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Lindsanity Can PAArty If She Wants To!

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Work work work work work!

Check out this HIGHlarious clip from Entertainment Tonight's exclusive interview with Lindsanity and her #1 enabler mom, Orange Oprah!

It's basically the same old, strung out song and dance: I'm fine, blah blah blah, I just love working, blah blah blah, I'm 23 and can party if I want to, blah blah blah!

We suppose we just don't understand! Maybe after a face full of blow, a vodka red bull, and a Newport light we'd see it from her perspective!

Possibly the most shocking revelation of all is from Dina - she's as big a hoarder as she is a drunk!

Those Loony LOLhans truly are two peas in a pod, aren't they?


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77 comments to “Lindsanity Can PAArty If She Wants To!”

  1. 1

    DENIAL.. Get help Linsday.. And stay away from your mother..

  2. 2

    She says, "When have I ever not been ok?" Ummm gee I don't know, retard. I guess everyone has 2 DUIs and a carjacking on their record by the time they are 23.

  3. 3

    what a joke, i saw this yesterday.. you can tell in lindsay voice she is tired.. no wonder her life is a mess..look at her moms house messy house messy lives..poor lindsay she has the potential to be a great artist but insteadis all going up her nose.. (blow) what a waste of space.

  4. 4

    Must see television. Miss Lohan's voice sounds a little rough. This would be
    hi-larry-us if it weren't so very sad. Although Linds talking about going to work is flat out funny.

  5. 5

    OMG why does her voice ALWAYS sound so hoarse and her nose sound so clogged up all the time? Her mom is one rotten egg.

  6. 6

    okay so maybe she needs a little help getting back on the working path
    but the girl is like twenty three years old………..her behavior isn't really
    far from age appropriate. plus im sure she's missed out on a lot of childhood

  7. 7

    Sure Glad - Lindsay loves the taste of lesbian sex. Gonna get a lot of that after May 20th court hearing re: probation progress.

  8. 8

    Woah…Denial is more than the river in Egypt. Lindsay is 23 but looks 43! She looks so busted! And her coke voice? m'kay….

  9. 9

    I wouldn't call that hoarding…bitch was just given to much free shit…doesn't deserve it at all…Ohhhh Dina I feel so bad for you, your FREE christian louboutin boots are scuffed on the bottom.

  10. 10

    Re: Mrs R-Patz – agreed

  11. 11

    Leave her along Perez you fucking bellend.

  12. 12

    Haha! To hear Lindsay tell her Mom to "take responsibility"….Whatever! And for her to say she and her Dina don't pay attention to rumors….riiiiight….
    I remember on one of the episodes of that reality tv show her and Ali had (never watched, just happened to be flippin' channels), Dina woke up and searched the internet "for stories", she said it was her job and that she did it EVERY DAY and the she contacts her attorneys. I guess the "apple doesn't fall far from the treee…Lindsay and her Mother are BOTH LIARS!!! Oh, and I almost forgot when Lindsay said that "judges pay attention to stories", uhhhh, okay, another excuse….If the judge sentences her on the 20th you KNOW her and Dina are going to be crying how the public has "influenced" the judge!!!
    Lindsay, take your own advice:

  13. 13

    Who's the parent? No, Lindsay, the rumors aren't ruining your chances of getting employment, it's interviews like this one, that are.

    It's looking like Mz. Orange-Oh-NO is slowly killing off her "child"-mom's can be jealous of their daughters, and this "mom" is trying to rapid-age hers.

  14. 14

    No, You CAN'T party if you want to. You have been to Re-Hab MORE than once . You are in HollyWood, where drugs are EVERYWHERE

  15. 15

    They build you up to watch you fall? Really? Only if you give them the ammunition. How many other young actress' are out there working w/out being a trainwreck? Nicole Richie made mistakes and when she cleaned up her act, you quit seeing her all over the tabloids. If you didn't act like an ass, they'd have nothing bad to report. You and your pig nose mom make it easy for the rest of us to laugh at your dumb asses!

