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60 Minutes Reporter Should Retire

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LOLZ!!! "WHO???"

You probably have no idea who Andy Rooney is if you were born in the new millennium, but just so you know, he's an average American.

And it's okay that you don't know him because he has no idea who you are or what's going on in the world around him.

Case in point, he is baffled to learn that Sting is no longer on the Billboard Top 200 List. He has surprisingly been replaced by some people named Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Usher, who good old Andy has never heard of.

Wait till he hears that Mickey Rooney isn't making movies anymore!

Check out his riveting report on 60 Minutes above.

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119 comments to “60 Minutes Reporter Should Retire”

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  1. 1

    I think this is hilarious! Why would he need to know who Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are?! He doesn't need these people in his life does he?
    Back when he was a youngster, I bet what was playing on the radio was soooo much better than today in comparison…

  2. 2

    Did this dude really sit down and write this? Did he seriously get paid for that pointless rant. Average americans arent supposed to like the music of previous and former generations. You like what you like and then move on. I havnt watched 60 minutes in yeras, but if thats the sort of crap theyre playing then I havnt missed much. Just so f**king stupid and pointless. He even spoke it boring. waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. 3

    at least he has a career he can look back on and be proud of.
    as opposed to you, you gossip-mongering sweaty hateful little shit.

  4. 4

    Not everyone's world revolves around popular music.

  5. 5

    You're the one who should retire, you fat fucking PHAGGOT!

  6. 6

    The "music" of Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa and Usher are your definition of essential information? Rooney's a fart but you're an idiot.

  7. 7

    i'm sure more ppl know and like Andy Rooney than know and like you mario…….

  8. 8

    lay off andy rooney! he's a great guy and had a great career… why should he know who lady gaga is? I hate to tell you Perez but pop music is not everything…. but you'll figure that out eventually.

  9. 9

    Umm, please do not make him sound like some feeble minded old person. He is just saying what most people from his generation, and even some younger generations say. Not everyone knows who Bieber or Gaga is. Not everyone enjoys each others taste in music. I knew nothing about Bieber until you started plastering it all over your site. I am far from Rooneys age.. he is just sharing his thoughts and feeling on what he is seeing and hearing about today. Thats all.. Lay off the making fun of his age..

  10. 10

    umm wasnt Mickey in Iron Man 2?

  11. 11

    This isn't about music. It's about ageism Perez. You are so heartless to others who are advancing in age. You aren't getting younger Perez. You are getting older. Stop hating on those who get on in years. It's a disgusting trait that is going to come around and kick you in the gut one day. Show some respect for those who made your career in the media a little less rocky. Andy Rooney might not know who the current voices in modern music are but he does have a lot to say about life and is willing to share it with unappreciative pricks such as yourself.

  12. 12

    He's a great icon. He writes his own commentary, and he's a very smart man. He's one of the last great journalists.

  13. 13

    As a lover of all music genres, I pride myself on not only staying current but also being knowledgeable and respectful of the music that laid the groudwork for artists today. I also happen to have a tremendous respect for writers and television personalities such as Andy Rooney. I think it's disgusting to disrespect such an amazing and talented person because they don't know who Justin Beiber and Lady GaGa are. Yes, he's old, but he's still an excellent writer and very funny. It's called satire, and it's much more riveting than the high school bullying that Perez now does instead of running a gossip website…

  14. 14


  15. 15

    I don't think all age groups need to be interested or aware of what all other age groups are doing. I don't watch the same tv shows that my parents do and vice versa. Pop culture is always changing. Even the "young kids" have a hard time keeping up with it all! I wouldn't expect geezers to be bopping around to Lady Gaga, but it would be a better world if they were! :)

  16. 16

    He is GREAT… He talks about smart things unlike you!
    The stuff on your site is always OLD news by the time u put it up!!!
    Andy Rooney knows whats up.. You are a really LOSER to make fun of him.
    GaGa sucks and so do you!

  17. 17

    ppl watch this shit?!
    i remember joel from talk soup made fun of him. hilarious!!!

