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Taylor Momsen & Her Potty Mouth Strike Again!

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Such a classy gal!

Taylor Momsen was on a British morning show today, discussing the season's end of Gossip Girl, her music and what other naughty, naughty people have been saying about her.

Mainly people like us!

Anyway, Little J just added fuel to the fire when asked to comment on people who call her music noise, her attitude lousy and her personality as riveting as a twig. She turned around and cursed on live TV!


When asked if she felt pressure from online chit-chat, she said:

"There is if you care (sic) but if you do what I do, you just don't give a shit… Can I not say that?"

Um, no you can not! Idiot!

Taylor gave a half-assed apology fairly quickly after her outburst, but regardless, this just adds to the pile of reasons we don't understand why she is in the biz. She can't even control her mouth!

[Image via WENN.]

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75 comments to “Taylor Momsen & Her Potty Mouth Strike Again!”

  1. 1

    Really? Is this really worth posting? I think you can say shit over there anyway…

  2. 2

    oh lay off her…sometimes a curse just slips out…hell it happens to me all the time.

  3. 3

    holy shit! it is brutal to get punched in one eye but BOTH??? who did this to her? i want to know who! she seems like such a sweet little girl, who would beat the crap out of her like that?!? and look at her complexion! when she got decked in both eyes the blood must've drained from her face! ooooooooh i hope they find the person who did this to her! makes me want to dropkick an emo kid, hmph! so angry……..

  4. 4

    what's up with her eye make up? looks like shit. i wonder if she thinks she looks good…

  5. 5

    i hope she gets over this damn courtney love phase..FAST!

  6. 6

    This has nothing to do with the story but, wtf is up with her eyes?!?!?!?! Does she honestly think it looks good? She looks stupid!!

  7. 7

    To be fair, she's getting more press now than anyone else on that show. It looks more and more like she's the actual breakout star of the series.

  8. 8

    What's with le TRIcolor hair?

  9. 9

    neither can you, apparently. i hope someone punches you at the much awards again.

  10. 10

    She is gross.

  11. 11

    what? YOU cant understand why SHE cant controle her mouth? um…pot,meet kettle…

  12. 12

    So the girl swore… lots os people do. Is this newsworthy? Do none of you people have anything better than to pick on a child? Surely you could be trashing someone who deserve it… Like Katie Price, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt etc….

  13. 13

    She can't say "shit" and you can call every woman a slut and a whore?
    ClASSy, Perez. I do very much hope you get sued and your site goes down.

  14. 14

    wow, super lame rosery necklace girl. your eye make up looks like SHIT.

  15. 15

    M.I.A is H.O.T….damn

  16. Ang M says – reply to this


    Actually, I'm pretty sure you can say "shit" on British TV since on BBC America, people say "shit" all the time.

  17. 17

    Also.. I forgot to mention. How is this news? It shouldn't be surprising that she's known for crossing the line (which I'm completely alright with, it's her life) I mean come on… she smokes cigarettes, wears short dresses and knee high garters but OHMYFUCKINGGOD it's news when she says "shit" It just makes me giggle a bit. I'm not saying what she's doing is necessarily good, but at least she's getting it out now. I would rather her do her own thing then hold it all in and be a mad crazy drug addict when she's older. We wouldn't want another Courtney Love.

  18. 18

    looks like shes been bucking rails of that shadow..

  19. 19

    She is one of those people that are funny because they take themselves so super seriously and really she's just a total joke!!!

  20. 20

    aaaahhh is that what I looked like at 13??
    Not attractive. The Jack Skellington phase is hopefully one that will pass quickly. I know she thinks shes "like soo hardcore" but it just looks stupid.

  21. 21

    Whoa, she's super hardcore yo.

  22. 22

    She's 16!!!!
    We slip out every curse word there is.
    It's not that big of a deal as your making it to be.

  23. 23

    what happened to cindy lou hoo?

  24. 24

    She's like a filthier, more grumpy, less talented version of Avril Lavigne.

  25. 25

    Just overdose and die already, you dirty little sewer-slut. You look like shit, your "music" is pathetic, and you are completely worthless as a human being. The only thing that would make you cool is sticking a hypodermic needle in your arm. Go ahead: do it. I promise you'll be fine.

