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GaGa Does Idol!

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Check out the Lady's performance of Alejandro and Bad Romance, as she originally did it on American Idol, above!

GaGa's pre-taped performance ran about 6.5 minutes in length. Due to time constraints, though, the show cut it down to just under 5 minutes.

But, thankfully, we are so happy we were able to get our hands on her full-length, unedited performance!

CLICK HERE to check that out!

LOVE it!

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496 comments to “GaGa Does Idol!”

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  1. 401

    The choreography in this video was not good. It didn't match the music, nor the song. Good song, bad choreography

  2. 402

    I like Lady Gaga but she totally overreacted. American Idol isnt about the celebrites that perform on the show that is just a bonus for fans. It is about the contestants on the show and she needs to grow up and realize that this is a family show and Fox is family oritented.

  3. 403

    Horrible performance! I usually appreciate Lady Gaga's quirky style, but this was pathetic! The song lyrics are atrocious, the dancing reminding me of tweenagers practicing to be cheerleaders, and the costumes were ridiculous. I don't see that the edited version cut out anything that made any of that worthwhile. Lady Gaga, you have a beautiful voice, please use it for more than just idiotic drivel.

  4. 404

    she's lip sync'ing to a pre-recorded track. she's basically Milli & Vanilli. The music industry sux, and the worst example is the pre-fab crap of gaga. she is bringing down music as an art form.

  5. 405

    gaga I love you, presentation perfect as usual. you is my life. kisses my queen, please come to brazil we love you :D

  6. 406

    GAGA gags me. She looks trashy, cheap, and her wig is the worst wig I've ever seen. Her performance was okay, but was too long-got repetitious and boring. I was hoping it would end sooner than it did on Idol. I don't think her performance was appropriate for primetime national tv. She is definitely NO Madonna and never will be. I am NOT GaGa for GaGa.

  7. Suri says – reply to this


    I just want t say yes she has A LOT of Talent. But being angry with a TV station for editing it is not going to get anywhere now is it? Fox does not have to explain themselves. They edited it so the show did not run over the time alotted for the show. Please just get over it…geez.

  8. 408

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I do not know how many times I've seen. GAGA YOU IS MY LIFE, MY ALL, I love you so muchhh. kisses my queen, beautiful presentation like forever, PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL WE LOVE YOU

  9. 409

    uhmm okay Lady Gaga gets everyones attention so why is she making a big deal about not getting an extra minute and a half just to dance on stage. Also, its American Idol and young teens are watching it and I'm sure some parents don't approve of what she does and the things she does so that also had something to do about it. I wish Lady Gaga would think about that instead of making a big deal about herself once again.

  10. 410

    That was THE DUMBEST SONG IVE EVER HEARD!!! Sounded like ricky martin or sum shit. Your in AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH!!

  11. 411


  12. kayci says – reply to this


    Ok, First off everyone who thinks shes wack or not sexy or has no talent, just STOP hating. She made it, she's big and a lot of people love her, and obviously she must have talent to have come this far. There are plenty of artist who sound like artist doesn't make them a wanna be or unoriginal. LETS SEE YOU GET UP NEXT TO GAGA AND DO WHAT SHE DOES. THEN TALK! it's ok to have opinions but also look at the big picture. Kayci xoxo.

  13. 413

    Re: noahboy3 – Not to mention your incorrect spelling and or grammar can only mean you live in a trailer somewhere in the country.

    I really don't appreciate your assumption that people who live in trailers in the country cannot spell, or use correct grammar. I grew up in a trailer park, thank you very much, and my grammar and spelling is freaking fantastic! I did, however, notice several errors in your last post. Where do you live?

  14. 414

    Re: dustin0888


  15. 415

    For those of you who are calling us Gagahaters, you need to go back and check out some of Madonna's performances (if you can find any). You are apparently too young to remember, this is totally a Madonna do ova.

  16. 416

    wow lady gaga should not do a performance like that, especially in front of thousands of kids who watch american idol to see good singers, not hoes like her.

  17. 417

    Lady Gaga is amazing and beautiful. I love her music and her creative outfits. Perez.. thanks for the video , Great job!

  18. 418

    Stop bitching ~ you get paid millions & struggling artists can only dream to be in your blessed heels… get a grip and keep your mouth singing… instead of spouting ungratefulness you freak.