  18. 18

    Andy Rooney is all schtick, you retard. You clearly missed the bigger point, because you were too distracted by the fact that he doesn't know today's flashes in the pan. Also, you are right - anyone born in the new millennium wouldn't know who Andy Rooney is, because kids 10 and under don't normally watch 60 minutes. I swear, this site gets worse by the day.

  19. 19

    First of all, Andy Rooney actually considered himself and Average American? Who is he trying to kid? And what exactly was the point of that rant? To make him look out of touch and old? Cuz that's what happened. He looked out of touch and old when he was featured in Borat, and it was apparent he couldn't take a joke.

    I know who Ella Fitzgerald it, Andy. Please. I also know Lena Horne and BB King, Marilyn Manson and Big Brother and the Holding Company. I am fond of Owl City and can even be caught singing the Spice Girls. Just because you stopped paying attention to music in the 1960's only shows what a crusty, old goat you are. It's time to retire, Andy, your rants are pointless and only make you look like an ass.

  20. 20

    Why would he need to know about Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber when they're going to be washed up nobodies in 3 years anyway?

  21. 21

    He and Betty White come from a diffrent generation. WHen you are his age people much younger won't know who Lady GaGa is or say Usher who? He has an great background in journalism and he's another opinion. Respect those who come before you.

    Also you must have a low opinion of your viewers. Do you think they aren't smart enough to watch 60 minutes? Its the only real new program out there that gets to the truth and leaves the opinion up to the viewer.

  22. 22

    He's always been unbearable!!
    It's a mystery as to what he's ever contributed to that show.

  23. 23

    if you were born in the new millennium ?" Wouldn't that make you NINE years old? Who is dumber? Mario or Andy?

  24. 24

    Except that Mickey Rooney IS still making movies… Perhaps you need to research your facts, as well… I'd say he's probably the longest-working actor left in Hollywood, since he started at age 6!!!

  25. 25

    I LOVE THIS MAN. He is the reason I watch 60 minutes! Why does he give a f*** who Lady gaga or Justin Beibs are? They are talentless ass hacks.

  26. 26

    Re: perezhateswomen – lmmfao!!

  27. 27

    Amazing that you dont get his comedy…actually it is normal of you not to understand his satire

  28. 28

    I think what he is saying Mario is People like Justin Beiber are so untalented why should he even bother knowing who they are. I find it all-together creepy though how obsessed you (Mario AKA "Perez Hilton") are with this 14 year-old untalented child. You are constantly poiting out how sexy he is and how popular he really is. I think goes far beyond a red flag when questioning your intentions. Seriously, What's wrong with you? Taylor Lautner to old for your now? Dude get your kicks on your own time, but leave children out of this. I wouldn't be suprised if there was a thorough investigation as to why you are so obssessed sexualizing under-aged children. Very scary!

  29. 29

    Re: blueboy
    Hes an old white man so he must be republican and anti gay. Otherwise they wouldnt have put him on here.Obviously Perez has never watched him before now or he wouldnt have said anything

  30. 30

    Don't be a buffoon, Perez - it was all in jest.

  31. 31

    he's a national treasure. one of the smartest men in journalism. what he does is use Sarcasm. if you don't get it, you shouldn't be watching. go back to your crayons, idiot.

  32. 32

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – @ 10 - that was mickey rourke my dear

  33. 33

    Re: nicoleeee09 – @13 - well said! *applause*

  34. 34

    If you were born in this millennium or happen to I don't know…watch something besides MTV! How do you not know who Andy Rooney is?! Maybe you need to expand your horizons just a tad

  35. 35

    My God, does he live under a rock???????? I think even my 86 year old grandmother knows who lady gaga is!!!! And by the way, I know who Ella Fitzgerald is, and so do all my friends and we are in our 20s!!!!! Get a grip. HE NEEDS TO RETIRE.

  36. 36

    Yep, these tenured media types just can't quit it. The Ruin has been out of touch for awhile, but last night was just embarrassing. Mike Wallace is right there next to him. And 80 YO Baba has people hoping she comes back from heart surgery. What a sad delusional maniacal group.

  37. 37

    WOW reading all the comments shows most of you guys are great! The older generation some times doesn't think that the younger generation respects them. You guys are so cool and proving them wrong.

