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Hot Mess Taylor

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Of COURSE she's a knife collector!

Taylor Momsen revealed that she often carries knives with her, especially her switchblade which she finds "relaxing" to flick! She says:

"I have a knife collection. My favorite's my switchblade. I flew from New York to Los Angeles and still had a couple of knives in my purse. I thought I took them all out but they got tucked up in the folds.

"I went through security, took them on the plane, opened my bag to get my wallet in LA and they fell out. I was like: "Holy shit! I have my favorite black knife with me all the time. It's a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it."


Sounds like she really wants to cut a bitch! Oh, Little J — such a HOT mess!

[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “Hot Mess Taylor”

  1. 1

    Trying WAY too hard to be edgy.

  2. 2

    She thinks she's soooooooo street saavy … but when someone takes one of her knives and does a clitoridectomy on her, for free (no health insurance claim to worry about), or carves WHORE on her forehead with it … well, what she going to do. Sue somebody ?!?

  3. 3

    Hw the f did that happen, people are stripping to get on planes and this twit gets the slide by…f*****up

  4. 4

    Man, she is one hardcore bitch.
    Anyone would be scared of a 16 year old smoker, with bad taste in style and makeup.
    Just thinking about it brings me to tears…..of laughter.

  5. 5

    I call huge BS! No way did she get through JFK or Laguardia without getting caught with knives through security.

  6. 6

    That isn't normal…

  7. 7

    Hey I'm sure she'll probably find a spot on the next cycle of ANTM. Tyra likes charity cases!!!!!!! LOLLLLLLL

  8. 8

    Besides being a liar, this child is trying waaay too hard to be cool.

  9. 9

    She's such a little poser. She needs to get her ass kicked and someone needs to "flick" a switchblade on this swampdonkeys little throat.

  10. 10

    I bet she flew out of JFK…security there sucks…a guy flying to Egypt got on his plane with a gun!!!! I'm a New Yorker and totally fed up with that place, they're getting paid to get us safe in the sky and failing to do so. NOT ACCEPTABLE

  11. 11

    a knife collection? reminds me of angelina jolie

  12. 12

    Awww, she wants to be Angelina Jolie! Isn't she cute?

  13. 13

    i wanna know how the HELL she got on a plane with all those damn knives in her PURSE! everything else she said doesn't sound that abnormal compared to that fact!

  14. 14

    Wow Taylor you are such a badass we are all soooooooooo impressed!!!

  15. 15

    she tries WAY to hard to be hard core and edgy.. give it up already!

  16. 16

    what disturbs me is that she was able to carry this on a plane no problem. last time i checked that was the reason 9/11 happened.

  17. 17

    Damaged girl that wasted the blush of youth.

  18. 18

    yet they check britney spears and jessica simpson all over as if they have one…

  19. 19

    ”sounds like she really wants to cut a bitch”. that made me LOL!

  20. 20

    one word- WANNABE

  21. 21

    next stop…porn….

  22. 22

    So she's a hot mess because she collects knives? Yeah, she's a real trainwreck!

  23. 23

    When most girls are 16 and have the edgy mind set, they try way too hard and it just looks ridiculous to us grown ups. We can see right through you, knife collections are so 1990's, get over yourself girlfriend.

    Being edgy now is not following the typical fake trying hard to be edgy, but having the confidence to be yourself, just being yourself.

  24. 24

    im embarrassed for her.

  25. 25

    tries wayyyy to hard to be cool. she just makes herself look stupid.

  26. 26

    Glamourizing knife crime is sooooo stupid, maybe when a teen gets stabbed they will blame her and she will get dragged to court a la Marylin Manson…. Im am disgusted

  27. 27

    good job airport security/tsa

  28. MP says – reply to this


    Great job TSA! You incompetent boobs! You confiscate nail clippers and tweezers, but let knives slip by? Whatever agent let her through security should be fired. And especially in New York! Jeez!