  26. 26

    Ruined her career by trying to grow up to fast.

  27. 27

    that eye makeup is so terrible…

  28. 28

    speaking of idiot? it's "cannot", not "can not". idiot.

  29. 29

    SHUT THE FUCK UP PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I'm so sick of you and straight-edge bullshit!

  30. 30

    Double standard!!!! Did you ever see Colin Feral on interviews??? He curses every other word. Just because she is a young woman does not mean she has to be a Mandy Moore, Taylor Swift, Jessica… Do you only like actresses that are really girly? Kristen Stewart is another girl you give a hard time for not being a cookie cutter actress

  31. 31

    what happend to her……i guess its just hormones……..ill let it go

  32. 32

    Re: erikasjammin – I'm sure she looks better than you! And that says a lot. What's with all these jealous insecure bitches jumping on the I hate Jenny chat just because Perez has something to say about her. What has she done to you personally…or you Perez, or hmmm, anyone else out there that she somehow coincidentally offended? She honestly hasn't done anything wrong unless you would call going against what society expects of you inappropriate. Yeah I get it she has smoked cigarettes, started a punk band, verbally publicly defends herself while inserting cuss words from time to time. Partying at such a young age, oh god, it's just so wrong isn't it? I mean do you expect her to act like Selena Gomez just because she's another actress in Hollywood. Are all young girls supposed to act a certain way? I could list all of the things that you associate yourself with that aren't what society would expect of you with the start of your choice sexuality. I understand at the end of the day that this is just a blog and you're trying to get hits but I would like to respect you and think that you're not a hypocrite but I can't. And I'm sure you don't care what one person thinks about you but I hope everyone else who reads this does. She honestly hasn't done anything wrong and people just need to cut her some slack.

  33. 33

    i like her in gg

  34. koe says – reply to this


    Re: Ang M – You can swear after the watershed (which is after 9pm and after the kids go to bed), but on morning TV you definitely can't swear in case young kids are watching.

    I heard the track of hers they used in the soundtrack for kickass and i actually liked it alot. But i think she needs a bit of an attitude change and also she needs to change her make-up because that is just not a good look for her (for well anyone)

  35. 35

    I'm sick of the incompetence of the person writing these posts! WHY is there a '(sic)' there? You just insert those damn things wherever you want, lately! IDIOT!!!!!

  36. 36

    Dude. You have to be bipolar. It's ok for some with you, not ok for others? Silly clueless dangerous liberal.

  37. 37

    you can't swear on british tv until after 9 o'clock. then we can hear all manner of dirty words that you americans are too precious to subject your public to (like not saying the f or c words will solve all your problems)
    this girl needs to realise that she's no different to every other moody teenager out there. she's not doing anything exciting or challenging. she's just an annoying kid with ideas above her station.

  38. 38

    This is the best you can come up with? Berating a young girl for saying "shit"? Imagine a 30 something man cyber bullying young girls. Can we say LOSER!!!!!

  39. 39

    jesus girl lay off on the eyeshadow!! got enough on for ya?! lol

  40. 40

    Re: Little_Red – agreed~!!!

  41. 41

    I want to splash her face with some makeup remover.

  42. 42

    she is just too badass for words. Little rich girl lashing out. I'm dead impressed.
    For fuck's sake , I wish a real punk or something would come along and rip her heart out through her arse. What a little carboard cutout

  43. 43

    that wasn't that bad she could of said worse
    but she needs to lay of the makeup
    nikki zee is right it does look like she got punched

  44. 44

    Nice make up job you dumb bitch. Next time put your eyeshadow on your eyes…and not all over your effin face. But really tho, you're so hardcore with that rosary.

  45. 45

    Hey perez, you have provided me of hours of meaningless entertainment for many years these gossip blogs are great time fillers! And i always have thought you are funny and witty. But what i don't get is how you can promote a guy who was born without limbs(I'm an Aussie, so know the story… He's unbelievable!) and be so emotional then post comments about young girls and their appearance. You go the hack!! Nothing more off putting than a grown man picking on teenagers..Just think about NIck before you offer advice on someones chin bone, nose parents etc…life is not easy and some kids are trying to be themselves…..

