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Charice Covers Bieber! Makes Baby Her Own! Kills It!

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Wow. Wow. Wow.

THIS is truly spectacular!

You've seen her on Oprah. And she was on just this week with Justin Bieber.

Now, Charice sends exclusively to PerezHilton.com - with a special intro to Perez and Teddy Hilton - a very special song.

The Philippine singing sensation does her own take on Bieber's Baby and we LOVE it! She can SING, naturally. But we even love her rap/breakdown towards the end!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Great job Charice!

Check it out (above)!

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247 comments to “Charice Covers Bieber! Makes Baby Her Own! Kills It!”

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  1. 201

    for u retards leaving negative comments…do your research first…she is filipino and can sing all the hardest diva songs out there…she is known all over the world and Celine Dion flew her in to her concert to do a duet for her…she doesnt need auto tuning because her voice is naturally better than any artist…youtube her videos from when she still lived in the Philippines doing videos at her house without any music equipment then talk…i love you Charice

  2. 202

    For all of you who doesn't know Charice Pempengco, better do some research first before saying things about her. David Foster, Celine Dion, Ellen De Generes, Oprah Winfrey, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli and lots more Hollywood celebrities are all AMAZED by her talent. I also love her version of "I believe" sang by Fantasia Barrino (not sure if I got the spelling right). LOVE HER!:)

  3. 203

    I checked it out and YOU are dead on Perez! That was one awesome take on the bieber song. That was putting money where the mouth is. And she can rap. Ha!

  4. 204

    she have a high octave unique voice make easy for her to sing different kind of song….singing live in the front of audience separate herself to other singer without auto tune or other enhancemant.

  5. 205

    She's pretty good. I've watched her on Oprah the other day here in Saint Paul, MN. She's so tiny and wow I'm amaze how talented she is. Like Beiber said, she did a great job!^^

  6. 206

    LOve It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing Voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 207

    Charice, you're so awesome!!! we love you!

  8. 208

    Re: Cancarother666 – watch on youtube "CHARICE SINGS IN FRENCH"

  9. 209

    pinch teddy and perez? lol, I would love to pinch YOU! you're sooo damn adorable

  10. 210

    After watching her cover version of JB and Lady Gaga's songs, I know how much she's longing for catchy songs that suits her age… I guess, the only reason why she used to sing Celine's, Mariah's and Witney's songs is because those songs can guarantee her a win in singing competitions… I hope her next album will have more catchy tunes… Anyway, I really amazed that she can rap really well… Charice, U deserve a BIG ice cream for that effort !!!!

  11. 211

    to all haters…. ENVY will kill you…..

  12. 212

    i like this version 100x better than justin bieber's…..

  13. 213

    Re: ScreamVengeance – tila tequila? there's about five tila comments here — Is it you? Just one guy making the same idiotic comments?
    Lets call a spade a spade — Her Oprah performance left Beiber in the dust. She's better than Beiber

  14. 214

    she's a real versatile singer. she can do anything from pop, rap, to power ballads. i like the ballads especially. listen to her covering these songs on youtube: all by myself (celine dion) and listen (beyonce). she's so good live most people think she is lip synching.

  15. 215

    i just noticed how negative some of these comments are. she's annoying, she can't talk right, she's too chinky, and she's not going to make it because she's not slutty enough - ummm hello! she's asian and english is not her first language and i would rather be known for my talent than being a slut. i understand you all have a right to your opinions but gosh, there is no need to be hateful.

  16. 216

    That was a fantastic i just coud'nt understand why some people are very insecured about the achievement of this wonderful talented girl, well you guys doesnt have a talent and if you do just bring yourself out and let us see what you got!, for GOD sake if you cannot say something good!, you better keep quiet and do nothing, at least Charice has a talent and how about you???, ask yourself if you have some just even one dezibel. tsk! tsk! tsk! you are just JEALOUS hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  17. 217

    Re: alemeh2 – : just incase you didn't know… this kid had been a special guest of that show (ti lascio una canzone) 3 times. The contestants and the creator of the show look up to her so much that she sang 3 to 4 songs each guestings… and they paid her huge bucks. Just so you know. peace!

  18. 218

    Re: RegWedge – : I know right? hahaha… I replied to that guy… so ignorant… did not even bother to search charice in the internet hahaha… oprah the most influencial woman of the world was blown away by charice's talent and so as her growing number of fans everyday. more power Chaster's… at the top baby! ;)

  19. 219

    alright guys… to all the haters here… this video is not supposed to brag about her talents and what she can do.. this is just a simple song she wanted to dedicate to Perez and Teddy Hilton… something that she does to all the people close to her heart. If you wanted a more impressive version of this girl Charice, try searching her name in youtube and you'll know what I mean. You will be blown away as Ellen Degeneres was quoted saying. Oprah did and so was David Foster who signed her in a contract. Her name is Charice.

  20. 220

    Re: artimco – : oh god! thank you for saying that… some people can be so fucking ignorant sometimes… it's sad… but atleast we are happy… Pyramid is number one in billboard dance now and still reaching top of the charts.. at the top baby!

  21. 221

    Re: TIFFANYJO – : hahaha you are so right… thanks for supporting charice… at the top girl!

  22. 222


  23. 223

    Re: April 20th – you're a loser. hating on someone for showing their talent? REALLY! grow up!

