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Maniston Is Still At It!

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How is she still making movies?!

Although it hasn't seen the light of day in years, the film Horrible Bosses is still in the process of getting made - with Jennifer Aniston attached.

Maniston will play one of the three bosses, the sexually aggressive dentist. Colin Farrell is currently in negotiations to portray the master manipulator and Will Ferrell as the weasely heir.

The film follows three best friends, who all hate their jobs, and decide that the only thing to do is kill each other's bosses.

Jason Bateman, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Day will star.


[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Maniston Is Still At It!”

  1. 1

    Charlie Day is amazing.

  2. Wrenn says – reply to this


    LOVE Jen!!! I also love how you continue to be so jealous of her. She's getting the dicks that you only dream of.

  3. 3

    i dont get your hate for this girl.
    personally i like her movies, they may not all be great, but theres some good ones.

  4. 4

    Since Collin Farrell felt in a deep pit with Alexander, he became a "C-D" List; Will Ferrell is in the same way….

    Jennifer?? it´s a horrible movie actress BUT she is a MONEY IMAN…. but BEWARE se became to get bored to audience with the same all role…. and she is getting old too fast….

    Her body looks good; but her face…. She maybe starting with botox right now

  5. 5

    yes!!! i was thinking the same shit!! u always talk bad about her but i think he is great and so not fake like so many other stars!!

  6. 6

    I like her!

  7. 7

    I don't think Jennifer makes good movies. The only one I cared for her in was "Me and Marley" but I certainly don't hate her. Her star shined on "Friends" but for me at least-that's where it ends. Still a very beautiful woman.

  8. 8

    Re: Wrenn – "she's getting the dicks that you only dream of.

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – He hates her because she sued him for running a photo of her

  9. 9

    I don't hate her either, but whenever I see her in a movie all I see is Rachel - same hair, same body language, same expressions. There's happy Rachel, sad Rachel, mature Rachel, bitchy Rachel - but it is always Rachel.

  10. 10

    Jennifer is not a leading movie actress by any stretch but she does shine on TV and should find herself another successful series. Why the hate I have no idea…she seems like a perfectly nice person to me.

  11. 11

    Perez, you just jealous… lol.. She's a better woman and more classy than you… Go find a hobbie or trail behind "Bones" jollie.. she might want to make you her minion and find her a few more kids to adopt, perhaps you can help her become the new octomom, lol..

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Perez I just don't get why you don't like her? Is it cuz she can get a dude at the drop of a hat and you cant? Is it cuz she is mad successful and your not. Is it cuz she was banging Brad for years and years and YOU NEVER will.. What is it?? Tell us..

  14. 14

    get over yourself perez, jennifer is lovely

  15. 15

    What do you mean, how is she still making movies? How is half of Hollywood still making movies because there are far less talented and good looking people than her around. She's still making movies because she does a certain type of movie really well, and looks good while doing it. Nothing wrong with that. Her movies in general aren't for me but I've enjoyed a few of them and it was far less painful to watch her than a Gaga video.

  16. 16

    Re: Mafalda – yes because winning a golden globe last year for in bruges is def being at the bottom of a pit….

  17. 17

    completely uninterested until I read Jason Bateman.

  18. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Man, why do you hate this chick so much? I like her - I think she's cute, real, and believeable. While she may be in a few bad movies (that one with Arron Ekhart and the latest one - both of which I've forgotten the names of), she's still a joy to watch. She's probably the only actress who'm I'd see a movie becasue she's in it…well, her and Meryl Streep.

  19. 19


    That show makes me cry from laughing so hard

  20. 20

    Re: Sexsai – well if thats true…he should be happy more people havent sued him for half the shit he posts.

  21. 21

    Jennifer Anistonfatassopoulous is BOX OFFICE POISON ! This will be the nail in the coffin of her career. Really, she just keeps playing the RACHEAL GREEN role from FRIENDS, and that is getting booooooooooooooooring ! Angelina is preetier, and can certainly act !

  22. 22

    She is getting old, real fast, and real pathetic !

  23. 23

    Re: Be-Atch – oh yeah jolie sure is preety. with her sunken in cheeks and cruella deville hands. preety preety

  24. 24

    Her movies suck. She is such a pathetic old ho. Guess she wants to hang all over Collin now. Must be the only way she can get sex.

  25. 25

    PeeWee the piece of shit calls JA names again.

    His comments are surely making people support his cause for gay rights!!!!

    Way to go PeeWee.

  26. 26

    uhhhhhhhhhhh Charlie Kelly plays Charlie Day in It's Always Sunny. Check your facts.

  27. 27

    I don't care either way, and was sick of the Jen/Brad crap a long time ago. But why do you give this girl such a hard time? Yet you praise that crusty whore Angelina, who will always be a homewrecking slut, no matter how many orphans she adopts. What a hag!

  28. 28

    nevermind, Perez's lack of words made it seem like he was saying Jason Bateman played Charlie Kelly on It's Always Sunny. and yes, i realize i transposed the last names.

  29. 29

    This old ass heifer suck at acting. Then she pay her pr team to talk her ugly ass up in the media with her shitty movies.

  30. 30

    foooo reall i dont get your baggin on her, she is one of the few left in hollywood with some class. GET REA

  31. 31

    CHARLIE! hell yeah. :D
    boo jason
    yay jen
    meh colin
    yip will

  32. 32

    oh and perez bags jen because he loves angelina :P
    he would lick her toe crust if she would let him :P

    ..love you Perez :D

  33. Nesa says – reply to this


    She is still suffering from mid-life crisis. Poor thing think she is 20. About time for her to go back to psychotherapy.

  34. 34

    Another horribly written post.
    Please hire a real writer.

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Erm, Mario, her cost to profit ratio is tops in the biz.

  36. 36

    Another uninteresting POS.