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Dear Hope College in Michigan

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THIS sucks!!!!

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26 comments to “Dear Hope College in Michigan”

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    Can't you make another blog for this shit? So you can have one for your gay stuff and one for celebs. You know Coordinate? Gays are good at that.

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    Perez- something similar to this happened at Marquette University in Milwaukee this past week. The president of the University chose not to hire a woman up for consideration to be the Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences because she was a lesbian.

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    I swear to Sweet Baby Jesus and Mary, the Mother of God, that Hope College people hate gay people. To be around one is to be treated like less than human. They are also dumb as dirt.

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    Hope college is a conservative religious college. Quaker to be exact. What do you expect. Most religions are homophobic. What do you expect, free thinkers?

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    For you Hope bashers…I actually WENT to Hope College. And it is NOT quaker, it is 3rd reformed. Good try though.

    While many at this school have beliefs that are anti-gay, there are many students there who ARE gay, and many faculty that support them. There are support groups and clubs to help them, especially since many of them were brought up in a Christian background.

    I am guessing President Bultman based his decision on this based off of Alumni. The college has a very strong alumni presence through donations, scholarships, and multi-generational enrollment.

    I agree this does suck, but please don't lump anyone who goes to this school or has gone there into one category.

    Bud_fox, I am surprised you even read this site. If you don't want to read it, don't be on here. For Curios Yellow and lindasmaggie, you are discriminating just as much as Hope College with your comments.

  7. 7

    Support HOPE COLLEGE!!!!!

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    I agree with Foxylady13…i am sure this has everything to do with money. West Michigan is such a ridiculously conservative area, good luck changing the older generation dutch Christian Reformed people; more specifically their views regarding homosexuality. It'll change…give it time…I live here in W. Michigan and the younger generation is much more open.

  9. 9

    I FIND THIS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!!! This is the same town that will not allow you to buy beer and wine on Sundays. USA Today voted Holland, MI (Home of Hope College) the second happiest place to live in the US. GO DUTCH!!!!

    Perez their is always Saugatuck……….

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    I FIND THIS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!!! This is the same town that will not allow you to buy beer and wine on Sundays. USA Today voted Holland, MI (Home of Hope College) the second happiest place to live in the US. GO DUTCH!!!!

    Perez there is always Saugatuck……….

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    I FIND THIS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!!! This is the same town that will not allow you to buy beer and wine on Sundays. USA Today voted Holland, MI (Home of Hope College) the second happiest place to live in the US. GO DUTCH!!!!

    Perez you can always go to Saugatuck ……….

  12. 12

    Hopeless College

  13. 13

    They hate gays. Perez hates straights. Good balance.

  14. 14

    Re: foxylady13 – You are a real bonehead. Listen, I worked under one of the Hope alums, I was there well before he was and he was made department head. Needless to say the bastard got me fired pronto. He would humilate me and then laugh about it. To this day it's one of the great regrets of my life that I didn't drag his dumb ass to court but just blew off the whole thing like a coward. Don't even start with me about Hope College

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    I will NEVER move back to West Michigan!!!

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    i read a very detailed article about this at cnn and a couple of other sites and it's painfully obvious o me Hope College caved to pressure from their donors.

    i work at a top 5 ranked US university and i can tell you that a college would never make a formal offer os a senior deanship to someone unless they were absolutely sure they wanted them. the vetting process for a senior dean position is looooong, it can take years! the fact that they made her an offer says they clearly thought she was the best person for the job. especially since they had previously approached her for the job and she decline to apply for it. then they approached her AGAIN over a year later and she got it after the long interview and vetting process, which typically involves major presentations of research, massive investigation of the applicant's CV and their previous work at other institutions, and tons of meetings with other deans, the provost, university president, etc.

    so after aaaaaalllllllll this Hope College makes her an offer and she accepts.

    only after word gets out to the alumni and other donors that she is gay the offer is suddenly withdrawn…and all Hope can say is "oh we decided none of the applicants was truly qualified, WHOOPS!"

    in other words…TOTAL BULLSHIT.