  24. 224

    Charice has an amazing voice and I'm not talking about just this song. She sings Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey Covers from age 13 till now and blows ever wannabe artist and most professional artists in her age group away. For someone who has struggled with an abusive father and through poverty to sing her way as a foreign singer and NOW a superstar in the USA IN HER AGE GROUP. Now how many of you haters can say they have done that in their lifetime. Oh and yeah, did i just mention she's from the Philippines making her way to the USA oh and with a #1 song Pyramid on the Billboards. Hmmm, no one quite like her. What!?! thats right haters didn't think so.

  25. 225

    To those haters who find this video as studio generated well, better hear Charice as she covers lady gaga songs…and please take note, it's acapella. Please key in on you tube the title of this video: Charice Us Magazine interview Lady Gaga medley. If you still don't find her voice impressive enough then it's time for you to realize that you are just simply haters and that you only come to vex.

  26. 226

    To those haters who find this video as studio generated well, better hear Charice as she covers lady gaga songs…and please take note, it's acapella. Please key in on you tube the title of this video: Charice Us Magazine interview Lady Gaga medley. If you still don't find her voice impressive enough then it's time for you to realize that you are just simply haters because you don't possess such awesome talent and that you only come here to vex.

  27. 227

    Charice is the best! The next big DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 228

    why do some people hate Charice. i think you guys are just jealous or insecure. she DEFINITELY deserve what she had become now. she even sang with her idols Celine Dion, Andrea Boccelli and David Foster. She was supposed be a guest on Michael Jackson's concert. Ellen D loves her, Oprah loves her. Filipino's LOVES HER! so guys, PLEASE STOP HATING ON HER.

  29. 229


  30. 230

    Re: April 20th – #1 your stupid as hell #2 what regular person performs for obamas inaugaration,performs for muhammad ali, duets with andre bocelli, celine dion, alicia keys, appears in alvin the squekquel, perform in oscars after party, and has oprah on her damn bday party…now tell me if thats not a celebrity what the hell is?!? thats not even a dent to all the things shes done…and did i mention shes david fosters new protege.#3 know your sstuff before you start running your mouth like a ignorant retard and #4 how the hell does it make perez a pedophile..your jjust one sad DUMB ass mofo

  31. 231

    Re: alemeh2 – ok first of all she was a poor girl in the philippines and sang to put food in their table at the age of 7, so tell me what the hell u were doin at 7…shes no were close to actin like a diva, shes the most humble person in this world and u obviously do not knowANYTHING and your judging her from your "gossips" how stupid are you? shes 18 so what age is she acting? how bias and retarded are u

  32. 232

    Re: alemeh2
    Apparantly havent you heard Charice sing Adagio at Io Canto? She got a standing ovation, and italians were chanting her name. ONe Italian girl came on stage and gave her roses and said to her, "You're the best!" Italians love her.
    One of the judges said thank God the bottles are plastic, because had they been glass it would have broke.

  33. 233

    you've got to chill you guys. this song is ridiculously easy to sing. but then i bet most of you can't sing this the way charice or justin did. so for you to tell her she's not that good, you must have not seen her guestings on oprah, ellen de generes and all the videos that went viral already that started through youtube.

  34. 234

    Re: 7tizz – o please you stupid ahole quit hatin

  35. 235

    to jenf1763/, u r such an ahole and a hater charice gots talent

  36. 236

    Re: alemeh2 – Umm…get your facts straight before you post. Charice has already been (over the past 2 years) a visiting guest singer AT LEAST 5 times on "Ti Lascio Una Canzone" on the Italian TV… Google it…she has sung "Adagio", and other songs by Whitney, Beyonce and Celine etc. The italians praise her…
    I hate ignorance…

  37. 237

    Re: April 20th – Of course she's a celebrity…what planet are you living on?

  38. 238

    Charice is really mind blowing .. her voice could always get you excited, gives me goosebumps as always … thanks Perez =)

  39. 239

    hi again ..Perez & Teddy .. welcome to the Chasters family .. archiemr4 here from ChariceDiva.com .. am waiting to see your gig at B96 Pepsi Summer Bash eith Charice Iyaz traviz ludacris …

  40. 240

    WOW! pure talent! just as good or maybe even better than Justin's version! Go Charice!

  41. 241

    oOoppsss…haters..heheh.she's awesome,she's a good kid and she's' incredibly talented..sHe's everything you're not that's why she's very indemand. TALENT and GOOD HEART. aww..deal with it.You're gonna be seeing her for a long time. :-) nice one CHARICE PEMPENGCO!!!

  42. 242

    CooLLLLLLLLLL girl, Soooooooooo Cute++++++

  43. 243

    Wow!!! Way better than JB's version. This girl can rap and sing….AMAZING!!! To all the haters out there stop the bashing puhleez!!!! Why is it so darn hard for u guys to accept the fact that she's pretty talented. Oprah and David Foster won't waste their time if she isn't. Well it doesn't matter what you guys think anyways cuz you are just a bunch of retards and losers.

    Perez thank you so much for believing in her. You're the best!!!!!

  44. 244

    Charice is awesome!!

  45. lopor says – reply to this


    since most are on the topic of the italian show and disputing her credibility. please youtube her performance with Andrea Bocelli. TELL ME what UNTALENTED person would have the opportunity to have a duet with him. it was such a tearful duet AND they sang LIVE! after youtubing that, please continue on with your hateful comments.

  46. lopor says – reply to this


    ..and i must add, she was only 15 at the time of the performance. =]

  47. 247

    she is awesome. so haters out there you can't do anything. she sings very well and she raps too. she is great. celine dion loves her.

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