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Billy Ray Loves Miley's Sexy New Video!

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Of COURSE he does!

Miley Cyrus says that her parents are proud of her "sexy" new video for "Can't Be Tamed." Especially dad Billy Ray Cyrus who apparently loves it.

Oh, Miley!

When will you learn that the general public finds these Cyrus family fun fact CREEPY!

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82 comments to “Billy Ray Loves Miley's Sexy New Video!”

  1. 1

    Oh who cares, good for them! Honkey Tonk party! =)

  2. 2

    I'm happy she is growing as an artist and is not a hot crazy mess.

  3. Laura says – reply to this


    he's just supportive of his daughter. awww

  4. 4

    Creepy, the apple does'nt fall to far from the tree…..

  5. 5

    That is a very disparaging comment to a father, and piggy perez, you're one to call someone a creep!

  6. 6

    Disney child star = Monarch programming = casual sexual abuse from father. Fact.

  7. 7

    god that sucked, i couldnt' even watch the entire thing. Another gussied up dog turd that can't sing without a studio and auto-tune.

  8. 8

    i dont mind the video, but i couldn't get halfway through it because the song is sooo terribly horrible. She's growing up, she wants to move away from Disney and that cookie cutter image, fine. I believe she has the talent to do it, but if you're going to do it don't put out a video that is so cliche and a song that is horrible. You're not going to win anyone over.

  9. 9

    At 00:21, this poor woman is wearing a birdcage as a hat. I mean, you'd have to be pretty desperate as an actor to be willing to walk around with that thing and allowed to be filmed. LOL. Good thing they didn't put a real bird in. I mean, who wants bird poo on their head.

    The song is okay I guess.

  10. 10

    How does it feel to know this creepy little 17 year old girl can buy and sell you from her petty cash. FFAATTBBOOYY

  11. 11

    Oh shut up its called being a supportive parent….. Love Miley and this new video:)

  12. StayC says – reply to this


    someone's following in Britney's career path…

  13. 13

    the video wasn't sexy. she was a freakin bird. it's stupid.

    and for the love of christ, you hitting on zac efron and justin beiber all day isn't creepy? or trying to slowly kill lindsay lohan with your shitty posts? people like you make me wish there was a hell.

  14. SV says – reply to this


    She's got some nerve saying shes never heard a Jay-Z or a Justin Beiber song, and that she doesn't listen to pop music but yet she makes a bad pop song.

  15. 15

    it would be surprising if dad didn't like it……….and mario, when will you learn that the general public finds YOU creepy………

  16. 16

    What's creepy is the pic you posted of you in drag you fucking freak of nature.

  17. 17

    Clearly Dr. Moreau's newest creature is the result of a chipmunk mating w/ a bird.

  18. 18

    her dad wants to fuck her

  19. 19

    shes a cheap version of lady gaga and britney. she should keep her pants on, and her parents shouldnt allow this type of behavior, she is selling her body with 17. what message are we trying to send, especially from an ex disney channel star!!!
    as britney would say, im not a gil not yet a woman miley you suck!

  20. 20

    The video would be good if it wasn't for the awful music accompanying.

  21. 21

    i love the song & the vid

  22. 22

    Let me translate Billy Ray's comments: "I fapped to it until my dick turned blue"

  23. 23

    oh for god's sake people, Britney was her age doing provocative shit too. get off her case, it's called being an ENTERTAINER. and seriously, I see nothing creepy about her relationship with her fucking father - get a grip.

  24. 24

    Whats wrong Mario Mommy and daddy didn't approve of your lifestyle choices?

  25. 25

    Re: SV – Exactly.

  26. 26

    Terrible song and singer. She's trying to hard to be the Britney of ten years ago. The world does not need another horny/slutty, yet, Godly and Christian 17 year old.

  27. 27

    To be fair shes alot more covered up than Britney Spears was in her Baby One more time video, and she was the same age as Miley

  28. 28

    the thing that bothers me is that she's knows a bunch of kids are the ones who made her popular, are the ones that listen to her music and now she's doing this type of material? seriously, learn your fan base and i'd love to see how her ten year old fans defend this video of her.

  29. 29

    I'm not a fan, but at least she has a voice. It drives me crazy when you idiot Spears fans talk about how much you hate Cyrus. News Flash - Your little idol was 16 when she started doing exactly what Miley's doing. At least Miley can sing. If Spear's parents hadn't decided to pimp her out at a young age she probably would have ended up with pimp anyway. That or she'd be working a striper pole full time right now.

  30. 30

    I completely agree with you….!

