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Laura Bush Supports Gay Marriage And Abortion Rights!

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Watch Laura Bush promote her book Spoken from the Heart on Tuesday's Larry King Live, where she discusses her stances on social issues that differed from her husband, former President George W. Bush.

Gay marriage AND abortion rights?!

Wowsa. We didn't see that coming!

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104 comments to “Laura Bush Supports Gay Marriage And Abortion Rights!”

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  1. 101

    I like W so much more now that he's not the President. And I think he would've been a better President if he had been drinking. I bet Laura's all repressed and into kinky lesbian orgies. By "bet" I mean "hope".

  2. 102

    Right on, Laura Bush!!!

  3. 103

    Wow…that's kind of disappointing.

  4. 104

    It's nice that the Cheneys ,Laura Bush,Cindy and Meagan Mccain all support gay marriage but they were all silent when they could have helped. The bottom line is that the republican party is a homophobic gay bashing ,anti-choice party ,so if you're comfortable with that party you are fine with those stands. Some people would never be republican because these positions are horrible enough and the bs about fiscal matters is just that ,bs. Yes there are republicans that are prochoice or pro-gay rights but those things don't matter to them that much and the thought of a fraction less in taxes over-rules fairness for all Americans. That's disgusting. The republican party which is mainly southern and white trash is very homophobic and getting worse. That's the reality but we must thank Laura because being gay friendly in that bigoted republican party isn't easy

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