  16. 16

    is it just me or she's actually got some whitney houston vibe there in her…

  17. 17

    No, you CAN'T party if you want ! You have been to re-hab MORE than once ! You are in HollyWood, where drugs are EVERYWHERE ! WTF ? ! Can neither she nor that butt-uglier 'mommy' see the irony in all of this ? ! Sounds like she is making all these statements to calm prospective investors in any film she may be in . And, wow, is she look'n HARD these days !

  18. 18

    She KNOWS she's in denial, you can see it in her eyes! Why can't she just GO TO REHAB. Get your career back on track you silly, silly self-indulgent girl. The only person who can help you is you, stay away from your vile mother.

  19. 19

    That is a coke voice .

  20. 20

    She looks and sounds fine to me

  21. 21

    Wow! These two are fucking nuts. Lindsay looks like shit. All the partying has ruined her good looks. She has the worst mother in the world. She "clumsy". Seriously? Try she is always so fucked up she can barely walk.

  22. 22

    You think this is funny perez? Its not you asshole she needs help!! I didnt know some drug and alcohol addicted girl in need of help was something to laugh about. Its SAD not LOLz! This could kill her and your "LOLing" at her.

  23. 23

    Tell me again why people still care….

  24. bear says – reply to this


    It is just a matter of time before this girls kills herself. A mother should help straighten her kid out,instead she is right beside her doing blow and drinking.Where is child services for the other minor children?This isn't even sad anymore,it is disgusting how a mother whores her kids out for money,blow and booze.Maybe mother/daughter are whoring 2 for the price of one,but who in their right mind would want to be with these 2 dirty skanks?

  25. 25

    Lindsey and Dina should just get it over with and have a cracked-out reality television program. Everyone will watch! They can support their habits. By the way, I do think Lindsey is ridiculously talented. She could rock Hollywood if she ever got her shit together. She's so hot. Too hot for me to handle!

  26. 26

    Re: bear – …Men from the Valley !

  27. 27

    She is looking erilly Dano Plato-ish !

  28. 28

    That poor girl has more wrinkles at 23 than I have at 41!!!!! WTH? Hard living.

  29. 29

    Perez, I am sure she doesn't smoke lights. Come on!

  30. 30

    ok perez…why dont u just FUCK lindsay and get it over with . you are so fucking retared… NOBODY LIKES YOU!. you OBSESS over the SAME fucking people and stories.. STFU PEREZ

  31. 31

    Is it just me, or does she look older (or at least the same age) as her mother? And whats with the voice? It's not hot nor sexy to sound like you've been smoking two packs a day for thirty years.
    I saw someone say that it's "age appropriate" for her to be out drinking and doing drugs. Um, what? Really? Because no one i know that's our age does that EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THE WEEK. We have jobs and act responsibly like a lady in her early 20's should.

  32. 32

    WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS BITCH? Who cares that they have so many clothes they can't shut the wardrobe. FFS! Get over it people?

  33. 33

    WHY is the mom there ?

  34. 34

    She looks much older for 23.

  35. 35

    She sounds like Axl Rose…
    Starting to look like him too

  36. 36

    The media and those behind it to trash Lindsey is so sad and such BS…been sayin it for some time now… it is all about tryin to control her through harrassing her via the tabloids. Fuck that! Its all about draggin her name, image and rep through the mud… its all about control. The exec.'s and higher ups are not winning.

  37. 37

    Haaaaaaaaaaate Dina. She wants to be Lindsay. She's jealous of her own kid. Can her nose be shaved down any more? Lindsay needs to get away from that co-dependant wreck. She sabotages Lindsay, and Lindsay is too doped to see it. Linds and Ali sure didn't win the parent lottery, but I'll take Michael over Dino any day. Lindsay stays close to her mom because addicts love their enablers.

  38. 38

    omg she needs to get help she looks and sounds so bad!!