  29. 29

    Re: racingwhorses – actuallyyy ive gotten matches through. without even trying i forgot they were in my bag and then i realized after i was on the plane i still had them…tsa needs to step up their game

  30. 30

    Re: BELLABABY12 – agreed 100%..one of the most busiest airports, with the shittiest security. ive gotten matches through not on purpose. ive also gotten pot through, on purpose outta jfk. but the drugs are the least of the problems now adays

  31. 31

    She's going to cringe at her former-self when she is older. Isn't the knife collecting story a little Angelina Jolie-esque?

  32. 32

    what a poser. perez, i agree. she is a hot mess. she obviously wants to draw more attention to herself and she tries wayy too hard to be all "edgy" and hard. all an image. its kind of sad. :(

  33. 33

    She has a knife collection, that must mean she's a poser…lol wut? I agree that she's trying too hard to seem different or edgy, but I don't think this particular statement of having knives makes her a poser. A lot of people have knife collections and I'm sure a lot of people like flicking switchblades. I don't see anything incredibly obscure or overly edgy about this.

  34. 34

    Taylor Momsen = Next Lindsey Lohan. Someday when her Gossip Girl career is over and there are no more interview left for her to spew this nonsense she'll realize her irrelevancy and go off the deep end. I feel sorry for her. She will live the life of a typical teen star.

  35. 35

    She is trying way too hard but also i think there is something wrong with her. How is it even legal for someone so young to have a 'knife collection'?? What kind of parents lets their child dress like that and then leave the house especially at night?

  36. 36

    Damn, Taylor.. you are so cool and edgy. You wannabe young Angelina Jolie. P.S. Nobody knows who the hell you are, so shut it.

  37. 37

    POSER!!!!! She needs to get over herself! You're not Angelina sweetie. You lack the intelligence and the depth. She should do herself and the world a favor and quit show biz ASAP… oh yeah and about your music career…HA!!!!!! Good luck after Gossip Girl.LOLZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    Psycho killer,run run run as fast as you can…

  39. 39

    I'm more concerned on how they let her on a plane with a bunch of knives, to be honest.

  40. 40

    eh, I used to do that. For safety reasons, it was a necessary thing at the time. How hardcore of her. How…. Angelina Jolie.

  41. 41

    Re: GoldenGemma – Dude, I'm disgusted that you can't even spell 'Marilyn'. WTF!

  42. 42

    Pig Face…famewhore enabler 24/7. Enabler and hypocrite!

  43. 43

    she is not a hot mess. Everything she says is calculated.
    knives=punk rock
    But clearly she does not know her punk history very well because if she did she'd know what happens to bleached blond punk chicks living in new york who have a thing for knives.

  44. 44

    Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. She knew she would get caught which would give her the opportunity to not only get in the rags but would also give her the opportunity to say something ridiculous like…"It relaxes me." Because that would make her look so tough…NOT!

    The funny thing is, is she probably got this idea from CSI Miami recently. The girl said she liked to flick her lighter because it relaxed her. That makes Taylor look even less cool than she already looked.

  45. 45

    Sounds like Mom was trying for a publicity stunt. She knew she would get caught and would give her the opportunity yo say something so stupid like switch blades relax her when she flicks them.

    And what makes it even more uncool and laughable is that she probably got this brilliant idea from CSI Miami. LOL Recently on CSI a young girl said she likes to flick lighters because it relaxes her. How funny is that?

    Sorry Taylor the hardcore tough girl thing is just making us laugh at you.

  46. 46

    She is trying so hard to be 'cool', and she just comes off stupid. Whatever - you used to be so cute. Now you are common and trashy.

  47. 47

    Switchblades are illegal in many states, and you have to have a hunting permit to possess one in NY state. Someone should call the cops on this twat to teach her a lesson.

  48. 48

    i'm fucking sick of this girl! it is NOT in any way cool to carry knives with you.. or any of the other weird crap you do.. such a waste of space

  49. 49

    she looks like an anorexic panda on crack

  50. 50

    I smell a Liar !!! There is no way in HELL she was able to get on a plane with knives … I mean you can't even take pencil's, deo, and even nail files pffft someone needs to grow up !

