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A Glimpse Into Speidi's Pig Pen!

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They're not hoarders but we're not gonna deny that there's a problem.

As we previously reported, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt live in a Pacific Palisades hell hole!

Acccording to Life & Style, Heidi is held hostage in the house and forced to live with former Marine Paul “Cougar” Zank. He is staying the guest room and apparently helping Spencer write a screenplay.

“Heidi’s upset about it, but Spencer doesn’t care," claims an insider.

The kitchen and living room are stacked with crystals, screenplays and tons of junk.

“Their four dogs aren’t housebroken,” the insider continued. “They go to the bathroom all over the house. Heidi is sometimes near tears at the dogs’ mess, but Spencer just orders her to pick it up.”

So sad. Run, Heidi. Run.


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91 comments to “A Glimpse Into Speidi's Pig Pen!”

  1. 1

    Her 'PERFECT' world does not extend to her house - only her body/face. Well, not really ! Sheesh ! WHAT a pig-sty !

  2. 2

    Aww Heidi…are you regretting spending all that money on surgery instead of a maid?

  3. 3

    white trash

  4. 4

    hahaa I'm starting to feel bad for this Heidi chick seems like Spencer is abusive control freak.

  5. 5

    LMFAO @ the gigantic crystals.
    Fuck, I can't wait till these bitches are bankrupt.

  6. 6

    I call fake.

  7. 7

    my guess is that since all surfaces are covered with stuff, the primary offender likely has ADHD, possibly with a co-morbid — if it got all cleaned up, it would look like that again within a week — if it's Spencer, Heidi should have his stuff confined to a couple of rooms that she doesn't frequent, so he can have his chaos, and she can ignore it. — the problem with the dogs is another issue — get the dogs to obedience class, duh! Oh, yeah, Heidi — divorce the faux Svengali

  8. 8

    Publicity stunt…..cluttered homes and hoarding is big in reality TV right now. They are just looking for their next new way to stay in the headlines.

  9. 9

    Puhlease held hostage she is a freaking adult. Not to mention a very wealthy one. If she wanted out she could do it. Also how is word getting out that she is being ordered to clean up dog crap if she is so secluded and can't get out. Sounds like one of her friends needed to make a quick buck and sold the story to the tabloids.

  10. 10

    The way their belongings are tossed about looks so fabricated. As fabricated as they are, I suppose.

  11. 11

    dont care about these two assholes.

  12. 12

    Major LULs! I love how there are crystals EVERYWHERE!!

  13. 13

    oh my gosh! i could never live in a place which looked like that! they have enough money, so why don't they pay for a maid instead of shopping everyday for gucci!?

  14. 14

    no ones cares about them or them house. they are so desperate to gain media coverage its sickening like her face.

  15. 15

    They should lay off the (meth) pipe and clean that shit up. Looks like some tweaker shit to me.

  16. 16

    her in tears? Is she even able to feel her tear ducts? Come on she's probably adding to the filth, would you picture any part of her body being able to move normally even less the vision of her picking up…yeah right. They're all losers!!!

  17. chlyn says – reply to this


    Typical bachelor pad.

  18. 18

    looks like a college apartment NOT a mansion in pacific pali. wtf?

  19. 19

    I feel bad for the dogs :(

  20. 20

    Kind of weird to go from "fame-whore" to "recluse."

  21. 21

    Pill popping morons.

  22. 22

    Their bigger problem seems to be their kitchen cabinets.
    Who picked those out? John Denver?

    I kind of wonder who took the picture? The "roommate"? 'Sounds like Spencer jus wants a big, strapping former Marine around.
    Jus'sayin'.(He is a boy who likes to play with a life-sized Barbie, after all).

    I've seen lots of messy houses like this. Usually, its a good sign (weird enough). People who are interested in lots of things and who keep super busy often live in a sty.

    All it demonstrates to me is that they don't pay for a housekeeper.
    Silicone don't come cheap, you know.

  23. 23

    eh - i've seen worse…….go to your local "hood"…….

  24. 24

    Yall…I HATE Spencer. Ugh. Heidi is a good girl…she just got caught up with the wrong people(Spencer). He needs to take his crystals and get on out!

  25. 25

    Messy? yes. However, it does merit merry maids. He's just a messy but not dirty. Probably looks like about like most of our homes on the weekends when we're all busy. I BELIEVE WHAT MESS YOU SEE IN THOSE PHOTOS ARE STAGED ANYWAY. THEIR WHOLE LIFE IS STAGED.

  26. 26

    for some reason this looks like it's set up. It's all like too neat but piled up. And as for the giant crystals BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH it makes the pictures priceless. Spencer is a dumbass and Heidi is a walking piece of plastic.

  27. 27

    This doesn't look like their house on the show?