  39. 39

    I bet the two of these do the blow together on toilet seats in the club. While one is hiding their addictions, the other one is praising their "good behavior". Dina & Lindsey do nothing but enable each other and its disgusting. Their house looks like a bomb went off in it, get a damn maid… and COUNSELING!

  40. 40

    i feel like this lohan chick is a disease or something .. it doesnt matter what i do .. for some reason i will always hear something about her every fuckin day.. i think she thinks stumbling out of a club is work ..

  41. 41

    She sounds like the demon in the Exorcist when she speaks. I was waiting for her to say, "Your mother sucks c***s in hell, Karras."

    Notice how she looks away and to the side when talking about how "fine" she is. Classic "I'm lying" body language. And Dina's unintentionally accurate remark, "You trip a lot!" Obviously.

  42. 42

    she looks like shit.i used to really feel for her,but now i think she is just so full of it.her mother is pathetic…

  43. 43

    Lindsay looks old, look at her forehead :( there's no way she's doing okay. ALso, her tooth is chipped…

  44. 44

    i just farted.

  45. 45

    Her moms full of herself!! She doesnt deserve to be called a mother. shes jus some money hungry woman who doesnt care if her kid's going through hell. As long as shes on the red carpet, in pictures, interviews or on camera with lindsay at her side shes happy cause she knows thats the only way shes ever going to get attention.

  46. 46

    Dina is problem number 1. When you go to clubs and party with your daughter and the same crowd, there's a major issue there. Enabler!!! I just want to know where they get the money to live without working and always having new wardrobes?????

  47. 47

    *This girl looks older than most 45 year olds.
    *Her voice actually sounds older and worse than most 3 or 4 pack a weeks smokers.
    *Most of Hollywood won't hire her, and and if and they do it isn't for movies. I would say making milkshakes isn't really considered working compared to where this girl was a few years ago.
    *Her girlfriend doesn't want her, and has had her run out of clubs, and Miss Lohan threw a drink at her. What kind of lady does this? She is no lady. She is a big mess, and she needs help. Yet she doesn't want it, and her mother refuses to believe that she has a problem. Yeah, well I am starting to believe that maybe she has a problem herself. I guess the apple doesn't fall far.

  48. 48

    They are both pathetic — liars and delusional. Along with no morals or talent.

  49. 49

    hate hate hate

  50. 50

    God could part the Pacific Ocean for Lindsay and show her a path life and Lindsay would still make a left turn off a cliff. Get off drugs Lindsay ….ALL drugs.

  51. 51

    She is a cracked out whore-has been.
    Her face is bloated and looks at least a dozen years older than her actual age… her legs have no definition… and if she did not live in hollywood… soley existing on the fumes of her long gone stardom her lousy fat arse would already be sitting in jail.
    TRAIN WRECK = The Lohan Clan

  52. 52

    Perez, you act like some kind of expert on drug abuse by constantly criticizing lindsay lohan and calling her mother an "enabler" (What vocab you have, you've seen an episode of Intervention!). If you really knew jack shit about the process you would know that outside criticism usually worsens drug addictions. basically, way to go. you are feeding her addiction. hope you feel good about yourself

  53. 53

    Ya know what, she doesn't have it together-but having the press on her ass isn't helping her at all. I think she's VERY concerned about going to court. She is a young girl and it's easy to make mistakes and be a mess at this age. What normalcy is there in her life? For YEARS she's been hounded by the press and the paps. Girlfriend is bound to have some issues. I don't know her personally and have no reason to care, but I think that for people like Lindsay, Brittany, etc. the paps and press can be mentally abusive and addictive. It's a vicious cycle that destroys and nurtures. When it's not there they worry no one cares and when it is there it's painful. I think it's super sick and really sad.

  54. 54

    She sounds like a junkie. Don't ask me how I know. Stop smoking, stop drinking, stop consuming whatever other drugs you're inclined to take and give up this lifestyle. Get back on a proper diet, exercise, and then chalk it all up to youthful indiscretion. It will take 6 months of hard work and she'll be prepared to get back to the stunning hotness she used to exude. That pretty face and awesome body…oh, and don't forget the talent….

