting this!

    Lady Gaga said they cut it four times. Shame on them!

    Love you Lady Gaga! Great performance!

  23. 223

    She should have just come out naked. I can't believe that they let her perform in that outfit with lots of little kids watching. What were the producers of Idol thinking? She was horrible and the song sucks big time

  24. 224

    i love you Lady GaGa loved the performance

  25. 225

    As always it is exellent! On the whole line! Madonna can go get dressed, because Gaga has stolen his throne and his crown. I love you mother monstrer xxxx

  26. 226

    Re: joecool13 – Let me get this straight…you automatically brand an artist " fake " because she performs in leather and lace and adds a Latin flair to one of her songs like…Madonna.
    Ummm, Do you know what aesthetic eroticism is and have you ever read any Oscar Wilde~ The truth of masks? I am just trying to bend my mind around your critiquing formula that derived your pure reasoning.
    Oh yeah..one more question? Have you ever looked deep into the eye's of a strong, sexually secure, seductively expressive, sensually passionate and extremely erotic Italian woman? It is mind blowing ORGASMIC! Just FYI!

  27. 227

    Im honestly tired of hearing about modonna and lady gaga.. LET ME CLUE
    YOU IN on something… GAGA's Alejandro sounds way fucking diff then la isla bonita by Madonna

    Another thing Gaga Song is Based on more of a Italian Feel… While madonna's song is more of a latin caribbean theme to it..

    Gaga is a different style of artist and very talented also her knowledge of foreign language and pronunciation is very good!!!

    unlike madonnas in this song "isla bonita" half of the things she says In SPANISH anre wrong!

    Madonna is also a good artits but HELLO PEOPLE WE ARE A NEW FUCKING CENTURY so get over yourselfs!!!!

  28. 228

    Re: Connor – Excuse me?
    Madonna wrote LA ISLA BONITA, hon, she added the latin flavor to it.

    Madonna was filming SHANGAI SURPRISE when she wrote the song. She was miserable in Chine, filming Shangai Surprise, having fights with then husband Sean Penn.

    She got the melody in a demo and wrote the song about dreaming/wishing to be somewhere else - a tropical island - and not where she was. It is her song. MJ had a stupid demo that was not La Isla Bonita. It was just the melody.

    Oh, and Madonna, indeed was the first star to spread some latin flavor onto the mainstream pop culture. Not Gloria Stefan, not J.Lo, not Ricky Martin. La Isla Bonita brought a little of the latin flavor to all america, every single home, black, white, asian… get your facts straight, hon.

  29. 229

    BTW, Gaga was bad. Really bad. It was not even decent. Gaga's become boring already. Did the Haus of gaga abandon her? They obviously stopped creating things for her.

  30. 230


  31. CesX says – reply to this


    love it!

  32. 232

    Thank you for providing this to the fans! For FREE!!!!! I shall be a fan 4-ever

  33. 233

    [re=4995435]Re: noahboy3

  34. 234

    Re: Psycho90

  35. 235

  36. 236

    This may not have been her best performance, but at least she wasn't lipsynching. American Idol did do a horrible job of editing. I watched it last night and was like wtf?? and then I watched this and i understand lol.

  37. 237

    Re: YouKnowNothing
    Well, at least we know you live up to your name, because you really don't know shit. And before you even try to challenge me in pop culture and history, a challenge you will sorely lose, please get YOUR facts straight, "hon!"br>
    According to Wiki, "Originally written as a lament, the song was first offered to Michael Jackson before Madonna accepted it and re-wrote the lyrics with Patrick Leonard." You may believe the myths Madonna and her camp spew, but I don't.
    Also, since you have no concept of time, Gloria Estefan released two albums before 1986, the year "La Isla Bonita" was released, in which she had hits with "Dr. Beat (1984), " "Conga (1985)," all while Madonna was still trying to rip off Cyndi Lauper. Not only that, the Latin Freestyle (Lisa Lisa, Expose) sound was alive and well in the mid-80s before Madonna Anglicized (i.e.,diluted) the Latin sound.
    Oh, but the Latin sound didn't originate in the 80s. You saying that Madonna first mainstreamed Latin music, what you basically did was piss on the accomplishments of Peggy Lee, Santana, Santa Esmeralda, Foxy, Julio Eglesias, Abba, Sergio Mendes, Baccara, Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass, Blondie, Eurythmics, Jose Feliciano, Charo, Ritchie Valens, Vickie Sue Robinson, Los Lobos, Malo, Teena Marie, Astrud Gilberto, etc, all who brought Latin flavored music to American radio (and the world) long before and better than Madonna ever did.

