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GaGa Does Idol!

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Check out the Lady's performance of Alejandro and Bad Romance, as she originally did it on American Idol, above!

GaGa's pre-taped performance ran about 6.5 minutes in length. Due to time constraints, though, the show cut it down to just under 5 minutes.

But, thankfully, we are so happy we were able to get our hands on her full-length, unedited performance!

CLICK HERE to check that out!

LOVE it!

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496 comments to “GaGa Does Idol!”

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  1. 301

    well the only reason why i think that fox wouldn't air the whole performance would be because at 1:51 you can see her butt an it more or less looks asthough she's shaking it.

  2. 302


  3. 303

    I like lady Ga Ga however, she reminds me of a lot of Madona. Lot's of her performances and looks are a lot like Madona. I think that she is 22-23 years old and has done very well for herself. I loved her performance and she needs to relax a little.

  4. 304

    This country is going down the shitter faster than you can flush a toilet. American idol is viewed by millions of young teenagers and they know it. To put this skank,whore,untalented wanabe on stage for that young audience is a disgrace! I'm not an "old fart" i'm only 34 and I don't want my kids watching that shit. Yea, I know well then I shoud change the channel. However, it's a little difficult when you have two young teens who if their grades are good get to stay up once a week and watch it. Although they were watching it I changed the channel and took the bitching that followed. gaga is a douchebag, a load that should have been swallowed and in my opinion is another example of why this country is self destructing along with this fucking website and perez hilton. No, not because your gay as I could give a flying fuck less if your gay since one of my best friends is. No, because you promote and make a living off the bottom feeders of the world and are blind to the "real world". No, I'm not talking about mtv either you jackass. I'm talking about the rest of the planet outside of your inner circle of morons who think they are important and play some role in society. Well here is a headline for you……….. YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 305

    Re: drakeshipway – well look at 1:51 of the video an you would see why.

  6. 306

    Re: mariposa9x

    Yea she needs some rest all right like a plane crash into the fing ocean! Maybe she could be useful and crash right over the leak in the gulf so she could plug the hole.

  7. 307

    I'm not the biggest fan of lady gaga….I like some of her songs….I've never been a fan of her performances though….they are reruns

    she starts off on the piano….walks around gets grabbed…dances a bit….and then she ends in blood…..its all the same….Id rather see her sit there and sing….

  8. sjs says – reply to this


    I all of a sudden don't have much of a desire to go to her show in St. Paul, MN anymore… what happened with this performance? I think she is just very tired. A lot of Madonna copying is in her performances, music, and lyrics; but there is only 1 Madonna and as a huge Madonna fan I recognize every copied relevance to her. I do appreciate Gaga's efforts, but this performance felt pushed and was pretty rough. She sang it live - that is obvious. I just don't know if I want to spend loads of money to see her anymore after seeing this - and the outfit was not appropriate for Idol.

  9. 309

    The girl makes HEADLINES… Regardless if you like her or if she is a "wanna be" skank or whatever,bottom line is she makes money and is in the news and people talk about her. Press is press.

  10. 310

    Re: iluvnytoo – She's very sexii!Stop being jelous bcuz she has a better ass than you!

  11. 311

    She was incredible!Haters back the fuck off!!!

  12. 312

    Great performance of my fave Gaga song!

  13. 313

    Re: zoeycam09

    "The girl makes HEADLINES… Regardless if you like her or if she is a "wanna be" skank or whatever,bottom line is she makes money and is in the news and people talk about her. Press is press. "

    You made my point. Is that the lesson we should teach our kids?

    Hey little jimmy all that matters is that you make money and get a lot of press and it doesn't matter how much of a fucking whore or disgrace you are. All that matters little jimmy is that you are filthy rich and infamous.

    Yea, that should lead this country in the right direction you jackass!!!! If that's the attitude of this country then we need more birth control!

  14. 314

    Okay, listen Gaga CAN sing, for those of you whom think not, please refer to the beginning of the clip again, her solo part was the BEST, now the rest? I would have to agree with a lot of you, it wasn't that great…definitely could've been better. The face veil was awesome but the hair? Don't get me started. We love you Gaga, you win some, you lose some.

  15. 315


  16. 316

    She is a madona wanna be with a nack for being wierd and strange! That is all she has going for her…. she is the younger version of madona… if there was no madona, there would be no gaga!

