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What You Didn't See On Saturday Night Live!

| Filed under: Betty White

Bronx Beat - with Betty White!

And Amy Poehler!

And Maya Rudolph!

And Andy Samberg!

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48 comments to “What You Didn't See On Saturday Night Live!”

  1. 1

    The show was great, loved betty, however Jay Z, I must be getting older, that was so bad I had to turn off the sound. Do people acually buy that stuff and listen to it in thier homes? Again loved the show….

  2. 2

    She's amazing!!! The show was fantastic!!
    And Jay Z was great! Especially when he dedicated "Forever Young" to BW

  3. 3

    Since we can't see the video in Canada, anyone want to tell us what we missed?

  4. 4

    I loved Betty's monlogue, but other than that the show was again- overtly sexual. I was surprised Betty allowed this.

  5. Laury says – reply to this


    Loved the episode!!! Betty was awesome. You could tell she was struggling a bit at times, but for an 88 year old lady, I'd say she did a fantastic job. Her comedic timing is flawless. My favorite part was the Digital short where she did the heavy metal version of the Golden Girls theme, that was priceless XD

  6. 6

    Jay Z and whatshisface ruined "Forever Young"

    loved Betty White

  7. 7

    This skit was much better than the Mc Guber one or whatever it was called.

  8. 8

    SNL last night was epic! Betty White is my hero!

  9. 9

    would be nice if we could see this video in Canada

  10. 10

    quit linking hulu videos you idiot, nobody outside the US can see them. when will you ever learn?

  11. 11

    jajajaja loved it!

  12. shen! says – reply to this


    for all the "I love Canada" stuff you say Perez, you certainly don't always act that way. The internet should be without borders…you keep posting things that is only visible in the US. Not cool!

  13. 13

    love it! the show was epic! Canadians, stop your fucking whining! Perez can't control what you see. he's not God, yet…

  14. 14

    It sucks that the Canadians can't see it. Most of my family is Canadian, and you guys missed a cute skit. Betty did a great job on CNL too. Yes she is a lot older, but you would barely know it. Amazingly if you had watched some of her episodes on Mary Tyler Moore she had no problem with some sexual innuendo back then, and sure the times were a lot less willing to allow her to be as bawdy as she was last night, but she played the bad girl for all she could. Her character was nothing like she was on the Golden Girls that is for sure. She had one of the best episodes ever, and thanks to the rest of the cast coming back on the show I doubt SNL can ever get that magic back.

  15. 15

    a pool noodle! a what? a pool noodle! hahaha this show was so good

  16. 16

    the mothers in the vid are straight from Ozone Park, Queens, I swear

  17. 17

    Re: tamzin – it isn't a question of being god, it's just having a little bit of common sense. Mario would be here trashing celebs for doing dumb things, yet this idiot keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over again. it's not surprising that he runs "advertise here" banners for most Canadian surfers, because few companies are willing to pay for a website that doesn't work.

  18. 18

    Not everything was "on" but the whole thing was, it was all Betty all the time. Damn, the woman is 88 years old. She was freaking amazing! Dusty muffin! She's a lesbian! Oh too funny. Thwoman said she's been doing television since 1952! Love me some Betty.

  19. 19

    Hey there Candians, check out H.U.L.U. (no periods, but not sure if Perez would censor it otherwise) they usually have everything you missed on TV. Not sure if it's there yet. See yinz Canadiens tomorrow for playoff game #6!

  20. 20

    part deux. Sorry Canada. I didn't know that you can't get H.U.L.U. there unless you're on a VPN. I'm sure if you look long enough you can find it.

  21. 21

    Re: shen! – It's because in reality he DOESN'T love Canada. Nobody does.

  22. 22

    I loved the radio skit with her 'muffins' LOL.

  23. 23

    SNL was amazing last night, i have been looking forward to seeing her on the show for months! She was amazing with her comic-timing and still managed to remain classy. For everyone saying the show was too vulgar or too sexual for Betty White clearly has never followed her career, have you not watched Golden Girls? It was mostly dirty jokes! She was amazing i'm keeping it on my dvr forever!

  24. 24

    Re: Edelweiss – You aren't familiar with Betty White are you?