  28. 28

    Dog mess aside, I've seen worse. I mean, you can still actually see the floor here and there's still lots of space to move around. Some people's houses are so bad there's no floor space available, only a skinny path that's cleared out through the heaping mounds of junk piled multiple feet deep. Seriously, this is NOTHING compared to some people's junky houses. I don't even know why this is "news". There's nothing really weird going on here from what I can see in the pics to warrant any amount of media attention. What a bunch of attention seeking b.s.

  29. 29

    for two people whom are filty rich….their house/appt is laaammmmeeee!! With that kind of money i would have very nice furniture and a big ass tv!!! and at least a case for my "crystals" LOL!!! Geez !it's not a pig pen, just a fuck ugly house that can be fix up in 2minutes!!

  30. 30

    i'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination but i pay someone to clean my house once a month. it ain't that hard.

    they're not hoarders but that place is pretty cluttered and messy looking, but it's nothing worse that what most ppl have in their homes.

    i do believe the whole heidi is a prisoner thing tho…she seems to have such low self-esteem it's pretty easy for Spencer to control her.

  31. 31

    wtf…is that a huge frickin crystal on the floor??????

  32. byho says – reply to this


    they are doing this on purpose .. they want the lady that orgainzed lindsey to come organized their house… thats the only way to get attention …next thing you know they will be on the insider.

  33. 33

    Yeah, there's a difference between being a clinical hoarder and being a fame-whore slob.

    Perez, I love you, baby, but please stop giving these two column space. I'm tired of reading about them. Let's find someone new and truly interesting to dish about!

  34. 34

    First of all their stuff looks so cheap it is crazy. It looks like they bought it at Walmart, and then I can just imagine that they just had to invent this story so they could keep their names in the any publication that would have them. They are so boring. Oh look I have to get ridiculous plastic surgery because I have no talent.

  35. 35

    She needs to get out of that relationship fast, he is borderline abusive the way he isolates her from her friends and family.

  36. 36

    Even if the place was clean it would still look like crap. Everything looks cheap, even the paint on the walls is as basic as it gets. Neither of them have any class or style. The should put some of their 'hard earned' money into redecorating their place and hiring a maid.

  37. $onia says – reply to this


    Wow, that's messed up.

  38. 38

    "Forced" to live with a marine. You make that sound like marines are dogshit. Fuck you, Perez.

  39. 39

    Riiiiiiiight. So now there are new shows about hoarding and now they somehow release pictures of their house in shambles. Lame.

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    If she's not liking it, change it. Get some good cleaning help, hire out. Consider getting her own place for a part-time sanctuary and a long term investment.

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    While she's been recovering from the surgery, Spencer has been helping by letting this pile up? Not good.

  42. 42

    ooh i DO see the mess on the carpet. whether it's from a dog or from people it depends!

  43. 43

    bahhahahah! this is news?

  44. #1 says – reply to this


    AHHHAAAAA. I love the gigantic random healing stones. Spencer is literally retarded and Heidi is just a freaking zombie. ewwwwwwwwwww

  45. 45

    I hope Heidi will come to her senses and leave him! She clearly has serious self esteem issues. She doesn't need him. He looks like the type to live in a filthy house but she doesn't.

  46. 46

    Seems like a total publicity stunt. These two will do anything for the fame. Just stop putting them on the website. Best thing that cold happen to them would be if they were completely ignored by all media outlets.

  47. 47

    i think heidi needs to loose the number to her surgeon n get the num. to minute mates…

  48. 48

    What a bunch of pigs. No wonder they're so crazy. When my house gets messy I feel like I can't even breathe. I hate clutter and junk. Can't they afford anything better than this place? It looks like a plain old city apartment.

  49. 49

    Nah Just a big ol' Publicity Stunt ! Can U SAY FAMEWHORES!!! gosh I dislike the Pratts & montag

  50. jkphx says – reply to this


    Oh, GIVE ME A BREAK! IT IS A PUBLICITY STUNT!!!! I can't believe anyone is buying this mess. They are freaks and leak freaky stories to the press to get press. Even Heidi's nasty surgeries were to get more press - she is so gross and Spencer is a skeeze. They are just two pathetic losers who want to see their names in print. No more, no less.

  51. 51

    how do you spell TRAIN WRECK?????

  52. 52

    Honestly, who cares about their living situation. So they're pigs? What's new?

    Lol. Spencer seems like a total mean ass freak. I think Heidi needs to lose him and move on before he blows all their dough on crystals…it's super lame. Not to mention the intense dissing of her family. If he respected her he'd help out around the house and be nice to her family. The guy is cookoo. And their house? Um? Who knows if this is for real or just another douche move.

  53. 53

    they sold their soul and still have no clue what exactly they have been dabbling with.

  54. 54

    for some reason, i just dont like LA area style apartments. move to a log cabin in the woods or something! thats living! also, its disgusting when people have so many dogs that poop and stink up the place. i think that is filthy. i love animals but i would never have any! i dont want to deal with cleaning up after that! id just get a fish aquarium!

