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Happy Mother's Day From the LOLhans!

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Here's another HIGHlarious clip of the LOLhans airing their dirty laundry (literally) on TV again.

Entertainment Tonight pretends that Lindsay hired the same organizer who cleaned up her filthy mess to clean mom Dina's crazy funhouse of crap.

Watch as the three stooges Dina, Lindsay, and sister Ali get emotional during the "big reveal," saying:

"She's been through a lot — you're gonna make me cry again. It makes me so upset when people say certain things about her because they have no idea what she went through…We have very tough skin — getting tougher by the moment."

That's what drugs, drinking, and lies do to you!

BTW, Happy Mother's Day!

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81 comments to “Happy Mother's Day From the LOLhans!”

  1. 1

    I feel so badly for Ali - she knows she's ugly.

  2. 2

    Ali looks like Gargamel.

  3. 3

    lol woww

  4. 4

    Good for them, lol! Just go to this show everytime your house is a mess and they will pay bitches loads to fix it up for ya on the house! Must be nice! =)

  5. 5

    PErez shut up!! Did the Luminatis get ahold of your ass too???? Come on like your not some gluttonous sloth eating his way to the bottom of the barrel. For all the pig men in the industry, or women that party, you dismiss… get off the band wagon Perez its old… even though they payin you to be an asshole, still is not right! You are no "character" on here like they lead you to believe,… You are just an asshole being thier puppet.

  6. 6

    i want itttt

  7. 7

    She cant clean her own house she doesnt even have a job, what managing her kids careers, oh wait when was the last time they worked???? Get ur shit together lady.

  8. 8

    Lazy rich people can't clean their own room..

  9. 9

    linda cooper smith-didn't she USED TO BE on clean house? THIS IS WHAT SHE HAS SUNK TO? (not that Clean House was high up, playing 4th fiddle to Neicy Nash) Now cleaning up shi, crap of z list jerks. Can you imagine doing lindsay's place? dirty clothes with tags attached, dirty clothes, empty baggy with white powder residue, rolex watch with someone elses initials, dirty clothes stinking of vomit, rolled up dollar, shoe with powder in it, empty pill capsul (?) urine soaked clothes, white baggy with white residue, etc, etc. Now, go to mama's house-clothes smelling of alcohol, clothes smelling of alcohol, crumpeled up speech of how daughter is sober, clothes smelling of alcohol and vomit, outlines of speeches that Lindsay is sober, lindsay has not taken a drink, lindsay does not use drugs, lindsay is doing fine, My ex is a louse, My ex is behind it all. etc. etc. By the way, Ali is not growing up nicely. Sorry to say that. I am surprised dina has not gotten her plastic yet, probably lack of money. surprised she has not gotten a reality show for it 'the making of ali, from ugly duckling to swan'

  10. 10

    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on here :)

  11. 11

    so sad… people can't even keep their house clean… guess no matter how much money you have you're still a sloth… "oh i found my gucci glasses!" seriously? is it even possible to lose glasses? people need to learn how to clean for themselves.

  12. 12

    Perez you are such an ASS !!

  13. 13

    Re: justtfax – LOL!!!! #10 was spot on, it was like you've cleaned their house before! =)

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's a pretty nice mother's day present.

  15. 15

    It is so sad, she was almost an A list star. Now she does gimmicks for entertainment tv to get free closet organizers. She has fallen so far. I just can not believe that she would be willing to exploit herself and family like this. They are so desperate. They have so much clothes that they should donate some of that shit to goodwill.

  16. 16

    i think i just threw up i my mouth a lil…….i can't feel anything but sorry for ali and dina!

  17. 17

    the house looks really nice, lindsay paid for that too i guess…
    Ali just stop copying your sister and get your own look it doesnt suit you OR lindsay. I wish she'd go back to red hair ffs! ~_~

    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks :) x

  18. 18

    She is definitely the best mother a child could have.LOOK how well Linz turned out!AND SHE HAS A WONDERFUL FATHER WHO LOVES HER AND ALWAYS WANTS TO BE BI HER SIDE.I think (are you listening) EVERYPARENT COULD LEARN A THING OR TWO ON TO RAISE YOUR CHILDREN.