  25. 25

    Re: taylor_love – I think you're mistaken. It's the Americans everyone hates, simply because of your arrogance (as you've clearly shown) and because you can't mind you own fucking business always trying to run other countries and steal their oil. Fuck-off, idiot.

  26. 26

    betty is awesome

  27. 27

    Oh, I love this woman!! She's so darn cute & FUNNY!!! "Yoga…yeah, oh, god, again!" Classic!!!!

  28. 28

    WAY over hyped!

  29. 29

    Oh my god, stop your "My country is better than you're country" BS. And stop blaming Perez for not sharing with the Canadians. IT'S NOT HIS CALL. Perez doesn't actually own any of the rights to material he posts, therefore he can't choose what service he uses to post the clips which agrees with countries outside the US. He doesn't call those shots, the networks do and whoever they have licensing agreements with (Hulu). If he posted bootleg and illegal links, which you seem to want him to do so you could view stuff in Canada, he would get fined and possibly sued. If you want to keep reading his web stuff, don't bitch and moan that he's being legal about his vid posting.

  30. 30

    AARP smokin'

  31. 31

    i haven't watched the show in years, but i DVRed this one b/c of Betty and just finished watching it. she has the STAR for sure, and had the best lines. there's just something about such a sweet little old lady making dirty jokes and saying "Happy Mother's Day motherfuckers!" and "THE WIZARD OF ASS!" that is comedy gold!

  32. 32

    I wish that skit would have made it on the show, rather than all those stupid MacGruber ones.

  33. 33

    LMAO! i'll have to remember yeh oh god again!

  34. 34

    Re: JUJU43970 – Perez made his bones "borrowing" other people's images without licenses. He can choose to respect his full audience and not link to sites that only serve a small part of the market. If they aren't willing to go worldwide, why should he link and support them?

    Perez can always make a choice, but he is too self centered and to self absorbed to think anything exists outside of the US (except for cuba and mexico).

  35. 35

    all you idiots complaining about how we can't see this video in canada, download something called a hotspot shield, it allows you to watch any video. THERE, problem solved. oh, and i loved betty white.

  36. 36

    That skit was so funny. I wish they cut out 15 minutes of that Jay-Z crap and put that skit in. Jay-Z's first performance was like 15 minutes long. So ridiculous. I also think Jay-Z was a bad choice cause when you would see Betty White introduce him you saw 50 and plus year old's in the audience. Poor old people. lol

  37. 37

    I didnt get to see her and I hate that! Please let life be that fun for me when I am in my 80's.

  38. 38

    Betty was hilarious last night! I haven't watched SNL in years, but she totally made it worth my while. Jay-Z…not so much.

  39. 39

    Why didn't this make the show? Although the show was great!
    Thank you, Lorne!

  40. 40

    Re: Are you stupid? – born, raised and currently live in the US. that said, your comment made me laugh. I laughed because it's true. as a whole, americans are STUPID.

  41. 41

    it was actually the first snl show ive watched in years…betty was great..and loved that jay z was the musical guest..buttt perhaps they should hire some new writers for the show…its not even funnyy anymore

  42. 42

    this skit sucked. the best one was the 'scared straight' skit…even that was just OK…the rest was sub-standards. Not bettys fault, she brought it, the writing sucks.

  43. 43

    The show was pretty boring and Jayz was just terrible & the only good thing out of his mouth was the song dedication. Unfortunately we had to hear the song first. There were few bright moments and the writers really let betty down. Anyone that thought the material to be too overtly sexual doesn't know Betty White at all. She is a tough old broad with the mouth of a sailor when she chooses and has never shied away from anything sexual. Sue ann niven on the mary tyler moore pushed the censors envelope all the time.

  44. 44

    Re: JUJU43970 – Glass houses. It's really not so much about which country is better. Just don't insult me as a Canadian, especially when your country owns that reputation.
    Re: omfgnoway – You are so right.
    Re: MarthaKicks – Thanks! I bet you're one of the smart ones!

  45. 45

    Andy Samberg looks so fuckable in a awww shucks jewish way.

  46. 46

    I > They have SNL vids there.

  47. 47

    The Bronx Beat is so AWESOME!

  48. 48

    Re: sarahmargeurite – if that is you in the picture, you are ridiculously hot.