  17. 317

    she should shut up, her friggin performance of too long and boriiiiiiiiing….and what's up with all the crap on her face…..lose the spider web and get some good music, how many friggin times do we need to hear her moan alehandro over and over and over, no wonder they cut the segment people were all taking the time to run to the crapper after that load….

  18. 318

    First of all, Gaga has zero talent. It doesn't take talent to copy what others have already done, and better. Second, she is SO NOT HOT. She looks like she fell off the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, and then someone ripped the tree out of the ground and beat her ass with it Chris Brown style. All you Gaga lovers are an example of the sad state of affairs that is music these days. You people will swallow any shit that the radio, MTV and YouTube will feed you. Get a fucking life.

  19. 319

    Oh My God American Idol SUXXXXXXX. No wonder their ratings are so damn low. They did not do lady Gaga justice YOU ALL SUCK AMERICAN IDOL!

  20. 320

    Alright DUDE first of all she MAKES her own clothes & she does all that stuff NOT just 2 get attntion but that IS who she IS!!! u dont need 2 be trying 2 change her. She is sooo talented she can sing, dance look AMAZING shes so creative & if you think about all the hard work she put into that one show. I am her BIGGEST fan so dont insult US. I know everythjing about her & you dont even KNOW what ur talking about so just dont even comment kay? KAY.

  21. 321

    Re: #1littlemonster!

    If your her biggest fan then you are another load that should have been swallowed………..

  22. 322

    Simply AMAZING!!! i just love Gaga!

  23. 323

    I really appreciate most of these comments but everyone, you have to also deal with the mean comments and if your wondering…no it doesn't bother me and I am happy to except the criticism. Thank you to all my fans for being so supportive of my career and helping me each day to keep doing what I do and I love it.
    -Lady GaGa

  24. 324

    Re: Sammy8 – Reading your vulgar display of profanity one would only assume that YOU are the greatest contributor to why this country is going down the “ shitter.” Not to mention your incorrect spelling and or grammar can only mean you live in a trailer somewhere in the country. You drink Budweiser, you wear beater tee’s religiously and your version of foreplay with your wife is “ get in the truck bitch!” You walk around grabbing your nuts while scratching your ass then eating on your chest like a silver back gorilla say” I am King, hear me roar.”

  25. 325

    I loved the beginning of……I don't wanna call this a performance! I'm not sure what-the-hell is going on in that pretty little head of hers but this was just plan old sad!!!

  26. 326

    GaGa is talented beyond belief but she is sexually acting out because she is unhappy. Lose the masks and the makeup and give us the pure singing and music talent. You are better the production that takes away form your talent. Another Madonna or Britney or Pink our world does not need. Challenge yourself and lose the masks. Beyonce and Alicia Keys have more class and will ultimately grow as performers. GaGa has the talent but it gets lost in her trying to be provocative and she isn't. Don't become a has-been like Madonna. She stands for nothing other than to be provocative and her facelifts and body tucks will not preserve that.

  27. sjs says – reply to this


    testing testing 1,2,3

  28. 328

    omg gaga i thought u would do better than this !!! it needs more action ! your dancing is….. not even dancing !! this was my favorite song from your album !!! T_T ~sob~ what happened gaga ??

  29. 329

    Sorry to say that but i was sad when i saw this . it made me wanna sleep . Gaga i know you can do better Alejandro is a great song but not a song that you can dance to especially live .. and the backup dancers rlly got me confused .

  30. 330


  31. 331

    I thought that she was very nasty and was upset with American Idol for even putting her on the show. Fox did the appropriate thing and really could have cut more and kept it a family show.

  32. 332

    I'll tell it like it is… Chick is a freak. Is all that really necessary? Just sing. What is it with celebrities these days that they are so starved for attention? Parent’s must have deprived her of attention when she was a child. As they say in show biz …next!

  33. 333

    her ass looked delicious!!! lol love her!!!

  34. 334

    Here's something for all you GaGa haters: don't watch her if you don't like her. I'm a huge gaga fan, and i will stick with her till the end. so SHUDDUP if you don't like her - and just leave her alone. she did quite well! Alejandro's not my fave, but its still interesting.

  35. 335

    Well, I saw her on American Idol and I thought she stunk, but then if Perez Hilton supports you then nothing more can be said. He's an airhead. I want to tell you, Lady Gaga, that it's a shame that you are a talked young woman, have a very pleasant voice, and a very attractive young woman. You don't need all of the gimics or antics that you use in your act. It's a waste of a very talented young lady.