  19. 19

    it wasn't even that BAD! she could've cleaned it up herself in like 15 mins!!!! seriously! wtf

  20. 20

    Ali is SOOO unfortunate-looking. Seriously. She looks exactly like Jughead's girlfriend in the 'Archie' comics. That is some serious ugly. And LOOK at Lindsay! She's practically crawling out of her skin and chewing her own face off, she needs a fix so bad! Oh, and Denial Blowmehan, drunkenly weeping that someone cleaned up her room, when she should be EMBARRASSED about being a SLOB, instead of putting it on tv, all the while blasting the parent who DIDN'T raise those kids for being EXPLOITIVE? PUH-LEEZE!! Where is the boy-child? Is there another girl? Are they working in the sweatshop above the garage? This disgusting staged bullshit makes me laaaaaugh!!!

  21. 21

    Re: ammmber – But she didn't always look like that right? Her eyebrows are thicker.

  22. 22

    i feel like lindsay's life is ok
    its the media that makes it look bad

  23. 23

    This is so fake, I mean Lindsay is rolling her eyes throughout the whole thing

  24. 24

    Ali is the ugliest one of the three ha ha. I mean, her self-esteem must really be in the toilet since she's so damn fugly. She'll probably never have a normal boyfriend, so she'll have to rely on all kinds of drugs to ease the pain of being such a reject and a loser and a skank and not much to look at. Oh well, not all of us can be beautiful….especially Ali.

  25. 25

    Oh boo hoo. I've been through a lot also. Its not easy being a bean.

  26. 26

    i honestly can't believe that Ali is only 16 years old. She looks so haggard. Based off of appearances, I would say she looks no younger than 28 years old.

  27. 27

    ROFL wow this horrible excuse for a mother can't even do mom duties by cleaning her own bedroom? wow rofl.

  28. 28

    Thats really unfortunate. PULEASE. She doesn't have time to clean that mess up? She could have easily done it herself in at least an hour or two. What exactly is she doing all day, she doesn't have a job, does she? I have a full day, and I find the time to clean up my house and go to school full time. What a load of bull.

  29. 29

    I don't like watching lindsay or the lohans…they all just seem so insincere it grosses me out.

  30. 30

    I have been thinking about this. Ali, the beautiful sister is sixteen, so if Michael is such a bad man why did Dina stay with him for so long after having Ali? I mean the parent trap was in 98. Lindsay is 23 so it took him a long time to go nutso. Most men who are totally psycho show it a little sooner than that, or Dina liked him that way. Honestly I have to say I would like to hear why Dina chose to stay with him if he was sooo bad. I find women who stay with bad men as bad or worse than the men themselves so I have no sympathy for them, and I even find the ones who never STFU about it even more repulsive. I could somewhat see how Lindsay would complain about it, but DIna, STFU.

  31. 31

    perez y do u have to be sooo mean to them. i dont see anything funny about this. its really nice what they did for them. they r just human like all of us and dont deserve the scrunity that they hav gotten fromt he media. i hope lindsay can sort her life out and i am sure she will when she is older and hopefully wiser. i wish them all the best and that is a really cute mothers day gift/ suprise thingy haha. u need to get a life and stop bashing celebs wen they make a few mistakes. u do it all the time and its really demeaning and just maked u look like an asshole

  32. 32

    Now that they have the closet organizers and window with w/built-in storage … Lindsay was able to find her missing Gucci sunglasses !! She also might find that missing Rolex watch that everybody's bitching about !!!

  33. 33

    Re: the squirrel – Very well said. There is no excuse, she's just a slob.

  34. 34

    Re: ashley4225 – I was thinking the same thing. I can't believe how old she looks. It's really sad.

  35. 35

    If you only knew how hard it is to be a D-I-C-K
    H-O-A-R-D-I-N-G is nothing to being a D-I-C-K
    And I'm not even C-I-R-C-U-M-S-I-Z-E-D

  36. 36

    Can't you just envision them all going out to the mall together, pigging out in the food court, and then going off for some five-finger discount power shopping ?

  37. 37

    A new Kelly song has leaked onto YOUTUBE called "Ready To Go" and she sings about (possibly) being a lesbian. Lyrics: "I know you got your girl but I think she's digging me. Share your toys, play with me. I like her style, she's more than welcome to come. She's ready to go."

  38. 38

    What a GET-TOE apartment! So nasty…goes to show that they don't have any money…sad huh?

  39. 39

    Ali comes across very effectively. First off, she's stunningly beautiful. Yes, she does look to be in her 20s. But here she's just speaking from her heart about her love for her mother and how people's comments upset her. Still people post nasty comments here. It's sad really. I feel lots of love here from the Lohan women for each other. Ali should actually speak more, she matured a lot since Living Lohan. Also, I don't agree at all that she's trying to be like Lindsay. She's a natural brunette (same hair color as her older brother Michael Jr.), LIndsay hair is dyed brunette. Also, Ali simply does not act like Lindsay. She loves her sister, but doesn't copy her.

