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Usher Thinks He's The Next Michael Jackson! LOLZ!

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Someone's getting a little too full of themselves, we think!!

Apparently, Usher is under the impression that he is just so amazing and talented that he's on the fast track to becoming the next Michael Jackson!

WTF?? Since when??

The singer says:

"I've been doing this 18 years now and my icon is well on its way. Michael was doing it for 50 years and that's something I'd like to grow towards. At the same time, I am one of a kind, a worldwide pop icon."

Yeah, you're one of a kind, all right, bb!

A one of a kind asshat!

[Image via WENN.]

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164 comments to “Usher Thinks He's The Next Michael Jackson! LOLZ!”

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  1. 1

    This made me LOL really hard. He is not going to be the next Michael Jackson. He may have been doing this for 18 years but I can only remember him or about 6 years. And I've only liked about 4 of his songs. He's getting way full of himself. And DAMN! I never realized how big his nose is.

  2. 2

    He creeps me out with his constant lip licking shit, like a perv!!!!

  3. 3

    um no

  4. 4

    How dare this douche even slightly compare himself to Michael Jackson!!! Double Barf!!!!

  5. 5

    umm well he is one of a kind, and i love his music but michael jackson is someone you cant really compare yourself too. I mean Michael Jackson was compared to Elvis because Elvis's music has been so unique, world wide, and never gets old and the same goes to MJ, MJ has accomplished way more than Usher. It's hard to keep up to that.

  6. 6

    18 years too long if you ask me. This is the evil bastard who gave us Justin Bieber.

  7. 7

    Let's see you perform/sing/dance like Usher lol

  8. 8

    i think i can name ONE usher song…yeah…and that was medicore at best.

  9. 9

    Michael Jackson was a worldwide icon long before he even turned 18. Perhaps Usher should look around and take notice of artists that can write their own songs, sing them properly without auto-tune, and dance…like Jason Derulo.

  10. 10

    someone's getting a LITTLE too full of themselves??
    bitch please he's been! he has such a big ego! i'm sure he thinks hes the shit!

  11. 11

    I think Justin Timberlake is this generations' MJ. Sorry Usher.

  12. 12

    OMG!!! Stop trying to make "the next (insert pop/movie/whatever star)" Nobody is going to be the next anything, especially Michael Jackson. He is a one of a kind, that is what the appeal is. Besides, the world is a completely different place with too many different music types and not as many walls to break down. Artists today just need to face the fact, that there is pretty much no way to have the same impact on music as Michael Jackson or the classics like him.

  13. 13

    Using auto tune and the constant lip syncing doesn't count as "talent"

    Your talent is telling jokes, Usher. Like that remark you said - DREAM IT.

  14. 14

    Oh hellz NOOO! What an idiot…

  15. 15

    Who does Usher think he is? I know what he is; an force-ripe pop singer with a strings of boring music videos and "stupid" songs. I cant stand that guy!

  16. 16

    I'm not a huuuuuge Michael fan, so I'm not outraged by this, but I must say: I don't think Usher has had even ONE hit that compares to any of Michael's songs. So, he needs to STFU.

  17. 17

    Usher is just awful in every way possible. Like…seriously, that effing OMG song was the worst piece of "music" I have ever heard in my life.

    There is no way he will be remembered as a music icon in the same league as Michael Jackson. When he's dead, nobody will even remember who he is. Fact.

  18. 18

    why? Did he molest a mini van full of little boys?

  19. 19

    Usher regularly sings off pitch, screeching, almost? His choice of songs is very poor, even his own artist Justin Bieber has better songs, and that is absolutely shocking???!!! I have also noticed that Usher's choreography is becoming worse and worse. It is just very loose and sloppy now to the point of utter and complete embarrassment. Michael Jackson, at his worst, was never this unprofessional…and downright terrible, this coming from a person who really tried to like Usher.

  20. 20

    He will never be the next Michael Jackson not him or Justin Timberlake. Please Justin hasn't even release an album in like 4years he's to busy trying to be a movie star. MJ will always be the King of Pop. Usher could do music for 100 years and he is never going to be a worldwide phenomenon like MJ was and continues to be.

  21. Laury says – reply to this


    No one will ever be as great as Michael, especially not Usher.

  22. 22

    I was unaware anyone gave a shit about usher anymore or that he was still very relevant. Other than some random drama here and there I haven't heard anything consistent since his mom died.

    He'll never be an MJ, just because you've been famous since forever ago doesn't mean you're automatically MJ stature.

  23. 23

    He used to be decent but now he just plain sucks!!!!