  38. 238

    Wassup w/ the lady gaga haterz! She's the First Lady Gaga one of the top icons of the New Generation not a 2nd Madonna wanabee. I remember from the Old Generation says that Madonna was called as a 2nd Marilyn Monroe wanabee too. So What!! They've become famous n in their own special ways n they bring life to the World of Music lol

  39. 239

    Glad to see Mark from SYTYCD is getting some work with GaGa!!

  40. 240

    Like always Gagaloo Se Voto!!!She is the Best!

  41. 241

    this was so boring… really!!

  42. 242

    This sucked

  43. 243

    Re: MadonnaQueenofPopFan#1 – Ohh cummon! Speaking of wannabe Madonna was called Marilyn Monroe Wannabe when she did the Material Girl. But that was in the Old Generation now. Gaga is the First Lady Gaga of the New Generation now in the World Of Music Young n Talented. They've become famous in their own special ways. LOL

  44. 244

    Re: iloveuGaga – You're RIGHT!! I Thumb Up for that lol. I luv Mother Monster

  45. 245

    god she is soo fake that her hair is fake too

  46. 246

    If you don't like watching her perform than don't watch her, simple as that!
    And also if you dislike one of LadyGaGas songs than you are not a true LadGaGa Fan, and Alejandro is a fantastic song.

  47. 247

    Okay, i hate alot of celebrities..but i NEVER bash on them! Lady Gaga is such an amazing singer, it's one thing to say she cannot sing (because you're an idiot if you think that) but to call her ugly (which she most definitley is NOT) is a personal thing and just mean, so stop hating, honestly. Because she's famous and you're not..so she's doing something right, maybe you should try it, ehh? And if you think she wasn't singing live in this performance..then you are such an IDIOT! Beyond belief.

  48. 248

    Re: ashloG1228 – Wow, i can't even believe you said that..of course the whole performance was live, only an idiot would believe it wasn't..please do not reproduce :(

  49. 249

    Epic Fail she needs a new intro every time behind the piano ballad then boom on stage gyrating I am sorry I think the baby food has eaten her brain.

    How can anyone compare her Madonna once she surpasses Brintney and Xtina record sells which is about 100 million records then maybe we can talk.

    Anyone who knows? Knows that Madonna has sold over 350 million records and 300 million singles do your research kiddies she not even close to licking Madonna boots so go back to school and do your math!

  50. 250

    Lady Gaga is phenominal. She is a true artist. She sings live, WHILE dancing, which most artists don't do, and she sings beautifully. Her voice is real. I love Gaga and her little monsters =)

  51. 251

    Li††le Mons†er!
    GaGa Ooooo La La! ;-) ~


  52. 252

    it's still boring. she's still singin' bad while dancing. although the song is really good, I rather Monster.

  53. 253

    Love the "Lady", but I will have to say this is such a knock off from Madonna's La Isla Bonita. Listen for yourself and you decide.

  54. 254

    yes RIGHT, blame FOX you stupid dick… I loved you till the end of the day, but now… YOUR PERFORMANCES ARE HORRIBLE. even if Christina did that it was 100% pure perfection. She knows she can't do runs and riffs like Christina and just blames FOX because she knows she just horrible in this one. /COMES FROM A GAGA FAN!!!/

  55. 255

    Re: THE ONLY SOURCE – Are you talking about the Brittany that Lady GaGa wrote songs for because Brittany couldn't do it herself? And are you talking about the Christina that is truly a one hit wonder with Genie in a bottle then had to team up with other artist to keep her career going? And are you trying to say that record sells speak for themselves and not the artistic message the artist is conveying to the masses threw their performance and lyrics?

  56. 256

    As if the tampon and Victoria Secret commercials wouldn't be embarrassing. I think a kid would only be embarrassed because their parents were in the room. It's time for a change in the US. The only thing that makes things inappropriate is that is what we were raised to believe. It's time for America to grow up and talk about our bodies and sex so we aren't horrified when we find out the truth. I mean most Americans find it silly that in some cultures, women have to cover their hair. It's all about what you grew up to believe. I loved the full version and knew that something about the aired performance didn't seem quite right. She worked long and hard on the arrangement and the routine, not to mention getting her props there. It was disrespectful. You wouldn't only show part of a painting if you paid someone to paint it. How could you fully get the concept that way? And for the haters, just be sure you watched the above video before you comment how bad it was.