  18. 18

    i made my own whoops…my post was in reference to the Marquette dean position story last week, not hope college.

    god, you can see my college education shining through right there lol

  19. 19

    I'm from Holland, MI. Hope College is a college founded with Christian beliefs. With that said, they are going to go with the majority and not be so liberal. They are a (semi)-Christian college and in a very conservative area. But, they aren't going to hate or be separate gays from the rest of people…they will be tolerable. Perez…homosexuality is not the majority of people around these days - get with the program and stop hating. Not everyone has to see your side.


  20. 20

    I went to Hope and some students had the N word graffitied on the front of their house. This was about 2005 or 06 maybe. Hope College, and most of it's students, are not just homophobic, they are also racists. All around haters. There was a lot of crap that went down there, but the school never disciplines anyone. It just gets swept under the rug like nothing happened so that they can keep their squeaky clean image.

  21. 21

    If your interested in going to Hope, you'll hopefully already know that it is more or less a religious school. knowing this, you'll either go to Hope, or you wont go to Hope. If you don't like Hope's religious edge, plenty of other schools to go to.

  22. 22

    I went to Hope College. While those who are so blinded by their religion refuse to see what was going on around them, it occured all of the time. The hatred at Hope was unreal. And not just for Gay. I had a friend told in a Religion class that she was going to hell because she was Catholic. The RCA seem to be one of the most closed minded, hateful group of people ever. If you were not Reformed Christian, straight and if your parents didn't have money, you didn't actually belong at Hope. Luckily I was able to find a great group of friends who, much like me, didn't fit into the traditional Hope mold. Just Some Guy: They also know how to appeal to the masses when they recruit you. I would have never gone to Hope had I know what I would encounter. While their religious recruits spend time in the Chapel, we walked right past it, and I was told that while it was a Christian college, religion wasn't a big part of Hope life. But they play a good game at Hope. Until you get there. And get shut down if you are different. I am ashamed to say that I went there, and I strongly support my many GLBT friends that did go to Hope (and there were many of them).

  23. 23

    I grew up in metro-detroit, attended Catholic school for 12 years, and had a friend who literally went insane after attending Hope College.
    We had been best friends for over 6 years, attended the same all-girls high school, and when I saw her the summer after we both went off to college she was a totally different person.
    She had Jesus fish and and crucifixes plastered all over her car, had given up dating to "get closer to God," had cut her signature 4 ft long long golden hair short, again, "for God," and was only interested in talking about scripture and MY sin.
    I had to cut her off, she was no longer the girl i had known and loved. This was over 7 years ago and it still hurts. Extremism of any kind is nothing short of dangerous.

  24. 24

    I actually attend Hope College currently and I have lived in West Michigan for a number of years now. Hope College is affiliated with the RCA but they do not condemn people of other denominations at all. I am NOT affiliated with RCA at all and I have NEVER experienced any negativity because of it.

    Concerning the homosexual issue at Hope, because Hope College is affiliated with RCA and their own values and beliefs, they are allowed to stand by those values. It is a private college and therefore, they have the complete right to hold and stand by their own beliefs about any and all issues, not just the homosexual debate. There are many homosexual students and staff members at Hope and I have had great experiences knowing them. It is not that Hope College "hates homosexuals", they just do not agree with their lifestyle and therefore, do not endorse it. One should research any college he/she is planning on attending. Don't complain once you get there about the policies or value system. All that information is available previous to going there.

    Don't blame Hope College for standing by its values. Other people stand by theirs all the time which is completely acceptable. Don't be hypocritical by complaining about this when others stand up for their different values too.

  25. 25

    Re: Curious Yellow – Wow, are you living in your mom's basement now?

  26. 26

    Leviticus 18:22
    Leviticus 20:13