  19. 419

    basically you are ALL LAME because top 40s hits pop stars like Lady GaGa have no musical talent whatsoever!!! they dont play instruments (the piano does NOT count, my 2 year old nephew can play the piano) they dont choreagraph their own dances and when they do it comes out looking like this sad attempt of a performance. they dont even freaking write their own music….. i really dont understand how people can sit here and watch this mindless crap. INGNORANCE thats how. all of you should grow up and get into some real music. and perez hilton sux. so does paris hilton, shes a dum dum

  20. 420

    Just watched the both of them….they are IDENTICAL….She's obviously just carping to reinforce the 'diva' image….a real shame someone with so much talent has to resort to such tactics beyone the shock value and sexuality thing.
    Here's an original idea GaGa…how's about behaving with CLASS…now that would really be something totally different…another example of someone who's never really had to actually do real work acting out just exactly what she is: a spoiled, immature, primadonna with unrealized gernius capabilities…So very, very tragic and sad.

  21. 421

    what the heck is she blasting idol for? there was no difference in the performances like she claims. i watched them both - the only difference is they held the ending a little longer and she stroked the hair of one of her dancers. big deal - NOT. she copies madonna so much = this song reminds me of the spanish song madonna did - don't know the exact title but it is something bonita - where madonna was dressed in matador clothes - even the middle rap part sounded like her - she copied christina aguilera's look too - she is trying to be madonna because she knows performance artists are more interesting but if you look at her before's and after's that is her biggest accomplishment -t he plastic surgery and her working out - she used to be fat with a really big nose and nothing you would pay admission to at a concert - that is her biggest achievement.

  22. 422

    I really do not understand the difference between this performance and the one that was actually aired on American Idol. I guess that's why I am not a critic or have anything to do with media. To me I think she is being a bit of a drama queen and should be happy that she was even allowed to perform on a family oriented show in the first place. I do have some love for the woman but I think she is bigger in her head than I think she is. BOOHOO I am a superstar who makes millions of dollars and they cut my performance down by a minute and nobody got to see me just lay under a statue while half naked sweaty men stare at me…… Sounds like a Diva to me!!!!!! Oh and with all the money she has you would think she could afford a better wig instead of one that it looks like she stole from Miss Piggy… which would make sense since did have Kermit as a date….

  23. 423

    she's a man baby!

  24. 424

    I don't blame the upset for Fox editing your well executed performance. Good Job! You claimed it it is yours :) This proves you are talented in many ways. I enjoy your unique style and voice.

  25. 425

    Hey….I've seen this act before, but it was better the first time around……she went by the name of Madonna……she actually had some talent…….this imposter is a bit of a joke.

  26. 426

    so i have to honestly say…was she really getting upset over a minute 1/2 of her performance not being shown!?…it wasnt even all that great to see the rest..and Gaga the editors have a job to do & thats to make sure everything stays within the time limits…so stop being such a diva! one thing i can say…that outfit was omg gorgeous! i love lace and that was just too cute…probably a little too much for that program, but still loved it…excluding the veil thing…otherwise get over yourself! i understand that geting your stuff cut up is frustrating…but its a business…you should know these things by now!

  27. 427

    I find it interesting that no one noticed that the edited version that was aired & on Yahoo has her voice off key almost the whole length of the tape. Did she piss off the editor and that is why she is angry? The uncut version on this site sounds fine and she should have no compliants. I would be pissed off too, If my reputation preceeded me and I kept getting screwed for being a perfectionist.

  28. 428

    Re: CrYsTaL_cLeAr

    iGnOrE tHe JeAlOuS hAtErS, Mom always told me "crystal,,,,,if someone cuts you down they are insecure and they do it only to make themselves feel better." (nuff said)

  29. 429

    Alot of Harsh comments on miss gaga. first of all who ever said she lip sync, bitch im sure you probably dint have money to see her LiVE because it sure sound like her powerful vocals. 2nd. blahh blahh idol is a famBam Tv show my kids dont wanna see that crap…. i bet its all the insecure moms out there posting this kinda shit. 3rd. Gaga ..Madonna wannabe hmmm..go fck yourself..its all about gifted TALENTS.. that most people dont have.

  30. 430

    oh my goood!! i love you lady gaga!!! soooo hot!!!

  31. 431

    Horrible! Her voice sounded amateur and by wearing an outfit like she did was completely hypocrite of what the song is about. Don't even get me started on the burning angel. All and all - disgusting performance.