  38. 38

    P.S. Perez
    Andy Rooney probably loved Lena Horne.

  39. 39

    Re: nicoleeee09 – Bravo
    Couldn't have said it better… :)

  40. 40

    Ummm, I'm 23 years old and I have a couple Ella Fitzgerald songs on my iPod.

  41. 41

    Screw you, Perez. Maybe he's a little out of touch with the latest in pop culture, but he is incredibly accomplished and deserves a little damn respect from all us whipper-snappers, Damnit!

  42. 42

    Mickey Rooney does still make movies. He's even in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest career in show biz.

  43. 43

    BREAKING NEWS: Old people don't keep up with pop culture! Film at eleven!

  44. 44

    Re: bearmonty – You can't put Betty White in the same category as Andy Rooney. It was obvious with Betty's guest hosting spot on SNL. She changes with the times, takes a joke, makes a joke and knows what's going on in the world. Andy Rooney is stodgy, old, crusty and out of touch. He turned is nose to "going with the times" and it's obvious with that out of touch rant. My grandmother knows more of what's going on in the world than Andy Rooney.

  45. 45


  46. Visa says – reply to this


    He got to meet in person the best there will ever be in Elvis, The Beatles and Johnny Cash. After that, everyone else is a worthless footnote.

  47. 47

    Perez is just pissed cuz he didn't know who GaGa is… Lets see if PEREZ has 1/60th the staying power Andy Rooney has. I highly, highly doubt it.

  48. 48

    And respect needs to be earned. Just because a person is old, they just don't *deserve* respect!

  49. Rynne says – reply to this


    That was great! And frankly, he's lucky he doesn't know who those three are. lol

  50. kugar says – reply to this


    And just think that in 10-30 years NO ONE is going to know who the hell you are either and in case you don't know this I'll let you in on something Mario it's called the way of the World. We don't give a damn about the last generation and the next generation is not going to give a damn about us. Did you get that so quit being an A** hole and let people live without you putting n UR 2 cents worth of negative sh**. Do you know how to do that yet?!

  51. 51

    Everyone knows who Andy Rooney is and at least he earned his recognition unlike some fatheaded and untalented famewhore like yourself. I bet he has no idea who you are, just like millions of people who don't follow the every move of Justin Bieber and Gagandbarf. Your only claim to fame is being known as an untalented internet clown whose career is one failure after another. That and the fact you're a 32 year old pedo who tweets and follows Bieber 24 hrs a day.

  52. 52

    Re: BetterFasterStronger – Absolutely. Ella was the Queen. Of course my fifteen year old son doesn't agree, but i think when he's a little older, he will hear the vast difference between her and singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga.

  53. 53

    I've been wondering why he gets paid to do that my whole life……..and I'm 37!!! The few times that I checked out 60 min in my life, whenever this guy came on he ALWAYS sounded like an old dude-clueless about what is going on in day to day life of any American under 60. I mean I can go to the lady down the hall and get the same viewpoint yet she isn't making the money that I'm sure he is!Usher has been famous for over 10 years!!!!

  54. 54

    This liberal asshole should go curl up in the corner of a nursing home. You're not relevant anymore Andy

  55. 55

    man you are dumb fat body. it's part of andy's schtick you fucking dumb ass. and why would anybody want to know justin bieber or lady gaga…they both suck and are obnoxious trash that is stupefying society.

  56. 56

    Re: perezhateswomen – love the comment.
    Perez, have some respect! He's had a long, respected career, which is something you'll never be able to say. The only reason I know who Justin Bieber is, is because I visit your site. I've never heard a song by him. You need to realise that some people have musical taste beyond the sphere of what's played on pop radio, unlike you.
    I've occasionally watched Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes for the past 20 something years. Definitely have more respect for him than your sad, pathetic ass.

  57. 57

    Your ignorance knows no bounds, Mario. Rooney may be old, but he has more class than you ever will.

  58. Laura says – reply to this


    lol, he's a smart and funny guy. He's at the end of every 60 minutes, he's just being self-reflective to give perspective on different things: there a generation divide, but that's okay.