  55. 55

    Usually rednecks and hillbillies put the new tv on to of the old TV, these two put the new one in front of the old one!! CLASSY! and I hate to say this but That idiot will end up hitting"poor" Heidi, I hope it doesn't happen but he's craZy.

  56. 56

    Yuck what a mess.

  57. 57

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  58. 58

    lol @ the giant crystals.

  59. 59

    And these people are deserving of media face-time and money for being who they are?

    That might as well be Van Nuys!

    Apparently they are both too good/incompetent to clean a room…what total useless losers!

  60. 60

    cant they afford a maid?

  61. 61

    How can people live like that?!?! And I WISH Spencer would "order" ME to do something… I'd tell him where he could stick his crystals… He's SUCH a douche!!! But, then, she puts up with it and acts as if he's the greatest guy… I think they both need each other… No one else would put up with EITHER of them… Pathetic!!!

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    BTW, Walk the dogs. Dogs need sun, socializing, and to move their bodies.

  63. 63

    I wish I had a second house to keep all my extra stuff at.

  64. 64

    it looks like they trashed it for publicity.

  65. 65

    fuck her.

  66. 66

    Spencer is a fucktard who needs to go away or die! I am not a Hater, but he is one fucker I can not STAND! WHY do we pay attention to all his fucking shit? Heidi is sooooo stupid for hanging with that motherfucker! Fuck him and the horse he rode in on…..fuckity fuck cocksucker!!

  67. 67

    I think I would have went for the maid! Stop that!

  68. 68

    Uh hellllloooo peeps - they're tweakers!

  69. 69

    This just reeks of publicity stunt.
    I can't even feel bad for any of these gutter rats.

    If it is actually real, why the hell is Heidi still with that idiot? She needs to take Iron Maiden's advice and Run for her life.

  70. 70

    They prob messed the place up and sent you the pics themselves, wouldn't surprise me! what the hell is with the crystals??

  71. eewww says – reply to this


    These people will do ANYTHING for publicity- even air their own dirty laundry! Enough already- go the hell AWAY!!!!

  72. 72


  73. 73

    wtf @ the crystals

  74. 74

    This is awesome! Heidi's only hope is the next time Spencer is practicing autoerotic asphxiation he passes out. All those crystals too, lmao! They're the most entertaining caricatures ever!

  75. 75

    there is a cute white cat!!! in the 2nd photo

  76. 76

    that is absolutly disgusting, they are fucking pathetic….she did it to herself so i dont even wanna hear her whine and cry about how sad her world and marrage are now….TRASHHHY douches

  77. 77


  78. 78

    Re: Crabbey – IT'S THE DRUGS HONEY!

  79. 79


  80. 80

    Good lord those crystals are hideous and the house just looks disgusting. Sadly she's too stupid to realize that she is trapped under that douchebag's spell. Her family needs to stage an intervention.

  81. 81

    Another sign that her insides don't match her outsides. A dirty house of this caliber is a sign of mental disarray.

  82. 82

    Surely they can afford a housekeeper to come once a week to keep the big messes tidied.

  83. 83

    this is all for publicity

  84. 84

    Heidi is a Virgo. Aren'yt they neat freaks? These people are obsessed with ORDER. She must be going NUTS!

  85. 85

    I'm thinking that NaughyAngel is right on the money. She feels the increasing need to better herself. Wouldn't a good boyfriend make you feel like you're already sexy? He said on a talkshow that he refuses to have sex with her (which is punishing rejection) because she wants babies, and he doesn't. He uses her, and now this.

  86. 86

    I'm waiting for the black eye…

  87. 87

    Re: dawnashella

    geez borderline…he is already there

  88. 88

    Their house looks like a crack house!! Which would make sense with the say this blond douche acts. I'd be curious what they are smoking in that house and Heidi, well.. when you're dosed up on pain killers, this probably seems all normal or she's so out of it to do anything about it.
    These guys need an intervention. It's disturbing and Heidi is going to end up dead if someone doesn't help. PEREZ HILTON - you must know the right peeps to help this girl out.
    That girl needs to be saved by some human rights group - woman's group - THE POLICE
    Something is really really wrong here. frightening wrong.

  89. 89

    Re: Dejasade – i thought the same thing. the place on the hills must just be for the show?? this is definatley not the same house. and if they pay $7000 for this a month as reported…..they are waaaay overpaying!!

  90. 90

    Noones holding her hostage. Like I said, I see a murder suicide in their future. Wikipedia Dorothy Stratton.

  91. 91

    Very sad. Wasn't Spencer the one that would tell Stephanie to clean up her counter tops and not make them look like it's her bathroom? Seriously, they need to get rid of the crystals, go back to church, get out of the house and go out with friends and family. That was when they were in their prime and they need to recapture that as much as possible before it turns very very sad.