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The Strokes Are Recording A New Album - Does Anybody Care?

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After a four-year hiatus, singer Julian Casablancas has announced that The Strokes are scheduled to release a new album early next year saying, "I think January. I was told not to predict anymore. But I’m pretty sure it should be out in January."

He also revealed that the band has been recording their material in New York instead of their home in Los Angeles, adding:

"For me, there’s something about recording in New York - I was just thinking about it literally yesterday for the first time, in terms of if I could have a choice, because everywhere I’ve ever recorded has kinda been like a logical choice or out of necessity. But there’s something about recording in a nice studio in New York. Maybe it’s just because it’s expensive, I dunno. Recording in LA is nice though."

We're glad that they've decided to come back together after all their various solo projects, but are The Strokes even relevant any more??

What do U think?

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112 comments to “The Strokes Are Recording A New Album - Does Anybody Care?”

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  1. 101

    WOW, very nice Perez. More than 100 comments and none of them agrees with you.

    Think twice next time, mate.

  2. 102

    I care, and lots of people also do. You're so ignorant.

  3. 103

    I CARE!wow,i just lost so much respect for perez hilton.He can talk about how much he loves justin bieber all day but doesnt have any respect for a genuinely good band like the strokes.Thats so ridiculous,but its also just my opinion.

  4. 104

    THIS IS SO SUPERFICIAL AND RIDICULOUS. maybe i care?maybe alot of people care.All beacuse we havnt heard much from the strokes in awhile doesnt necessarily mean no one likes them.Infact,im pretty damn sure you have it wrong.Ya know perez?theres a world outside of lady gaga and justin bieber and the fucking jonas brothers…maybe you should consider the people living there too and not all those people with there diffrent weird ass music techno pop tastes.I thought you were diffrent than all this fake shit seeing you dont have a problem saying what you feel,guess i was wrong.But you know,thats just me and i guess my opinon means nothing,right?yeah.

  5. 105

    Re: @v@ – I think I love you!!!

  6. 106

    I CARE! I can't believe you just fucking said that. wow……. this makes me not like you.

  7. 107

    lulz I love how everyone now hates your guts because you posted this, you and your crappy ass taste in music don't even deserve to know who the Strokes are. Sorry they have actual talent, unlike your mainstream shit. I bet if they ever got mainstream you'd kiss their fucking asses. -_-

  8. 108

    I love the strokes; they are my favorite band. When I heard they were going to be back together again I was so happy I nearly cried, so yeah. i care ^.^

  9. 109

    I CARE!! Care enough to be your posse first just to say I DO CARE.

  10. 110

    shouldn't this be on the most commented stories? it definitely has more comments than the mississippi teen one…

  11. 111

    Most of the Strokes live in Los Angeles. Nick and Amanda DeCadenet live in LA and Fab lives in LA, too. Julian has homes on both coasts and he was actually living in LA a few months back.

    Are the Strokes relevant? Yes, I suppose. However, I think this will be their last album. Julian's solo career has really taken off.

  12. 112

    Yeah, I care. I fucking love The Strokes. Honestly, you are a huge dumbass most of the time.

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