  59. 59

    If you were "born in the new millennium" pig-vomit Perez the pedo has candy for you.

  60. 60

    Um..I have Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald…and many more classics on my iPod..not to mention even more classics when it comes to my film taste…clealy this guy is suffering from Dementia. and yes…def needs to retire

  61. 61

    I hate when old people act so ignorant and self-righteous… but he's always been a jerk.

  62. 62

    I saw this last night and said I know who Elle F is. My husband said I don't think he's talking about you. I'm 29. I don't think of myself as young, but I like Ga Ga. I love most all types of music, everything really except certain country music. I thought it was a good point though. I love older music and more younger generations should check it out! It can be very inspirational!

  63. 63

    I said the same basic thing this morning when I heard about Lena Horne's death. I even used Lady Gaga as an example. I said, "All of the good ones are dying and we'll be left with the Lady Gagas of the world." I'm glad to know a smart man like Andy Rooney has similar thoughts.

  64. 64

    I dont know who lady "Gag" is,

  65. 65

    How many trips to Wikipedia did it take you to come up with Mickey Rooney's name? Um, and you again prove your idiocy. If someone was born in the "New millennium" they would be at the most 10. What fucking 10 year old is reading your plagiarized crap? They don't even know who you are much less Andy Rooney. I would call you a fucking retard, but I don't want to insult people with disabilities.

  66. 66

    Actually, considering that people are living longer and longer these days, Andy Rooney's talent and career are probably more culturally relevant than Beiber's or Gaga's. Rooney's target audience is growing by the day. And all of us are slowly being subsumed by it. Eeeps!

  67. 67

    I'm 20 and I'm perfectly aware of who Andy Rooney is. I also have respect for his longevity and career. I would prefer to spend an afternoon talking to him than to Lady Gaga.

  68. 68

    I was born in the 80's and I know who all these people are. We know Ella why shouldn't he know today's music?

  69. 69

    Poor Andy Rooney! He is loosing it. This video was funny.
    I also would like to say I will not call it even. Because my
    all time favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald and guess I love
    Lady Gaga too!

  70. 70

    As hard it is to believe for all you celebrity obsessed people, The world doesn't revolve around the entertainment industry. People don't care about celebrities as much as the media portrays it. The people in this time are talentless twats. They have to use software that wasn't even thought of back then to sound good, Unlike the people from our past generation. The sad part is performers today do not even acknowledge or respect the people that paved the way for these twats. Worst part is, The actual talented people way back then didn't even make a quarter of what the "stars" (using this term loosely) today make.

  71. 71

    Perez, stfu. Andy Rooney is an American icon. He's kept himself on solid ground - i think it's freaking awesome that he doesn't care about the petty shit like who's on the top 200 billboard list. he's an average, good person. UNLIKE yourself, with your awful, mean rants about celebrities.. that, let's face it, will always be more famous than you.

  72. 72

    That was really good. and as per usual, over perez' head

  73. 73

    lol Andy Rooney is awesome!

  74. 74

    lol umm i know who andy rooney is! he's a great reporter. maybe if some people out there watched the news other than fox 5 theyd know! and yea its true the music from his time was so much better than the shit from today

  75. 75

    oh and p.s. perez stop being an asshole he doesnt have to retire just cuz he doesnt have a sick obsession with gaga like you do!

  76. 76

    LOL - Andy Rooney is still on the air so everyone who has lost their crotchety old grandpa can still go somewhere to listen to an old dude bitch about things that confuse or upset him…Andy Rooney is a draaaaag and has been for some time…though the commentary where he bitched about fruit and how exotic fruit scares/confuses him is way better than this rant…crazy old bugger.

  77. 77

    I watch 60 minutes and Andy Rooney every Sunday…I'm 39!

    It's one of the best shows for news on TV and Andy Rooney is not only Hysterical; he can speak his mind and doesnt give a crap whether people agree or not. YES he does write his on stuff and yes he gets paid for it.

    He is an ICON! Google his segment on hate letter…so funny!

  78. 78

    I love Andy Rooney LOL

  79. 79

    Re: nicoleeee09 – AMEN!

