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Kimberly Locke Bashes Current Idol Contestants!

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It's no shocker that the general consensus for this season of American Idol is pretty negative, seeing as none of the contestants are particularly talented or interesting!

Season two contestant Kimberly Locke, whom we actually like and has been mildly successful post the reality competition, is the latest to give the current batch of booooooring singers a smackdown!

She says:

“I think that they’re going to have to go back to the raw talent. The other night, on the show, I think everybody except for two people, maybe, played the guitar. I don’t play an instrument. I love people who play instruments — I think it’s great — but American Idol is a singing competition and I think it distracts and it takes away. I think some of them are better musicians than they are singers — if you really want to know the truth about it. When I was on American Idol it was about raw talent; you had a microphone, a microphone stand, a spotlight, and a track. We didn’t even have a band on my season! So, I do think it’s still a great way to find talent. I think they just need to get back to the basics of singing. One of the things I didn’t like about Idol was the Ford commercials. It was like, ‘Come on.’ For a lack of a better word they would whore us out, we did all these commercials for free, they got to use our image and our names. But the thing that upset me the most about it is that it took up so much time in our day. We were already exhausted running around doing press, people pulling us in a thousand directions, now we’ve go to do Coke and Ford and all these different spots for the sponsors. Those things would take, like, an entire day. Some nights we wouldn’t get finished from doing just that until midnight. It’s like, ‘Really?’ And then they’re like, ‘Practice your song in your sleep.’ I was like, ‘Really? Come on.’ So, the Ford commercials were kind of annoying. And, we didn’t get a car. So, go figure.”

We do think that it takes a great deal of talent to play the guitar and sing, but we agree that everyone this year has an instrument in hand CONSTANTLY - probably to distract from their SHITEOUS singing!

And those Ford commercials are effing obnoxious!

What do U think?? Do U agree with Kimberly Locke??

[Image via WENN.]

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58 comments to “Kimberly Locke Bashes Current Idol Contestants!”

  1. Loiis says – reply to this


    She def looks like Rosie O'Donnell, wow

  2. 2

    everyone on american idol is a whore!

  3. 3

    she kinda looks like Rosie O'Donnell if Rosie O'Donnell were a woman!!

  4. 4

    This season, the little I have seen, is an embarrassment and if THAT was the best talent they found then it is time to end the show because they scraped the bottom of the barrel for it. And she does look a bit like Rosie in that picture.

  5. 5

    for the most part, she is right.

  6. 6

    lee dewyze could out sing and out sell her anyday.

  7. 7

    i never liked kimberly personally, but girl has a point. everyone on american idol this season is a mediocre singer and i am sick of them busting out the guitars to try and hide the fact that they simply can't belt a song out like some of the contestants in the first few seasons. i really think this show has run it's course and needs to go off the air. it's turning into way too much of a production and people only watch it now during the first three weeks when simon is being a douche to the really bad singers

  8. 8

    I wouldn't blame it on the talent..i just think people are bored or tired..as they say in the hood: it's played out. I stopped watching long time ago…got bored with it….I stopped watching after Fantasia won…so imagine how long ago.

  9. 9

    Crystal Bowersox is an incredibly talented vocalist and musician. Doesn't anybody watch AI?

  10. 10

    this season is horrible but i thought that was rosie Odonnell after a major makeover

  11. 11

    Also, Madissa, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Sleigh, Kelly Clarkson and anybody else who doesn't look like a tenn actor would never have made the cut this year. They only went for looks, singing talent was completely secondary.

  12. 12

    "whore us out"
    come on, before you were on idol you were a nobody so you should be grateful you were even on the show in the first place. those sponsors pay for the show, without the sponsors there would be no show. yes they are annoying and cheesy to watch, but everyone knows how advertising works. for you to complain about it is terrible, without that show you would still be trying to make a living and noone would have heard about you so go away.

  13. 13

    kimberly locke is a fat pig who needs to shut up and get over herself. She's no better than any of those ppl on Idol right now. instead of opening her trap she should heading to the gym.

  14. 14

    No, I don't.

  15. 15

    Re: WMariah – Trust us, it's the talent or lack thereof this year. If Adam Lambert, Allison, or Danny would have waited one year, they would have won this season no contest.

  16. 16

    Shut up bitch, some of us actually prefer contestants who use instruments. It shows what kind of artist they're going to be =).

  17. 17

    um…clearly you guys arent watching the same AI that i am watching…Crystal and Lee are pure talent!!! Mike and Arron are great too, sure some of them werent that great, just like every year, and to say they went by looks, seriously?? none of them are that good looking…

  18. 18

    Um…Crystal and Lee kick ass. Crystal is an extremely good singer who happens to play guitar and there is plenty of room for a good singer/songwriter in today's musical world. Everyone else is…meh, but to say she can't sing, you must be smoking crack.