  31. 31

    he probably jerks off to the video

  32. 32

    That is indescribably, horribly bad, both the video and the song. Even if the "drama" weren't so forced and overdone, once the song starts you burst out laughing because it's a thin platform for all the writhing and stagy "darkness." Really bad.

  33. 33

    this video is so nasty… isnt she only 16?

  34. 34


  35. 35

    not a fan of this video, SHES 17 YEARS OLD!!.. I know she is hannah montana anymore but little girls still look up to her , and this is not something they shoud be watching..

  36. 36

    miley is pretty talented; however, i think if she wants to go the sexy wrote, which most teen girls want to do, she should play it up. you know do the whole innocent sexy that Britney did.Britney didn't have guys and girls dancing and grinding up on her til her slave video. just saying.

  37. 37

    I'm surprised her dad didnt find a way to get himself in the video. What a creep. Even if I was legal when I made that, my dad would it never willingly watch it

  38. 38

    Shes trying to get away from Disney yet I swear I heard Donald Duck somewhere in this song… ;P haha. Anyway, Like the song didnt like the video though.

  39. 39

    Re: TheMrsBradPitt – YES YES YES! LOVE THE COMMENT! These f'ing autotuned "singers" have to go!!!

  40. 40

    She is so not sexy! She is a 17 year old who looks like a 17 year old. She should stick with Disney and country music. Her fans are not going to grow up and like what she is doing now. They are out growing her and none of them want to emlulate her anymore. It's very sad.

  41. 41

    Okay first of all, that music video does not make a whole lot of sence. I find it kind of dumb.
    Her parents are a little strange. She is only 17 and she likes dancing on the poles a little too much for her age. This music video is way to mature for her!

  42. 42

    WTF?? cheesy ripp off between thriller and disturbia

  43. 43

    this is one creature that we can afford to live without in this world.

  44. 44

    Sounds like Britney spears.. Anyone?

  45. 45

    I don't find anything about this creepy. I think the way you are obsessed with always twisting the facts and the words to be something it isn't, is what is really creepy. Her parents are supportive and you take their words and your perverted little brain changes it insto something sick and twisted.

    In the past Perez I may not have agreed with you but lately your postings are getting twisted and sick. After your toilet video I was going to stop comign to your site but decided to check it out today to see what was going on. Of course you are still the same.

    I can promise you this…I will not be back. I don't want to be any part of your sick & twisted fantasies. Ba Bye!

  46. 46

    Re: sendusia – Her fans have grown up with her. They are no longer ten years old…they are young adults.

  47. 47

    Re: Manda912 – Maybe Mommy and Daddy should be more aware of what the kids are watching. It's not up to Miley to raise your kids. If mommy and daddy feel Miley's new video is too mature for the kids, then it's up to mommy and daddy to remove them from the den and make them go play or watch something they feel is more appropriate.

    At 17 years old, the kids are doing things much worse than this. People need to stop blaming the entertainment industry for their child's well being and start looking in the mirror.

  48. 48

    when did the word "dad" become so interchangeable with the word "pimp"?

  49. 49

    omg..this video is amusing to me. She is trying to hard to be sexy and its just not working! lol

  50. sanaa says – reply to this


    That is a BAAAD song oh my god. She will never come close to touching Britney as a pop star.

  51. 51

    1st of all, perez if people don't like you they need to stay the hell off your site.
    2nd I think its awesome that her dad is supportive like that, i wish my parents were like that
    3rd I like Miley shes chill and all, but i think she copies britney spears. Britt started at disney and so did miley and around the same ages they're getting to be by them selves, sexy and such. i wish Miley would be her self not trying to be other people:)

  52. 52

    Shes 17 wasn't brittany in a school girl uniform shaking her ass when she was 17? who cares if shes sexy, she looks amazing, sadly she sounds decent, its a good video. your just jealous perez because you will never be as famous or even close

  53. Eve29 says – reply to this


    What a crazy hot mess!I wish disney picked more people like Selena Gomez!!

  54. 54

    1. she's too young to prance around half naked like that
    2. the dark theme and "i do that i want" attitude reminds me of Britney's My Perogative song and video
    3. overall, pretty good

  55. 55

    i like the song and the video's fine, its really not as bad as lady gaga's. her dad is weird though

  56. 56

    i bet she gives him excellent blowjobs.

  57. 57

    Most people in 'the biz' can differentiate between performance and reality. That's why married people can do love scenes without it meaning anything. Get over it already. She's a performer.

  58. 58

    Re: the sex was SPECTACULAHHH – lmao!!!!!!! thats what i thought he was probably thinking seeing this vid!