  40. SeeMe says – reply to this


    I heard about this and decided to watch it. So sad that this woman is a big of a mess as her kids. I really hope they all get the help they desperately need!

  41. 41

    Well, they say there is a genetic component to hoarding. Proof positive.

  42. 42

    They're just like the Waltons, only not as emotionally disant from one another. It reminds me of the classic Lohan video: "Airline Loses Lindsay Stach Of Dope".

  43. 43

    Re: CBenji – Dina has another son, Cody, who is 13.

  44. 44

    Congratulations Lohans. You have turned a mansion in an upscale neighborhood into a trailer!

  45. 45

    What is up with the young one? Ali? She looks like she's 35 and just got out of rehab. Beat up as all hell.

  46. 46

    Re: Bobodo


  47. 47

    BBD would punch Lilo in the face like 16 old runaway hooker and sling his yogurt all over her crackwhore face!

  48. 48

    Ali looks too fake for a16 year old. Hot mess.

  49. 49

    The other thing about Ali that's important to mention, aside from being so butt-ugly, is that she apparently does not go to school. Do you know how you end up if you don't go to school? You end up stupid!! Ha ha she's a dumb, uneducated stupid idiot!!!! And ugly as shit….

  50. 50

    these celebutards don't have to lift a finger if they want something done

  51. 51


  52. 52

    Holy $hit. Doing clean-closet-reveals for ET??? She must need money really bad.

  53. 53

    this was uncomfortable to watch

  54. 54

    so…why exactly are they getting free stuff again

  55. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Just remember“““““ We are ALL human and we all have our faults!! (Not excusing Dina for going to bars with Lindsay, of course) One would think by now, she would keep a decent house. Dina is what““ late 40's by now? She's still a Mom, regardless to what the tabs say, to which a lot of it, I'm sure is BS.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Mother's Day to all you Perez readers ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  56. 56

    The Good: they love each other (which is beautiful in any color)
    The Grey: IMO the mess was staged for a fake reality mess, the racks of clothes in the bathroom looks like a fake mess. (not a big deal though)
    The Ugly: Just because your daughters love you doesn't mean you are a good mom.

  57. 57

    god she is so nice

  58. 58

    That was kind of nice I guess looks a little staged to me. They're on freaking ET that's lame. I feel bad for Ali she's a cute girl but she wears waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much make-up and those eyebrows need to go. I've seen her on TV and magazines looking pretty so I don't get it? Do people get stupid with the more money and attention they get? Just looks unnatural and ages her about 30 years.

  59. 59

    Re: Bobodo – Yeah, but he doesn't fetch as much on the underage white-slavery market, like his prostitute sisters. What? You thought the trip to India was to SAVE child prostitutes? Nooo! Momma needs a new pair of BOOTS!! NOW GET ON THAT STREET CORNER AND STOP SNIVELING!!

  60. 60

    It will look as bad as it did before the cleanup in about 3 days. Lazy pigs don't know how to stay organized.

  61. 61

    And I'll bet no one who comments on this blog has never done drugs, drank or lied….wait, I take that back…you'd all be a lot thinner!

  62. 62

    Shouldn't this be some needy family getting free shit and their house cleaned. OH and on another note body language says a lot, don't really look comfortable in the same room together especially when she saying what a good mom she is

  63. 63

    For Immediate Release - Dina Lohan says, "I am proud to have been part of ET's! Highest Rated Mother's Day Edition for 2010. I appreciated how ET captured a very intimate family moment. I'm working to negiotate a deal to release the behind-the-scenes moments where the Lohan Girls pig out on Ben & Jerry's, comb our hair, do Jaeger Bombs and vajazzle each other. Also, I am a working Single Mother so I am sure that others will understand just how hard it is to find time to clean. I am so busy working from 4pm to 4am everyday (That's a 12 hour work day folks!), that when I get home I am exhausted. And to dismiss all rumors - Linday did Hire and PAY FOR the Closet Organizers! ET only paid us a modest fee that only covered the disruption to our daily schedules to film the episode! For example Ali was unable to walk-the-walk and stroll-the-stroll in Brooklyn while we filmed. She was not able to earn money, so the fee ET paid was was only to cover the schedule disruption. I just wish I could have the Closet Cleaners show up every week! As a Single Working Mother I know I won't find the time to keep this up! I feel like I don't even have enough time to raise my children properly. Work, work, work that's the Lohan Motto! I am just so proud that my children don't act as if they were raised by Wolves!"