  19. 19

    Fords are good cars, the best of the American auto makers. However, all those commercials are a bit overkill.

  20. 20

    Crystal is better than anyone else who's been on AI, I DVR AI only to hear her then i delete it

  21. 21

    perez, who are you to bash the current american idol contestants, saying thy have no talent.
    what's your talent? … ooohhh that's right. YOU HAVE NO TALENT. fuck off.

  22. 22

    Isn't she the one who has lived with the toughass marine (Harvey?)on "Celebrity Fit Club" for the past few years? And she is still that heavy. He must be losing his influence! She is a big 'un. Not that there is anything wrong with that…I like my women with some meat on their bones!!!

  23. 23

    first of all, who IS she??? and if she was on AI i'm sorry she has to whine about her good fortune- must be so awful to be picked as a finalist on the show - boo hoo.. theres a million others who would have actually appreciated the opportunity.

  24. 24

    After reading my comment all I can say is I know why people tell me i ramble on and on about nothing….teehee

  25. 25

    I like Kimberly Locke but I get tired of the whining about AI being a SINGING competition. Even the judges do it. It's called American IDOL, not American Singing Champion and the general public votes and decides why they consider the contestants idols. Tim most likely went as far as he did because the people who voted for him idolized his hair and smile. My point is, the way it's set up there's no way to determine what the winner is being judged on. Could be their singing but it could be their looks, personality, back story, or they could win because they have the most friends willing to stay up all night voting.

  26. 26

    This season sucks because only girls vote and they only vote for guys they think are cute. Crystal Bowersox happens to be RAW talent and she is the best contestant, IMO, that they have had in a looooooooong time. They had a lot of good talent this year but America is stupid and voted them off before Top 12 week even started.

  27. 27

    i agree with her lets get back to the fucking basics if anything they should just have someone playing a guitar and the singer just singing to there acoustics!!!!!!

  28. 28

    I agree with Kimberley, I have not seen a vocalist this season that will actually sell records…the sad part is with american idol, the people who are voting are people my moms age which are not the ones who buy music, they need to find people to market to the 15-35 age bracket, they're the ones spending money on music and concerts

  29. 29

    Kimerly Who???? Go back into your hole. You would have never made the cut this year or any other year you talentless person.

  30. 30

    Re: alwaysthelovesongs – agreed!!!

  31. 31

    at first i thought she was rosie o'donnell. kimberly locke who? oh, and by the way, lee is great!

  32. 32

    I don't agree…..having an instrument doesn't matter. She just sounds bitter. She wouldn't even be commenting if she had won Idol and was making it big. Lee Dewyze is awesome. Unfortunately the one girl that had real talent, Siobhan, is gone.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is she still around? She doesn't get any airplay where I live. I'll have to look her stuff up on the net somewhere. She looks cute, blinding white teeth now.

  34. 34

    This season SUX! I completely agree with her. It is SO annoying how they all play guitar every time and sing their boring sound-alike songs. I quit watching the show because of how sucky they are this season.

  35. 35

    Yes I totally agree with her. Go back to finding SINGERS.

  36. 36

    CRYSTAL BOWERSOX ROCKS!!!! She sounds like Janis Joplin. BY THE WAY @SPINDOC HAVE YOU EVEN WATCHED THE SHOW? Crystal has tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks… do you think her "looks" got her on the show? PROBABLY NOT YOU PIGHEADED *UCK! By the way, that Lee kid is decent too. And true ARTISTS… as Jamie Foxx stated tonight, can not only sing but branch out IE: dance, play instruments etc. Maybe if more of my generation stopped listening to synth vocals and bubble gum pop (shit) they would appriciate true ARTISTS like Crystal.

  37. 37

    Soooo….what she's saying is she can't play an instrument, AND she can't sing! The ones this year are TRUE musicians, ya know, the ones that can read, write, and PLAY music, and they sing better damn well! OH, and one more thing-how's that music career going for her?????

  38. 38

    i agree with her and for the record billboard ranked her in the top 25 most succesful idol contestants and she can really sing shes had a few number 1's on billboards dance chart and she has sold hundreds of thousands of albums maybe even a million worldwide…. i think shes right its a singing competion we know that thats why ppl dont audition with instruments they audition with voices and they voices this year SUCK

  39. 39

    Yeah, this years American Idol SUCKS!!! All the contestants suck. I try to watch it but it is tourturous….

  40. 40

    Who is Kimberly Locke again? And ya, I have way more respect for artists who can play their own music.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    She's just pissed because she lost to Ruben Studdard, and no-one can remember who he is, let alone who she is.

