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New Katy Perry!!!!

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She's back!

And she's got a big hit on her hands!!!!!

Check out California Gurls, the first single off Katy Perry's upcoming sophomore album.

This screams summer anthem!

Plus, it has Snoop on it!

Congrats to Katy and hitmakers Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Benny Blanco, who co-wrote the so with her and produced it.

Love it!!!

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230 comments to “New Katy Perry!!!!”

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  1. 201

    yeah reminds me of kesha's tik tok

  2. 202

    kesha started a little trend haha

  3. 203

    Okay, I love this. I stated listening to it last night and haven't stopped. I'm on like the millionth listen. I can't wait to buy it and blast it out of my car speakers this summer. It's already stuck in my head. It's so fun and yeah it has auto-tune welcome to pop music of the decade. But she did it right, there is literally like 10 seconds of it and then its over. Give it a chance and you'll love it.

  4. 204

    Re: @v@ – She does NOT look like a WW2 pinup! You don't know shit. That culturally illiterate rip off bitch has zero ass, small boobs and boy hips. Are her fans so incredibly stupid that they don't have basic intelligence? Apparently so! Katy Perry is a poor man's Dita Von Bcup

  5. 205

    Re: AnyaKay – "Oh my god may name is like AnyaKay and any ya know like crap the like ya know music industry tells me to like I like ya know without using the fuckin like non existent brain cells I think I had and katy perry is like so cool and auto-tune is so like ya know great for the millionth time and i ride the bus with all the other wannabees, ya know. and having an junkie who self harms himself and wears like black jeggings and who will be screwing something with bigger tits than me as soon as we are married is my goal too just like katy perry yalike know?"

  6. 206


  7. 207

    well i really like it.

  8. meme says – reply to this


    has the same background chords/music as Kesha's tik tok. Too much auto tune.

  9. 209

    actually perez…. theres already a summer anthem…. wynter gordon, dirty talk…. you dont kno bout thattt oneeee do yaaa?

  10. 210

    Like it! BUT being the first single of new her new album i would expect a FAST TEMPO track like hot n cold. I know i know "innovate" but she can do much better!!! Let's just wait for the remix and other new tracks. BUT not bad!!!

  11. 211

    How cute is Katy… in THIS PIC however, Im thinking I could forever convert to a lesbian 4 eva!!!! Loves this pic. Havent seen anything hotter!!!! HOT HOT HOT

  12. 212


  13. 213

    Oh god. Even if I am a Katy fan I cannot deny that this is crap. Her debut single "I Kissed a girl" would of knock this shit right into the trash where it belongs.

  14. 214

    Yes. this song IS very generic. But come on, we ALL secretly LOVE it. It is that kinda song that you pretend your so sick of, but deep down your the one requesting it on the radio station. I love Katy, and i know this song is damn catchy and i CANT get it outta my head. Kudos to KP and Snoop, they DO have a hit on their hands, teenagers love shit like this and their the main people who keep this industry going. Im from NY, and this song actually makes me wish i was a Cali gurl. Its outspoken, unique in a pool of the same shit, and shes a fantastic singer. Stop hating on her, shes incredible.

  15. 215

    intro sounds a lot like Brit Brit's unrealeased "Trouble" track :( no bueno!

  16. 216

    I like!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: DoubleECupMagus – I disagree. Even the photographic styling is post WWII. They didn't start using double-E cup dairy cows until the 50'sauto-garage calendars, designed to be hidden in the back washroom.

  18. 218

    LOVE this song! It does sound like Dr. Luke's / Ke$ha's Tik Tok, but I love that song too!

  19. 219

    Its better than some of her songs but still too gay for me

  20. 220

    She looks gorgeous in that picture, but I don't like the song much.

  21. 221

    um…why is everyone commenting about her ass thats weird…when i look at that photo i look at the facials not the boulders or the ass

  22. 222

    Intially when Katy Perry first came out onto the music scene I really liked and enjoyed her different, unique sound and outspoken lyrics. This is so pop I want to vomit. I wish someone would step out and be different. Yes, many people hate Gaga but at least that woman can be totally different than everyone else. I'm sorely disappointed by this shizz. Be fucking original! Say shit people are thinking but verbalize it in your own way, geez. This is a weak attempt and I'm not digging it. Perhaps that freak o' nature Russell Brand, her new man, could throw out some raging insane ideas/phrases and she could come up with new material that way. Just a thought… LMAO

  23. 223

    It's okay i guess. Not like Hot N cold and I kissed a girl.

  24. 224


  25. 225

    I love Katy Perry, but sorry the east coast is where its at! Empire State of Mind

  26. 226

    I really wanted to like this- but it was really bad. And- what the heck? I thought she could actually sing- what's with all the Autotune? Bummer.

  27. 227


    Sounds like Tik Tok!

  28. 228

    Re: Sahasrara – Katy Perry writes or co-writes her own songs. Get your facts straight.

  29. 229

    Good,would be better if there was less autotune.

  30. 230

    amazing!! :D

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