  36. 336

    I was in the pit at the taping of American Idol last week, when I saw AI last night I could not believe that was the same performance I had attended. Fox did a HORRIBLE job…I don't blame GaGa for being pissed at Fox. She did an amazing job, was gracious and professional from what we could see and hear. We could hear everything being said between takes because we were in the very front standing on the bottom steps of the stage. The version posted here on this site is far and above better than Fox's version. However her voice is amazing in person, the video does not do her justice!

  37. 337

    Sounds like her other song with different words…
    and Alls I can say is extremely dissapointed. Hated it…

  38. 338

    Re: iloveuGaga
    Not a hater…. Love her .. hated the performance,, boring..

  39. 339

    i think lady gaga needs to get over her self. people watch american idol to see the contestants and to see who goes home NOT to watch her. i seem come on. she just needs to cry me a river and then build a bridge and get over it.

  40. cc1 says – reply to this


    I think that performance was total inaproporiate for American Idol. My 4 yr old grand daughter loves Lady Gaga. This a Family time show.

  41. 341

    I think Gaga is unique, and its about damn time that we got something a little frisky. The same old country and rap music is gettin old. I Love her style and the way she performs. I consider myself a big fan!!! Keep it up Lady Gaga! Fuck all the haters! Their just jealious because they ain't famous! I love you!

  42. 342

    I dont care if Idol cut this. Lady Gaga is a transvestite and she is not a good singer. My opinion is that she sounds like a man.

  43. 343

    Wow. Her performances are like a Madonna rerun.

  44. 344

    I enjoy Lady Gaga, but can I just say that "Alejandro" is clearly a rip off of "La Isla Bonita" by the true Lady herself, Madonna! I will forever and forever stay "true blue" to my "lucky star" and I will "cherish" every Madge-tastic moment. Sorry, Gaga, but you're second banana to the one and only.

  45. 345

    Lady GaGa is an excellent performer. Her performance's are like Madonna's, but a newer Madonna in "2010.' Go Lady GaGa. Love your style.

  46. 346

    OMG.. all this criticism… ypu all WANTED To watch the video obviously. You all keep saying she's copying other people.. She could be inspired by those people and she just happens to show it. so just watch the video.. she's not perfect umm your not suppose to expect perfection just because she is a celebrity. I mean Jesus! ya'll act like ya'll have no life, criticizing others. This is why i don't listen to gossip because F.Y.I i have a life of my own.. just saying :/

  47. 347

    I think gaga is Gag-A she looks a blonde Amy Winehouse, homely. She also sounds like a poor imitation of Shakira. Her outfits? Sorry but has she been digging in the back of Madonna's closet? She really stinks. She also can't sing. All her songs sound the same. Theres barely any variations to the music. I've heard better singers ON American Idol. Sorry Gaga but you def. aren't a Lady but you come close to being the Tramp.

  48. 348

    Gaga did wonderful! i love her creativity.

    And for those of you who are flapping your gums about how horrible she is, here's some advice:
    If you don't like it, don't look at it.

    simple as that.
    girl is just doing her job…entertaining.

  49. 349

    The gimmick is wearing off. It's funny because the moment Lady Gaga stop doing this outrageous outifts and drama is the moment that she turns into a joke.

  50. 350

    she acts as though, it's all about her. i'm sure they told her to keep it under 5 minutes and then when she did not she left then no choice but to cut it. did she really have to add the bad romance part?? i think not. she was just trying to show off to people that didn't know that she could play the piano and should have left that to her shows not other peoples.

  51. 351

    That song sounds like something Ace Of Base would have done. I love the fact she's out there and obvioulsy VERY talented - but she's not a musical God. She's not the first nor will be the last artist to be seen as "different". I do believe she is jacking some of the earlier stuff such as clothes and music beats/dances but that's understandable. There's only so much people can do in the many years that music and performing has been around. I just think people should stop putting her on a pedestal.

  52. 352

    What a surprise about 80% of the comments on this page are just teenage hired rejects posting for Perez there one comment to make this topic seem interesting example…iTressiamargie4507tooterpooter2010zoeycam09intentionisinvention#1littlemonster!possefan23Yuuikiblackstar
    …I guess she Gaga finally threw you a bone Perez and put a link to your site

  53. 353

    wow…that was such crap…can you say COPY CAT?…she really sucks as an "artist", this chick is about as original as a movie remake. i'm pretty sure a lot of people would agree

  54. 354

    I thought she was a JOKE!!!! and don't even know why Idol had her on there? I think they could have done better

  55. 355

    Lady GaGa will continue to hold our attention with her arts & crafts because those of us with discerning judgment know what it is that we like to see, hear and feel.