  43. 43

    Mike has a great voice. So does Crystal and Lee. Casey has a good voice as demonstrated during McCartney/Lennon week. They can all play instruments very well. The worst season was the one with Jasmine Trias, Diana DiGarmo etc. That was a bad season. This is a pretty good season really. Just a bit dull.

  44. 44

    American Idol SUCKS!!! Let's do away with this waste of time!!!

  45. 45

    Kimberley has already previously stated that she's a fan of Mike and Lee and was a big supporter of Siobhan. She's not attacking the Idol contestants personally as the attention seeking headline would suggest. She's just being honest that this is probably the most boring Idol season in HISTORY! I've always been a huge Idol fan but even I have missed more shows this season than I've seen because I wasn't interested. The show needs a complete overhaul if it is going to survive.

  46. pj88 says – reply to this


    I agree with Kimberly 100%.. I want the old Idol back. No guitars/piano's (or a least limited to once or twice a season). Screw all the other shit.. and just get down to singing. IDOL has to pull up its socks because once XFACTOR is on.. IDOL might be history. Also, go back to 3 judges… love Ellen on her show, but she has no business at this table

  47. 47

    Uh, I don't remember her. What place did she finish?

  48. 48

    Lee is actually really really good !!
    - Big Mike HAS TO GO! blah

  49. 49

    Crystal and Lee on this season are incredibly talented musicians and singers. While they might not have the theatrics of some past contestants, nor put all of their focus on hitting one big note to impress the less-musically inclined audience, they have true talent that will transform into great music careers.

    And to call anyone's singing on the show "shiteous" is ridiculous. Until you can do it better, it's really obnoxious to make that statement.

  50. 50

    She looks like a mash up of Rosie O'Donnell and a Jackson (pick one, any one, they all look the same).

  51. 51

    wah, wah, wah. Quit complaining to the hand that feeds you. Ford is a huge sponsor of AI. Before AI, no one knew who you were. Any aspiring singer would have loved to be in your place on AI and doing commercials. I do agree that this seasons contestants are boring and blah.

  52. 52

    O.k. first of all, she cannot complain about the Ford commercials because that is all part of the show and the competition. Does she think that AI will just fly her out to Cali and pamper her nonstop? You have to work for your spot, espicially since you're nothing to begin with. I would be grateful to do anything they ask of me when on the show because they're doing you a HUGE favor of even being on and participating.

    And also, there is talent this season. Just because no body's features are so extreme, doesn't mean they are talentless. Music to each individual is different and everyone has a different approach. Who cares if they have a guitar, does that mean every musical instrument playing star out there now is unmusicaly talented???

    Lee and Crystal have an amazing background and are driven in what they are doing. So do a lot of the other contestants. You have to give them props for being up there and doing what they are, it can't be easy, as it wouldn't be for any striving musician.

    VOTE LEE!!!!!!!!

  53. 53

    Re: nycsweety – Are you kidding me? How old are you? 13? Look at the picture, retard…she has NO fat on her! She's LOST weight. Not everyone needs to be anorexic looking…I think she looks fab. in this picture. Grow up NYCSWEETY!

  54. 54

    Whether they're playing an instrument or not, the remaining contestants (Mike, Crystal, Lee & Casey) are VERY talented! This Rosie O Donnell look a like doesn't know the meaning of true music! She's the type that think Brittney Spears is a good singer. She's the type that think Kesha is a good singer. People forget what GOOD music was like. I mean….look at Bob Dylan. GREAT POET, GREAT MUSICIAN, not the best singer, but still very talented. What people like Rosie O Donnel like is bubblegum pop. And personally - I'm tired of POP. The great thing about the remaining contestants, is that they are the best of the best for their particular type of music. Mike's got the R&B down; Casey has the southern rock down; Crystal has got that old school rock n roll sound & Lee is great too! Not everyone wants to hear synthesized vocals.

  55. 55

    i do agree with Kimberly. In this edition of AI there is no doubt that the pure talented one are Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. I could add a little diamond without polish to Michael Lynche, Didi Benami and Aaron Kelly if he dedicates to folk and country music. But the rest… come on, the rest were based in what somebody pointed here… looks. Who knows how many real talent were skipped just for the sake of got somebody who can raised a fan base in the voting and fill the front row of screeching girls.

  56. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Tancredo – It's too bad that the parents of those screeching girls pay the bills. Sadder yet, buying Beiber = buying Donny Osmond, whereas
    buying Zeppelin = ?…waiting….waiting…waiting…maybe Ozzy's new disc?

  57. 57

    Yeah. Those stupid FORD commercials are not doing anything good for Ford.

    It just re-instills the belief they are lame. and the FORD continues to stand for

    Found On Road Dead.

  58. 58

    This season is not even worth watching.. Lame lame lame!!