  64. 64

    Press Release from "Nana" Sullivan - "Oh dear, Yes - Dina works so hard! Most mornings, I end up helping her inside at 4am because my daughter is outside fumbling with her keys! You can tell by her eyes that the poor dear is dead on her feet! I'll then try to help her to the couch, but she usually never makes it. Poor dear will take 2 steps and collapse into a deep sleep - right there in the foyer! I do not envy Working Single Mothers! You know on Saturday the poor dear woke up around 4pm and was still so tired she walked into the kitchen and snorted my baking soda! I could tell by her eyes she was sleep walking and thought she was in her bathroom and doing her BC Powder. That BC Powder works wonders on Dina - who would ever think a little old fashioned aspirin powder could work better than a good ole' cup of Joe! I just help out when I can, Dina does everything. Sometimes she locks me in a closet, but that is only because I over step my boundaries. Sometimes I think she should work less and worry about the kids. I think Cody has Hepatitis and Dina doesn't want him to see a doctor. Well, I have to hide some saltines in my pockets just incase this release upsets Dina."

  65. 65

    Press Release from Unlce Jessy Lohan - "Well, sh*t, I tell you what. Sometimes that sister of mine will show up here in her fancy limo at hours when the crow won't even fly. I know Dina working hard, but we don't even have a proper toilet. Sh*t you know they charge 25 for water hook-ups here? That's a fortune by any standard, so we dug a hole right. She pulled that beast in last night - woke the whole darn trailer park up! Woke me up screaming - Jess I have to use the bathroom! So, I helped her to our hole and then went back to sleeping. You know Dina start screaming this morning about how she needs Coke! Panties and shit all down around her ankles. So, I goes and gets her one. She hit me with it! Screaming all the time it not right. I know Dina works hard, but just because we buy our Coke at Walmart doesn't make it any less fancy. My wife Karen said maybe I should have chilled the glass, because Dina is fancy and all. I just waiting for her to wake up and start her screaming. Karen says we just giving her a bag of flour and send her on her way. Dina forgets where she come from. She say she some fancy Radio City dancer and sh*t and a mother to the stars. She my sister and I can say this."

  66. 66

    Would someone please tell me what is up with Ali's cheeks? They look horrible!! And someone get her a new arch for her eyebrows, stat! She's starting to look like Peter Gallagher!

  67. 67

    The Lolhans are the epitome of white trash.

  68. 68

    Re: tutorgirl19 – ?????? Ali hardly ever wears makeup anymore. I'm glad to see her finally with makeup on. Whatever makeup she has on was done by the ET people. Anyway, Ali has strong cheekbones, just like LIndsay and Dina.

  69. 69

    The more pictures I see of Ali the more she is looking separated at birth with the original Wicked Witch of the West. SURRENDER DOROTHY!!!

  70. 70

    Leave them alone. I know everyone has an abnormal family is one way or another. They are no different then we all are. They all three to hang on to each other just to survive all the negativity. Would you all like it if it was your family that we were all talking about???????

  71. 71

    I agree with someone else here - THIS was uncomfortable to watch. Embarassing. Humiliating. What's sadder is that they have no idea how pathetic they look to the world.

  72. 72

    Honestly, Lindsay didn't looked drugged out. She actually seemed fresh. Odd.

    And I agree with another commenter above who said that everyone's family has something ugly in it. Sorta like we're casting the first stone… hypocrites?

  73. 73

    The thing I find funny about this video is them calling this closet system new, eehhhh HELLO this has been around for ages and there´s nothing new about it.

    This Anti-Lohan thing is getting so old on here, sounds like you have a big chip on your shoulder.

  74. 74

    Yes, Dina's been through a lot AND she is a horrible mother AND a WORSE manager who has ruined her daughters career by pimping her out to bad directors/movies. Pathetic!

  75. 75

    OMG they make me sick…and they live like white trash.

  76. 76

    All of you haters are drunk… ALi is cute as hell and so is Lindsay… they're too skinny though… once they get a workout plan and diet they'll be hott sisters

  77. 77

    Why does Lindsay always have her fingers in her mouth? Is she trying to calm her nerves from jonesing for coke? What is that shit?

  78. 78

    Ali needs to stop trying to pull of the Demi Lovato eyebrows and get rid of that chonga hair!!!
    Dina and Lindsay look better than her!!!
    Anyway there all still a big ball of mess even if the house is organized

  79. 79

    people say that she can't clean up her room herself and stuff

    but get real people.. most of you guys probably have dirty rooms too.

  80. 80

    Re: poosie – poosie r u retarted or drunk?

  81. 81

    Re: QUEEN FOR A KNIGHT – u are kidding. right…?