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Elvis' Doctor Now Claiming He Died Of 'Chronic Constipation'!

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Elvis Presley's friend and physician Dr. George "Nick" Nichopoulos is claiming that the King may have died of chronic constipation!


Nichopoulos explains:

“We didn’t realize until the autopsy that his constipation was as bad – we knew it was bad because it was hard for us to treat, but we didn’t realize what it had done. We just assumed that the constipation was secondary to the meds that he was taking for his arthritic pain and for his insomnia.”

The doc also believes that Elvis' weight gain near the end of his life is attributed to the constipation saying:

“It was really a physiological problem. During the last few years we were going back and comparing pictures, some of them were taken just two weeks a part but he looked like he’d gained 20 pounds when the only difference was that he had a good healthy bowel movement and then lost a lot of weight from that.

"Usually you pass it all in two or three days, but at the autopsy we found stool in his colon which had been there for four or five months because of the poor motility of the bowel.”


Eat lots of fiber, kids!

[Image via WENN.]

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60 comments to “Elvis' Doctor Now Claiming He Died Of 'Chronic Constipation'!”

  1. 1

    But we know that he isn't really dead - he is living in the south as a vampire, who is called Bubba….

  2. 2

    I believe this is true…I'm studying in the medical field and I've learned that painkillers slow down the digestive system….

  3. 3

    but you see, elvis had to have been getting his fiber as his favorite sandwich or meal WAS a peanut butter and banana sandwich. peanut butter is high in fiber and bananas are great for bowel movement…. weird.

  4. 4

    poor poohey elvis…

  5. 5

    You don't have to be studying medicine to know that opiates cause constipation. Ever see "Trainspotting"?

  6. 6


    A little less conversation, plz.

  7. 7

    Nuts…..eat nuts. I take pain meds for stenosis of the spine and disc damage. I'm telling you, as long as you keep things moving, you'll feel alot better!
    Glad I could share ;)

  8. 8

    Somebody should taught Prisilla to cook.

  9. 9

    Okay that is real old news,everyone knows he died on the shitter.If you want to hear painful,check out John Waynes listing of death on Find a death.com, yikes

  10. 10

    Re: jtfdsa – LOL @ 1 - that's funny!

  11. 11

    Wowzer! Really sounds like somebody there was full o' shit.

  12. 12

    do people really care about something like this? it's disgusting…….everyone has shit backed up in their intestines, doesn't mean we need to talk about it or how much……….

  13. 13

    Not just, 'Eat lots f fiber…' Do cleanses too. That's what I do a few times a year to clean my colon out. Right now I'm on the master cleanse. Usually I'd do a raw juice cleanse for a couple of days too. Its not always about putting good stuff in, its about flushing bad stuff out too.

  14. 14

    Re: moxiecrimefighter – righto pain killers will def. cause constipation. This can lead to the body being toxic then of course death. The thing about meds is "Do the benefits out way the side effects?"

  15. 15

    A tablespoon of organic vinegar daily may have saved his life. If one hates the taste just add it to 8 oz of water. I take it and then drink the water. It is a natural cleanser.

  16. 16

    Fried banana sandwiches and all those cheeseburgers he ordered on the road did not help

  17. 17

    this is what Killed Big E….The Elvis: A Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana sandwich…he was know to eat 8 a day

  18. 18

    Drug use can cause severe constipation. I know this from reading the biography of Lenny Bruce. He had to give himself enemas so he could go.

  19. 19

    One of the best looking Men to ever live!

  20. 20

    I get constipated from one ibuprofen per day - imagine what all those drugs in one's system can do…

    Shame on the pharmaceutical industry for pushing pills and not warning of ALL their side effects. In my opinion what doesn't kill, apparently, is underreported.

  21. 21

    Wow with all that money he couldn't get any medical help.