  56. 356

    i have been a writer/producer/dj for a fair amount of time in my life (about 17 years) i have heard some of ga ga's music in the past didnt hate it… one or 2 stood out a bit. but really dont listen to the radio often at all, however i am not someone who hates pop music just because its labled as pop… but honestly… this is the worst crap ive heard in a long time. the song is lengthy (with no validation) the performance was horrible, the dancing sucked, and even the suggestiveness (sexyness) was all based off the fact she was half naked … hardly anything truly erotic at all… and the lyrics and theme was entirely trite and boring. very very unimpressed. she should of thanked 'idol' editors for not extending her terrible contribution to the down fall of the entertainment world. please people… wake up! this was total crap!

  57. 357

    one more thing. i have seen performances that are done in this way before that are truly brilliant and erotic and fun and intense and beautiful, all at once… this wasnt ANY of those. and as i said previously… i dont know much about ga ga… but now i am not real interested in seeing much more ever of her. every female has a body… and yes… if they flaunt it, it turns a guy on or even a girl or two… but REALY… there was NOTHING special about this performance in ANY way… i rewatched it 3 times since my last post to see if some how i was too harsh. but NO… it really IS completely without substance. its scary reading all these comments of people who call this 'entertainment' i think if she had been in some sort of reality show contest, competing herself… she would of been instructed to go become a nurse or an accountant or something. i believe ga ga has SOME flare for entertainment and even erotica, but THIS was NOT it!

  58. 358

    I liked it, it was great. loved the stage with the black tree and what she is wearing. Lady GaGa has a awesome body. and did anybody notice the dancer with the crooked pinky? he was in so you think you can dance he was great to

  59. 359

    OMG! Someone said that she is trying to be Madonna doing La Isla Bonita. YES!!!! That is exactly what she is doing. She is SOOOOO trying to be Madonna! Even the burning angel was a little reminiscent of the statue in Madonna's Like A Prayer. Not as subliminal as she hoped it would be … pretty obvious. And another problem: She cannot dance.

  60. 360

    First of all Lady Gaga was Awesome.
    Second of all…Madonna was awesome. so therefore if she's copying her that's okay.
    Third this looks nothing like britney's outfit.
    and last..everyone is starting to mimick lady gaga so again..she is awesome.

  61. 361

    Re: LadyGagaOfficial – Ohh Mother you're AMAZING! The more they HATE the more you LOVE. That's our MOTHER MONSTER.
    We love you for what you do and for what you are. Nothing will never change.

  62. 362

    Damn I'm glad I wasn't there being forced to sit in my seat. I thought being trapped on a plane on the tarmac was bad.

  63. 363

    GAGA IS TALENTED AND I LOVE HER!!!! but #1 she needs to stop wearing the thongs! #2 her idol performance was way to long #3 alejandro not a best song i can really jam to but whatever #4 Fox did do a pretty bad job at cutting that!

  64. 364

    I agree she did rip this off from Ace Of Base. No wonder I have never paid attention to this hack before. She wants to be Madonna- sorry lady HaHa- I am not even a huge fan of Madonna, but I give her credit and respect. She is one of a kind and she has the talent and attitude. She has had huge success and rightfully so. Lady GaGa has zero talent!! Please give it up and go away!! There is nothing original about you, your song, or your performance. Why don't you go find out who YOU are instead of trying to be like somebody else! Maybe if you did that you could write and perform a song of your own.

  65. 365

    Re: Sammy8 – Thank you! You said it all right there!

  66. 366

    Alejandro and a bad romance. More like a Rotten Handful and a Bad Performance !!! I don't know a whole lot about Lady Cucka, but I know that the performance I just watched sucked ass !!! and the song she played sounded allot like something Shakiera has already played. ( Way to be origonal ) NOT !!! What the hell were those poor guys wearing anyway ? It looks like their wearing huge black diapers with a girdle attached to it !!! and who cheaped out on the coriography ? F**k-n-A people !!! How can you possibly think that it was any good ? Poor sheltered bastards !!! And who's bright idea was it to compare that scank to Madonna ? Sorry, but Madonna would wipe the floor with gaga's fake ass blond wig !!! What a joke !!!

