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Katherine Heigl Is Not Amused

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It isn't a secret that Katherine Heigl hates the paparazzi. She might hate them more than the Grey's Anatomy producers hate her for effing up the rest of their season.

Regardless, this death glare she is giving the photogs while having lunch with her mama and hubby yesterday in Beverly Hills could make the sun turn cold.

This is what you signed up for, bb! Don't like it, stop annoying us with your crappy movies! Then, no one will care about you.

Also, where is you baby you so desperately wanted to mother?!?

[Image via GSI Media.]

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56 comments to “Katherine Heigl Is Not Amused”

  1. 1

    Oh whatever. People have a right to be annoyed with the paparazzi.

  2. 2

    Listen, Bitch, you knew when you signed up for this celebrity thing that you were fair game…DEAL !

  3. 3

    Husband is so ugly.

  4. 4

    I don't believe because youhave a JOB as an actor that you give up your right to privacy.I'd glare too.

  5. 5

    its not what she signed up for…its not hard to let her have lunch in peace.
    Paps have only gotten worse as the years have gone by.

  6. twdle says – reply to this


    perez, you're an asshole. i'm close to quitting your site b/c you're same damn negative towards everyone. get laid. find Jesus. do something to change your crap attitude

  7. 7

    moms deserve a night out once in a while…why would she bring the baby with her to drink cocktails dumbass?

  8. 8

    Fuck you, Perez. The paps suck, and if she isn't annoyed with them, then I'd be concerned. If people followed you around everywhere then you'd be giving off death stares too.

  9. 9

    it would have to get old being hounded all the time by some stinky foreigners wanting your picture, maybe if the PAPS would let up, celebs would not be so bitchy

  10. 10

    you have no idea how much time she spends with her daughter, so making judgments about that only makes you seem desperate. plus it doesn't even look like she's giving a "death glare" in that picture, you are just being over dramatic.

  11. 11

    also, she does not have to like paparazzi just because she's an actress. not everyone is a fame whore.

  12. 12

    She really doesn't look that upset to me. And why have you decided that she needs to have her baby with her 24/7. Just because you have a kid doesn't mean that are attached to your hip at all times. You are constantly posting pictures of Brad and Angelina going out with out their kids and you are never negative about them.

  13. 13

    So mothers can't have a break???? You fucking idiot. Why does her child have to be with her at all times? You are such a prick and just pulling shit off the shelves to "report" on. Loser.

  14. 14

    as a mom, i wish I had a moment with out my kids, as much as I love them, everyone needs some adult time!! And as for the whole hating the paps….I would too!

  15. Laura says – reply to this


    She didnt mess up grey's by leaving. She doesnt have to be chipper with pats.

  16. 16

    Jasus, girl can't go for lunch without her child?! Parents are allowed to do things on their own every once in a while you know.

  17. grits says – reply to this


    I have loved all of her movies!! I think she is phenomenal. You seem to only like gay people or those that are obsessed with gay people aka gaga. As a mother Im here to tell you that just because she doesn't have her child with her doesn't mean she is a bad mother so don't insinuate it. Perez you are such a judgmental asshole.

  18. 18

    What do you expect her to do? Get up and dance? Grab a mic like she's Kate Goeslin or make funny faces like she's from Jersey Shore? As for the baby - surprise - not all Hollywood parents feel compelled to drag their kids around everywhere they go, hoping for a photo op (well, most normal ones anyway).

  19. 19

    If she doesn't want the publicity then the paps need to fuck off. As for the baby, does it need to be attached to her hip? You're a judgmental asshole, Perez.

  20. 20

    she looks great!

  21. 21

    I am sure like anyone she doesn't particularly like to be filmed eating lunch - but she certainly realises it goes with the job. If you bothered to actually check with any paparazzi they find her to be one of the most friendly celebs in Hollywood. As for your ridiculously hateful comments - she has spent nothing but the last 7 months with her child. Who are you to comment - so she can't even go outside now without her daughter?

  22. 22

    Oh, Mario…you're just jealous that the paps don't follow your lame ass around… Anyone would be pissed to be bombarded by cameras every second of their life…

  23. 23

    Wittle Mario cant pay to have his picture taken. Poor wittle baby FatAss

  24. 24

    oh fuck! just because you are sooo desperate to have a bunch of illegal immigrants follow you with cameras and scream your name doesn't mean other professional people want that.

  25. 25

    Why would she bring her baby to drink cocktails dumbass? Yes, Moms deserve to go out every now and then on their own and don't have to be attached to their children 24/7

    Also, maybe some people just become actresses because they like acting? Not everyone in Hollywood has to be an attention whore.

  26. 26

    Does her husband do anything for a living?

  27. 27

    The baby is inside, sitting at the bar, ordering a stiff double!

  28. Wrenn says – reply to this


    You are one dumb mother fucker!!! No one wants to be bothered when they are at a restaurante and mothers do not take their babies everywhere they go!! I wish more mothers would leave their screaming kids at home.