  32. 432

    grow up………………………

  33. 433

    Though I love Madonna, Lady Ga Ga has her on many marks, she has a voice, she is a true artist, and musician

  34. 434

    Amazing how many haters posted on here. If I didn't like something I certainly wouldn't waste my time watching it then posting a comment about it. Get a life u tards. I thought the performance was great.

  35. 435

    i think this was really good. i love seeing the new outfits gaga comes up with. shes so talented to be able to dance, sing, and play the piano at the same time. that takes a lot of work. i also think shes an awesome designer of her clothes, and she always looks fierce. way to go gaga!

  36. 436

    Lady Gaga u are the best!! do not let anyone discourage you to be your own and to change the world!! u have such a strong fan base and we all love you. I talk about you all the time to my girlfriend and altho she gets a lil jealous she understands cuz u are amazing. keep doing what your doing. and iluvnytoo shut up cuz u dont knowsh*t if you say lady gaga isnt sexy. shes so hot and has an amazing body. i bet that your ugly so it makes u feel better putting other people down. congrats on being a top shelf hater

  37. 437

    Musicbuff… you are right about the choreography… personaly i didnt like the song. as i said in my previous post. i HAVE heard SOME ga ga songs that are good though i am not a big pop fan of any sort at all… i DO like a song or so by her… so when i checked out this performance, i was expecting ALOT more and this really was like "oh my god, you have to be kidding me" but who knows… maybe if the choreography had of been half way decent in the slightest way, i would of not dogged the song so much in my mind, and enjoyed it alot more … Brad88… i agree with you 100%

  38. 438

    So, this is what passes for 'major talent' these days? Yikes.

  39. 439

    Okay, to all you Lady GaGa haters, please do me and all us little Monsters a favor and F**k off! All your whinning and complaining is not worth it. This Lady is very talented and unique, I love each performance she does, it's so unique and artistic! This is what you call a true and talented artist, who does not lip sing, and she composes all her songs! I mean really, really, tell me she is'nt talented? She's so talented I love her, she knows how to put on a show! ILY Monsters, and GaGa

  40. 440

    This Lady Gaga needs realize that this happens to all special guest bands or singers. Especial when she put 1 short song to lead in to the 2nd song which is about 4 to 5 mins long. Just because she is celebrity doesn't mean she is godlike to Fox. There must have been a contract she signed before the show that if it is too long it will be edited to fix in to the show. Even though it is on Fox for 30 mins. It is actually 20 mins filmed and adding the sponsor ads another 10 mins. The only time they might go long is at the Final 2 showing which is a total of 45 mins but aired for 60 mins.

  41. 441

    as for myself… i never said gaga wanst talented… i believe she is. i just saw very very poor choreography in this particular performance and the song was boring and had little to no substance. it might be catchy at best. but to watch 6 minutes of it with horrible choreography and dance moves and ridicules outfits… i mean really. the most exciting part was the guy at the end who seemed to be VERY into the guy he was hanging on. i thought he was going to begin giving him he*d right there… that would of impressed me. not because i like watching two guys get off together, but because it would of overshadowed the rest of the choreography throughout the performance and i would of thought MAYBE she had planned the entire performance inorder to accentuate the ending which would of had some shock value. for someone as talanted at gaga (or everyone says she is), what was she doing allowing THAT crappy performance to go viral… and further more… if she does have talent, why would she do a song so completely unchallenging and uneventful… sure she might be pretty (i tend to like short haired brunets, who wear glasses and have small hips myself), but uncovering 80% of ones body does not give them talent.

  42. 442

    I enjoy this lady's work and I would not have been cognizant of her had it not been for Perez who has supported her from the beginning. She's talented and it seems to me quite smart. Every generation has a wild card. Madonna broke into the music world with tons of critics saying she couldn't sing. But she knew how to market and reinvent herself over the years. The wild child of the 80s has grown up and dresses like a Glen Cove wife now…until she tours.

    Lady Gaga must be having a blast. What I would give to be that age again. She's here for the long run. I think she's a far stronger singer and more talented musician than Madonna but they both will always be remembered for their music…and antics, good and bad. :)

  43. Paty says – reply to this


    LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  44. 444

    Really what does she expect? This isn't a concert! She should be happy that someone even wanted her on the show again

  45. 445

    Pathetic!! She shouldn't even be allowed to perform on Idol! She is NOT someone I want my children watching!!