  67. 367

    Re: Sammy8 – I couldn't agree with you more, except she's not the type of load I'd ever swallow !!! ha ha ha

  68. 368

    Fox didn't want to air it because it sucked so f**king bad !!!

  69. 369

    She is famous, You all are not. Get over it, She is talented. She sounds good. Hater is an over used word. So, Here is a new one. You people are neophobe's. She is different, and unique. So stop hating someone who is different.

  70. 370

    As always, Gaga is so creative in her vids. There is some similarity to Madonna in this performance but who cares. Let Gaga have her moment. I am sure Madonna must be her musical mentor?

  71. 371

    Re: GaGaism – I agree with you. Gaga has a territory that stands out in the crowd with her costumes and video themes. I think she has a beautiful voice and she knows how to work the camera. Plus she plays musical instruments while she sings.

  72. 372

    Get over yourself Gaga, your not that hot…getting old and that ass is WIDEEEEEEEE

  73. 373

    Although a little bizarre at times, Lady Gaga still delivers the extrordinary performance we have come to expect and love! I thought the performance was unique and very captivating. Shame on Idol for editing…. and as for making the audience wait….. I would have found it worth it! She looked amazing and although she is definately no Madonna……. she is most definately the Lady we have come to love! Keep it up and I look forward to the next perforance! And as for the negative comments from the negative people…… when was your last performance on Idol or anywhere else for that matter? Hmmmm…. thats what I thought! Keep it up Gaga!

  74. 374

    BIG Rip off.. I have a weird feeling the dancers rehearsed this number on the tour bus..hmm Senora CaCa I don't blame you but your people for allowing you to present yourself in such a manor on a hot show like Idol. Someone's head should be chopped my friend. I'd start with your costumer, then the choreographer…oh don't forget to kick the set designer for putting an elephant in a kiddie pool. I mean really Senora CaCa do you think you NEEDED to do this show? It's a little over kill wouldn't you say? It was a throw back to Madonna meets Cher at the Oscars in the 80's couple with that tired show girlicious … Fox I would have edited it about 2 minutes into the 6 minute VIDEO. Speaking of video does 1983's swamp thing mean anything? I'm Just Sayin. I still love ya Lady Mierda pero…hang your heels up and your stylist sweetie… Project Runway have some fierce designers to choose from …not one of our gay queens with an eye for FISHNET and smokey eyes.. Besos mamita…get some rest chica!

  75. 375

    Re: LadyGagaOfficial – and you cannot spell..oy

  76. 376


  77. 377

    Compared the edited vs. unedited versions & can't see anything that stands out in the longer version. What, she wanted us to see more of her standing w/men pawing at her in the end? Can't see this me-centered behavior endearing her to anyone, fans or those trying to work with her!

  78. 378

    Re: Sammy8 – You changed the channel because you thought this was offensive for teens, yet you set a great example by writing a post full of swearing & hateful comments for the same audience to read. Classic hypocrisy!

  79. 379

    Re: iloveuGaga – (Gaga had mor talent in her little finger then anyone out there she is beautiful) WHAT ??!!
    For one look on youtube for the videos of before she was anything. shes normal, maybe even a lil bit weird looking without all the makeup. and
    you must be like 15, because shes a total copy of Madonna. If your younger than like 20 you prob have never seen Madonnas performances. Cant wait to see gaga come out with pointy tits,lmao. Gaga's had like 2 maybe 3 top 10 songs. hmm, lets see, Madonnas had 37 top 10 hits. No comparison.

  80. 380

    know what i like best about lady Gaga…. she was a a quiet shy christian girl that never got into trouble and then she became this…..someone who cares enough about her country to overcome her quiet shy ways and make everyone turn their heads and take a second look. she is doing what she does to make us better people and its about time you all take notice. she will do whatever it takes to make you notice and stand up for yourselves so what it comes down to is this….are you so pathetic you will dis her for at least trying when you obviously are too pathetic or will you acknowledge and defend someone trying to stand up for your rights and freedoms in a way that that ensures getting your attention cuz the other ways obviously dont work so well lately. she does what she does for you….so the least you could do is show a little appreciation and respect cuz god knows most of you would never have the balls to do what she is. I say thank god for Lady Gaga… she pushes things as far as she can in this country nowadays without overdoing it which is almost sad considering how much worse other countries push things so much farther yet we are supposed to be so much better. she just proves what an embarrassment americans turned this country into. how does that make her look bad? she just pointing out that americans like proving they dont enjoy their freedoms which i just think is sad really.