  22. 22

    Re: marlow – Funny you should bring up enemas. I was thinking Perez probably posted this because he got all hard thinking about if he was constipated a few really large enemas would feel so good. Probably made him forget all about Bieber while he was thinking about that too

  23. 23

    Fiber AND water. You can bulk up but if you're dehydrated your shits will be dry and painful. Just sayin'.

  24. 24

    Well, sir….looks like it was straining on the porcelain throne that caused The King to abdicate his reign over rock n' roll.'

    "Suspicious Turds" (A tribute! )

    by Elvis

    My crap is caught like a trap
    It won't come out
    I don't really shit too much baby

    Doc, Why can't you see
    What those drugs are doing to me
    You don't believe a word I say?

    We can't go on together
    With suspicious turds
    And we can't build our dreams
    while I'm so backed up

    So, if an old friend I know
    Drops the kids at the pool
    Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

    Here we go again
    Pushin' and gruntin'
    Can't you see these tears are real
    I'm crying

    We can't go on together
    With suspicious turds
    And we can't build our dreams
    While I'm so backed up

    Oh God let me survive
    Or dry the blood from my bung
    Let's don't let a good thing die

    When honey, you know
    I've never crap again
    Mmm yeah, yeah

  25. 25

    The thought of Elvis having problems with his lincoln logs is
    just to strange to think about.

  26. 26

    "we found stool in his colon which had been there for four or five months"

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! seriously. who gives a shit? apparently not Elvis! LOLOLOLOL

  27. 27

    wow….that's shitty.

  28. 28

    TMI (too much information)
    When Elvis died in 1977, I was living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was working (illegally, 'cuz I was a female) at a multinational import/export company. There were a lot of workers from Yemen, Sudan, Phillippines, Korea, Germans, Italians, a few Brits, and Saudis.
    All of these people, knew every single song of Elvis, just like I did. They were all crying. The Yemenii non-English speaking teaboy, who served us tea, was just shaking while he poured the tea, was crying and singing, "Can't Help Falling In Love With You." Very surreal.
    Seeing Elvis in Vegas in '75 was amazing. Still thin and goregous.
    He was the most handsome man I have ever seen.

  29. 29

    OK, TMI. But really Perez, Elvis belonged to a different time. Eat fiber, drink r water and exercise? I don't think so! LOL! My mother does this and it works. But Elvis probably never really exercised in his life except in the Army. Another thing. Dr. "Nick" conveniently forgets that incredible number of prescriptions he wrote for Elvis. My mother read his comments and the first thing she said was, "That's the doctor who killed Elvis with all the prescriptions!" Elvis probably was taking a lot of pills that affected his…constipation. First we read that Michael was a balding, skinny skeleton who wore a wig, now we read that Elvis was full of crap! What's next?

  30. 30

    maybe he died by having sex with too many underaged girls. He had a thing for the kiddies but don't tell anyone … God forbid anyone tries to tell the truth about the superstars.

  31. 31

    Re: whtevr – LOL LOL

  32. 32

  33. 33

    What a load of crap. Yeah, his weight gaine was all due to constipation. It would have nothing to do witht he fact that his housekeeper has listed the crap he used to eat each day and it was running around 5,000 calories or more. Gee, eating deep fried Peaunut butter and banana sandwhiches drenched in butter wouldn't have anything to do with being fat now would it?

  34. 34

    When someone takes a lot of downers it slows down the entire system and causes severe constipation. So Elvis was probably in a continuous uppers, downer, and constipation loop that led to his death.

    But really, isn't his death sordid enough? do we really need to add constipation to the list?

  35. 35

    Isnt this the same doctor that prescibed him insane amounts of prescription meds?? Hes obviously trying to soothe his guilty conscience. Constipation??-thats the best he could come up with after 32 years? Constipation didnt kill him-you did "doctor"!!

  36. 36

    I read his autopsy report and it was written that his intestines were filled with a white stuff as hard as cement. One of the doctors said: Poor man, he must have been in misery.