  46. 46

    Most of the time on UK tv you CAN say "shit", so it's not REALLY surprising that she would think she could. Maybe you can't say it on morning tv or something, I don't know. I'm glad SOMEBODY doesn't give a shit what you say about them, though. At least we know she won't be kissing your ass any time soon, Perez. You are basically going to force me into liking this girl.

  47. 47

    Re: amycakes86 – "Too precious"… get over yourself. I try to watch The Soup on E! over here, and they censor the shit out of that show. You can't even show a gun or say the word damn on UK television before 9pm, like you can in the US, so don't be so condescending.

  48. 48

    um.. if she was on british tv… she could curse all she wants. U r the idiot.

  49. 49

    Re: jjacey – No, she can't. You're the idiot.

  50. 50

    Why even post about her? Her career is over the second she leaves Gossip Girl.

  51. Wrenn says – reply to this


    You are looking at the new Lindsay Lohan.

  52. 52

    she looks like courtney love here.. trash

  53. 53

    gah she just has to shut up. she thinks she's so cool but god she's just sooo annoying… and slutty too!

  54. 54

    What's wrong with being honest ? She's right to say what she thinks.

  55. 55

    She has to understand that the character she acts in GG IS NOT her!
    and fyi, you yourself are a poser who just tries to replicate the attitude rather than come up with anything original in the music industry so fuck you taylor.

  56. 56

    Re: MewLover34 – not on morning tv u cant u twat. She just tries too hard

  57. 57

    typical teen celeb…wants attention so does something stupid for it. n fyi her band rips off HOLE.

  58. 58

    who cares about this chick? She will be back to being a nobody soon enough!

  59. 59

    people do this all the time. especially on the wright stuff, no big deal

  60. 60

    She is starting to look like "CHUCKY"

  61. 61

    You're calling her an idiot? You CANNOT spell, you imbecilic IDIOT.

    CANNOT - 1 WORD.
    Not two.

  62. 62

    i was wondering when this was going to be posted, she was so annoying and up herself. she looked aright mess exspcially sitting opposite the beautiful and classy holly

  63. 63

    Re: jenrules – what does liberal have to do with talking shit…because we ALL KNOW that Reps are the biggest shit talkers out there…OBVIOUSLY!!!!

  64. 64

    You're really not allowed to say shit on TV in Britain? I know in America you aren't (the land of the 'free' where everything is censored), but I know that in Canada you can say shit on TV. I always just assumed America was the only country with ridiculous censorship rules.

  65. 65

    She needs to go suck a nut.

  66. 66

    i like taylor momsen her music is great…she did curse but it slipped out explaining her point…everybody curses at one point…i agree with what she says and sh's not lousy she manages three careers at once…WAY TO GO TAYLOR!!!

  67. 67

    Who Cares. You can say "ass" on tv so shit and fuck won't be far off. Grow up.

  68. @v@ says – reply to this


    Defensiveness, imo. She's young. I would back off a bit rather than crush budding talent before it really gets going.

  69. 69

    blah blah blah i dont give a shit, disney kiss my ass, im hardcore. im grown up. i know everything there is to life so fuck off. ugh get this girl off the media and back to school, clearly she is not growing up gracefully.

  70. 70

    why are you hating on her anyways…?

  71. 71

    oh dear god…! being a teenager can be such a bitch! thank goodness I wasn't famous during my teens -well, I remain non famous, hehehe. That girl is going to look back at her teen years wishing her mom wouldn't have let her use makeup. !…

  72. 72

    Re: Aimee999 – aimee999 is a slut

  73. 73

    Oh my GOD!! This is a sixteen year old CHILD. What is wrong with you people? She doesnt need to "overdose and die" She just needs someone to kick her mother's ASS. Speaking of- I can't wait for Perez to get his ass kicked again. Way past due. Sometimes violence IS the answer.

  74. 74

    I watched it. What a twat is all i can say. PLEASE dont come to the UK. Seriously we dont want a fake wannabe rockstar here.

    got enough of them.

  75. Olcia says – reply to this


    I was curious and checked her band on the You Tube and I must say I was very surprised. I really like it and I think she has a talent. She's young and trying to be badass but I think she'll learn and she really has a potential. Anyway I think you are a bit too hard on her.