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James Franco At MoMA

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James Franco is the latest celeb to partake in artist Marina Abramović's The Artist Is Present exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

We wonder how long he sat with her?

Have U been to MoMA to see Abramović?

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34 comments to “James Franco At MoMA”

  1. 1

    I know art when I see it and this ain't art. It's dumb celebs getting punked. LOL

  2. 2

    Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? WHEN WAS HE THERE?!?!? I was at the MOMA 4 days ago :(

  3. 3

    Maybe the track marks on his arm were necessary for sitting in one place for a really, really long time?
    Scratch that, heroin's no joke and I'm really sad to see that guy looking as awful as he did.

  4. 4

    Is this a staring contest? What is going on in this picture?

  5. 5

    Copying Yoko and probably Gaga too

  6. 6

    i don't really get this whole thing and how it's art

  7. 7

    i saw her do that… fucking weird! How is sitting in a chair art? I don't get it… the rest of her stuff is really fucked up too.

  8. 8

    Re: Secret Message – Please - Abramović' has been performing since the early 1970's, if anything GaGa is ripping her off, I say that lightly though since anything she does will never compare to Marina's contribution to the world of art & performance art in general. As for Yoko, she was working around the same time as Abramović', so if anything they were inspired by each other & the time they grew up in.

  9. 9

    Once, I ate mushrooms with friends during Mardi Gras, we all sat and stared at eachother for what seemed like hours until Dave shat himself. I bet that this is the same thing. Who shat first? That white dress has some aweful skidmarks I bet. Would not want to be her dry cleaner. No tickey no washie.

    Who is she trying to be anyway? Princess Leia with pigtails? Who is she kidding.

  10. 10

    THE ARTIST IS PRESENT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Abrahamovic is a Serbian goddess! Her performance art/installations are not everybody's cup of tea, but trust me, there are many who crave her art! It's very conceptual, yet often "simplistic". Genial!

  13. 13

    My god.. I saw her at MOMA a month ago… is she still sitting there?!?! WOW!

  14. 14

    I've been there and it's fascinating. the concentration of the artist is staggering and her endurance may not strike some as art, but in the context of the show, it makes perfect sense. I hope to get back there before it closes.

  15. 15

    I don't know of Marina, but I love James Franco!

  16. 16

    What I learned from studying art is that the first thing you need to be successful is take yourself very seriously no matter how untalented you are. People in the art world are so fearful of not "GETTING" it (understanding the value of) that they will call a can of the artists shit or sitting in a chair all day art. It's ridiculous. It's the emperor has no clothes syndrome.

  17. 17

    It's Endurance Art. It's a type of Performance Art. Quite often this sort of art is highly conceptual, often requiring the participation of other people besides the artist, and is sometimes quite challenging for the 'audience'. Some of this sort of art doesn't even hinge on the audience. Imagine!

    For people who don't know anything about this sort of art, there's always GOOGLE. Try to educate your ignorant selves before you leave your dumbass "it's not art" comment.

    Performance art, I'll admit, is often a thing that seems ridiculous out of context or to people who only read about it or hear a description. Most professional sports are the same way. I encourage everyone to actually go to the MoMA to experience the show if they can or at least educate yourselves on this type of art and what Abramovic is doing (she has quite the career). Some of the most interesting things take a bit of effort, people.

    Thanks Perez for posting this!!

  18. 18

    too bad you didnt get a pic of gaga when she was there

  19. 19

    I sat with her for an hour and 40 minutes on Sunday… About 5 people before me was Alan Rickman, who sat for about 10 minutes…

  20. 20

    Re: poorlittlerichiegirl – Gaga did NOT sit. She only visited MoMA.

  21. 21

    ahhh wth I live in nyc and I went to see her and its amazing! my friend sat with her for like 4-5 hours! no joke

  22. 22

    this IS art, i went and she is mesmerizing a truly amazing experience Im glad that some stars such as James Franco who is DELICIOUS can apreciate it too

  23. 23

    her art is fucking weird!

  24. 24

    FUCKTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET AN EFFING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25

    I was actually there this past saturday.. first time in NYC.. and she is freaking WEIRD.. some of her art videos were actually kind of disturbing.. I don't think that is art.. she is just angry at life and her naked body… she keeps hurting it.. crazy

  26. 26

    Do they just stare at each other? I'm get serious anxiety just looking at this picture

  27. 27

    i saw her do this. it was insane how much self control she and other people had when sitting across from each other. not going to lie, i went a couple months ago only to see the tim burton exhibit, but my sister made me go through her entire exhibit and watch her stare at someone for over an hour. it was tedious, i can't believe someone has the will to do that every day for 3 months.

  28. 28

    oh, and there used to be a table…. ? guess they ditched it.

  29. Woko says – reply to this


    Isn't this one of the initiation rituals for Scientology? I hope JF realizes he is a member now.

  30. 30

    I went to that exhibition and it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Hundreds of people standing around, staring at two people stare at each other. I can't believe James Franco participated in that staring contest, oops, I mean "work of art".

  31. 31

    OMFG!!!! I didn't know that I could've sat with her while I was there! It was so busy at MoMA that day that I totally missed out on that bit of useful information… I'm sad now. *sigh* :(

  32. 32

    Re: blahblahblahs – Maybe you should read what roodmood says. I did see the "show" at Moma, and I understand that performance art is. However just because there is a following does not mean this is truly art. Does this take endurance? Sure. Does sitting in 2 chairs take talent however, I dont think so. Its like the britney spears music of the art world. Takes endurance, gets alot of notice, but is something that anyone else could do, no talent needed.

  33. 33

    Re: irtabby – agreed!!

  34. 34

    Look at me ! No ! Look at me ! No Look at me ! No ! Look at me whatever ?