  29. 29

    I remember Mario liking her at the beginning… she must not have kissed his ring or something (the NERVE) and now he hates on her every chance he can. It is so obvious and so lame and such made up BS that EVERYONE can see through it. Pathetic.
    Like many folks, I'm pretty sure, there's a lot I like about this site, and like them I feel creeped out giving such a punk ass the time of day when he acts like this.
    Mario, grow up, grow a pair and get over it!

  30. 30

    Many restraunt patrons get annoyed when infants, toddlers are brought because they can ruin someone elses meal. havent you ever been to a restaurant and had a fussy child leaning over he booth and annoying you? They can be fussy from teething, tired, ready for a nap; or many other reasons, perhaps she as on a play date. Quite being such a judgemental whackjob.

    If she brought the baby to the restaurant and was fussy you would then complain she should have left the baby at home. Restaurants are not a trip to the park afterall, so maybe she was beint courteous.

    You must be a real joy to be around complaining about the most ridiculous of things.

  31. 31

    WOW You got all of that from that pic? Really? Sad.

  32. 32

    she's boring!!!! where ur cigs babe!

  33. 33

    Calling her out for eating lunch without her child is disgusting, she obviously doesn't like being photographed and I'm sure she doesn't like it for her child either, common sense would tell you that. I go out once a month without my daughter so I guess that means I don't want to mother her? You're a bully and a pathetic asshole.

  34. 34

    That looks like a death glare to you? Nice exaggeration.

  35. Dale says – reply to this


    love it! keep up the bitch attitude… next time punch perez in the face.

  36. 36

    "Also, where is you baby you so desperately wanted to mother?!?"

    What the fuck? Do you bother to proofread anymore?

  37. 37

    Wow, taking a cheap shot at her motherhood is beyond low. Perez obviously doesn't know, since people don't let him near their kids, that parents need some time to themselves. She can't take the kid everywhere, especially when there's pedos like you paying off the paps for money shots of the kids.

  38. 38

    She is sitting outside in one of the most heavily paparazzi saturated areas and she gives the stink eye when they take her picture? It's funny how some "stars" spend such a long time trying to get work and attention and then when they do it is a nonstop bitchathon. There are plenty of better looking, more talented actresses just waiting to take her place.

  39. 39

    What has she done WRONG?? Has she gone against the ILLUMINATI?? LEave her the fuck alone!!

  40. 40

    Lunch with Mom. That's nice.

  41. 41

    What a low comment about her child, really pathetic.
    Like every other normal mother she goes out without her child once in a while, nothing wrong with that. It´s you that´s coming of as an idiot for making such a comment, ignorant idiot who obviously doesn´t have a clue about what it´s like to have a child.

  42. 42

    Just because someone appears on TV does not make it OK for people to follow them and continuously stand there and take pictures. They have a right to eat outside and not be harassed. Photographers (and they are not "paparazzi" good grief this isn't Italy) wait for shots like people opening their mouth to chew or yawning, sneezing etc to get the worst pictures so these stupid sites can make fun of them. How boring! There is no creativity in being a bully.

  43. 43

    this is what she wanted the fame game honeys so she can suck it up..and yes where is that asian kid? we wanna know? and we wanna know why she aint with it its not like she has a REAL JOB! its probably with its real asian momma. She is one fucken nasty piece of work…

  44. 44

    Bullshit. Being a celebrity doesn't equal not being able to have lunch with your family without being bothered by the paparazzis. They are worse than roaches.

  45. 45

    "Where is "you" baby? Gawd…why don't you get someone who can type or proof read? And the crack about her not being with her baby is ridiculous. All moms need a bit of time off. You are SUCH an ill-informed loser….or is this your equally annoying sister who must have also went to the same school of dunces to qualify to "write" for this site.

  46. 46

    I miss her blonde hair.

  47. 47

    So she's not allowed to have any privacy, and she has to have her baby stuck up her ass 24/7? Ya sure Perez. Sorry but you have about as much wisdom and insight as a dog. STFU already if you don't have anything useful to say. And BTW, I love her movies as do a lot of other people.

  48. 48

    LMAO.. oh please Perez…get a clue. She is one of the most talented actresses on the scene. Grey's is dead in the water and she was VERY smart to leave. Dude…get a clue!

  49. 49

    Mario, every parent is entitled to time away from their kids. I'm a mom of two and I need some time away to maintain sanity. You're just a mean asshole these days.

  50. 50

    Oh Please! perez you're probably jealous cause you're not hounded daily by the paps. If you hate her so much stop reporting on her…you're pathetic

  51. 51

    Must be a slow day in the tabs if this is the best there is to pilfer.

  52. 52

    Thats what you get for having more money than the rest of us…there's a price for everything and if your famous ….well….get over it

  53. 53

    I don't really agree that paparazzi should be allowed to stalk famous people just because they "signed up for it" when they became famous. It's especially frightening when you see someone with a child trying to make their way through a swarm of photographers. That being said, if you want privacy, it's probably not a great idea to eat outside while facing the passers-by. Drrrr.

  54. 54

    Shut up fat boy. She can't go to lunch w/out her baby? Maybe it was nappy time for it. Do you ever have a clue as to what you are talking about?

  55. 55

    Re: kljjkjk – Awww, but you see, Mario is so that is how he thinks.

  56. 56

    her hair looks nice!