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What An Amazin' Little Little Monster!!!

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Check out a STUNNING rendition of Paparazzi, sung and played on piano, by a very very talented 6th grader (above)!

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321 comments to “What An Amazin' Little Little Monster!!!”

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  1. 201

    Lady Gaga + Justin Bieber = this kid. Gotta give it up, he's talented. I don't like the way he sang the chorus though. It's cool to switch things up, but it just doesn't sound right.

  2. 202

    Re: me0101 – AMEN

  3. 203

    Im really hoping lady gaga gets a hold of this video IF that's what he would want. I dont wanna see another kid get ate up by the industry he can be a star without being a STAR u know?

  4. 204

    Re: Kitten1313 – Yeah that is soooo true I remember being in 6th grade and doing talent shows totally scary idk how anyone does it. What an impressive child. He truly showed his school!

  5. 205

    amazing. it gave me goosebumps

  6. 206

    what an amazing little monster!!!!

  7. 207

    damnnnnnnnnn the little girls were trippin

  8. 208

    It sounds just like Gaga's acoustic version, but the kid is amazing nonetheless.

  9. 209

    I have no doubt that Gaga will somehow get a hold of this video, and acknowledge the kid.
    He is amazing!

  10. 210

    I can see him being mocked some, he needed to change the lyrics to esp. where he sings, I will be your girl!"

  11. 211

    Re: sockie – awww someone's mommie didn't let you suck on her boobies when you were a lil one huh? So now to get comfort from being denied the boob you come on Perez Hilton and call little kids names…..ewwwwww

  12. 212

    like beiber but better and far more talented.

  13. 213

    WOW. WOW. WOW. And what soul behind it. I hope that he gets to take whomever he want to homecoming.

  14. 214

    perez, you've GOT to arrange for him to meet gaga!!

  15. 215

    jesus christ that kid is amazing. get him a record deal

  16. 216

    that was hot luv the extra drama he added u go boy

  17. 217


    loved it. he is so incredible talented for, what, 12 or 13 years old? wow.

    oprah should see this.

  18. 218

    shit! hahaha so fricken good! that mama should be proud she is very hard to sing to hahahaha my 4 year old kicks my ass at just dance on our xbox lips game hahaha

  19. coRii says – reply to this


    absolutely love it.i was shocked when he first sang O.O

  20. 220

    Firstly, he sounded amazing! And secondly, I hope (and I'd be REALLY surprised if they weren't) that those girls in the background are reading all these comments about how snotty and bitchy they look. Thats ridiculous. Don't worry kid, most people actually grow something called maturity once they hit high school and beyond.

  21. 221

    OMG i just love the girl in the black sitting behind him in the top row……so impressed…..and so will have the hugest crush on him forever! But is what up with all the other un-emotional girls in the audience……weirdos

  22. Imy says – reply to this


    Something I hate about his voice. Talented, but… he's like, mumbling.

  23. Imy says – reply to this


    Oh, and kids like this put Bieber to shame.

  24. 6one9 says – reply to this


    All those bitches in the crowd don't know what talent is ““ IF it hit them in the faces. They all looked bored or annoyed, at best! THIS kid ROCKS!!! He needs to be signed!! :)

  25. 6one9 says – reply to this


    PEREZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! There's your BOY “band “““ bitch!! He'll make ya tons“““ I want my 5% “` idea fee :)

  26. 226

    He is incredible!!!

  27. 227

    I have watched this 6 times today…and literally… im in love with his voice! It has brought me to tears, its given me goose bumps…i just can't even believe a voice like that comes out of a child!! its unbelievable!! I give my luv to this kid and I hope something comes of this! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to comment on it twice thats how good it is!

  28. 228

    I thought those pre=pubescent bitches were going to remove and hurl thier little Hanes Her Ways at him. Justin Bieber who?? This kid is awesome.

  29. 229

    Re: MadonnaLive – I'm in my twenties and I love her. And alot of people I know love her and they are also 20 and above! :-)

  30. 230

    He is amazing..definite future talent to watch!!

  31. 231

    Whats up with the jealous, talentless naysayers? This kid has got MADDD skills. I wish I was as half as talented as he is!!!!

  32. 232

    Incredible talent…it's a shame his audience doesn't appear to appreciate or understand what he's singing. The kids in the background look embarrassed to be there, but what they don't know is that just witnessed a future music mogul/genius. :)

  33. Lilev says – reply to this


    What a voice! Amazing!!

  34. 234

    Re: icebaby – precisely.He'd be so much better off singing real music,he's certainly got the voice.

  35. 235

    At first i thought it was Biebs because of the haircut until i heard his voice. Great skills and nice vocals. You've got competition Biebs!

  36. 236

    Wow this is amazing!

  37. 237

    Loved it !! talented kid.

  38. 238

    wow that was amazing… he it TRULY talented

  39. 239

    Like WOW-this vid is now doing the rounds among all my friends in Scotland! Do you think Simon Cowells seen this yet? Who cares how old he is and if it's a little ropey - could any of you critics claim to be that talented ,that young?

  40. 240

    hes amazing! and a cutie. For a kid in 6th grade playing that piano like that.. is just awesome. Whoever says he sucks your just a loser. Wishing u could have one ounce of fame. And those girls in the background.. who knows what thier deal was.. frankly who cares?

  41. 241

    Wow what a talented kid, I hope he goes far in life with his talent. People really need to learn to stop judging others, I don't see them up there doing a dang thing. So before you open your mouth and criticize someone look at yourself and see what your doing, not a damn thing. HA HA HA

  42. 242


  43. 243

    This kid is EXTREMELY talented!!! I'm sure everyone knows the way GaGa sings it but, this was his rendition of the song!!! I don't think the girls in the back were rolling their eyes, it looks like they were surprised to hear such greatness come out of that little body!