  46. 446

    American Idol is a family show and Lady Gaga was not for the family! She is just plain nasty and I can't beleive American Idol even put her on the show, especially being Frank Sinatra week. She is just a whore and dresses it!!

  47. 447

    GREAT JOB GAGA!, You rocked it girl and this is coming from someone who is not a huge fan, don't get me wrong I like her a lot,but I just don't consider myself to be an uber fan. But she did really good in this performance and I think people are just being mean to her because she and Perez are great friends. Gaga you did real good ignore the haters. After reading all the bad comments I thought I was going to see something bad. She did really good I think and I like this song way better compared to Bad Romance and the Bad Romance video. I want a couple of them queens to go down on me.

  48. 448

    One more thing, GAGA you look really pretty with weight on you, you did not look that great in the Telephone video. I like skinny but skinny skinny did not fit you. You look great with some meat on your bones and your ASS and LEGS looked really good in this video and so does the queens. They look good with their muscles and meat on them also. Keep it up gaga, YOU LOOK GREAT and YOU SOUND GREAT!.

  49. 449

    I love the video it was great . Gaga keeps you on your toes . It was a great video yet can't wait to see more.

  50. 450

    I wouldnt' say that I am a HUGE fan of GaGa's, but I do enjoy a good performance and she always delivers! She looks great and doesn't hold back and best of all, she actually sings! Personally, I couldn't see the difference between the actual performance and what was aired. I liked them both.

  51. 451

    i dont blame them for editing her performance it seems somewhat satanic angels on fire dripping what appears to be blood….omg….im all with artistic creativity but what was the concept of that part in particularly…

  52. 452

    Ummm why did she put a burning angel?? Shes defenetly going to HELL!!!
    She SUCKED!!

  53. Piriz says – reply to this


    Re: anthony91

    It's not about hating gaga; it's all about the lack of creativity. If all gaga's fans are so impressed of her, that means all of them have been on another planet for a long time, nothing's new under the sun.

  54. nyd:) says – reply to this


    i do have to agree… this preformance was kindof dull– and she really shouldnt be wearing something like that on american idol… kids watch this shit too, you know. (she does look oh so sexy though. hah. just wear it in your music videos or on your spare time instead of a family show…o.o)

    BUT, she is a very talented gal. her vocals are nice and she plays the piano wonderfuly ;) she just needs to put her whole heart into the preformance…

  55. 455

    Who does this chic think she is? whatever whole she climbed out of its about time she crawled back in and pulled the dirt back in with her..The Media makes Celebrities talent has very little to do with who is successful these days. This gaga chic is Pathetic a total disgrace to those who came before her and a bad example to those who will replace her. Another story led me to this very page I had no Idea I would end up here. Its so sad how Our Society and media promote homosexuality its not ok if everyone turned gay we'd go extinct.

  56. 456

    i love lady-what i don't understand is why there are so many haters of lady gaga-we need more women to stand up and be theirselves reguardless of how many people cut them down and say stuff that is just out of spite-why is it that everyone says that she copys everyone when others do to-hello-madonna copied marylyn monroe-we don't hear about that-at least if she was-she has good role models! So stop hatin-just becaue you don't have the guts to do what she does, dosnt mean the she is a bad person. There are worse things in the media and world.

  57. 457

    Re: gayisnotok – *hole

  58. 458

    Hello! Will you people please stop ganging up on her? First it was that you all thought she was a guy. Then the Telephone music video came out. Now it's that she can't sing or that she's copying Madonna or Britney Spears or whatever. Hello! It's comes with the territory of being a star. And actually, I think she's more original than even Madonna was. And to be honest, I was actually surprised the she even had enough time to even go out and do the show with how crazy her schdule has been. Anyways, you guys should really leave her alone cause the only reason she does this kind of stuff anyway is for her fans!

  59. 459

    how the heck did alejandro sound like ace of base, not even close at all! now la isla bonita i can see the similarities to a point. if you dont like her then why watch her video, i dont get it. i dont watch videos of artists i dont like. so if youre a hater good for you and if you love her well good for you too. :]

  60. 460

    Re: dirrty862 – her ass always looks good haha :D

  61. 461

    It's suxs!