  81. 381

    Seen this before - in style and substance. Madonna was her name.

  82. 382

    Re: iluvnytooRe: iluvnytoo – I wish I were the piano so she can play me…play me! play me!!

  83. 383

    I'll change my name to Alejandro

  84. 384

    She has talent but since she's so ugly she has to be outrageous, but it's all been done before.

  85. 385

    LAME. Boring. Weird.

    So why is she angry at 'Idol' for cutting a few seconds off of her performance?
    Her whole number was just a waste of time.

  86. 386

    Re: iluvnytoo – AGREE! LOL

  87. 387

    Not that it's bad, per say.

    It's just that very few artists (and she is one), change music on a primal level. Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John perhaps; The Pretenders/
    Cars/Devo - Michael Jackson, Madonna, Run DMC to some of the few.

    I wouldn't get all gaga over Gaga, nor would I put her down. She's just not groundbreaking.

    For those of you who love her, I seriously suggest you borrow some "tapes" of Madonna and SEE her MTV videos :)

    And for us older farts, let the kids like who they like :)

  88. 388

    Re: Bryans710 – 2 or 3 top ten songs??? Lady Gaga's first 6 songs went #1 IN A ROW…and like i said b4 so what if she gets inspired by madonna?? so many musicians in the industry get there inspiration from other musicians…ya just need to get over it she aint going anywhere for a while

  89. 389

    Well, sorry to say, folks… but her performance was too long, as it was!! Sorry, but not a gaga fan…

  90. 390

    GaGa? CaCa… SSDD… same shit different day… no wonder the ratings are falling for American Idol… shame on you Lady GaGa.

  91. 391

    Re: stevie1
    "Seen this before - in style and substance. Madonna was her name."
    Interesting…that was the very same reaction from when I first heard & seen Madonna: "Wow, this is so Teena Marie, Deborah Harry, Nancy Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West..etc. etc. etc.
    I wouldn't say Madonna changed music on a primal level. She basically regurgitated what was already out there in terms of her sound, and in her heyday, there were still far more superior and groundbreaking artists that were pushed to the background because of her. Visually, though, she took it to another level, but that really had nothing to do with the music, did it? Funny, though, how history repeats itself.

  92. 392

    Re: Sammy8
    There are a lot of things wrong with the world today and why this country is going down the shitter, as you eloquently put it, but I wouldn't say Lady GaGa is the cause or reason for it. Seems to me you have a lot of misdirected anger.

  93. 393

    I really liked Lady Gaga's uncensored version of American Idol. Alejandro is very creative and her performance outstanding. As usual she has produced another hit record.

  94. 394

    wow the only thing more disgusting than the pure hater attitude that most of the people here leaving comments, is their complete inability to spell. wow guys, the education system sure failed you didn't it? Lady GaGa is just doing her thing. just like all of the other people in show business. her lyrics are way better than, lets say, Lil' Wayne or Akon. the only thing that those two "artists" can sing or rap about is about how hot girls are and about how they think that drinking and doing drugs is the "life everyone should live". in my eyes, those people are losers and just because you may be too ignorant to understand GaGa's lyrics, doesn't make them unintelligent or any less than the next artist around. so for all the haters out there, shut the fuck up and let it be.

  95. 395

    Used to like her but now she's become another "diva" that will burn out. She will never be Madonna/Xtina no matter how hard she tries.

  96. 396

    Re: Sammy8 – well hello world, here is some grade A intelligence! haha yeah right! dude, you'r 35 years old. get a fucking life or go to work. i mean shit, if you don't like Perez Hilton then why the hell are you on his blogsite? moron. and as for your kids, guess what asshole, YOU'RE THE PARENT. who gives a damn if they bitch at you? take your head out of your ass and grow the hell up already.

  97. 397

    Wonderful performance! Its not easy to sing and dance together.

  98. 398

    Re: sjs – you know, there are TONS of artists that pull from Madonna. she was a HUGE influence in the music world. there is no way that we would have been able to evolve into what we are today musically without people like her or Michael Jackson. and while i'm here, why don't we talk about Chris Brown? all he is, is a copy of MJ. why not mock him and call him names? he even beats women for christ's sake! you people need to seriously take a little revaluation of yourselves before you start spouting off idiotic remarks about people. it's pathetic.

  99. 399

    Not much energy on that one. Looks VERY stiff…stage looked cool though!

  100. 400


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