  80. 80

    There was a time I owned about 80% of the songs in the Billboard Hot 100 - and yes, I had to BUY them all (there was no downloading then). I don't think I own one song on the Hot 100 today. It has nothing to do with one's age, but everything to do with all of today's music SUCKING and not having ANY APPEAL to anyone outside of the genre for whom it's created for. Bieber - tweens. Gaga - queens. Usher - hiphoppers. People USED TO make music for EVERYBODY.

  81. 81

    i could listen to andy rooney all day. he is an educated and respected humorist. on the other hand, I can't stand to listen to you talk for 5 seconds, buckethead. not only are you an ignoramus, but ur voice grates like no other

  82. 82

    Re: April 20th – HAHAHAH! oh man…total blonde moment. i think i after seeing the R after Mickey…my mind just assumed…my bad.

  83. 83

    An old person who doesn't know who current pop music? Get outta town!

  84. 84

    fuck you, perez.

  85. 85

    Here's the difference: Andy Rooney, who is fabulous, remembers / knows those musicians / artists who paved the way for people like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Usher. Big difference. I'd rather know / remember those that A.R. does. Most of the music now is crap.

  86. 86

    Please don't tell him we've a black man for President now, he'll stoke out.

  87. 87

    ALL you people who talk bad about Andy Rooney are IDIOTS who have no respect for your old mother, father and god knows your grandparents too. I hate you all for this. Its a shame. This man is old and he deserves all respect. My grandfather used to watch Andy all the time and he has always been this way. Thats just how he is and that is why 60 minutes paid him. I cant stand when people disrespect old people. I am pretty sure NONE of yall haters are going to even visit your parents when they go to nursing home and leave them to die. But guess what idiots????????? You gonna burn in hell for that and your kids will do the same thing to you.

  88. 88

    Re: Angelfish420

    you are an idiot and i know you dont do shit for your parents idiot

  89. 89

    i really dont get why older people dont keep updated with the media/music, you know? its still there/everywhere,. how can he NOT know who they are? …… and "average american" is just another stereotype,.

  90. 90

    One minute and fifty four seconds of making the obvious observation that different generations have different tastes.

  91. 91

    I can kinda see where he is coming from. Basically, today we have a mainstream "music" industry that consists mainly of RECORDING artists, and not musicians. Most of the stuff thats on the radio whether you wanna claim it's "R and B", rock, pop, etc is all just POP. its all heavily studio produced and made to sound just a certain way. Most of it will be around for a year or two at best. It's been a long time coming to this but this is how it is with the POPular music industry.

  92. Scrib says – reply to this


    Everyone should know that Andy Rooney is not meant to be taken seriously. He's obviously poking fun of himself and how out of touch he is with popular culture. Of course you can't see that because you only see things one way — and that's YOUR way. Please stop and think before you post your lame comments.

  93. 93

    wow. i guess you missed his point?

  94. 94

  95. 95

    He was pointing out to all those old white people who watch him that they aren't average americans. Not anymore.

    Also Perez, "If you were born in the new millennium" you'd be a little kid. The oldest person born in 2000 will be heading off to Middleschool for the first time this fall.

  96. 96

    Wow, Perez. I was born in 1987, and have been watching 60 Minutes since I was a young child, and my very favorite part of each show WAS Andy Rooney. He's got a dry sense of humor and is highly sarcastic. I surely hope you are as sarcastic when you say he should retire because he isn't up on your Lady. He's ancient and has paid WAY more journalistic dues than you, so take some notes dick wad.

  97. 97

    Andy Rooney is hardly "average"; he's thoughtful, articulate, discriminating, doesn't buy into celebrity culture…all the things that would change the U.S. in a heartbeat if he was, indeed, average.

  98. 98

    Die already will ya?

  99. 99

    Fuck you are such a self involved idiot. Do you honestly believe that because you find something relevant and entertaining the rest of the world should as well? Andy has an opinion that obviously you don't like so you just write him off as old and uninformed. In 20 years when Andy is unfortunately gone people will still respect him more than you.

  100. 100

    Mickey Rooney is still making movies, retard. Remember "Night at the Museum"? Or are you just so creepily obsessed with Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga that you notice little else?

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