  57. 257

    Re: MadonnaQueenofPopFan#1 – agreed. she should say MADONNA inspires her. clearly.

  58. 258

    Re: LittleBroAdam – I meant to write "…Britney's "comeback" performance at the VMA's in 2007.

  59. 259

    Re: noahboy3 – Christina, a one hit wonder? Not true. You say she has to collaborate with other artists to get a hit? Let's count the hits she's had without having to collaborate… 1. Come On Over, 2. What A Girl Wants, 3. I Turn To You, 4. Fighter, 5. Beautiful, 6. The Voice Within, 7. Ain't No Other Man, 8. Candy Man, 9. Hurt, 10. Reflection, 11. Not Myself Tonight. Seriously, get a clue.

  60. 260

    Lady Gaga admits Grace Jones inspires her. That's why her wild n futuristic costumes she's very artistic. She's not into competing w/ anybody as a singing performer she would even love to perform w/ them and to give tribute.
    Every songs she writes means something deep inside her heart and mind she devotes it to everyone and that means really something to all her lilmonsters.
    For Lady Gaga haterz! u should be watchin all her interviews there you'll know who she is and what she is Lady Gaga always speaks and answers honestly and confidently to all the positive and negative thoughts ppl say to her.
    That is why we love her so much for being Lady Gaga herself.
    She's AMAZING and ALMIGHTY one.

  61. 261

    thats right!!!

  62. 262

    who cares if its like madonnas song?? how many muscians now use other ppls beats and what not? anyways it dont matter no matter how much hatred she gets she is still the shit

  63. 263

    Re: LilmonsterBabyG – coulnt have said it better =)

  64. 264

    What I don't get about Gaga is in the beginning she said she was all about the empowerment of women and didn't want to be the typical sex object on her album covers and on stage. Now every chance she gets she shows off her ass in videos and on stage. How is than empowering exactly?

  65. COZ says – reply to this


    The editing job done by FOX was embarrassing for the network and the show. The sound quality was tragic.
    Gaga = Genius
    Gaga = DRAMA, Sex, romance, blood and all things that create relentless entertainment - can't get her out of mind

    F*CKING LOVE her.

  66. 266

    Re: LittleBroAdam – These are hit? I have never heard anyone rant and rave over Christina songs other that Genie in a bottle and MR…sorry.

  67. 267

    Re: Starlit – Did you ever think that Brit turned them down? Brit can sing live. She don't need to rely on auto tune, costumes and crazy getups to sound good.

  68. 268

    It wasn't that bad!!.. it was pretty cool!!

  69. B3X3 says – reply to this





  70. 270

    Oh Please people. She Played piano, sang and danced to a song that SHE WROTE. Britney Spears can never say that or do it even if she wanted to! Gaga could easily put on a back track, lip sync and dance PERFECTLY, but she's not a Britney clone. Again, w/Madonna, styles are SUPER similar, but since when is it a crime to draw a little from different places, it's called INSPIRATION. But when has Madonna bled to death on stage, played piano AND wrote her one music this earl in her career?

  71. 271

    Re: MadonnaQueenofPopFan#1 – i just realized that whenever i browse through posts i immediately skip yours because I know whatever you say will begin with MADONNA WANNABE and follow with some grasping-at-straws comparison. Madonna is now in the past, whether you like it or not. She doesn't even have a label right now. so have fun listening to her outdated singles. we realize that people compare her to Madonna. They compare her to everyone. bug off, you're really annoying.

  72. 272

    People are really saying shes a copy?? She sounds nothing like the people she is being accused of! Just because Madonna had one Spanish song, Lady Gaga isn't allowed to have one of her own that sounds completely different? That is so ignorant and these people are just looking for a reason to call her a copy cat. You all need to get a life and stop trying to find flaws in people when you are probably far from perfect yourselves

  73. 273

    looooooooooooovvvvvvvvve gaga!

  74. 274

    I LOVE Lady Gaga!!!!! She is Amazing!!!

  75. 275

    Re: Britney Spears is a Joke – um… yeah she does… britney spears has ruined her voice… just listen to her stuff from waaay back in the day vs now… there's no comparison… she sucks now

  76. Wazzy says – reply to this


    Wow, I am literally blown away. An Amazing song. Such a strong and creative peformance delivered once again by GaGa. She's such a strong and fearless person and i love her so much for that. She's such a big inspiration. Love You GaGa… You will always be in my heart Mother Monster!!! xxx

  77. 277

    Lady Gaga is a freak of nature! She needs to put some clothes on, why would she think she could wear that ugly fishnet outfir on American Idol? Kids watch that show! She is sick and her music sucks!