  55. 55

    she just looks horrible……really aged and just….I dunno something's wrong with her face.

  56. 56

    when she's talking, her mom actually looks like she doesn't believe what she's saying but shes just letting her talk anyways lol

  57. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pffft. When another young Hollywood golden child takes over as public wild child, they'll replace Lindsay just like she replaced Britney who replaced Paris Hilton. People bashing Lindsay are just engaging in levelling, whereby they can point their own finger at someone else and say 'tsk, tsk, tsk,' and then they don't ever have to point it at themselves. Half of the crap printed (without sources, btw) sounds like the stuff you hear in a girl's washroom in junior high or high school, and probably has about as much basis in fact.

  58. 58

    hmm it sees like the last half of that was about her mum… looks like Dina is getting exactly what she wants. if she wasn't out of her own slice of fame, she could have already straightened lindsay out. but she leaves her daughter to her own devices… the slow decline rather than the miraculous recovery is a bigger story for the press im sure… its sad to see.

  59. 59

    Re: You Know Like Totally – is this michael her sick ass dad speaking, cause its not her mom jealous…

  60. 60

    ok i honestly dont see what the big deal is about her. honestly if americans came and saw the youth culture here in new zealand EVERYONE would be in fucking rehab! she's pretty mild.

  61. 61


  62. 62

    I just don't get what's so wrong about going out every week, I do it, pretty every student do it and gets drunk at least once a week. It doesn't mean you are alcoholic, it just mean you are your age and you want to have fun. It's not when you have kids that you get drunks. People should just let her live.

  63. 63

    God her voice is so raspy now.

  64. 64

    it makes me sad to see her like this.. she's clearly a wrek and her mom isnt exactly helping. :|

  65. Lucas says – reply to this


    OMG - she has meth mouth, meth voice, and can hardly talk. She really needs some help. That is NOT a cigarette voice :(

  66. 66

    She looks and sounds TERRIBLE! It's not funny anymore! She needs serious help! I hope the judge locks her up and then sends her to rehab. She needs to start over!

  67. 67

    "I'm 23, I can party if I want"
    Well, judging by the number of times you've been to rehab, NO, you CAN'T party if you want. You have an ADDICTION and it doesn't just "go away" a year later. It's something you live with forever - work the steps Lindsay. WORK EM.
    She looks about 40 and sounds like she's been smoking 3 packs a day. Wake up before you end up in the morgue or in prison!!

  68. 68

    so full of shit

  69. 69

    Re: celina – "It's not when you have kids that you get drunks."
    Uh, what? Maybe you should spend more time studying grammar instead of going out and getting "drunks" - the problem is not that she's an average 20-something going out to the bars once a week. She is an addict. She has been caught with drugs and been to rehab multiple times. She has a problem. Addicts cannot just "go out and get drunk" whenever they feel like it. She needs to start living a sober lifestyle or she is doomed. End of story.

  70. 70

    LOL "take responsibility for your actions!" oh lolhan…

  71. 71

    I partied my ass off when I was like 19-22 and its just a stage most young adults go through.. especially when you live in a party town. I am 26 now and I didn't need rehab or get critiqued by everyone around.. Its just a phase.. My heart goes out to her!!

  72. 72

    Ya know what
    lindsay does have talent she is great and creativ in everything she does
    what does not kill you make you stronger
    bad friends like paris and nicole , love drama with sam its human its fucking natural so she s a mess wel me 2 sometimes you 2.

  73. 73

    i think that she is sensitable to publisity and if you stop writing all the bull bout her she can creativly work on her probs your nog an actour you would not understand

  74. 74

    im with lindsay! she fucking has every right to do whatever she wants!

  75. 75

    Fucking SLOBS! Do they hope, beyond all hope, that the judge will see this and think, "well, they're being good girls, and cleaning up their rooms, SLAP ON THE WRIST!". HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! REEEALLY?!

  76. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jajadiedie – Good comment.

  77. 77

    fuck she looks rough