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Hopper's Cruel Wife Alleges He's Healthy Enough For Deposition!

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These two nuts are at it again!

Dennis Hopper's estranged wife Victoria Duffy is claiming that he is well enough to sit for a divorce deposition, despite his struggle with prostate cancer.

Hopper's doctor stated in March that "It is doubtful that Mr. Hopper will ever recover sufficiently to be subject to a deposition." But Victoria's lawyers have filed response documents showing evidence that Hopper could attend a hearing.

They claim that he regularly has lunch with friends, travels abroad and buys medical marijuana at certain dispensaries. He also made a public appearance back in March for his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Sounds suspicious to us!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Hopper's Cruel Wife Alleges He's Healthy Enough For Deposition!”

  1. 1

    As a cancer survivor myself, i feel that she is being unreasonable and acting low human being and I think that Karma is going to get her.

    Just because he's out for lunch with friends or doing things in public doesn't mean he is well… It means that he is trying to keep his life as normal as possible.

    No one will ever know what it feels like to be sick until your in that position, and I always hope that no one ever will.

    She needs to give her head a serious shake and wake the F up

  2. 2

    The whore should get ovarian cancer and have somebody sticking it to her. Serve her right.

  3. 3

    They deserve each other. He is using his cancer as a shield, and she wants money. A Hollywood marriage made in heaven.

  4. 4

    Re: Smaaa4lfe – You'd be amazed what people will do for money, cancer or not!

    I'm the primary caregiver for my cancer-ridden terminally ill Grandmother, and when she got sick her estate had to be figured out. Once her son got wind of her net worth, he went absolutely nuts for her money!

    He was hiring multiple lawyers to have her declared incompetent, he had her sign a secret revised trust agreement and took the only copy and didn't allow HER nor any other family members to see it, he started threatening members of the family and acting out in ways that were absolutely PSYCHOTIC, and so far he's spent close to a half million dollars on lawyers alone.

    Meanwhile, she's dying, he never comes to see her (unless he needs a new home, a new car, or more money) and she's on such a strict allowance because of the lawyers who screwed up her estate that she can barely afford to pay her bills.

    People are wicked and evil shits, even when they're your own blood. The real world is a nasty, nasty place.

  5. 5

    Also, this serves as a perfect example of when it's obvious you're marrying a gold-digger, this is what you ought to expect.

  6. 6

    She's right on. I watched video of his Walk of Fame nonsense, and couldn't believe that this was the same guy who was supposedly too weak to sit up and speak. He's full of crap. If he can suit up, head downtown and whisper sweet nothings into Jack Nicholson's ear, he can answer a lawyer's questions.

  7. 7

    I thought he was practically adead man. How come he's "recovering" now?

  8. 8

    Re: that1tallchick – No truer words were ever spoken. We would all do well to file this advice away, because EVERYBODY dies, and things get weird, and often, nasty. The survivors that CARE don't think about money, because they are GRIEVING, and that's when the vultures swoop in and take advantage. I'm sorry that fucker is doing that to your Grandma. What a worm.

  9. 9

    Re: that1tallchick

    Please do not get me wrong, and please also accept my condolences for whats going on to the lady your taking care of..


    Dont take this wrong when i say it…. NONE OF YOU JUDGING HAVE CANCER!!! you dont know what it does to you physically, mentally and emotionally.

    You latch onto anything that feels normal, you latch onto anyone giving you a sense of hope, you have to coax yourself everyday to look and feel better than you do… Chemo therapy makes you feel like you have drank for three weeks straight with none of the fun… you have false energy from the steroids but no energy because your body is being killed from the chemo… I am not sure if Mr. Hopper is still under treatment, but if he is and he is going out …. ALL THE POWER TO HIM.

    I was diagnosed at 23 years old…. and at 23 yrs old and undergoing chemotherapy and radiations surgeries i had to push myself to try and lead a normal life, getting dressed up and trying to go out (which i wasnt supposed to do) and have try and have a good time… you aren't allowed to do anything but your told to keep active and not sit…. I have been in remision for a year and a month now and even today i still dont feel normal and I still have to have a thought that it could come back…. Im sorry if I seem angry… But i hate people on the outside who do not know what its lilke try and say what a person with CANCER SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T BE DOING….

  10. MP says – reply to this


    Money is the root of all evil. Team Dennis on this one, whether he's using his cancer as a shield or not. I think his wife is cold and crazy. Best wishes, Mr. Hopper!

  11. 11

    leave the poor man alone!!

    money IS the root of all evil!!

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: blueboy – I agree. I've read and heard some tales about Hopper that would have a lot of women steering a big path clear around him even if he were well. This kind of thing would not be beyond him. He has a little daughter to think about, bottom line.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Smaaa4lfe – True, but either side could take advantage of him, and he might not realize it.

  14. 14

    bitch ass ho.

  15. 15

    Does anyone else remember that Victoria the Whoria back in January claimed that Dennis was mentally incompetent, and now she's saying that he's ell enough to be deposed?

    This golddigger will do and say anything–ANYTHING–to get any dollar she can. It's disgraceful. If everybody in Hollywood doesn't hate Victoria by now, this move will do it.

    We all saw him at the Walk of Fame ceremony. He was weak and weighed like 100 pounds. That positive experience was hard enough for him…and she thinks because he rallied for that, he can sit through a deposition with antagonistic attorneys??!?!

    Maybe one day she'll get terminal cancer, and in her last days, someone will insist that she be deposed. Perhaps then she'll understand how cruel and disgusting what she is insisting upon now really is.

    No wonder he is divorcing her.

  16. 16

    You just sit at a deposition. If he can do a weed run, he can certainly sit for an hour for a dep.

  17. 17

    Now he's dead. Two weeks ago she was claiming he was well enough to be deposed. Should we chalk that one up in the Victoria lies column, along with the "he's mentally incompetent" and "the kids are behind it" trash she's been spreading around for most of 2010?