    LOVED it with a passion!!!!!!

  44. 244

    More talent in his little finger than Beiber could dream of.

  45. 245

    wow- this guy is really amazing. I love gaga but I think I prefer this version of the song .It's really great.It's especially funny cos I'm pretty sure that if that kid gets a record deal those bored girls or girls like them will be screaming his name at his concerts!!

  46. 246


  47. 247

    HOLY COW - very impressive! What a talented guy - best of luck to him!!!

  48. 248

    Wow! This kid is SUPER talented!! Good for him!!!

  49. 249

    wow.. somebody needs to get that kid a record deal…

  50. 250

    Re: DTepp22 – He was doing his own rendition….in case you hadn't noticed. Some people actually have the talent to change a song up and make it their own instead of copying it verbatem. They're called artists….

  51. Rora says – reply to this


    Perez, you have to help him! His own songs are beautiful, especially Stars. He will be amazing!

  52. 252

    Wow very impressive ……Beautiful vocals

  53. 253

    The kid is GREAT…BUT anyone notice the little girl picking her nose behind the mic!

  54. 254

    Amazing :-)

  55. 255

    this almost made me cry - so so so lovely - :) what a ace kid - I see stars in his future!

  56. 256

    Oh god, he was amazing.

  57. 257

    that was awesome. wish i was that talented.

  58. lbear says – reply to this


    That was awesome!! I like him better than the last 4 contestants on "IdoL" right now - LOL. Where is this kid from?

  59. 259

    That was unreal. Holy crap that kid is talented:)

  60. 260

    Hey, you should find this kid and use him for that new boy band open call thing. :]

  61. 261

    Gaga has sang an acoustic version of Paparazzi too. It sounded like this one. This boy is talented though. Really talented. He knows his classics :)

  62. 262

    Re: MadonnaLive – First of all, learn how to spell and use proper grammar! Secondly, please stop talking about Madonna!! It's getting OLD beyond all reason! Nobody gives a shit! Really it's true!

  63. 263

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 264

    wow what an adorable talented kid..heard hes gonn abe on ellen tomorrow..good for him

  65. 265

    Wow.. I have to say that was pretty amazing.. Good luck to him..

  66. 266

    to the adults hating on the 12 year old girls in the back…1-get a life and 2- i think they were more shocked and werent expecting such an amazing voice, pretty sure they werent laughing at him

  67. 267

    This is amazing. This kid is so so so good. The best Ive heard in a loooong time.

  68. 268

    absolutely unbelievably talented. i cant even handle it.

  69. 269

    Re: SARAfuckingTATE – I sent it to him too and apparently, "Jamanny" did too. I'm guessing it was a team effort.

  70. 270

    i wish i was a 6th grader so i could marry that kid.lol. AMAZINg

  71. 271

    wow.He reminds me of Tori Amos(also a child prodigy) in his ability to make this song his own.

  72. 272

    better than justin beiber thats forsure.. hes the one who should be famous..
    fukin goooddd.
    i hope lady gaga sees this one day.

  73. 273

    Does anyone see that dark blonde girl in the second row on the right? You can just smell the hate on her all the way through your monitor.

  74. 274


  75. 275


  76. 276

    GaGa should be proud!

  77. 277

    Re: sockie – Way to be a hateful bitch!

  78. 278

    I love this video. This boy is amazingly talented. He can teach the American Idol contestants a thing or two about making someone else's song your own. It was obviously a Lady Gaga song, but he sang it a little differently and made it even better. I love Gaga, love her, but this kid gave her a run for her money. Awesomeness.

  79. ONIT says – reply to this


    Wow! Even though Gaga is a good singer, this is even better, much better. This kid even made teh song his own, not just doing a karaoke version. Isn't that what they are supposed to do on American Idol and many times fail to do? Wow! I'm afraid Amarican Idol is gone by the time this kid is old enough to audion.

  80. 280

    Re: becf81 – i'm in my 40's and love her

  81. 281

    omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is amazinggggggg!!

  82. 282

    Awesome performance!

    (GaGa would be proud!)

  83. 283

    LOVE HIM!!!

  84. 284

    dam. he makes this seasons american idol contestants look like shit

  85. 285

    wow i was not expecting that at all, so amazing

  86. 286

    the girls in the background aren't bitching about him, they are just as surprised as we are! dayum that kid is gooood!

  87. 287


  88. 288

    He sang it just like Tori Amos would have done it…Loves it!

  89. 289

    this kid is AMAZING.
    when he is famous, those stupid girls in the back will be all over him …

  90. 290

    AMAZING, SUPERFANTASTIC!!! I'm scared by his talent, someone find him and sign him now!

  91. 291


    If this kid is not a forerunner for your new boy band, he should be! Such talent should be recognized. xoJ

  92. 292

    Amazing!! I hope this young man gets to meet Lady Gaga. I would love to see them play the piano together singing this song!!!! MOVE OVER JUSTIN BIEBER

  93. 293


  94. Imy says – reply to this


    Re: Dorothy Gale – It's Gaga's arrangement. Search Paparazzi accoustic live at the chapel

  95. 295

    wow!! this boy just blew me away! what a talent! and i love the way he mixed up the chorus!! brilliant!!

  96. 296

    He's got such an amazing voice! Incredible!

  97. 297


  98. 298

    Great job!!! Seen you on Ellen today……….

  99. 299

    That was wicked…he should do well in life…

  100. 300

    It's nice to see some people with actual talent, unlike a drunken whore Ke$ha.

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