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Re: jones19 – justin timberlake???your kidding me right…no one will ever be on michael's level sorry usher not even you…

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Usher's not anything like Michael Jackson. He hasn't even close to set himself apart from the crowd like Jackson did with Thriller. Jackson was charming; and he had sexual mystique. Usher, not so much. That said, Usher should be himself, because from what I can see, that's not too bad either. I'll mea culpa any time that Thriller album comes out of Usher. In the meantime, he can count his Bieber money. He might end up more of a Simon Cowell.

  27. 27

    LOL! Being in the music industry for "18 years" does not mean that your a "worldwide icon", you could be in the m.i. for 25 years, that still wouldn't mean you have any actual talent or make you an "icon". Usher's ego has gotten way to big, he acts like he's actually made meaningful music or done something amazing that was completely original.

  28. 28




  29. 29

    lady gaga is the new michael jackson….LMAO…hahahahaha


  30. 30

    No one can replace MJ's talent. I'm sorry Usher, you're extremely talented but no you don't even come close. If anyone should have that honor, it should be Justin Timberlake.

  31. 31

    Michael never used $100 million super-computers to re-do his voice, but good luck trying (just in case, keep your boys away from Usher & Perez too)!

  32. 32

    He is a douche. At Ellen in Orlando, he had a huge blockade up while he practiced. (No one cared!) I can see right through him; what an asshole.

  33. 33

    You are sooooo right!
    Bitch, PLEASE!

  34. 34

    Well ok.

  35. 35

    Re: justme09 – No I'm not kidding. And I didn't say he was on MJ's level. I'm saying he's on his way to being this generations' equivalent of MJ. If only he would focus on making more albums instead of trying to make it as an actor.

  36. 36

    I agree with him, if anything, he will be BETTER than MJ. He won't be ashamed of the color of his skin and bleach himself. PLUS he isn't a child molesting homo.

  37. 37

    Usher reminds me of Kanye West. They are both delusional a-holes!

  38. 38

    we KNEW he was already a cocky tool. This doesnt surprise. Regrettably though i do like his new sing :/

  39. vaaka says – reply to this


    i hate him and he could never EVER compare to MJ. not even close, he just copies him, badly.

  40. 40

    Wow! Arrogant! Yes, Usher is talented but he's NO WHERE near Michael's level. MJ was a GLOBAL icon who broke all kinds of records. A talent like MJ doesn't come around often. Sorry Usher, maybe U shouldn't have such high hopes!

  41. 41

    He didn't say he was going to be the next Michael…he said he'd like to grow to that, like working toward it. And he's not really my fav, but he is pretty famous.

  42. 42

    LOL, ONE OF A KIND, 4 REAL ?? since when??? where?? …..on this side no u'R not, u had one hit single here in Europe, can't even remember the name of that shitty song”

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Speaking of Michael Jackson, I just heard that Breck School in Minneapolis is a pedophile's wet dream!!!!! Check it out, all you pervs!

  45. MP says – reply to this


    I don't understand why so many women think this guy is hot. I think he's hideous. And I can't believe he has the nerve to compare himself to Michael Jackson. I'm not a huge Michael fan, but there is no comparison.

  46. Genn says – reply to this


    I love Usher, and he is a great entertainer…but lol, no.

  47. 47

    There is no such thing as a "Next Michael Jackson"
    Nobody can touch Michael.

  48. 48

    well..if he gets back on track..he very well could be….hes really the only one who could come close. he will never be MJ of course. but for our time if you were to ask me who i could compare to MJ…it would probably be Usher.

  49. 49

    fuck off usher…… u lost ur "it" factor a decade ago. time to retire douche

  50. 50

    Michal Jackson was a so-so singer who had about half a dosen hits. Come on!!!!

  51. 51

    Re: jones19 – what the hell has justin did that was so great or revolutionary???hell when was the last time he put out an album much less a HIT single get the fuck out of here with that ….justin is on his way to being a HAS-BEEN he will never big as big as MJ and really to me he is on the same level as usher….

  52. 52

    Ok someone needs a reality check.

  53. 53

    Oh yeah, birth canal head!

  54. 54

    i understand people like to compare themselves to michael becuase he was such an icon and success but artist need to realize when you get compared to great near perfection talent like MJ you make yourself and your career look like shit

    its a nice goal and all but unless you have been performing at the age of 8 and plan to sell over 700 million records u should really just leave his name out of discussions like that.