  51. 51

    Yeah being brought up in a rich white class neighborhood often turns people into hardcore thugs. Living that kinda life is really tough.

  52. 52

    Last time I checked, switch blades were illegal.

  53. 53

    1. she thinks she is so cool, hahaha. bitch i live in the hood and i carry a meat cleaver
    2. some people collect illegal knives out of state to turn a profit. some people carry switchblades cause they live in a bad neighborhood. to have them just to have them is the least punk rock thing i can imagine
    3. one time i took all the bad stuff out of my purse before going through airport security and it wasn't until i got to my destination that i realized there was a lighter and a surgical scalpel (very good knife; sharp, discreet, long handle) still in there. so it can happen. if you have a ton of crap in there the x-ray machine might not show things clearly.
    4. you are permitted by FAA regulations to have one book of matches, so that's okay for the people who thought that was getting something by security.

  54. 54

    aw, look at the fierce white girl with an obsession with knifes. go back to the valley!! f*ckn coke head.

  55. 55

    She is so phony and transparent, it's amazing she shows up in photographs. And as for her "I got it on a plane", I call BULLSHIT!

  56. 56

    I hope someone stabs this little twat with one of her own knives…And her absentee parents too.

  57. 57

    yeah, we get it taylor, you're SUPER DUPER BADASS.

  58. 58

    Re: rosebud99 – Was thinking the EXACT same thing and its laughable

  59. 59

    trying too hard

  60. 60

    trying wayyy too hard and seeking attention as always.
    This fucked me off majorly because the UK currently have a major knife crime issue with many teens dying every day and here little miss-wannabe0hard-bitch comes along fucking glamorizing it. I could have killed her. Its a mockery of their deaths.

  61. 61

    Should she be arrested for admitting that she travels with weapons?

  62. 62

    She tries hard to stereotype herself into the punk rock category. and shes stereotyping herself as dumb-blonde-teen category. Im so disgusted that shes glamorizing knife crime when people are dying from it.
    ur not edgy taylor
    fuck off

  63. 63

    I think she just wanted instant publicity in the UK and she got it coz she fucked people off

  64. 64

    It's just so offensive to have a teenager brag about carrying a knife when so many British teenagers have been murdered recently in a knife-crime epidemic. Go away, silly little bitch.

  65. 65

    this from that b*tch from the grinch movie? hahahhaa how old is this child? so charming. having a knife collection is fine but add this comment along with all her other "trying waaaay to f*ing hard" comments (shes, like, soooo angsty and dark and sexy and mature and, like, stuff. thats why shes on gossip girl! like, duh!), it just makes me roll my eyes and want to gag. classic, obvious case of "trying too hard". give it a rest and just enjoy being 12 kid….er 14?

  66. 66

    maybe she's cutting herself. O_O

  67. 67

    girl is tryin too hard

  68. 68

    She's probably the most deluded, insignificant, annoying actress EVER. And to top that off… she carries knives?! And with that excuse? Oh christ, she's a MORON. She is attempting to be so edgy, when really, it makes her look like an irritating KID.
    Grow up Little J

  69. 69

    Yeah being brought up in a rich white class neighborhood often turns people into hardcore thugs. Living that kinda life is really tough.

    haha, agreed.

  70. 70

    That is such a lie. One look at her and theyd be digging through her little knife filled bag. She could be so pretty, but makes herself look like a sludge monster.

  71. 71

    I'll have to call bullshit on her statement. Mega stars have to go through security and have their bags x-ray'd and what not. So there is no way they let her through with knives in her bag. lol She's an idiot.

  72. 72

    Girl needs to get a life and stop bullshitting. Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like she's trying to sound so "hardcore" and shit.

  73. 73

    I'm a little more concerned that her knives got past airline security…But of course they didn't get past Perez!!

  74. 74

    I actually like Taylor and I love her band but I gotta admit this is kinda messed up .

  75. 75

    that's kinda freakish

  76. 76

    Thats complete BS!. I can't get through customs with a can of coke.
    but she can get through with a switchblade?
    I somehow think she may be lieing ?