  62. 462

    ok…I usually don't say much when a celeb goes off about being wronged but this time I had to say something. I realize that musicians don't like to be censored when they are trying to perform but I'm sorry but if I were the censors on this performance I would have edited even more than they did. The shows target audience are kids and that is who watches the show mainly. If you haven't watched the original version that perez posted (thank you) then you should before you make your own conclusion but I did and I have to say to lady gaga….shame on you for thinking that you could get away with putting that much of your bare arse on national tv in front of a bunch of kids and then if that wasn't bad enough she and her dancers make an obscene gesture in the dance and then she gets felt up by one of the dancers and the end of the song. Kids should not be subjected to that kind of crap, especially by someone that they idolize. Have some self respect lady gaga…you don't have to act like a sleeze to get people to like your music…you crossed a line and were rightly edited for it. stop complaining and get a clue…if your music and performance skills are good you don't have to act like a freak to get people to watch!

  63. 463

    Re: gayisnotok – dude listen….being gay or not being gay has absolutely nothing to do with this…so why don't you just live and let live. You are an obvious homophobe and entitled to your opinion but in this case you are way off subject so please go to one of your gay bashing sites and post there please…ty and b-bye

  64. 464

    I LOVE ALEJANDRO! That was AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see her in August :)

  65. 465

    im not a big fan of gaga but that was kind of boring, i know she can do better

  66. 466

    SHE SUPER SUCKED!! i was so disappointed when she started singing!! She should have used all that electronic crap she uses on her voice when she records! The costume was awesome but her voice was terrible!! I think she is a great performer but not singer!

  67. 467

    Boring, predictable, moving on with life…

  68. 468

    This is for "iSAYEFFU.

    There was a comment that you left on # 4. and added a few people into your comment about that they were teenagers leaving comments just to add something to this site. Actually i'm kind of old and almost 50 and have no intention of just joining a site such as this to make a comment about an issue. I'm probably a lot older than you and have seen a lot of music in my days and I know good music when I hear it. I guess we all have our opinion and that's what makes it our opinion.

  69. 469

    I would like to thank American Idol for not letting us suffer the extra 1.5 minutes. Idol has introduced us to so many NON-TALENTS this year, it's sickening. I hope the Idols dont follow in these footsteps. The only weeks they did have some decent entertainment were country western week and Frank Sinatra week

  70. 470

    Re: angee120
    He does have a good point..If the world was gay we would be extinct.
    That's what happened to the Megasaurass and the lickalottapus…

  71. 471

    So much like Madonna with the hot boys. Lady Gaga is quite a great performance artist. Whoever does her wardrobe has a big job to fill. Looking forward to more over the top performances by Lady GG. And don't forget the Eye Candy!

  72. 472

    Re: ohjessicadoes – I second this.

  73. 473

    Gurl is fierce and everything but Alejandro is probably my least favorite song on that album :/

  74. 474

    amazing, love gaga

  75. 475

    to 'gayisnotok' … i am NOT against gay people at all. i am not myself but i understand the whole issue and dont feel people should be made to feel guilty or out of place for their personal choice of sexuality… infact im all for people expressing that and everything they are in whatever form artisitic or otherwise they can and feel they fit to, as long as its not damaging another human being. HOWEVER… i agree 100% with your assessment of gaga's performance, and the current music industry. read the rest of my posts on this site and you can find out what my personal opinion of her performance.

  76. 476

    now… before i saw this video i had never seen her perform … i had heard some of her music and its got great rhythms and melodic patterns throughout most of it. but since seeing this performance i've done an in depth study of her music as a whole. her songs all have the same 4 ellements in them rhythmaticly they all use arpegiated synth lines, have a solid bass line, a vamp or lyrical break somewhere around the third quarter and they all have lyrics based in talking about how she is a 'rebel' of some sort. her videos are entertaining i supose but obviously done for shock value … she is more like a female (or something of the sort) pop marylin manson. i can see why she has a craze and a following, and for her fans, i wish them the best and have no ill will nor for her… but please… like her for the fact shes lady gaga, and be happy for her success… but dont try telling yourself that something that has little to no creative value actualy has some. dont be deceived… i know a good authentic performance when i see one and this is not it. she has SOME creativity. but mostly she comes across to me as a human being with a chip on their shoulder and a story to tell. if that was the deffinition of talent, everyone should be famous.