  59. 59

    EW EW EW EW EW!!!!! but its not like its suprising..

  60. 60

    Yesterday she was on some random Disney show and today she trying to hard to look cool and sexy but ends up looking like a cheap desperate beaver faced hooker. I mean she's not that bad but come on she's trying way too hard and too fast. Her father would approve of anything anyway since she's his cash cow.

  61. 61

    NO ONE SHOULD TALK SHIT ABOUT MILEY shes 17 so what you should go see all the other 17 year old in high school than come talk about miley cyrus that video is hot and shes hot thats all i gotta say

  62. 62

    the vid sucks her singing is not as good as ive heard her in the past the video is terrible innapropriate for someone her age ..i think she just wanted the respect of her peers and older audience she was not happy with the tween following shes known for …she shoulda waited a lil while longer for a provocative video and def shoulda concentrated her effort to a kid friendly pop song thats her bread and butter overall it was blahhhh.

  63. 63

    she looks like a fucktard. what the hell is with the feathers on the fingers. and her dad is such a creep shes like bumping up against guys and girls and he's "proud" of her.

  64. 64

    LOL, he would.

  65. 65

    That video actually made me laugh because of how rediculous she looks trying so hard to act like that..

  66. 66

    Terrible. Terrible.
    Not just the video, but the song too.
    Give it up kid, stick to acting.
    We have enough slutty kids in the music buisness.

  67. 67

    yes he is creepy as fuck, but at least he doesn't obsess over young boys every day of his life. PEREZ.

  68. 68

    new Rihanna. check it..good girl, to leather. I honestly do not think shes the new britt

  69. 69

    Re: Eve29 – I'd agree, except that Selena Gomez is a bitch. Demi Lovato is alright, though.

  70. 70

    If she's trying to be Britney there's no chance, at least Britney was good looking and could dance during her peak

  71. errgg says – reply to this


    again with the pole? and going gaga style on feeling up the other dancers, (including girls too?) omg. thought she was 17, not 25. thought she was christian and had respect for her fans and viewers. Of course she has little kids looking up to her, and most definately, now we're going to see more little kids becoming sluttier and "top shit" now. the video sucks, her voice sucks, so nasily, i couldnt even watched past the 5th verse. i hope she realizes how she changed the younger generation into becoming pre mature adults soon. next thing you know it, 10 year olds will be wearing body suits and mini mini skirts with cellphones and luluelemon headbands and swearing. (even tho thats ALREADY happening) thanks cyrus.. thanks.

  72. 72

    okay… why does everyone say she is so sexy in this video. i admit it's not disney material, but dang the only parts of skin showing are her upper arms and thighs. i does look sexy but she is really covered. btw i have never liked her or her music but i love this song

  73. 73

    They're is something wrong with that family!!!!!!!

  74. 74

    i think old billy ray didn't want to break his daughter's "acky breaky heart" by telling her that she sucks.

    don't you people understand the video? she screams that she just CAN'T BE TAMED! and you know, birds…they can't be tamed. so she dresses like a few (including a peacock and you know those motherfuckers go batshit crazy, so you know it fits perfectly with the song). don't you see the connection she's trying to make??? maybe we should just feed her to a pride of lions. FIN.

  75. 75

    it's a bad song and video. she has a weird mouth too.

  76. 76

    I'm not a huge fan of miss Miley's music but I have to say she looked absolutely beautiful in this video. Why does everyone say she's acting too "sexy" its freaking 2010 folks not 1890 is she supposed to walk around in a turtleneck and floor length skirt? More power too her when i was 17 the girls were wearing and doing MUCH more provacative things than I've ever seen her do.

  77. 77

    Yeah they prob. watch her having sex w/her jail bait boyfriend too.
    These people are just gross.
    Father of the year material he is not, what father in his right mind finds this type of thing "sexy" from his 17 yr. old? Or mother for that matter.

  78. 78

    What is it with these Disney Hos????????????

  79. 79

    rarest creature? please you can find mileys twin at a strip club.

  80. 80

    Why the hell is Miley a giant bird?

  81. oops@ says – reply to this


    I don't think this is a bad video…I think Hollywood has a double standard, because I am sure no one commented on Britney and her dancing in a school or xtina in Dirrty…. I think people need to realize that Miley is almost 18 now and her style changed. I still don't agree with Billy making comments because it is weird and people look at him like they do Joe Simpson…

  82. 82

    What was that? Ohhh yeah, a sad excuse for mediocre entertainment, if you could even call it that! She digusts me. And she really, really can't sing. I just might cut my ears off if that makes it to the radio