  55. 55

    Even though MJ was in a different league i think Usher is a today's icon but you guys don't realize you CAN'T be as big as the Old Icons even if you're as good as them (not saying that usher is)
    Also i think there's a mass delusion surrounding MJ. He was great indeed and his success was undeniable but he has now become some sort of god even though 5 years ago you were ALL puking because of the way he looked and his troubles with law. ANDDD he was still a product of his record company like every other artist has been. Stop idolizing him. 5 years ago i was the one asking for respect cause he deserved it. Now i feel like im the one asking for less respect.

  56. 56

    Lol you know he's delusional when even a stupid person like Perez see's it. NOONE can become the next Michael Jackson..noone can even come close to being the next Michael Jackson ..MJ is in a whole other level than all of these shitty artists. Usher is ok but i feel bad that he even compares himself to the genious that is Michael Jackson.Even if another artist comes along and breaks all of Michael Jacksons records ..they still won't be better than him because Michael was one of a kind. Even if he didnt do any solo work outside of the Jackson 5 he still would of been considered a legend! .Like Madonna said Long live the King !

  57. 57

    I hate Usher…there will never be a "next" MJ or "next'" Madonna. They're the King and Queen of Pop, they're 1st, the best and irreplaceable originals. Usher won't ever be the King, GaGa will never be the Queen.

  58. 58

    nobody knows who is this asshole outside the usa and the uk

  59. 59

    Re: justme09 – Agreed ! lol i dont know how someone can comment on saying "Usher cant be the next Michael Jackson" but then go on and say "But Justin Timberlake can" lol thats just hilarious!..Everything Michael did was a success …thats something Justin and Usher can't say for themselves.Noone has the same amount of hysteria that Michael had from his fans all over the world ever since he was in the jackson 5 and after the day he died.Paparazzi went crazy for Michael he even had to hide his children from the public ..people don't really give that much of a shit for Usher or Justin …or anyone.

  60. 60

    OMFG! Bitch is the UGLIEST mofo! Why doesn't he get a damn nose job?! He thinks he's one of a kind, yeah right, he stole MJ's moves and the white sneakers with black attire isn't so unique - it looks flat out stupid!

  61. 61

    There's nothing more obnoxious than when someone toots their own horn.

  62. 62

    Re: wtfbbqsauce – Michael had to use medication on his skin to even it out you stupid fuck !!!!! he wasn't ashamed of his skin ! and he was not a child molestor !!!!!! but im not gonna waste my time and write your dumb ass a long paragraph because even if i do you won't get it through your thick head ..like the other MJ haters !. Im sure your probably a 50 year old ugly fat man and you always dreamed of being succesful like Michael but you failed…your a failure !!!!! ..go away !

  63. 63

    I'm sorry he looks like a giant cocaracha!

  64. 64

    Ok so I see Perez”s stupidity is contagious or maybe people just do not understand English! He never said he was the next MJ… he said he would like to have a career like MJ that would span 50 years! I am pretty sure every artist aims to get to that level and have that impact on their fans! And yes he could have a career like him. What I like about Usher is that he releases and album, promote for a year and disappears for the next 2 years! He's not like Beyonce and other famewhores who release an album every year that sound the same! With Usher, u can always tell the difference between albums

  65. 65

    Just spreading the hate, it's what you do Perez.

  66. 66

    riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggght…because throngs of hysterical fans faint and claw after him when HE walks anywhere in public.

    take that bullsh%t to over to japan. k!


  67. 67

    I can name you nearly EVERY Michael Jackson hit song. The ONLY song I know from this asshat is that ungodly annoying one that goes "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

  68. 68

    Lol, thanks for the laugh, Perez! Man, he can be doing it for 100 years and not be worth shit. It's what you accomplish. Not how long you do it. lol, good luck to him reaching the heights of LITERALLY the most successful entertainer of ALL TIME also known as Michael Jackson.

  69. 69

    Well, he IS talented and he CAN dance his ass off. But he's no Michael Jackson. But you can't deny Usher's unique talent either.

  70. 70

    Delusional much? UGH!

  71. 71

    Perez, it is not as funny as you thinking you are the next Simon Cowell.

  72. 72

    lmao NO…
    "worldwide pop icon"??? I'm an American and I can't even name one of his songs anymore.
    And as someone who lives and travels around Asia, I can safely say nobody here knows or cares about Usher, whether India, Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam. EVERYONE knows who Michael Jackson is, even 5 year olds. Dream on Usher.
    Hate to say it, but the only one who comes close to MJ in worldwide pop fame is Lady GaGa at the moment.

  73. 73

    Don'.,,but I really dont think so, dont get a big head now.