  77. 477

    she tells her story through her music and that is cool cause i think her music is authenticly her… however… that does not mean she is all that great, or that her music is that much different from anyone else out there, cause its NOT. back to this one performance… it really sucked. no other words for it. gay theme aside … what a waist of talent. i have NO doubt the dancers actualy do know how to dance and in the very opening it looked as if one or two of the were really going to break out and do their stuff… but then… nope. just crap from there. NOT their fault maybe not even gaga's fault. performing is hard work and im sure she herself put her whole heart into the actual performance… however the ONLY explination for the sucking part is either that she didnt have ANYTHING to do with the coreography and theme and song choice and costume design (which with her…. i doupt it… artists like this like to be involved in every aspect of what they do) OR … she just had an off day… either way… OR she is loosing her exotic touch and trying to go too far to the extreme (gee THAT reminds me of what happened to manson back around 99') … EITHER WAY … the performance sucked …

  78. 478

    if you 'fans' were REAL fans … you would all admit that it could of been alot more pleasing and support her in her anguish over it. because see what YOU suposed fans dont get is when someone as a performer does a show that they KNOW could of been better… they feel utterly disgusted with people who 'excuse' it and say "it was great" because the LAST thing someone who is a perfectionist wants to do is repeat something they were unhappy with. and the LAST thing a TRUE artist wants is to be followed by a bunch of weak minded "fans" who dont think for themselves… that dosent stroke a TRUE performers ego AT ALL … not even for a second! a REAL artist wants to be followed because they are AWESOME at what they do… NOT just blindly and without reservation or discernment between what is a good performance or song and what sucks.

  79. 479

    so if you want to REALLY be a fan… say it like it is. i myself am a fan of the artistic expression of music and many other art forms. i LOVE all kinds of music. almost EVERY kind… and i am too big of a TRUE fan of musical artists to NOT call things how they are. and gaga's performance lacked substance. she could of done much better. more power to her for trying. but really i hope someday to see a truly authentic gaga show. oh and BTW… she i dont think is a she… but i might be wrong. that is not my business … nor do i judge her / him either way… i just ask that people wake up and dive into reality. its NOT until you can fully understand where you come from that you are then able to fully move into the future with complete potential! i would hope gaga and ALL artists and fans alike would be their true authentic selves and live life to the very fullest!

    love and light,

    P.S. im i the ONLY one who isnt afraid to use my real name? i dont even really listen to pop music… you people all mostly claim to be fans of it… interesting.

  80. 480

    also … i DO NOT mean that comment about gaga's gender to be an insult. i am just saying there are a good deal of elements that suggest that 'she' is a 'he' … im more going by the psychological profile then the artists looks or voice or anything else. however… there does seem to be a distinct male quality about gaga's persona on a visual level as well. perhaps she / he means it to appear in such a way. this might be a facet of the performance as well. i am not judging it. but what i would judge is if someone is willing to hide such a truth in fear that they are not talented enough or endearing enough to lead a following of people in spite of their true identity. as i said before its my passion to see people live authenticly as they follow their vision for the world they wish to be a part of… and its hard to do that from behind a mask. im not trying to call anyone out here. i am simply expressing my thoughts in reference to Lady GaGa… and the fans of the music created.

  81. 481

    furthermore… how does anyone get 'La Isla Bonita' out of gaga's song… 'Dont Turn Around' yes … and 'Dont Cry For Me Argentina' is what the lyrics and pace and melody sort of reminds me of… but La Isla Bonita is a far cry out, it had a great melody and though the lyric was repetitive… it wasnt painful to listen to and too drawn out. (i like the song La Isla Bonita alot btw)

  82. 482

    love her so much xx :D

  83. 483

    she was not good on american idol i was very disappointed..

  84. 484

    Ok so it is like this I love Madonna an yes Lady Gaga is like madonna with her own spice I love her and her performances are wonderful….. I watch her whenever I can she is great…….

  85. 485

    You haters apparently have never been to a monster ball concert… I have and the singing and dancing was fantastic. Would you prefer a lipsynched performance as most other pop artists use? In my opinion she did great with what she had. This woman did a US tour, an international tour and is doing a 2nd monster ball US tour with no break… give her a break. She is fantastic and you all are jealous!