  78. 278

    That was awful. Lady gaga sucks, she taken Brittney Spears place. She tries way too hard, her costumes are ugly as hell too. For anyone that likes her, really? Come on now.

  79. 279

    Re: Talandria – Definately is a show for kids to watch as well, if only adults are watching it thats sad!

  80. 280

    Re: iloveuGaga – If she's ur life, u should probably get a life hahah that is sad!

  81. 281

    3 minutes was more than enough for this overbearing over zealous tune. get off the screen Ga Ga Goo Goo

  82. 282

    I loved GaGa's performance on Idol. Fox cut it for time, yeah right. I watched both versions. Fox cut a lot of the gay men dancers holding and touching one another and at the end a couple of guys were rubbing on each other. Homophobic Fox strikes again.

  83. 283

    lets see you do better skanny bit chas! you better not hurt gaga like you ppl hurt Brittany seriously stfu its the comment section not the compliant section. i truly love LADY GAGA WITH ALL MY BEING she wanted the show to be great and was putting her heart on the line and u ppl just talk like shes not a real person! she has feeling too, shes human. leave gaga alone!@!!! and she the sexy women ever and you are obviously ugly and its hard to see perfection when you are so notttt!!! XD

  84. 284

    Lady G was in great voice. If Madonna is the new Queen, then Lady G is the Duchess in waiting……all hail Lady G! I'm just sayin'…

  85. kugar says – reply to this


    So really she is getting toooo be sooo boring and she's only been out 4 a few years but I am lots of my friends are totally bored of her now!!!

  86. kugar says – reply to this


    so is this suppose to be good?!!

  87. 287

    Absolutely Brilliant! Like always!!

  88. 288

    what was all the whoop la on american idiol Lady GAGa can not sing, Ms. GAGA is a passing fad nothing more, she will gone in a year or two and someone else with a bad wig will take her place.

  89. 289

    Re: MadonnaQueenofPopFan#1 – I never realized it, but it does have similarities…

  90. 290

    I like her music, the performance did run long, though. She has a right to be angry if they edited it incorrectly.

  91. 291

    Marylin Manson meets Christina Aguilara. I love them both and GaGa is incredible.

  92. 292

    What a Perfomer! Love That Lady, She is Hot Hot Hot SsSizziling Hot!!!!

  93. 293

    Lady GaGa is such a Madonna Wannabee,,,it's pretty pathetic,,,she can't dance for shit and she is not sexy at all,,,,,in fact she is a weirdo,,,,and her name is stupid too,,,,,yea her dancing is really terrible,,,,,THERE IS ONLY ONE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. 294

    Ok so i like a few of gagas songs but this makes her look down right dirty she is not at all sexy she is just telling the world she wants to be seen as sluty i did like her playin the piano but i think she is missing something oh yea could it be clothes?

  95. 295

    I have heard that American Idol is losing viewers…no kidding, most of the acts they book for the show suck in sound. Top performers like Shakira, Usher and Rascal Flatts sound horrible on the AI stage. Lady Gaga is an incredible singer and artistic performer, not everyone can appreciate her esthetic. Strangely she sounded the best on the stage and yet they edited her. Why not edit the other bad acts that came before and let Gaga do her thang?

  96. 296

    I'm kinda nervous she may be the third antichrist
    other than that…not to bad

  97. 297


  98. 298

    Re: SoniaR – I agree with you 100% She did well and she is Human She pul in alot of work behind the scenes, she deserved better treatment then she got from American Idol

  99. 299

    Did they not know who they were getting to perform? Did the Lady not have a contract? Does she not have a manager? I had never seen the Lady before,and only watched the show to see her performance. Lady Ga Ga, I thought you were fresh and brought something new to the table. Costume was was very creative and cutting edge. Your playing was so wonderful. Lost my self in the story. I am a 60 yr.old grandmother and known to be conservative. However; I have an understanding of the business. Just remember,as I always say "If a woman can't do it?????? It can't be done"so you GO GIRL!!! ;o)
    I will be watching:o)

  100. 300

    you call it music???? what a crap…I don't understand what's goin on in this world…People wake up, start listen to really good music.

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