  74. 74

    bleach ur skin white and get a few nose jobs then. his music is nothing like michael jackson.

  75. 75

    Usher never mentioned he was the next Michael Jackson…he only compared his career length to the king of pop time line…Perez your just being messy…lol

  76. 76

    No different than you Mario, you wanted to be the next Idol Judge. You think too much of yourself……..reflect and bring your big fat Cuban Ass down from the clouds bitch! XOXO Teddy and Fidel

  77. 77

    I just don't see him be the new Michael Jackson, no ONE, I said no ONE, replaces the KING OF POP.

  78. 78

    Re: Znoire – well said

  79. 79

    Re: Znoire – ….I noticed to that Usher never mentioned he was the next Michael Jackson…I bet most of the negative post on here direct toward Usher or from people who just hate him for no real reason…because if they actually read the statement they would be blasting Perez for starting mess…and not picking on Usher.
    However, when haters love to hate on an artist they will go out of their way to twist anything an untruth into their fantasy world.

  80. 80

    Re: The Head Honcho – …There is nothing dumber then a person who misreads a quote to fit their delusional world…Usher never mentions he will be the Next Michael Jackson in his statement…

  81. 81

    OK, lets clear the air…


    get it?????

  82. 82

    Wow I dont even think MJ said anything like that lol.

  83. Sam90 says – reply to this


    Re: Znoire – i am sorry but ots impossible for any artist today to have a carrer like mj. I think you might have never seen documentries about mj at his heights in the wighties 90s and even early 2000s. Its just impossible, to reach that sort of heights, they compare him to elvis or the beatles, bit even them didnt reach what mj did, no one did it before him and no one will do it after him. He was like unhuman. His carrer was a fairytale taht ended with a tragedy. His fans were unique, people Litteraly FAINTING, falling when he touches them. There will be NO OTHER MICHAEL JACKSON. 1958- Forever

  84. 84

    Re: flora_tink – …OMG!!!…Reread Usher statement and point out where he directly says "I am the next Michael Jackson"…

  85. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Does he like touching children, climbing trees, and taking drugs that you know are bad for you too?

  86. 86

    anyone that says they're the next "insert legend here", just wants to believe that they are or will be. i couldn't tell you any usher songs… oh, i guess he has that song OMG out right now, but we all know that's a joke and a half and no one will remember it in a week. sorry usher

  87. 87

    He didn't say he is the next MJ, he said that is something he would like to grow to. Don't hate just because the boy has ambitions!!! He is just saying he looks up to MJ, let the man dream haters!!!!
    And when My Way, You Make Me Wanna, and Nice & Slow all dropped Usher was IT, but I don't know now LOL

  88. 88

    I like some of Usher's music. But, Usher you will never be anywhere near Michael Jackson. He is forever the king of pop. But, keep working at it no harm in that. Just produce and sing good music on your own merits.

  89. 89

    Ew no way no how. He's not even old man hot like Michael was.

  90. 90

    Re: blahblah12 – Hey girl where have you been? Missed ya! Good to have you back. There is only one king of pop and that is Michael Jackson 4ever! MUAH!

  91. 91

    I'm being totally honest…. I can't name you one Usher song. Not one. Just about anyone can name a few Michael Jackson songs, even if they're not a fan.

  92. 92

    first he needs to make good music, and make classics. then he needs to not be considered a r&b star only.

  93. 93

    usher can eat my ASS!

  94. 94

    Saying "my icon is well on its way" doesn't make any sense, unless you've ordered one from the old Russia.

  95. 95

    He is very much like Michael Jackson- a homo pedophile!

  96. 96

    No, he does not have a big nose. He has a very wide nose scattered all over his face.

  97. 97

    This idiot is a blatant homosexual and a mama's boy. he left his beard b/c mommy said so. now, he does not have a cover. poor ugly mother f —-er!
    Miss Usherette!

  98. 98

    Re: Paris France – Omg heyyy Girrlll missed ya too..yeah i know i have not been here in a loonggg time .All the fun people stopped coming on here :( ..this website is just not as fun as it once was :( .

  99. 99

    Heavens - he's only known to people here in the united states, not so much canada and other parts of the world. How can he be a michael jackson when he is no where near the league madonna, britney, streisand, simon and garfunkel, beatles??? Get real !!!!The only thing that's making him speak like a fool is his bloated ego!

  100. 100

    IF YOU CALL HEADLINING LOCAL SOCAL INDIAN RESERVATIONS lol… somehow i don't recall MJ doing that tho

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