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So Who's Judging So You Think You Can Dance This Season?!

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We've got the line-up for you right here!

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance is seeing some major changes.

So far, we knew that the show would be bringing back fan favorite contestants to partner with the new cast.

Now, we've learned that the panel of judges is seeing a change as well. Remaining onboard will be executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and for his second season, Adam Shankman will also be on hand as a resident judge. However, for the first time, Mary Murphy will no longer acting as judge on the show and has been replaced with Mia Michaels, who has choreographed for the show many, many times.

Sound good to U?

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38 comments to “So Who's Judging So You Think You Can Dance This Season?!”

  1. 1

    Ugh where as I can respect Mia Micheals I have to wonder why Mary Murphy isnt coming back? I think she's hilarious what happened?

  2. 2

    This actually makes me sad. Mia is my favorite choreographer, if she is judging she can't choreograph and that would be terrible for the show. Her dances always win awards and help improve the world. I can't imagine the show without them.

  3. 3

    Mia is my fav choreographer on sytycd, but as a judge?…she seems to zone out and starts judging from outer space…i wish they were getting rid of Nigel the control freak bully!

  4. Coqi says – reply to this


    Thank God. My ears will have a deserved break.

  5. 5

    That show is still on? Ugh!

  6. 6

    mary murphy :(

  7. 7

    mary murphy was unbearable. thank gawwwd

  8. 8

    not having Mary Murphy will actually make this show enjoyable. that woman's voice could peel paint!

  9. 9

    Re: WildOrchid1298 – mary murphy wanted to be a choreographer this year so she had to step off the judging panel in order to do so

  10. 10

    WHAT?! i hate Mia…shes sucha bitch most of the time. and half the time im pretty sure shes on something.
    why the hell isnt mary coming back?

  11. 11

    Perez, really ? This is old news. I read this on "E online" like .. this morning.

  12. 12

    glad i do not watch, this show without mary is like idol without simon… and mia is such a kickass choreo! wtf are there idiots thinking??

  13. 13

    yay no more needless screaming!!

  14. 14

    Mia Michaels is so self-important it literally makes me laugh when she comments on dances.

  15. Low says – reply to this


    Mary is a HUGE loss for the show.

  16. 16

    I don't watch So You Think You Can Dance but I am glad that Mary Murphy will not be a judge next season. Most annoying person on TV.

  17. 17

    I am so Happy Mary Murphy will no longer be a judge, sorry but she has such a fake smile, It will be so nice to have a new Judge,

  18. 18

    i dont watch the show buttt im not happy that mary mrphy wont be back i love when joel mchale makes fun of herr

  19. 19

    I don't care who's judging. I watch to see the dancers, not the judges!

  20. 20

    Thank goodness Mary Murphy is GONE!!!!!!! I would turn the sound down or fast forward through her segment. Her voice and yelling was ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! Mia Michaels will be a much more constructive judge.

  21. 21

    :( Noooo! Love Mary and Mia is a wonderful choreographer but that is where she should stay.

  22. 22

    SYTYCD should take a note from American Idol when they take off a key judge. SYTYCD without Mary is gonna sux ass just like AI has this season without Paula. I loved Mary, she was the heart of the show. # 14's comment about Mia Michaels was dead on! She is so self important. Mary had the shows catch phrase "the hot tamale train" and also, she was the heart… I'm really gonna miss her…

  23. 23

    Can't stand Mia Michael's. She's horribly rude. She should stick to choreography and keep her mouth shut!

  24. 24

    this is music to my ears Mary voice i would fast forward past her comments all the time Mia is gonna be that simon cowell judge she rutheless love her

  25. 25

    I took classes from Mia a long time ago. She was a tough teacher, hard as hell actually, but you left feeling great! She's tough on them to push them harder. I have respect for her. And her choreography is A-MAZING!! Love it, would like to see more choreo from her. Like Mary, like ballroom, but the voice? Yikes! Should be interesting season!

  26. pj88 says – reply to this


    LOVE MIA… but I don't know if you can do this without Mary.. plus, I'd rather see Mia choreograph.. nobody choreograph's like her… let's Hope Mary makes a gues appearance.

  27. 27

    WOW OKAY……thats kinda shocking… i mean i LOVE mia michael and i also love mary… wow

  28. 28

    Boo! No Mary!? She's friggin nuts! I love that broad! Love Mia too, but will miss Mary.

  29. 29

    Hell to the no! Mia Michaels thinks she is hot shit and her pompous, full of herself criticism of the dancers was so snotty and condescending… I WILL HAVE TO MUTE THE TV EVERY TIME SHE TALKS (which is a lot because she loves hearing heself talk).

  30. 30

    I don't think I can watch Mia Michaels say to one more contestant "I can't stand you, I think you stink". She's been such a bitch on more than one occassion to people. Sure she may be a great choreographer but as a person she's just plain mean for no reason whatsoever. I don't know if I can watch my favorite show if I have to listen to her every single day. I had hoped that she was GONE!!!!

  31. 31

    marys my favorite!

  32. 32

    Mia is unbelievably overrated. And Adam is great in medium doses but he's doesn't last as a regular judge. Bring back Mary and the rotating third judge (including Mia and Adam).

  33. 33

    What?! No Mary Murphy? No hot tamale train?? Yeah, her screech could peel paint off a bridge, but she brought some life to the judges table. Nigel comes off like a self-righteous bully and Mia, well, some of her comments are brutal. I love this show and will still watch, so I do hope Mary returns as a choreographer.

  34. 34

    It's not really a change. Mia has always been a judge. It wasn't until the last couple of seasons that Mary was there as a staple.

  35. 35

    Well, this means that no ballroom dancer has the SLIGHTEST chance at winning now. Mia is a genius choreographer, but she has always been particularly hard on (and condescending to) ballroom dancers. Mary may be grating, but she championed the ballroom dancers when everyone else ignored them. She knew the techniques, the proper form… Which of these judges now can REALLY judge a good ballroom routine? Sad.

  36. Avaah says – reply to this


    What took you so long to get rid of the obnoxious loud mouth! Her shrieking was unbearable! Had to stop watching… couldn't take it! I'm sure there are many more than will return to watch now that she won't be there ruining the show! Good move!

  37. 37

    Thank God…she was the worst part of the show!!!

  38. 38

    THANK GOD!!!
    she can still chereograph; she'll just not be a judge that week. Her not doing dances is better than having them along with Mary's cackle.