  37. 37

    shitty way to die

  38. 38

    Re: lovemygirl – girl you got that right :)

  39. 39

    Re: buttersball – friggin' highlarious! did you write that?

    from your write up it sounded like if you take a big dump you can loose 20 lbs??!!

  40. 40

    Re: buttersball – I LOVE THE SONG! lol

  41. 41



  42. 42

    Gives a whole new maning to Jailhouse Rock

  43. 43

    My husband is a nurse and told me Elvis died of this forever ago…his doctor is just now figuring it out…?

  44. 44

    Perez your not only late report AGAIN your a hypocrite as well. HEY EVERYONE THE CUT AND PASTED THESE QUOTES DIRECTLY FROM THE STORY ON FOX NEWS WEBSITE!!!!

  45. 45

    jesus christ!

  46. 46

    I have one of Elvis' turds in a jar at home.

  47. 47

    Old news. Wish I hadn't read it then either

  48. 48

    No shit?

  49. 49

    Eat fiber, and don't pop opiates like they were M&Ms.

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    OMG. Fibre, along with lots of daily fluids and exercise, preferably any kind of cardio like a good walk every day. Holy cow. Maybe he had diverticulitus, or some kind of kink in his intestine or bowel that obstructed downward movement.

  51. 51

    Yes, eat lots of fiber, that's good advice for anyone. Oh, yes, and DON'T INGEST 87 DIFFERENT NARCOTIC PAIN RELIEVERS EVERY FREAKING DAY!!!

  52. 52

    Elvis was from a different time & from the old south. He was brought up eating large southern meals. There wasn't much knowledge of high fiber diets then. Also, back then people didn't question doctors. They took whatever a doctor gave them blindly. By the way, Elvis got on pills when he was in the Army. They used to give em to the soldiers when they were on maneuvers to stay awake. I'm sure if he woulda been brought up today he would be alot healthier & fit person. All that matters is that he is the KING & he changed the world!!!

  53. 53

    Funny how the article failed to mention that this is the same doctor who wrote him over 10,000 prescriptions and lost his license to practice forever.

    And as it's been stated: Opiates cause constipation.

    Hmm… so who/what's truly responsible? Maybe they should give that doc all the stuff he gave Elvis and see if he survives.

    At least it would be justice. The bastard.

  54. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: RavenMadd – I mostly agree. Elvis had an entourage of people who looked after everything FOR him. The trouble with this is if you can't take an interest in your own health, you can't pay someone else enough to look after it FOR you. He got puffy and bloated, and liked to eat. There was common sense even back then; he looks to have not used it. If his own doctor plus his own actions weren't helping how he felt, he should have sought outside medical opinion. He also got puffy and bloated, and liked to eat. You can't rely on others to fix everything for you. Sometime you have to take your own counsel.

  55. 55

    I get constipated reading this idiots remarks. With "friends" like this who needs enemies.
    And it makes my skin crawl every time this arse is addressed as "Dr.".
    Elvis was a great human being and deserves better then what he's gotten from those around him who continue to make $$$$ off him 32 yrs. after his death, that includes his EX-wife and his daughter.

  56. 56

    Re: RavenMadd
    Go you! Right on!

  57. 57

    What this doctor is saying is absolute nonsense. If Elvis had obstruction of the intestines, this is a medical emergency after at least a week.There is no passage through the intestines, so continued eating is practically impossible, and continuous vomitting is the result. This could lead to even vomitting faeces. This is a life threatening condition which requires emergency hospital treatment. No one waits around for months with this emergency. This doctor is mental to talk this kind of rubbish.

  58. 58

    Did Elvis really give a shit about all this crap? Especially in his intestines?

  59. 59

    =O What???
    Oh my! :(

  60. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: nanaama – A person can have a partial obstruction; it eventually moves, only to continue backing up again, ad infinitum, or until your emergency scenario might finally occur, or surgery.