  86. 486

    that's not from The Sign you fucking idiots, it's Don't Turn Around. If any of you were born before 1992 you would have known that but who the fuck cares if she did rip it anyway? I don't see Ace of Base suing her ass and it's not identical to Don't Turn Around and not even close to The Sign. The Spice Girls ripped off Talking Heads and Rhianna ripped off New Order, GET OVER IT! And, you try doing anything but walk around in the heels she's wearing, she's only as tall as my grandmother but to put her in the same frame with her dancers she's doing what she can, and she's doing it damn well. Alejandro's not my fave song of hers but DAAAAAAMN. All you haters only dream of being as sexy and awesome and inspiring as her! I'm older than she is, should probably just kill myself because if she's setting any kind of standard, I'll never be able to beat her. lol

  87. 487

    Re: blahblahblahblahblah – did you read my posts? i have a few of them between pages 4 and 5. check them out. i respect your opinion. i dont fully agree, but do respect it. let me know what you think of mine. i am open minded and willing ot hear you out.

  88. 488

    Ok..first off..I'm a Gaga fan..you can say I'm stupid and blind and don't know talent if you want..I really DONT CARE. Watching the performance on Idol..I was very baffled. She "missed" lyrics etc. Then when I watched the unedited version..it all made so much more sense. Yes the song is a slower song. That doesn't make it BORING or BLAH. She sang this 1)because its her new single and 2)its her favorite song from The Fame Monster. She doesn't lipsynch. She uses a backup track. All artists take inspiration from other artists..so lets stop criticizing saying they're copycats. Gaga has a true talent when it comes to writing songs..shes genius. She often has doube meanings etc. and you don't find that very often. The girl also really can sing..her voice is AMAZING…if you take away all the theatrics & sit her in front of a piano…its heaven. I could care less what she wears…she's always hot! She is NOT perfect..no one is. I've seen off performances by her before..but she's a very dedicated young woman and knows what she wants and goes for it. Ok..enough ranting I guess. xoxo, love you Gagaloo!

  89. 489

    re: kevin, no didn't read all 488 posts, but did go back and read yours.

    Was this performance Gaga's best? hmm.. no. I think the heels hold her back from what she can do as a dancer, etc, because they are so tricky. However, I think video spoils us for what we expect for live performances. Didn't really like this costume much because I think it's hiding her physical beauty by way of ill-placed lace & whatnot and it's starting to garble the visuals of her performance too. Until she got that lace thing off from the beginning she did look a bit like a flailing garbage bag, and even after the cape thing was off, what she was wearing was not really flattering, and the heels made her performance stiff. I'm awed by the fact she can even walk in them, nevermind try to dance LOL! Never said the performance was the best, but it wasn't terrible or even bad. For what she's trying to do, it's pretty good.

    Agree with the masculine comment you made some comments back. Actually, in the later part of the Telephone video (in the kitchen w/ sandwiches) she's channeling some heavy Frank N Furter, not only in the way of eye makeup but also her facial expressions.

  90. 490

    If she wasn't disgusting, maybe they wouldn't have to edit her to make her ALMOST presentable for a FAMILY SHOW.

  91. 491

    Still waiting for this "gaga fad" to fade…
    She's "okay", but not as great as people make her out to be. I'm a bit tired of hearing one of her songs every time I listen to the radio…

  92. 492

    Mommy Monster Looked as Hot as ever ! x

  93. 493

    Re: LadyGagaOfficial – I really appreciate most of these comments but everyone, you have to also deal with the mean comments and if your wondering…no it doesn't bother me and I am happy to except the criticism. Thank you to all my fans for being so supportive of my career and helping me each day to keep doing what I do and I love it.
    -Lady GaGa

    Happy to except the criticism? Even when it's a destructive verbal assault and no loner about criticism?

  94. 494

    …the elimination nights are chalked full of filler and they couldn't give Lady GaGa a minute and a half? This is my least favorite song hers, it's so dull and I don't think she should have released it as a single, especially after songs like "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" which are amazing. But hey, to each their own. She's amazing live. The only problem I had with it is that on American Idol, it has quite a large fanbase that are young kids, and wearing just a thong wasn't appropriate, and I can't imagine being behind her at 3:06 when her butt was right in their faces. I'm still a fan though.

  95. 495

    Re: mariposa9x – she did not rip off britney with her crystal body suit.. beyonce had it first.

  96. 496

    Loved the dance!! Lots of Chris Kattan MANGO moves so hope he got to see this. Miss him on SNL and hope he and Lady GaGa get together. Fantastic dancing by her satrys, too. She's so totally unpredictable; love news about what she's doing!

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